How to Get Your Product on the Shelf

    How to Get Your Product on the Shelf

    Today we had a special guest, Stephen Selikoff, join in on our show and help provide some insightful information regarding the act of listing with independent (or “Mom and Pops”) retailers.

    What differentiates independent retailers from big box companies?

    • These retailers are owned by individuals rather than corporations
    • In most cases, owners are present in the business/store
    • They merchandise with products on display

    Independent retailers are quite simple to get into. Getting into big box companies is definitely a more complex process, and it all comes down to having a strong product.

    Where can you go to find independent retailers?

    • Simply take a walk down the street! Stop into a local hospital gift shop, beauty salon, boutique, etc., and ask how you could potentially get your product on their shelves. 

    You can also hire independent sales representatives to seek out retailers for you. Keep in mind that they get paid under commission so it can be convenient to hire such staff that aid in getting you on the shelf.

    Regardless of how you choose to approach these “Mom and Pops” retailers, it can be a great benefit to you if you preach perceived value! With perceived value you can have the ability to further increase your pricing. Preaching perceived value can stem from something as simple as having attention-grasping packaging.

    To gain more knowledge about listing with independent retailers, listen to this full session above!

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