How You Manage Frustration is How Your Business Moves Forward

    How You Manage Frustration is How Your Business Moves Forward

    The Complete Entrepreneur aims to discuss a holistic approach to being an entrepreneur. In the last session, our hosts Michael, Colin, and Michele gave us a quick insight into how they deal with frustration and all the emotions that come with the sense of frustration. 

    How do you manage your frustration?

    Frustrated with life? Clients? Or manufacturers? Us too, frustration is a natural feeling all humans experience. Being an entrepreneur can double the sense of frustration and you may find that you feel frustrated more frequently than the average person. So how do we handle it? How do we cope with that fumbling feeling inside us?  

    Frustration is one of the most deliberating emotions for entrepreneurship


    How you deal with your frustration internally depicts how your business moves forward!

    Frustration is not necessarily a bad emotion, frustration can actually be good for your business

    We often look at other people’s success without recognizing our own. We also forget that, maybe, those who are succeeding right in front of you, are feeling frustrated about something as well.

    Colin shared about feeling frustrated on a regular basis. He reflected on times he had felt frustrated and recalled pacing the room before getting really angry only to realize that his bad energy and frustration were not worth it.

    “At that moment, I just had to breathe deeply, and calm myself down.”

    Michele shared her way of dealing with these types of feelings by asking herself ‘What is the lesson in this?’ and believes it is the only way she can calm herself down. 

    That’s when frustration comes in as a good thing for your business! When you start asking yourself ‘What can I do to manage this in the future?’ you are starting to use your frustration as a guide to solving certain issues and moving on. 

    There are lessons to be learned and they will create opportunities to put things in place to prevent the same situation from reoccurring in the future. As Michele mentions, if she doesn’t change her thinking into action, she will continue to feel disheartened.

    Do you know when you’re feeling frustrated?

    Sometimes we don’t even understand what we’re feeling, but if you start paying attention to your physical ‘symptoms’ or reactions you’ll soon figure out how to manage it.

    There are certain things you will start noticing, like starting to pace, or getting upset, feeling sad, or like you’ve failed. 

    But don’t forget, it is through the negative feelings of frustration that you develop and become better at understanding who you are. That’s how you learn how to deal with frustration and negative situations, when you’re able to recognize them.

    During this time, changing your mindset to think ‘what did I learn from this experience?’ will be key to using these experiences to your advantage. Your brain will kickstart into action and your frustration will turn into prevention tactics, stopping that same experience and event from happening a second time. 

    Want to hear more about this topic? Listen to the full session above.

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