Episode 16: *Presses Play*

Does your name give you an edge? Our hosts Jeff, Sharyn and Olivia take part in playing The Name Game to guess your company using only its name and domain name. In the latest session we met Ritual Photography www.ritualphotography.com, Beautiful Smiles Project www.beautifulsmilesgh.com and Park Side Cards parksidecards.com and Keeper.gg. The speakers on stage were impressed with our host’s knowledge and expertise on the online ‘.gg’ domain space.

Can you guess the company before our hosts?

Our game rules:

  1. We invite you up on stage
  2. Tell us the name and domain of your company
  3. We will then try to guess exactly what your company does as well as provide beneficial tips and feedback on your company name/domain

Ritual Photography www.ritualphotography.com

Sharyn was up first and thought the speaker was a photographer who specializes in photographing a specific culture. She considered whether the photography company specializes in Indian culture, for Indian people.

Olivia went along the same lines and added to Sharyn’s idea, stating that there may be a more specific focus on weddings or traditions. 

The ladies left Jeff with little to work with, however, Jeff praised the speaker for using the word photography in the name as it ‘does what it says on the tin.’

Beautiful Smiles Project www.beautifulsmilesgh.com

Jeff took the lead on this one and picked up on the ‘gh’ in the domain name in relation to Ghana. Jeff thought the company was a “socially good charity” that brings dental care and dental services to children in need who live in Ghana. He added that the service provides toothbrushes to children and opens opportunities for consultations for children to have their teeth checked by a dentist.

Putting a twist on Jeff’s idea, Olivia went a little deeper and said the company is about people helping others smile again, a sort of therapy that helps people get past their traumas and issues/problems. 

Sharyn went with a platform that showcases some of the women that the speaker has working for her sister company, women who work on sustainable food source items. The platform Beautiful Smiles Project is able to tell each of the employee’s stories.

Park Side Cards parksidecards.com and Keeper.gg

Jeff explained how ‘.gg’ was a gaming domain tag and went with the idea that Keeper.gg is an online gamer platform. For the speaker’s second company Park Side Cards, Jeff thought it was a company relating to collectable cards that the owner had made for his online game Keeper. 

Sharyn went old school with an animated storage place where customers can store their cards in one place.

Olivia was a little stumped on this one and rolled with teammates Jeff and Sharyn.

More companies were able to participate! Listen to the full session above to hear more about other participants and more advice. 

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    [00:00:16] Alright, welcome Sharon. And I’m Olivia and Kelly and everyone in the audience.

    [00:00:21] This is the name game on start-up club. , Sharon, since Paige couldn’t make it tonight, I invited Olivia to join us as well. So she’ll be, , guessing along with us. And with that, we’ll get started. Let me tell everyone how the name game works and then I’ll let Olivia and Sharon introduce themselves. , I’m Jeff sass, I’m the co-founder and COO of.club domains, and also the COO of pod.com.

    [00:00:44] And it’s my pleasure to be a co-host of the name game every week here on startup club. And this is how the name game works. When you come up on stage, you raise your hand and you come up on stage. When it’s your turn to play, just tell us the name of your startup or business and your domain name, please.

    [00:01:03] Don’t tell us what you do or what products you make or what industry you’re in. The goal of the name game is for us to try and guess what your business is all about just from your name and just from your domain. And why is that important? We think it’s important because it’s a pretty crowded world out there and we’re all competing for people’s attention.

    [00:01:23] And I think if you want to make it easy for people to remember and find your business, if you can indicate something about what you do in your name, I think it gives you a, uh, an, uh, a little bit of an edge and a, and a step up above the others, because people have an indication of what you do. You’re going to have an easier time attracting the right people to your business.

    [00:01:44] So that’s what it’s all about. And of course, after we do our little guessing game, you’ll have a chance to tell us a little bit about your business. So the name game is also a good chance to practice your pitch and, and tell us a little bit about your business. And then we’ll give you feedback and maybe some suggestions about names that might be better or changes you can make to your name.

    [00:02:05] And again, there are no right answers here. This is just some advice and feedback from us based on our experience. So with that, I’ll let Olivia and Sharon introduce themselves and then we’ll get. Olivia Sharon, do you want to go first? You want me to go first? I’d say ladies first, but that covers both of you.

    [00:02:26] Okay. I’ll go first. Um, so I’m Olivia and I am a brand strategist. I’ve been doing this for a few years and here at startup club, I’ve been developing science content, um, the new website. So all things design and strategy

    [00:02:47] sharing. Awesome. Um, good to see you, Olivia, cause I know we haven’t been able to catch up on any of these platforms so far, so I can’t wait to work with you tonight. Um, so I take that extension of, of branding one step further, and I work with people as a storytelling coach because it’s so important to be able to create experiences and make them resonate with your customer base.

    [00:03:16] And the reason that you need storytelling is because people love storytelling. Um, they love to lean into a story and the more you can successfully convert your experiences into stories and use them that resonate in a way that resonates with your customer base or your, um, target market, the more successful you are going to.

    [00:03:41] Great. Thank you, Sharon. And thank you, Olivia. We’ll get started. And just as a reminder, if you raise your hand and come up on stage, the way clubhouse works is when you land on this stage, your microphone is hot you’re you can be heard. So please mute yourself as soon as you get on stage, and then you’ll unmute yourself when it’s your turn to play.

    [00:04:01] So feel free to raise your hand. We’ll start bringing people up and we’ll get started right now, uh, playing the name game. So we’ll start with RJ, RJ, welcome to the name game. And one more thing I should mention. We are recording this show. You see that big red dot up there. So if you do raise your hand and come up on stage to participate in the name game, you are giving us permission to record you.

    [00:04:23] And recordings of the name game can be found over@startup.club, the website for startup club, and you can also sign up for our mailing list there and keep informed of this show and other shows that are happening on start-up club. So with that. Welcome to the name game. Thank you, Jeffrey for volleying me.

    [00:04:43] So what I to tell you, just tell us the name of your business and your domain name. If you have one, don’t tell us anything else to stop. Uh, for the, and the domain is www dot photography.com. So can you, um, spell the first part? I got the photography part, but it couldn’t really make out the first part.

    [00:05:06] Okay. And, uh, WW dot ritual. R I T U L. Ritual, referee.com. Ritual ritual photography. Yeah. Okay. And ritual photography.com. Okay. I will let, um, one of the ladies go first because I’m a gentlemen. So Sharon or Olivia, do you want to go. Sure. I’m happy to do that. Um, I’m going to go ahead and say that because it’s ritual photography, I’m thinking that it’s very, um, culturally, uh, focused so that the photography that you, uh, that you’re a photographer and that you offer services, um, to people that are that’s culturally appropriate.

