TRANSCRIPT: The Name Game – EP27


The Name Game – EP27


Welcome to The Name Game. Welcome Sharyn. Let me modify you now. You’re all modified. So here we are. It is 6:00 PM. Exactly. And the hosts are here. The audience is here. We’re ready to get started with the name game. I’m Jeff Sass. I’m one of your hosts this evening. I am the CMO of

Former COO and co-founder of .Club domains, which were recently sold to GoDaddy. And I’m one of the administrators here at Startup Club, and it is my pleasure to cohost the name game every Wednesday evening at 6:00 PM, Eastern, along with Sharyn cognac and Page, how I’ll let Sharyn and Page say hello, and then I’ll tell you how we play the name game, and we’ll get.

Okay, I’ll go first ladies first, I’m Sharyn Konyak. I am a brand [00:01:00] strategist and storytelling coach with story power brands. I believe that storytelling is really the way to differentiate yourself in the marketplace to attract and tastes and engage your customers. Get them to remember you, to notice you and to create raving fans.

And I’m here to offer any marketing branding or tagline advice, and hopefully guests, a few brand name domain names right in the process. Thanks. Yeah. My name is Page Howe and I’ve helped companies acquire domain names for their brands. I’ve also been on the investor side of listening to investor presentations.

When I worked at a family office for 10 years and I’ve helped companies raise money in the private and public markets. And so I’ve got some experience on that side of venture funding. I was thinking we don’t have the home version of the name game yet. We’re currently in licensing discussions between me and the fly on the wall.

[00:02:00] But but if you are listening and you come each week, we really appreciate you. And I think. Hopefully Sharyn and Jeffrey. And I just take up some time. Y you can think when you hear someone bring up the name of their company, what are some of the parts of their brand that ENT at credibility at success at prestige?

And then how does that relate to you and your own startups? So hopefully it’s good for the contestants, the listeners, and it’s certainly good for me and I enjoy it. Jeff, thanks for having me. Thank you page. Thank you,Sharyn. So I’m going to tell you how we play the name game. And if you’re interested in being a contestant, just raise your hand.

And while I’m talking Sharyn and page can start bringing people up on stage. And as a reminder, when you come up on stage, please mute yourself and wait until it’s your turn to play. So here’s how we play the name game. Raise your hand. If you want to play, we’ll bring you up on stage. And when it’s your turn, all we want you to do is tell us the name of your business and your [00:03:00] domain name.

Don’t tell us anything else. Don’t tell us what products you sell. Don’t tell us what vertical you’re in or anything about your business, because the object of the name game is forSharyn pages. To try to figure out what it is that you do solely from the brand name you’ve chosen and the domain name you’ve chosen.

And then afterwards you’ll have a chance to tell us what you actually do and how we did in guessing. And we’ll give you some feedback as to what we think of your brand name and your domain name and the purpose of this. It’s a very crowded market out there. We’re all vying for people’s attention. And if you can give an indication with your brand name and with your domain name as to what your business is all about, we think that gives you an edge and attracting customers and potential customers to your business.

So it’s helpful if you have a name that gives sort of an indication of what you do, and that’s what the name game’s all about. It’s a lot of fun. We do record this show and you can find recordings of the main game [00:04:00], the website for Startup Club, and we have replaced turned on. So you can listen to this show again or share it right here in clubhouse.

So with that, we’ve got a few people on stage already, and we’ll get started with playing the name game. So we’ll go to, I can turn D first. So remember, just tell us the name of your business and your domain name. Nothing else. All right. Yes. The name of the businesses’ Automic. And the domain name is

AutoMax dot I O auto. I’m like a U T U M N. Ah autumn X, X, just X Johnston. That’s the name of the business while the name of the domain is dot X dot I. Okay, great. SoSharyn, you want to lead us off tonight, as you said ladies first, and then next round page, you can go first and I’ll go first on the one [00:05:00] after that.

Autumn ex you’re talking about the season, correct? Okay. Alton X, autumn X I L. So I’m thinking X stands for experience autumn X. Maybe you are a company that helps people, autumn company, sorry, dot IO, sorry, dot IO. That helps people plan. I’m going to go for financial planning that helps you plan the next stage in your life.

So it might be for like gen X-ers or people who are looking to plan the next stage in their life. So you provide financial planning services for them.

