Honesty Will Always Be Your Best Policy


In the session, we ask, where does lying really get us? And are the ‘white lies’ still ok within the business? Michael, Jeffrey, and Michele give us their take on lying and their experiences of lying in the workplace and explain why lying can be damaging to you. Is it really a big no-no? 

Have you ever been in a situation where you made an error? An oopsie and told a lie, as opposed to telling the truth that you made a mistake? 

Is lying just avoiding apologizing? We’ve got so many questions and thoughts and we’ve packed them all into this session for you!

There are two different types of lying

  • Omission: Leaving out facts or elements that may change a person’s thoughts and perspective if they knew the whole truth and the facts you left out.
  • Commission: Deliberately not telling the truth.

Transparency within your team…

You should also share your vision, your optimism, and your positive ideas with your team to show your employees that they can have faith in you and your company no matter what errors occur. Even if it takes a little longer to make money, you always get there! But Colin also recommends being “brutally honest with your team and the facts of the situation.”

An apology over a lie

Lying gets us nowhere. Lying can land us in more hot water and makes life more difficult than what would have been a simple apology. The problem with lying is that you know that you’re lying, and you’re not only damaging the company, you’re also damaging yourself!

The truth can be challenging

Michael says it is very common for entrepreneurs to find it difficult, to tell the truth as they always try to prove their worth, their ability, and their work ethic. However, things go wrong, that’s life, and it’s something we, as entrepreneurs, need to let go of.

It is important to your staff and your team that you lead by example and teach them that the truth can build a stronger team.

“Integrity over money”

Colin C. Campbell

Can you have a relationship with someone who continually lies?

We all know the foundation of every relationship is honesty, so if you’re lying to your customers, your partner, your team, you’ve not established a true relationship. Think about it, every Romcom tells the story of the lie before the truth sets them free…

Listen to the full session above and get more on building a company with honesty and transparency as the foundation.


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