    [00:05:52] So, um, forgive me, I’m guessing by your accent that you’re Indian, um, and that you would be, um, photographing people, um, and you know, culturally appropriate attire and being able to take an opportunity to actually allow their culture to be, um, uh, captured in photographs. Great, Sharon, um, Olivia, what do you think?

    [00:06:21] I think it’s around what sharing was saying, but I’m going to add. Maybe something around weddings or traditions, something that has to do with telling a story that’s been passing along your family or things like that. I think that Olivia and Sharon have kind of exhausted the, the, the choices for me.

    [00:06:44] Cause I think one of the things you’ve done well is by using the word photography, it’s, it’s very clear. Unless we’re way off base that, that, that you are, um, in the photography business. And by the way, from a domain name perspective, it’s great that you have ritual photography.com. There is also a, a.photography extension.

    [00:07:04] So you might consider, um, just to have it since it’s your brand, um, getting ritual.photography as well, which is a little bit shorter since you removed the.com. Um, but ritual photography is a good domain name. Both words are easy to understand and easy to spell. I think most people know the correct spelling for both words.

    [00:07:23] So I commend you in that. I don’t really have another guest. I think I would’ve gone in the same direction as Olivia and Sharon. So RJ tell us a little bit more, what does ritual photography do? Uh, we do wedding photography usually, and, uh, we have the best indigenous cinematography doing about this committee.

    [00:07:48] Great. Well, I think you’ve done a good job of, of picking a name for your brand. Cause pretty much all of us, you know, we’re steered down the right path, uh, from ritual photography. Yes. Now we are doing some collaborations for the model shoots and also doing in, uh, other countries like USA, Dubai. So you have any needs for us.

    [00:08:13] Please let us know. Great. That’s great. And I think, um, you know, even though you’re based in India, having that, um, ritual photography.com domain, um, gives you that opportunity to expand on a global basis, um, without much trouble, because that’s one of the challenges there are advantages to using a country code like Diane, because it’s, well-recognized locally.

    [00:08:37] But if you want to expand your business outside of your region, um, it’s better to have a more, um, global extension, like a.com or something else. So, good job.

    [00:08:52] All right, next, we’ll go to Annie, Annie. Welcome to the name game. Hi. Hello, everyone I’ve been missing for about three weeks, but I’m back here on today. It’s good to be here, Jeffy and chart. Good to see you, Annie. So you want to tell us. The name of your business and the domain that you want to mention tonight?

    [00:09:16] I know w w um, Sharon and I may remember if you’re going to go with the same, uh, same name, but maybe we’d give Olivia a chance to see what she comes up with. No, I have to add that businesses. So I’ll use one of them today. Oh, perfect. So we can all play welcome. Yeah. So a beautiful smile project is the name of the business.

    [00:09:36] And then the domain is WW dot, beautiful smiles, gh.com.

    [00:09:44] Oh, okay. Beautiful smiles. I’ll go first this time. Um, beautiful smiles. Uh, what, what was it say the name again? It was beautiful smiles project. Project. Yeah. So the beautiful smiles project. And of course you had the, the, for the domain, the GH. So I’m going to say that’s another business based in Ghana. Um, beautiful smiles project.

    [00:10:07] So. You know, it makes me think right away of some of these, um, charities that, that have helped, uh, children who have a cleft lip, um, to have beautiful smiles. So I won’t go that direction because that’s been done before, but I’ll say it’s it’s um, Because it’s a beautiful smiles project. The word project makes, makes me think of it as more of a socially good or charitable effort.

    [00:10:33] So I’m going to say that the beautiful smiles project brings, uh, dental care and dental services to children in need in Ghana. And maybe it provides things as simple as making sure they have toothbrushes and toothpaste available, or it could go as far as, as actually getting them in front of dentists and more serious dental care.

    [00:10:56] That’ll be my guess stating the obvious. I think, um, Olivia was Sharon, I guess I can give it a twist and maybe it’s deeper than that. And it’s about helping people, not necessarily kids, um, smile, again, maybe therapy, or just going through like processing some things in their lives and helping them get past their.

    [00:11:25] I don’t know traumas issues. I don’t know. It could be something like that.

    [00:11:34] I’m going to take, um, again, Jeffrey, you mentioned that we have a little bit of a previous knowledge of Annie’s, um, the space that she’s moving in. So I’m going to cheat a little bit and use that, um, and say that maybe she’s using the beautiful smiles project to go ahead and showcase some of the women that, um, she has working with her in Ghana, um, to provide the sustainable, um, food source items that she has.

    [00:12:08] And so she’s, so she’s using the beautiful smiles project to showcase. Uh, individual women and maybe tell their story in a way that gets people, um, you know, connected to them and then they want to use their project, uh, their products. Uh, great. So we’ve got three different directions. Uh, Annie, how did we do you all did very well.

    [00:12:36] At least you got bits of it. Um, my beautiful smash project is a project that I run in school, junior high schools for now. I have 12 selected junior high schools in that district where I come from. So there’s this problem where young girls would do after school sometimes, or even after they have finished school between the ages of 12 and 18, they would move to the Southern part of Ghana to do menial jobs.

    [00:13:02] Very few of them will even come back to complete school. Some of them get pregnant and a whole lot of other things. So it was mass project usually would go to the school mentor. These girls. And especially give them a skills training. I’m a skills I’m passing. I do B I make, I make cross. I make, I make things with my hands, anything I see, I can make anything out of it.

    [00:13:24] So I usually would train these girls on how to make stuff from the things that they have around them, just to encourage them to be in school, inspire them to be in school, to finish up at least that basic education before they move down south, if they need be for them to go. So basically that’s what beautiful smells projects.

    [00:13:44] Well, as usual, Annie, it’s a wonderful cause and, and you’re doing amazing, um, worthwhile things there in Ghana for your community. Um, it’s really great. So I would say Sharon, you, you were, um, pretty spot on or closest, um, to this, I guess I took smiles too literally, but, um, beautiful smiles project. It’s great name.

    [00:14:06] Um, it steered us all pretty close in the right direction. And I think, again, words that are easy to understand and hear and spell and remember, and all of that makes it easier for people to find you. So we wish you a great success with the beautiful smiles project, along with all your other, uh, great projects.

    [00:14:24] So thank you again for joining us again. Thank you. Thank you everyone. Yeah, Jeffrey I’d love what Annie does. I’m always happy to see her on the stage. Like makes my heart smile. When I see her come up on the stage. Um, But I, and I just wanted to throw out there that this is a perfect example of, um, the power of storytelling.