Gotcha. Great to meet you. Autumn X. I also had some trouble coming up with it, but that’s okay because I’m going to go with your crypto exchange. You’re in the crypto space [00:06:00] and this is an area where we’ve added huge numbers of businesses. So you’re left with buying your word, like, which is a million dollars.

And then even not being able to buy, for thousands of dollars, you added an extra it, which I think is a really good, what I call derivative, meaning what to get when they’ve already given someone I think IO carries its own weight. These days. It might be the second best extension out there, but I’m going to go crypto exchange.

Autumn is just a recognizable word. So I’m going to go, a crypto exchange for buying and selling crypto. All right, so I’ll take it in a different direction. So we get some variety here. So I always paid set is becoming increasingly popular. But when I see extension, I lean towards technology because it’s definitely been adopted more by tech [00:07:00] companies and the tech community.

So I’m going to say that autumn is a tech related business and the X, we’ve had a lot of people play the name game with some form of X as part of their name and trying to get that X factor. And I like exit, as Page said, it gives some sort of a forward thinking next generation advanced feeling to it.

So I’m going to say autumn is actually S autumn is a season. It’s the fall it’s climate. I’m going to say that is some type of. Technology related to, climate change or, some kind of a green tech. I think it’s a great name for sort of a green tech type business.

So I think you’re somehow involved in green tech. That’s going to be my guest for so I can tune day. Tell us how.

You actually did very great. I Tisha [00:08:00] arraign. If I pronounce your name correctly was very close with imagine what Page said. So what author meds are you is. Obviously with the dot HIO, it is actually in the blockchain space while auto means change while X means exchange. So like this means like bringing businesses into the web three space, bring in businesses into the blockchain space.

So that is basically what author does. So like it is a crypto exchange basically for startups and for smaller businesses to share. To get the outcome community involved in what they do true at the block chain space. So AI business might think of selling off parts of their shares or stocks or, so I’m thinking like that, but they don’t want to do is indeed India attract.

Buy-side and into venture [00:09:00] capitalist and a couple of that. So they are thinking of bringing the ashes into a form of creep though. So that is basically what often makes doors and we are like at the startup stage presently. So I think you guys be actually very close. Yeah. As I mentioned, I think again, it was about two years ago that IO really started to.

To take its place and that you could start a web three company and I’ll get more, even specific than tech. Really, as you say, in the blockchain space, the web three space, you could be on an IO. And I always thought that if other extensions work. The one that Jeff was involved did this.

They weren’t the second best They were the first best at what they did. And I think I started getting to that point where you could be a leader in your space and be on IO because you were really using it to set yourself apart. I will [00:10:00] say though, if you’re just a startup and you haven’t really married your brand yet, I think if you looked at autumn being maybe the top three set 3000 or 5,000 most popular word, there is a little pronunciation problem or not, maybe.

Instant recognizability that even if you just ran a list of every color or every Greek God or every, this is some of the things we’ll do for clients, every Greek God, or every animal you may end up coming up with something that has a more distinctive, I’m not saying you’re going to get gold or silver X or zoo set, or, but you may just think at this point is autumn so powerful that you want to go with it, given that you’re really your company, I think could work with almost anything and that there might be an [00:11:00] upgrade out there.

So I just encourage you maybe to look at that with some of your staff. Okay. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you so much on dad’s observation. Thank you. But I will say that I did like the way you explained the thinking and logic behind how you chose your name. And I think that’s one of the other interesting things about the name game is really hearing why people chose a particular name.

So thank you for sharing that and thank you for playing the name game. So pages go,Sharyn, you wanted to say something. Yeah. Page and Jeffrey. I was interested to hear your thoughts on on Aquatune days decision to use just the X and not use exchange in terms of like X and change together instead of X but exchange.

If that had any value.

Yeah, I think that’s a good point,Sharyn, I think depending on the letters that come before. Whether the [00:12:00] E looks good or not. I, again, I live in this world, so I do a lot of it. And sometimes when the E comes in, you need to make a double consonant before it, and things like that. I think in the calm world for a short one word plus sex, they could be interchangeable.

And I was thinking about it as he shared his story. But I think when you think of things like the names of cars or the names of crypto projects or metaverse worlds, I think people seem to be using the X and the X was back when you might have a Forex exchange or things like that, where it was just changing currency.