    [00:14:45] I mean, she has all these different experiences that she’ll have with the girls that she helps, whether it’s through this beautiful smiles project or her other, um, project, and to curate all of that information, um, as a powerful way for her to build her brand and kind of, you know, get people turned on to what she does.

    [00:15:06] So, um, yeah, I just, it just, like I said, she always makes me happy. When I see her on the stage, she gives you a beautiful, she gives you a beautiful smile. So the project works and Sharon, what about tagline? Because since we did have some twists on the beautiful smile project, I wonder, Annie, do you have a tagline or a phrase that you, that goes along with, um, beautiful smiles project that.

    [00:15:35] Steer us closer to the mentoring you’re doing for the young women. Yes, I do. I, uh, we go with that top line and inspire them today. They will amaze you in the future, inspire them today. They will amaze you in the future. Sharon, what do you think? You’re the tagline expert here on the panel? Yeah, I really liked that.

    [00:15:58] Um, I don’t know if it, I love the sentiment of it and I love the power of it. Um, I guess I would look for something else just to make it more specific to the beautiful smiles because, um, you know, the two directions that Jeffrey went in and, and I went in were very different in terms of the smile’s idea.

    [00:16:22] So, um, I think that, you know, maybe you could add something to it, to me. Um, you know, more, more specific to what you’re offering and that’s the mentoring. Um, I think that’s the education and the mentoring thing I would look to to add to that, incorporate it in some way. Okay. Thank you very much. Well, mooted out, work on it.

    [00:16:50] Maybe then another time we meet out have gotten something out of it. Thank you. So thank you, Annie. And thank you for playing the name game again. It’s always a pleasure. And just to let everyone know, as the stage gets a little bit crowded after you’re done playing, we may move you to the audience or ask you to move yourself to the audience.

    [00:17:06] So we just have room for other people. It’s a lot easier to manage when we can see who’s on the stage. And with that, let’s go to Eric next, Eric. Welcome to the name. Hey, thanks for allowing me to play the name game. This is fun. All right. So, um, I have, uh, our main company, which is Parkside and it’s Parkside cards.com and we’re adding a company called keeper.gg.

    [00:17:32] So it’s keepers the company and keeper dot G. Tell me what you think it is. Alright, so, um, I’ll dive in here, Gigi. So, um, dot GG for those of you who are not familiar with it, it’s a country code, but it actually is B B gun to God. Get a lot of traction in the game. Um, world. So many game and game related companies are using a.gg.

    [00:18:02] So keeper.gg, um, steers me, uh, very quickly into sort of the gaming arena. And so Palisades park, Parkside, excuse me, Parkside cards.com. Uh, You know, again, because of, because you said the Gigi with a keeper, it makes me think of cards relative to card games. Um, but it could be trading and collectible cards.

    [00:18:29] So maybe Parkside cards.com. So Parkside cards, maybe you make collectable cards in different areas, which is becoming more popular again. And now they’re going digital with NFTs. So you’re making collectable cards and keeper dot Gigi is a game you’ve created that utilizes those cards. So, so you can, um, obtain your various collectible cards from Parkside cards and then use them to play keeper, which is some type of a game.

    [00:19:01] So that’s where I’m going to go. Um, Sharon or Olivia. Yeah, actually, I was going to go kind of old school with the whole Pokemon idea. Um, so it was a, it’s a platform that allows you to keep your, um, your cards or your playing animated or playing cards or players in one place and keep track of them and see how they are, um, you know, working for you.

    [00:19:34] So that’s where I was going to go with that. Olivia, I think you two, just. I don’t know what else to say. Okay. That’s okay. We’ll we’ll we’ll let you go first on the next one. Olivia, Eric, how did we do, uh, Jeff you’re right on, um, it’s exactly what we do. We sell a collectible trading cards and we do a licensed products.

    [00:20:02] We do a women’s soccer, we did lacrosse and football and all sorts of stuff, and we are, so that’s what we’ve been doing the last few years. And after that, now we’re building an NFT, a digital card app. And so you’re able to purchase NFTs as well as, um, you know, create it’s it’s also a game app where you can collect trading cards that are, are NFTs and some that aren’t.

    [00:20:27] So we’re, we’re sticking on the realm of the MFT slash collectible trading cards. So you were, you were there. So I really, uh, I really appreciate you sharing so much. No, it’s a pleasure. And thank you for playing Eric. I think it’s a good example. The dot Gigi was a good example. When, when you think about.

    [00:20:45] Your domain name, you know, there’s a lot of times where the extension and there are so many choices of extensions. Now there’s over a thousand different domain extensions you can choose from. And some of them have meaning and some of them have acquired meaning over time. so.gg was not intended to be a game extension, but over time it has become associated with gaming industry.

    [00:21:08] So by using keeper.gg, you gave him an immediate indication that there was something in the gaming space, whereas keeper.com, for example, while it’s a great name, it could be anything, you know, dot com is purely generic. Keeper’s a fairly generic word. So, I wouldn’t know if I wouldn’t have come to the game conclusion as quickly with keeper.com as I did with keeper.gg.

    [00:21:32] So something to think about when you’re thinking about your name and your domain name, is, is there an extension that will help bring additional meaning to your business and to your business name? So, thanks for bringing that up, Eric and giving us the opportunity to make those points. And we wish you the best of luck with Parkside cards and keeper.

    [00:21:53] Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Great. So Olivia, you’re going to go first on our next contestant and then I can, Sharon, you’ll go second and I’ll go third this time since I did all the talking or a lot of the talking with Eric. So I’m Olivia, if you’re ready, Kevin, welcome to the name game.

    [00:22:09] What’s the name of your business? And what’s your domain name? Hi. Hi guys. Uh, yeah. Thank you. Thank you, Jeffrey. Uh, so the name of the domain name is positive vibes. Uh WIPs and, uh, yeah. The company name is called positive fives as well. So yeah, positive. I’d start.co.uk. And the name is the name of the company’s positive fights as well.

    [00:22:33] So you guys want to go ahead and guess what it is? It is a tough one. I mean, it’s, it’s simple to understand. Um, it’s going to sound silly, but the vibe of the company, but it could be anything, um, positive vibes. I’m going to say it’s, let’s say it’s some sort of meditation platform where you can actually bring your vibe to a positive vibe and change your, um, mood or calm down something around that.

    [00:23:14] What about you, Jeff? Sharon, you go next. Uh, since we liked to try to change it up a lot, I’m going to go with the cannabis, um, segment and think that it’s something related to, to cannabis that you’re, you know, it’s a cannabis product. Uh, that’s going to give you positive vibes or maybe CBD or something in that realm.

    [00:23:41] That’s going to go down. Uh, yeah. That’s where I’m going. I liked that Sharon. I liked the direction you went. So now I have to go in yet another direction. So positive vibes. So you’ve got the.co.uk. So it’s kind of, um, it’s local. So I’m going to, um, say that positive vibes is a spa. I’ll go in the direction of it’s a physical location.

    [00:24:07] In the UK and it’s, it’s a great name for, um, uh, a spot location. So I will go to positive vibes to have a massage, to maybe go into one of those, um, sensory deprivation tubs or something like that. Um, but that’s where I’m going to go. So I’ll go with the physical location, uh, kind of a spotlight service.

    [00:24:30] So how did we do Kevin? Okay. So I guess, uh, I mean, you guys are all totally opposite of that, about it. Uh, so positive vibes is basically a wet pipe company that we do. So it’s, instead of, instead of like VIP S it’s going to be WIPs so it’s positive vibes at, so we all, we all went with vibes instead of wipes wipes.

    [00:25:00] Oh, sorry. We apologize. I think so. It’s positive. Yeah. Yes. Yeah. So, okay. So tell us, uh, what kind of wipes for pets. So, so, so yeah, so basically we do, we do alcoholic wipes and antibacterial wipes at the moment and, uh, yeah. And we supply them across, uh, across the UK and also in, uh, Southern parts of the Southeast Asia region as well, like Singapore and stuff.

    [00:25:25] And, uh, yeah, I mean, we have like great efficacy on a product with like a good touch, one N one virus and MRSE any collide and yeah. And the main thing, the main product is best-selling at the moment it’s alcohol based pipes due to the COVID, uh, COVID situation. Yeah. Uh, okay, so we were off track, but, but now knowing what your business is, I think positive wipes, um, is, is, um, is a good name, you know, it’s interesting because you’re right.

    [00:25:58] I mean, the, the COVID pandemic has changed our attitude about wipes and many people who, who didn’t carry wipes with them wherever they go, perhaps do now and are wiping down more things than ever before. Um, yeah. So, um, positive wipes, Sharon or Olivia, now that you know what the name really is. Do you have any further thoughts on positive wipes is the word, what do you think about positive and wipes versus, you know, would there, did you consider any other alternative words to combine with wipes that might express a little bit more about the product?

    [00:26:35] Uh, I mean, I’m sorry, go ahead. No, no, no, sorry. Sorry, Olivia. I would, I would just say, like from a branding perspective, it would be nice to find a way to align it to your, um, to the pets, um, world. So if you can add a slogan or bring a, like, think of a word that would bring the word wipes closer to your, um, sort of audience, which is pet owners, that would be great to actually make it easier to understand, um, in a few seconds and not having to actually read or see more to understand what your company’s about.

    [00:27:23] Yeah. So, uh, so, so, so the slogan actually that we have is our fresh leads. So have like a fresh and cleaner field. So that’s, that’s a slogan. We carry on our, on our products to be honest. And yeah, I mean, uh, if you go to the website or if you, if you, uh, end up having one of our products at hand, you probably maybe sketch that out, but maybe, uh, it’s you’re right.

    [00:27:48] I’ll take that suggestion in and then convey to my team and see how we can implement that. You know, making the name more understandable to customers. So I had a, I had a question because the issue of pets came up, but I, I’m not sure that I understand the application to the pet market, uh, with COVID. So are we, are we right in, in that, in that it’s pet pet, like dogs and cats?

    [00:28:17] Oh no. So basically, uh, Alicia. Yeah, so we don’t do actually why, so pets, but this is something we would definitely consider in the future, uh, in, in putting it into our products. So all our products are basically used in the medical sector and, uh, and, and we use them in the retail of course range as well.

    [00:28:34] The antibacterial goes to the retail market and the medical line, the alcohol wipes being legal for the medical, uh, medical arena, uh, in hospitals and private clinics such as the NHS and stuff. Yeah. So, yeah, so, so that’s, uh, that’s the, that’s the basically where the application of the product looks properly.

    [00:28:54] Yeah. So we did, we, I think we misunderstood you and was the word prep P R E P. Yeah. Yeah. That was probably right. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So, um, I guess that would just go to something that Jeffrey, that, um, your mantra that usually say passing the radio test that we had to two, uh, errors in hearing, um, both the wipes versus vibes and prep.

    [00:29:23] Um, so that’s just something to consider. Yeah. And I think the only thing I’ll add to that too, and I agree Sharon, is, is the word positive is a great word and we know what it means, but maybe there’s, there’s a way you can, um, express it more. Like what, what about your wife? Are positive and, you know, fresh, clean feel.

    [00:29:47] I would say that probably anyone who makes any kind of wipe would say that or could say that. W um, so what is it that led you to the word positive? And is there another word that would be more expressive, so, or, or at least in a tagline, maybe. So, in other words, if your wipes are made with better materials or if they’re biodegradable, or if there’s, there’s some other aspect to them that makes them positive, maybe that you can express that either in the name or the text.

    [00:30:15] Does that make sense? Yeah, it does. Uh, so basically what the instant, uh, looked at, like, you know, like, uh, so we, we put a plus sign on the logo. So instead of the P so when you, you know, the positive, so instead of the P there’s a plus sign, uh, on the positive, on the P and then on the wipes, on the other P they survive this tissue actually on the WIPs, there’s a tissue on the top of the P as well.

    [00:30:44] So, so that actually shows what our brand is about. If you look at the logo, but that obviously, like, I don’t know how to share the logo here, but yeah, if you look at the logo, that’s what you probably like come to know that outright. Great. Well, we will definitely do that. And we appreciate you playing the name game and I’m apologize for not hearing everything correctly and steering in a different direction, but I think that was an informative exercise, hopefully for everyone listening, you know, you know, um, if you have a name that’s playing off of a phrase like positive vibes versus positive wipes, you want to be sure that that that gets across.

    [00:31:24] So you’re in a position as you did, and we didn’t pick up on it where you need to specify very clearly that it’s a w and not a V et cetera, et cetera. So good, good things to keep in mind. Uh, thank you again. Uh, for playing next up. Thanks Jeffrey. Thank you. Next up. And I’m going to recuse myself, I think, cause I know Victor from some other rooms and, and his business.