Yeah, I would agree. I think I lean towards the X versus M exchange also to page’s point with domain names. It’s tricky, obviously with the brand name, the logo will make it clear. The X could be bigger or whatever, but two, you could have two words separated, but when domain names have words [00:13:00] mushed together, there’s no spaces in between the words as Page alluded to.

Sometimes you have to be careful if the letters you’re putting next to each other, actually create other words that can be confusing to the reader or misread. So when you have autumn ending in an area, And if you would have put exchange IEX C H N G right next to it, you also have the, any X, which could be people trying to read a different word.

One example I’ll give without being too explicit. When I was working with .Club, we would get daily reports of names being registered. And I would always look at to see what names were being registered.

And I’m a writer. I’ve written a book I’ve written all my life. So I saw that someone had registered pen is And I read it as pen is mighty because I thought, oh, this is a great domain. I’m a writer. As someone, the pen is mightier than the sward. What a great name. And then I looked.

And scratched my head and said, oh, wait a minute. That’s not [00:14:00] such a good name when you read it. And if any of one’s trying to figure out what I’m saying, just write down pen is mighty with no spaces in between any of the words and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about. Yeah. And I think that the leader here is space X and I think that’s who maybe the following goes after here, if there would be another company like maybe Virgin Atlantic, was verge X, E X or something like that.

But I think the space X really set the tone for just the X, but a good point there. Great. Thank you. ACA tune day page. It’s your turn to go first on this one. Shadrack thank you for joining us and welcome to the name game. Remember just the name of your business and your domain name. All right.

Thank you very much. My name is Shadrack. The name of my business or startup is life beak and the domain name is [00:15:00] The name of the business is life big, and the domain name is live Gotcha. And could you spell that for me? It’s pretty short. It won’t take that long. Could you spell that for me?

Write it on my profile by L I V E B I C, life big. All right. Live Now for this, those of us in the U S we think of a long time ago when people used to smoke cigarettes everywhere and they would have a lighter and it’d be a bit lighter but live better. I’m going to go for big being some type of, and that.

Abbreviation, there we go. For something like a Bitcoin international exchange or blockchain, internet consulting or something like that. And then you do it live. So I’m going back to the [00:16:00] tried and Cru cryptocurrency blockchain company. You’re a blockchain consulting or cryptocurrency trading company live seven letters to words using the C is the hard sound live

I’ll pass the Baton to Jeff. There you go. Jeff live, thank you page. Thank you. Shadrack yeah, so I definitely, I think live and seeing your logo. So we have a little bit of hint of the logo, but I feel like you’re playing off of a play button somehow. So I definitely go for that live. And I one thing I’ll mention too, from the radio test perspective, which we talk about often, you’ll notice that the first thing Page asked you is how to spell it because when you hear the live part, very clear, very straightforward, but BIC, we didn’t know without seeing it or having you spell it, whether it was BIC B I C K B I K.

So you do have the challenge of always having to make sure people know how to spell it correctly, but [00:17:00] I’m going to say that I’m I’m in the same, category is page I feel alive BIC, I feel like it stands for something, Bitcoin interchange collective or something like that.

And the live part is really like a real time. Maybe it’s a real time trading platform for a cryptocurrency or Bitcoin in particular with the B. So maybe it’s a platform where you can go and in real time make trades very quickly. So some kind of a real-time exchange.

That would be my guess. I know it’s similar to you page. Sorry about that. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.

I’m going to stop you guys from from fighting over who, who got the idea first and I’m going to go with. The idea because I’m looking a little bit I guess I’m cheating a little bit, but looking just out here at your profile pic, I’m going to say that you’re creating sort of a TEDx platform and opportunity for people to go live with their I was going to go with music. I’m just going to go with music that you’re going to, you’re creating [00:18:00] people and an opportunity for people to go live with their music platforms and reach their audience through your, immersive experience that you have. You’ve created this immersive experience and people can listen to music and really immerse themselves in the, and the artist and the way they create their music.

So a little calm, a confluence of an old time MTV. Thing but much more immersive experience.

How did we do

okay. I guess you have to actually work on the branding on our end, I life, big comb. It’s an it tech platform that helps content creators go live with their courses, receive payment, create courses, and actually skill on the platform. Basically the big is coming from a very popular. Pin brand. I think, the big company, they also, [00:19:00] I think that was where he got the idea of the light out from, but basically Dick was actually pinned.

That was very common in Nigeria at towards the 2002, 2006 before adopt brands enter the market. So the whole idea is actually taking the pain and taking it life. So taking your idea life online, digital on the internet, metaverse with three just life with your. So I think we have to do some work on that.

Yeah. So th the thing to think about, first of all we re remember the big pen and the big pen to this day is still very popular here in the states. So definitely the big pen, possibly the reason why none of us went in that direction is because BIC in that context is a trademark. So one of the things you want to be careful about is if you’re using a word that is a trademark in your name and your, [00:20:00] especially if you’re using it in the context of.

The tradespace that’s a trademark is in, it’s possible that you could run into an encounter with the trademark holder that can cause you some issues with maintaining that domain name and possibly even the brand name in certain circumstances. So that’s one thing I would say as a word of caution.

And of course I’m not an attorney, I don’t play one on clubhouse. So you want to maybe get some other opinions on that. But I assumed it was something other than the trademark, which was, which took me away from that, all that being said as an ed tech company, do you have a tagline that you use with live BIC that would steer us into that ed tech space?

Do you have a tagline that you use basically on the show, content unleash your content. Okay.Sharyn, any thoughts on that and then page, maybe you have any comments about the trademark thing I mentioned? Yeah. I do that tagline unleash your content. As a [00:21:00] possible way to, to differentiate.

I think maybe the logo could help you out there as well. If I know you probably are trying to avoid the inclu, not only going avoiding any conflict with BIC, the pen maker themselves, but within, going like old school with showing a pen or something like that. But I do feel like if you’re doing, if you’re doing something with content, you might almost want to use a graphic representation of content that’s more in line with.

You know what you’re delivering. Yeah. Shad rack I’ve I’ve followed you. And if you would follow me and reach out to me, I’d like to find out more about what you do. I am looking to create. Some metaverse content. And given that, I think your presentation of what your company does is very strong.

I think your taglines are very strong. I hope your product is also, and I think, yeah, I think this is a case [00:22:00] where your name by upgrading now, before you get started, you may really, think back and go, wow, I’m glad we did that. So I think you’re good to go for short. You’re good to go for live.

And now it’s time to do something very challenging, which was find a really good partial word to put after it. Now it’s funny about the big, I don’t know if in your country BIC, besides being a pen, became a word that like, we have Kleenex, that was the brand name, but we would say when you needed a tissue, give me a Kleenex.

You know what I mean? And maybe where you are. Hey, write it down. What’s a BIC or put that on a big, or give me, that became that. So I think you may have a different perception of the name than I might, if that did become the equivalent of write it down. But if you spend some time and let’s just Saurus and look at what you’re doing, it was also funny when you started talking about creation.

I almost thought [00:23:00] you said the word haptic there, which is this idea of experiencial and mixed reality. And I think that there’s a lot of partial words that you can put in place of bit that could really give your company a boost. Obviously it’d be very hard to get live but maybe there’s another word.

That’s a component of creating content in the metaverse that you could pick up. And I think if you do that, I think you’ll be great. Cause I like your tagline.

Hopefully, this was helpful. Shad. Rick, thank you so much for playing the name game. Thanks a lot. I think from what I’ve learnt here, this feedback was very helpful. I will quickly rebrand energy change a logo from OPA case life, big to lowercase, to better express it as a single word. Thanks very much.

This was really helpful. Thank you. We appreciate you sharing your names with us tonight and playing the name game. [00:24:00] So I think it’s going to be my turn to go first and Rubin you’re up next. Tell us the name of your startup and your domain name. The startup is tonight’s dress and the domain is tonight’s

Okay. I think I got, I’m hoping that I got handed a fairly. Easy one, but I, first of all, two good words, people know how to spell, so tonight’s dress. And I know that tonight’s there’s a very popular company, rent the runway where you can rent dresses, if you take dress literally but you don’t have to take dress literally as a dress, but dress could be, you know what you’re wearing.

Cause we all get dressed in the morning. At least most of us do. So I’m going to say tonight’s dress is a. Actually I’m going to go in a different direction than rent the runway. And I’m going to say, you’re not going to deal with physical dresses, but tonight’s dress is a fashion forward app that you can use [00:25:00] to help you figure out what you’re going to wear tonight.

And maybe you’re able to even take a photo of some of the items you might have in your closet. And then the app using some AI and machine learning will tell you which items go best together, match this top with these bottoms, et cetera. And that’s how you figure out what you’re going to wear tonight or what tonight’s dress will be.