    [00:31:47] So assuming he’s going to talk about the business I’m aware of, I will recuse myself and I’ll let Sharon you go first on this one and, and you and Olivia can play along. But Victor, welcome to the name game. Hey Jeff. Uh, nice to be here. Lovely to see you. Good to get shot. I’m staying away from this one. Um, so yeah, the, the company is called inventor limited, uh, but our domain name and our, our business name is so the one that we use for the public is inventor, cat.co.uk, and the, uh, the business name that public will be invented.

    [00:32:27] Cut.

    [00:32:33] Sharon, do you want to go ahead?

    [00:32:38] Um, I’m stumped, um, inventor, cat inventor, cat. Um, Hm. I’m wondering if the cat part is more related to, um, computerated design kind of thing. Like, um, so people who, okay. I’m just going to go right down this road. Um, maybe it’s 3d design for inventors or 3d printing opportunities for vendor inventors. So you come up with an idea, you want to prototype it, you come to inventor, cat, and they give you a 3d, um, generated model, uh, of your idea.

    [00:33:25] And just to, um, I know I’m recused myself, but just to clarify, so we don’t make the same errors we made. Uh, previously it’s inventor, cat, C a T, not CAD C a D just F Y. Okay. Then I’m going to go with pets, um, like very innovative products for cats. Could it be as simple as that?

    [00:33:57] Uh, yeah. Yeah, the latter is, is, uh, very much almost the nail on the head. Um, it’s, it’s basically a, a new way of, uh, brushing cat’s teeth. So our goal is, uh, we work to reduce period dental disease, uh, in cats. Um, and, um, I’m not sure if, you know, but to flushing is the only effective solution to, to reduce periodontal disease, but it’s a nightmare to use.

    [00:34:24] So we’ve made a, and the slogan is the stress free way to brush your cats. So, yeah, congrats and Victor. So is, is the actual, if I bought your cat toothbrush, it would be called inventor cat, or do you have something that you’ve branded it with that that is more, um, dental focused, so to speak. So I’m, I’m glad you asked that question actually.

    [00:34:51] Um, the, the product’s name is called clever one. Uh, the reason it’s called that is because, uh, we use interactive play to brush cat’s teeth and the best form of interactive play or the most common form is, uh, with a wand toy, which is the rod string and toy attached. So the clever bit is at the end of the wand, basically.

    [00:35:18] So as a cat owner, myself or cat parent, I should say, um, I get that with the wand and wand to make sense, but have you considered, you know, making a more direct dental connection or teeth connection or something like that along with clever wand, um, you know, to, to, to, so that people don’t think if they hear, if I heard someone talking about clever wand for cats, the first thing that’s going to come to my mind, and I’d be curious to see what Sharon and Olivia say.

    [00:35:50] The first thing that would come to my mind is a toy because the wands are typically a toy. So I would think of a cat toy. So maybe the tagline solves this or something, but, but how do you make the connection between clever wand and, uh, dental care for kids?

    [00:36:09] So the reason I was glad that you brought this up is because I wanted to put this, uh, the product name into discussion. Um, so our, what we’ve seen at least with the users we’ve surveyed, uh, cat owners, we surveyed, sorry, is that people are scared to brush cat’s teeth. Um, so I, I went with clever ones to make people think of a toy because most owners are more willing, uh, to play with their cats.

    [00:36:44] And then if you could just say that, you know, just by playing with your cat, you can save your cats T your cat’s teeth. That would be like the added bonus. So, um, as, as, as you’re the expert, so it wasn’t, um, I’m glad you brought it up because I wasn’t sure whether I should be more direct or not. Actually Kevin, I was thinking that, um, when you first started explaining it and you were talking about the stress free way, I was thinking the pain-free way because as a cat parent, myself, um, cats don’t really like you to be in their mouth.

    [00:37:21] And so they’re very quick to bite and they, and it can hurt a lot. So I was thinking pain-free, um, or to use something like that, that’s going to communicate, as you said, that when you did a little bit of market research, you found out that people were afraid. Um, and I’m assuming the reason that they are afraid is because they don’t want to get bit.

    [00:37:42] And so, um, the issue of, of being pain-free versus stress-free, I think is a much more salient, um, selling point.

    [00:37:54] Lovely. Thank you. Um, I appreciate that. Yeah. I was thinking, you know, something like the clever one. Um, dental care or clever one cat, dental Clare, or care, or even something, you know, going with that sort of, you know, it is somewhat miraculous because, you know, it could be clever wand, amazing cat, dental care or something, you know, I feel bad, but I do feel that there should be some direct connection between the dental care for cats and clever wand because clever wand by itself, without any other context, um, couldn’t go in a lot of different directions.

    [00:38:36] I wanted to add something that may be helpful for everyone. And I usually, when I, when I’m going through a naming process, I usually try to use words that are easy to put a shape or an image to it because when you can also visualize it, it helps a lot.

    [00:38:57] Everything you guys have said is awesome. Thank you. Thank you guys. Yeah. And I, and I, and certainly if you have a, an image or a, or a graphic or an icon with your logo, something with a wine and a cat with a big shiny smile, you know, like that Cheshire cat, but with, with sparkling white teeth, um, you know, w would help get it across to perhaps.

    [00:39:24] Yeah. Kevin, I’m curious why, um, why you went with Victor. Victor is the one I’m sorry. I apologize, Victor. Um, I’m curious why you went with clever

    [00:39:40] good question. Um, off the top of my head, uh, I was going for a few names. The fact that I went with clever is, is more because of the way it interacts with your cat. Um, so I, I don’t have a definitive answer to be honest with you, it just sounded nice, uh, on the tongue. Um, and because we’re using the cats, is there a, you engages a lot with the cat’s behavior instinctive behavior.

    [00:40:13] So that made me think of how the mind works and being intelligent was the way that you do things, uh, hence why it ended up with a clever, yeah. So I guess the reason that I ask that is because, um, usually you’d want a product benefit to be there. So, so you want, you want someone to associate something that your product offers with your name?

    [00:40:38] And so the clever to me would be more like a cat. You know, you’re stimulating your cat’s mind to they’re playing with the toy or the kinds of, uh, there’s, you know, some different products out there that, that, um, are playful or play stimulating for different for cats and dogs that they don’t have anxiety and things like that when people are away.

    [00:40:58] Um, so that was sort of like a little bit of a disconnect for me, the clever in being able to communicate what you were, you know, what your, um, your product actually offers. Yeah. Great points. Um, Olivia and Sharon, both. And you know what, just looking at, you know, I write notes while we do the name game and write the names down and just looking at my notes and playing with the words, Victor, what comes to mind to me that could be interesting, perhaps is something like clever cat dental wand.