That’s going to be my guess,Sharyn. I think you’re up next.

Yeah, Jeffrey, I’m going to take that gift that you gave me by not picking the rent, the runway competitor, and do that because they’ve been in the news recently. And there’s a lot of competitors come to the marketplace threat up. But not at the same level as rent the runway. And I’m thinking that you’re looking to compete with them and create a level of branding maybe.

I’m thinking that maybe you’re not going to [00:26:00] go directly to like the prestige brands, but maybe to take the opportunity to go, tonight stress. Cause I was going to say that, that’s hard to go up against a heavy hitter, rent the runway. So I was thinking that maybe you could go to co come a level down, but I don’t know where that would exactly put you, like in the Nordstroms, in the states here and like the Nordstrom’s or the sacks or something like that, where you’re not actually doing specifically like high-end designer, but you’re going to do, more high-end brands.

Anyway, that’s my guess, if it was, first Jeffrey you took, I thought you were for sure. Going to go for, like you say reusability dress swap type place, reselling. And then when you went for the advice that was going to be where I was going to go, but I got a new idea.

I’m going to say that the focus of tonight’s dress is based upon delivering it to you when you need it. Like you said, Jeff, [00:27:00] you got dressed for work this morning. You’re going out on the town. You need a dress, we’re bringing it to you, maybe with the accessories. And if it says in your company, I may go do this.

Tonight’s We bring it to you right now to where tonight’s How did we do. Wow, you guys are very interesting. Okay. So this is my daughter’s startup that I’ve been advising her and she, and I came up with the name and she is, she has built an app that allows students. It is a rent, the runway kind of thing, but it’s between students on a fixed campus.

So it makes it something that they deliver in person. And so it is super fast and it’s not a subscription model because they don’t rent that much, but they do need things from other students dresses and it gives them an opportunity to make some money, renting their stuff out. So that’s what it is. Hi, I love the idea.

So if I’m I need a little black dress for an event [00:28:00] tonight, and I don’t have one, I can find somebody in my dorm who might, and they could literally run it down to my room and I’ve got it ready right then. And there, is that the idea? Yes. Yeah. Or it could be somewhere else on campus, but it’s not just anybody in town it’s limited by the EDU’s of the schools that use it.

It’s right now in her school. But she’s, she wants to seed it out to other campuses kind of thing. Yeah, go ahead. Go ahead. Share Ruben. Do you have a tagline that you guys are using? I really love the idea. I think it’s great. I have daughters and, they constantly would be calling up their friends or their roommates and borrowing clothes and clothes that way, where somebody has something and they never get it back.

Since the taglines have varied for awhile, it was campus party, fashion rentals than it would be student fashion rentals, something in that space.

I too had daughters, so I do not have a lot of fashion sense, but they certainly spend [00:29:00] a lot of time on it. But I think the social experience of, oh my gosh, that looks good on you. Or even that really does look good on you. And even though I don’t know I’m looking out for you, and I think that would my dress look good on you? I almost feel like it would be the start of a friendship. You know what I mean? So I really liked it. I would encourage you. I don’t know what your business model is. Maybe it’s points or something, but I think she’s got a great thing.

And then with your domain name, you’ve done a great job of being this two word English words. And I know that sometimes with tonight you get the ITE versus the, I G H T. And I didn’t know if you’re able to get both. Oh, I didn’t even think of the spelling. I was more concerned about the apostrophe, frankly.

Wasn’t sure what to do about that. I just ignored it, but you’re right. The S at the end of tonight’s and the D and dresses sorta, but I think I would get the T O N I T E N D T O [00:30:00] N I G. Okay. Cool. Great. Thanks guys. And Ruby. And I was thinking about it and I was thinking of a tagline for you in your closet only better.

And it could be your campus closet only better too. If you want to really tie it into that, EDU, it could be your closet only bigger. Yeah. But I liked the way you got the campus part of it in through the tagline. You know what I mean? That it isn’t just for anybody. And I think that, andSharyn knows more about this than I do it.

It gave you, it gives you that hint that it’s not everybody, and I thought it was good to have that. Oh, cool. Okay. Yeah, I think the campus piece adds not only exclusivity, but also a level of safety, because if you’re going to have a stranger come to your door and deliver a dress, knowing that it’s another student, someone from on campus gives a level of comfort that you probably wouldn’t have if it were [00:31:00] any stranger in the neighborhood or anywhere nearby bringing it over.