    [00:41:30] So you associate the wand with. Dental and that all of a sudden, so what’s a dental wand. I never heard of that. I know what a toothbrush is, but it’s a dental one. And then you get the clever cat in there too, but I almost feel like clever cat dental wand to me. I know it’s four words, but it kind of, to me works.

    [00:41:50] I don’t know. I don’t know what you guys think of. That just popped into my head. I like it actually, because it’s, it’s like introducing a new product with a new name and it’s something that once you see it, it’s like, oh, I know what this is. It’s just something different, but something that we already know too, that’s clever.

    [00:42:11] I love it. Yeah. Um, uh, I’ve got a big smile on my face that it’s got a nice ring to it. And I do like the, uh, of, um, of almost mystery behind, like what you said, you know, what is a dental wand? Um, you know, and everything that you guys have mentioned is great food for fought. I really appreciate the fact that maybe I was deviating a bit.

    [00:42:36] Cause obviously the primary use of this is to get your cat’s teeth better and reduce periodontal disease. There are secondary effects of mental stimulation and reduce stress related behaviors. But that again is secondary. I need to focus while I work on. And um, yeah, like I mentioned, great food for four and I’m loving the name.

    [00:42:56] The so-and-so cheers. No royalties. All right. Cheers. And if I get not just one more thing that I just thought of, like in cases like this, when, um, you’re trying to get the cat parent to buy something, or it’s like a, a parent that has a newborn, you’re not targeting the newborn, you’re targeting the parent.

    [00:43:18] So you have to remember that too. Yeah. And I like, um, not to, I liked the clever cat bit because it works in two ways. It could be. It’s clever, it’s a clever cat dental one, meaning the product is clever or it’s the clever cat dental one where the cat is clever. So you could see it both ways. So it almost works is almost a dual effect to the phrase, clever cat dental wand.

    [00:43:49] So with that, Victor, hopefully this has given you some food for thought. And, um, this was a fun one. It’s kind of fun to dive deeper into some of these. And I hope for the people listening, this was interesting too, and, and sparked some thoughts around your own names. So Victor, thanks so much for joining us and for playing the name game tonight.

    [00:44:07] And, um, thank you. Thank you. You’re welcome. And we’ll go on to, I hope I pronounce it correctly, Trudy. Um, you’re next. Welcome to the name game. Okay. Perfect pronunciation. Uh, my name is Judy and then my company is beat match and our domain is beat max social dot.

    [00:44:30] Okay. Olivia like match. Yeah. Match like lighting a match. So beat match.social.com. Okay. So I’m going to go with, um, being very literal and trying to come up with a solution or a net solution, like the competition to the match app, um, to socialize online and sort of get rid of the match, um, bad reputation or something like that.

    [00:45:10] Sharon, I’ve got some thoughts.

    [00:45:15] All right. So, uh, beat match. Um, first of all, I like the two words together and, and obviously people can understand it and spell it. And then since you have social in the domain, um, so I’m going to say beat match. Social is a platform where, um, you know, musicians and artists who are, who are creating beats can find.

    [00:45:42] Partners to mix and match their beats with. So you can post a beat that you’ve created. You can find beats that other people have created, and you can add your, their beats to your beats and mix them together and collaborate. And really it’s very social because, um, you know, you’re meeting people based on their beats and then you can, um, find people you want to partner with or collaborate with and just really make music together by mixing and matching your beats.

    [00:46:12] So that’s what I’m going to go with. Beat match, social Sharon,

    [00:46:21] any thoughts you want to add, Sharon? I, I think you, um, I’m going, gonna think that you’re probably the winner here. I’m thinking that the only thing that I would add to that as maybe it was something with sampling, so that if people created a particular beat and you wanted to be able to sample their beats, uh, for your, um, For collaborations or things like that, that you would be able to go ahead and like request opportunities or, or permission to sample and things like that.

    [00:46:51] And also, Olivia was right. There is a.social, by the way, as an extension. So I know you have beat match social.com, which is great, but if you wanted to shorten that a little bit and just have as a backup, um, you could also try to get beat match.social, but anyway, Trudy, how did we do pretty good. Those are good guesses.

    [00:47:10] Um, so beat match is a dating app that helps music lovers find relationships by matching people with similar music tastes. And so process is super simple. You can just sign up, connect your Spotify or apple music account, and then we’ll immediately match you with compatible music lovers in your area based on your listening history.

    [00:47:28] Very cool. Yeah. Olivia, you, you were on with the dating and the literal match sense, um, true to you. You’re very good at giving a concise and clear description of your business. So, so good on you for that. I got it. Exactly. And I think, um, that’s great because, you know, tying it into your Spotify account and basically, um, using machine learning or any of the buzz words you want to use, uh, you’re matching people up based on preferences.

    [00:47:57] Not that they’re saying, because if you were to ask people to fill out a form of what music you like, what they would say, filling out a form, probably wouldn’t actually match accurately what they actually listened to. So if you’re tapping into their Spotify accounts, you’re actually getting the true person, not what they want to say on a dating profile.

    [00:48:18] So I think that’s really interesting. What stage is the company at? Is it up and running? Could we go find our match? Yeah. So a MVP is built. Uh, we expect to launch our beta by the end of the year, early 20, 22, potentially. Um, just in time for Valentine’s day for everyone who is looking for bay. Um, but yeah, uh, things are going well.

    [00:48:39] Awesome. Well, it sounds like a great concept and I like the name and I like what you’re doing. Do you have a tagline for Sharon’s benefit? Yeah. So we’re playing around with a couple of different ones. Um, vibe together has always been one that we’ve used. Uh, more recently we’ve been using, uh, play music, find love.

    [00:48:56] Um, you know, so there’s a couple different ones. We’re, we’re playing around with her. I really like Vive together. Yeah. Thank you, Sharon. Any thoughts on the taglines? I actually liked the play together fine. Or what was it? Play together? Find love, play music, find worth, play music, find love. Um, yeah, I liked that one because I thought that that was.

    [00:49:23] Uh, intuitive in terms of exactly what it is that you’re offering, because it’s not a regular dating app, but it’s a dating app for people that, you know, have similar music, musical tastes. So I really liked that one. Awesome. Thank you. Yeah, I appreciate the feedback. I’ll make a decision. Great. Well, thank you, Trudy, for playing along with the name, game and best of luck with the app.

    [00:49:46] It sounds like a lot of fun actually. Um, we’re coming up with about 10 minutes left before the top of the hour, so we’ll make sure we get to the three people who were up on stage. So Gemma, Karen lion, we’ll go to you. And then if you were in the audience and had your hand up and didn’t make it to the stage tonight, I hope that you’ll be able to join us for a future episode of the name game.