Correct? Correct. Thanks. She’s going to be excited to send her to recording. Yeah. Great job. Really liked the idea and good job with the naming. So thank you for playing the name game. Now we’re back to you.Sharyn is going first as we move over to Alejandro. Alejandro. Thanks for coming to the name game.

Tell us the name and your domain name. Hey guys. Thank you. So my, my name is center studio and the main center studio dot.

And you can pull to refresh to see how to spell it. Yep.Sharyn Europe

center studio. So I saw that the spelling was T E N T O R. Not E R. So you have some of that radio tests that we often talk about in terms of spelling, because people are going to [00:32:00] automatically go to the center as in C E N T E R instead of O R center studio. So you would be I’m getting, I’m going to just guess that center has, is maybe your, I can’t really see your entire name, but I see a C showing up there.

So I’m going to take that opportunity to say that’s your last name and that you are a graphic designer and center studio is your graphic design center. Showcasing your graphic design work,

Page going down the line. So your next

page you want to go or all right. Page is not there. I’ll go. Oops. We lost page for a second, but these back down there, but that I couldn’t get my mute off. I ended up having to leave and come back center studio. Yeah, I’m gonna [00:33:00] pretend like I didn’t see the Orr and I’m going to go with center studio, a app that does.

Music creation and mixing and maybe a little brandability and a center studio. And then if I found out that it was an Orr, I would think that that you’ve got another reason for that since Centura studio centaur. And it’s not the centaur, like the half man, half beast, it’s centaur.

And then I met a loss. So I’ll just go with music studio. How about you, Jeff? All right. So I’m going to take it in a different direction. I for some reason, Alejandro, I have a very. Robotic feeling from the name center. I don’t know. Maybe I’m thinking of my childhood and gigantic tour, the space age robot, but somehow to me, centaur gives me a Saifai ish robotic field.

[00:34:00] So I’m going to say that centaur studios is in the robotics space. So you’re a studio that actually designs and engineers robotics or something to do with robotics, but that’s the feeling I get from centaur studios. So tell us, Ella hydro, how did. I didn’t expect to have such fun with this.

It’s really fun. So it is, I thinkSharyn was closer to it. It’s actually a branding studio. And the reason for the word is that I had a name it’s a Spanish name, this coral in ELA for my business, back in, let’s say 2013. And but I didn’t like it because. It was in Spanish.

It’s like the word for Sentinel in English, and there was this, local rapper that appeared to have that say name. And I was just like being associated with this guy and I didn’t like it. And then I started working in a partnership with with a guy from New York that had a branding company [00:35:00] and his company was I-Corps.

And what he said is that he wanted like a special word that he can own the domain for, and that, that he can not get like that kind of associations. And so when the partnership dissolve later, a couple of years later I was like, yeah, I need, I cannot go back to my old name. So I’m just going to join them together and make like a small word that I can own the domain for.

And that can be, I don’t know, somehow memorable.

I think it is memorable once, once you know how to spell it. And obviously having the word studios in there is helpful because it definitely steers you towards that agency arena. Cool. Yeah. And one thing I’d just like to mention is that I would say that I totally agree with the radio test that you you you’re mentioning.

Or like just the only thing is that if the brand is going to leave like mostly in a visual space, [00:36:00] then I would not consider that as a, that’s a huge, that’s a huge handicap. Yeah, I think, I think you really did a great job of making the case for a brand and for everyone listening, we talked a lot about, wouldn’t it be great if your name could say what you do?

And then if we had some branding experts on here, they’d say you need to come up with a distinctive word and pay us $50,000 to invent that word for you. And then you’ll own that word if you have the millions of dollars to develop it. But I think in your case, you’re going to be earning most of your business through your business method in your model.

And then they’ll have to remember that you’re a centaur studios, and I think your logo does a really good job at making it crystal clear, what your name is. And so I think. I don’t think there’s a right or wrong answer. There’s which one do you do? And I think, you’ve got a story where you’re passionate about wanting centaur to be you and only you.

And so I thought you represented that. I was also thinking, I liked the way you do it in the logo with [00:37:00] the three and the three, three letters, and then three letters, all uppercase. And then I was trying to think of, there might be something with mentor on there. But I definitely would pronounce it, maybe like mentor centaur.