    [00:50:07] And if you want, if you miss coming up tonight, uh, and had your hand up, just, um, send us in message through the back channel. And then next week, if you join us, we’ll try to bring you up, uh, early. So thanks for that. Uh, Gemma, welcome to the name game. Hello. Thank you. Um, so my brand is called scuff paper, which is spelled S C O double F and then the word paper and the domain name is scoffed paper.com.

    [00:50:43] Sharon or Olivia, do you guys want to go first?

    [00:50:48] You can go first. All right. Scuff. So scuff paper. So what I’m wondering, cause I hear you have a lovely accent. So I’m wondering if the word scuff has a particular meaning where you are from that I’m not aware of. And I feel like it does. So I feel like scarf paper, um, is, uh, some kind of a special paper that won’t scuff.

    [00:51:16] Um, you know, uh, but I don’t know it’s scuffed means, but I feel like it’s, it’s a unique type of paper. So maybe it’s like paper towel, maybe it’s a unique, maybe it’s a all natural, um, maybe even a reusable paper towel type product. So something that you can wipe. Down something and, uh, collect spills, you know, um, clean up spills, but instead of throwing it out, so it’s, um, creating more waste, you can reuse it.

    [00:51:47] You might be able to wash it and reuse your scuff paper over and over again. That will be my guess, uh, Sharon or Olivia.

    [00:51:59] I think I, I don’t know what scoffed means either, but, um, okay, so paper, let’s go with that. Maybe, maybe it’s just, um, like toilet paper, um, recycled. No, not recycle. You don’t want to recycle that. Um, I don’t um, yeah, just toilet paper made out of, yeah, like sustainable toilet paper. I’ll go with that. Sharon, do you want to throw your hat in the paper ring?

    [00:52:34] Oh boy, paper hats. Um, I, I was just going to just go out on a limb and say that it was maybe something more related to, um, like an online magazine. So, uh, just, just to change things up a little bit. So it’s, um, the papers related to like a magazine or a platform for, um, you know, like a newspaper or a magazine that would have normally been, but instead it’s an online version, so an easy or something like that, um, related to, and again, I’m at a disadvantage.

    [00:53:12] I don’t know what sculpt means either, but perhaps whatever that means. Um, it’s for that particular market, I don’t know, actually, Sharon, I’m going to guess that you’re closer than we are because now that I think about it, scuff does have a mean. I, I think Sharon’s closer than, than Olivia and I were, but Gemma, how did we do hello?

    [00:53:36] I’m really sorry. So basically the word scarf in the UK, where I am, it means eating something very quickly and enjoying something and like munching on it very quickly. So if I tell you the tagline that sits with scuff paper, it might make a bit more sense. So it’s scuff paper and it’s, um, the cards your dog can eat.

    [00:54:07] So basically we make edible greeting cards for dogs.

    [00:54:21] Very very odd, but hopefully, um, we’ve, we’ve been around for like nine months in the UK and, um, we’ve created what seems to be like a brand new category in the pet treat sector. Um, but it’s really interesting to hear from your perspectives. Scuff. Isn’t that? Well known as a word, um, outside of the UK, possibly.

    [00:54:49] So yeah. Food for thought for me expanding into other markets. Yes, exactly. And that’s a great point that you raised and you’re absolutely right. So you have to think sometimes if your target market is local and you use something in the name, that’s very localized, whether that’s a country code for the extension or whether that’s a word that’s, um, understood in a certain region differently than elsewhere, that’s going to have an impact.

    [00:55:17] If you want to expand. Of your product outside that region. On the other hand, sometimes that could be an advantage because it becomes more interesting and you get to tell the story of what the word means. So at least your tagline, I thought did, you know, steer us down the right direction. And I’m just curious what, um, what are the cards made of that they’re okay.

    [00:55:37] And healthy and digestible and dogs. Aren’t going to choke on them. And D did you have any concerns about all that stuff? Yes. So we went through, um, a lot of testing, um, but basically we work with, um, potato start. So it’s water soluble.

    [00:56:02] Um, unusual little names for the flavors. So things like, um, Nash’s rushes is our bacon flavor. Um, um, Trump bull chatter, um, for our cheese flavor. So yeah, the list goes on. We like to put in the UK,

    [00:56:24] actually. I really love that Gemma. Um, I guess my question, the reason that threw me off with the scarf paper, because now that you’re saying scarf, um, I am familiar with that word, eat something quickly, write something down, but I guess a paper through me and that I wasn’t able to make a connection between why you’d be eating something quickly and have the paper connection.

    [00:56:48] So maybe that’s the disconnect. Yeah. I appreciate that. Thank you. What about scarf cards or something that it’s more. Or even scoffed dog cards to really make it clear. Have you considered anything like that? Yeah, we have actually. So on our, um, on our product packaging, we make it very clear to the consumer that it’s an edible dog carbs.

    [00:57:18] Um, you know, because that doesn’t come across in the. Yeah, we’re on the same page. Thank you. Great. Well, thank you for that. Really interesting. And I’m going to have to look into it further. As I mentioned at the beginning of the show, I’m the COO of pod.com. So I’m in the pet products business. So this I’ve never heard of edible dog cards before I have eaten food on edible plates and I myself have consumed the plate after consuming my meal, but I have not had an edible greeting card yet.

    [00:57:50] So thank you for playing the name game, Gemma we’re. We’re just coming up to the top of the hour, but we should have time to close out with Kara, Kara. Welcome to the name game. Hello, I’m Kara and I’m here in San Diego and I have a bunch of domains and I’m listening to you and I’m thinking I have to rethink my company is a hemp CBD.

    [00:58:17] The domain is got hemsa.com. The company basically has got him. So CBD, meaning, Hey, got him. So CBD, CBD coffee, CBD, bath bombs, um, or features or coffee. And my tagline on my coffee is we sip the brew we wish to share. Okay. So, um, you, you told us a little bit too much for us to guess, cause you told us what, what, what you’re in, uh, what the business is.

    [00:58:50] So we know what your business is so we can. Um, comment comment a little bit on the main name, too bad. That page. How are our co-host is not here tonight because Paige is really the domain expert, but, um, Hemsa, H M P S a. So obviously, and you got hemp hemp, so CBD. So of course, um, it’s clear that the products are both hemp and CBD based or one or both of those things in some of the products.

    [00:59:18] And I guess hemp Suh is I’m assuming just a way you kind of made hemp a little bit more brandable, so Hemsa, um, it’s kinda incorporates him, but makes a brandable name. Um, with that in mind, Hemsa is something that, that is probably unique. So I wonder. Why you went with a longer name with the gut and maybe you don’t need, you know, you could be just getting Hemsa or hemsa.com or hemp cbd.com.

    [00:59:47] Um, you know, the gut people typically will put, get, or got, or my in front of a keyword as their domain, if they can’t get or can’t afford the actual keyword. So someone who, you know, wanted to get cbd.com, um, couldn’t get cbd.com. So they’d use, they did my cbd.com or my, my best cbd.com. They put those extra words there, um, because they couldn’t get a domain, but since Hemsa is unique, you probably could get some things with just Hemsa.

    [01:00:21] And I do have, I do have about 200 domains. I have domain with him, so CBD. Um, the Hemsaw is the hemp and Hamza hand together. The meaning of the logo is. The Hamza hand is universal community love, um, hand of protection, hand of God, where the hemp plant is also universal medicine, bringing community and love together as well.

    [01:00:50] So I brought the two together as had, got him, got him saw because I started off with just massage and my logo was for the massage and it was got CBD massage, and I started incorporating, incorporating other products. And one night I just had a dream and this big man was in my dream and I said, Hey, got him some CBD.

    [01:01:18] And he’s like, what’s that? I said, CBD coffee, CBD, massage, CBD bath bombs. And that’s how I came up with the name. God Hemsaw. Yeah, I, I think, um, the, the play of Hamsun ha the, the hand and the. Um, I like that. I just don’t know if you need that extra word at the beginning because it’s unique enough. It’s potentially unique enough as it is Sharon.

    [01:01:42] What do you think?

    [01:01:47] Yes. Sometimes I totally agree with you Jeffrey that sometimes adding additional words, just really muddies the waters sometimes for people. Um, and so being more specific, um, is always really just, you know, it just gets to the point much quicker and you don’t have people wondering, uh, what the God has to do with things.

    [01:02:12] Gotcha. Well, let me ask you a question when you are in a, you know, when you are on a website and you have that domain and all of a sudden, you know, I want to drop the word God and just have him sell CBD. How, who would I, how does that affect you or. Yeah, so, so great. Yeah. Great question. Um, Kara, so there’s a couple of things.

    [01:02:34] So, so first of all, um, you can have multiple domains pointing to the same website. So, um, if you, if your websites built on goddamn sissy CBD, um, you could get for are for argument’s sake. If you were able to get Hemsa or.com or God or hemp cbd.com, you could have that redirect to God himself, and you can start using the other one as, as your primary name and your branding and your marketing, or you could also do the opposite where you can actually change the domain of your website.

    [01:03:10] Uh, and then have got him to CBD point to the new name. If you do that, um, there are like five or six simple steps and, and you could Google this and, and there are a lot of documents online and if you Google it and Google has their recommended ways of doing it so that you don’t lose any of the domain authority, um, you’ll want to make sure all the, all the links work and there’s a proper way to do it.

    [01:03:35] And it’s not that complicated. Anyone who’s who’s um, good with a website or, or, um, SEO could help you with that. Um, and if you follow those few steps, you can change the domain name of a website without losing any of the traffic or any of the, um, SEO ranking, et cetera, et cetera. We did that. I mentioned paul.com again tonight, but when I joined paul.com, the company was actually named treat a dog.com and we actually bought the domain name, pod.com.

    [01:04:04] And two years ago, we. Rebranded. And we went through these steps and we went through all the processes and switch the domain from a treated dog to paul.com without losing any of the authority and traffic and backlinks and everything from treated dog, cause treated dog had been around for a few years.

    [01:04:22] So there are proper ways to do it. And I am new. This is a new business or really since June. So it’s not like I’m sure. Yeah, that’s a good point too. So if it’s a new business, you know, it may not be a big deal to just switch and then just keep, keep the gut, uh, hemp CBD and just have it point to the new domain name.

    [01:04:41] You can redirect it. So anyone who heard that before will still find the proper website. Thank you. Yeah. So CBD and hemp saw coffee. I have as well. Yeah. And all those, those names can be pointing to the main website. You can redirect names. No problem. Thank you. I really appreciate it. Great. Well, thank you Kara, for joining us and for playing the name game and thank you everyone who participated tonight, we had as usual, some really interesting and worthwhile companies, you know, one of the things that makes the name game so enjoyable for the hosts and hopefully the audience is not only playing the name game part of it, but hearing about these interesting businesses and almost always, we have a few businesses who are really, um, have a nice cause behind them are doing something worthwhile and socially good.

    [01:05:31] And we heard a few of them tonight, so I want to thank everyone. I want to give Olivia and Sharon a chance for any closing remarks. And then we’ll wrap up this week’s edition of the name game. Thank you, Jeff. It was, it was really fun. Um, I enjoyed it and I’m definitely joining next week. Excellent. Well, it was great to have you, Olivia Sharon, really fun as usual.

    [01:05:57] Again, love all these great ideas they make you really think, um, of how much opportunity there is out there in the marketplace. Um, and I just wanted to also say that Jeffrey and I run a room on Monday nights. So if you’ve had fun doing this, maybe you’ll consider coming over and seeing us and follow me.

    [01:06:14] Um, and you will learn about the storytelling, um, broom that we do is called lead with your story. And it’s a, three-minute sort of pitch contest where it’s not really a contest, but a pitch, uh, um, opportunity where you pitch your stories to us. And we give you feedback on that story and how it helps you elevate your brand.

    The Name Game: *Presses Play* Ep 16. (10-27-21)

    [01:06:35] Thank you Sharon. And thanks for reminding everyone about lead with your story. It’s a lot of fun. It’s another one of the great shows we have here on start-up club. Uh, and as a reminder, this show is recorded. You can find the recording of this show and other episodes of the name, game, and other shows over@ourwebsiteatstartup.club.

    [01:06:53] Uh, that’s the website for startup club. And of course you can sign up for our mailing list there. So you can be kept informed of all the interesting speakers and shows that started club. And I believe, uh, later this week, actually it might be tomorrow afternoon. Mr. Wonderful from shark tank is going to be in a room on startup clubs.

    [01:07:11] So if you go to startup.club, you can get the details about that. And other shows, I want to thank everyone for joining us and I want to thank our co-hosts and our absent co-hosts tonight, Paige Howe, um, for joining us or in cages in page’s case for not joining us, but I want to thank all of you and hope you’ll join us again for another episode of the name of the name game.

    [01:07:32] Thanks, ever. 

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