And then that would remove any of the center references. Good luck to you. I hope you’re very successful. Thank you. Really appreciate it. Thank you, Ella, Andrew. And thank you. And we’re glad you had fun playing the name game. So this is the name game we’ve got about 18 minutes left before the top of the hour.

We do this show for an hour, from six to 7:00 PM Eastern time, every Wednesday evening. So we should have time to get to everyone who is on stage currently. So that’s what we’ll try to do. So with that, I think page, we’re going down the line. So this is your turn to go first and we will go to Charles next, Charles, welcome to the name game.

Yeah. What happened on shouts? When everyone else and I’m from south.[00:38:00] 

Just tell us the name of your business and the domain name. That’s how we play the name game. Don’t give us all the other details. Cause then we can’t guess. Yeah, basically I would just I’m trying to reach out to you or.

Charles. There’s a lot of other rooms that talk about the, introducing people to the NFT space. Now you’ve told us what your objective is. So it’s probably not going to work for the name game tonight. So sorry about that, Charles. We’re going to go on.

Thanks. Thanks so much. Thanks for joining us. Let’s go to Trinity, just tell us the name of your business and the name of your domain name. Thank you. Jeffrey had good morning giving me guys the name of my business is STL stranger sessions and the domain is STL stranger

And if you pull to refresh, you’ll see the law. [00:39:00] Alrighty. Trinita I hope I’m saying your name, right? It’s a beautiful name. I don’t know if I’ve heard it before. S T L stranger sessions. I’m going to go with a a group meeting or a you know what, I’m going to switch. I’m going to go with your new to St.

Louis S T L stranger sessions. You’re new to town, like a welcome wagon, which dates me back to the 1950s. But you’re new to town. You don’t know anybody in a platonic way, just get together with other people and to be able to get to know people in St. Louis. And I’m going to go STL strangers session.

Welcome to St. Louis get to know other people, not for dating, not for jobs, not for money, not for multi-level marketing, but just just to get to know some new people in your area.Sharyn, what do you think? Good guests page. I’m going to take the STL stranger sessions and I’m [00:40:00] going to take it a little bit to the, you create.

Or you curate strange or odd occurrences that happen in St. Louis, maybe like a ghost story thing or just being so maybe it’s paranormal or maybe it’s just odd things or oddities that happen in and around the St. Louis area, you curate them. And then you all for offer these stranger sesh, strange sessions, stranger sessions to people who sign up to experience them in this, in the area.

All right. So two good thoughts that I’m going to have to go in a slightly different direction. First of all, I love your logo. I find it very interesting because it, to me, it looks like, two people, but they’re strangers right there. Together. But they’re in the same space. So I’m going to go along those lines where I think STL stranger sessions is actually a group therapy [00:41:00] situation where people come in for group therapy, but not necessarily with a specific topics.

So in other words, what I’m trying to say is, AA, alcoholics anonymous, everyone who’s coming into that group session is coming in for a specific thing, around alcoholism or addiction. But at STL stranger sessions, it’s really just the opportunity to have to unload with strangers. And therefore there’s no.

You can be yourself, there’s no preconceived notions because they’re strangers. So it’s some type of a therapy group where, you know, people who would like to have therapy instead of going to an individual therapist, you can have this group therapy situation with strangers. So that it’s more of an open field, but it’s not specific to addiction or some other thing.

It’s just general group therapy. Maybe that’s too much detail, but that’s going to be my guests. So Trinita tell us how we did all over the. No problem. I really [00:42:00] enjoyed hearing the thoughts behind it. Page was actually the closest SDL stranger sessions is an interactive blind dating company.

So what we do, so a stranger session is a photography style where a photographer brings two complete strangers together, and they do almost a couple style shoot. The time has been around for a few years and I figured utilizing that and growing from it and creating a blind debut space here, local to St.

Louis. We have a really big singles market and just hosting different singles mixers. We’re bringing strangers together. And so my logo is actually two strangers. When you look at it, they’re embracing each other as they get to know each other, and then they make an S because every word starts with an S.

So I call it S3 when I’m working on it internally. Cause there’s three S’s. But yes, it’s an interactive, blind dating.

Awesome. Congratulations page on coming closest with that. Great story behind the brand two and the three S’s and the logo. What do you have a, yeah. Hi stranger. It’s just high stranger period [00:43:00] because high stranger is very, it could be flirty. It could be fun. If you see someone that you haven’t talked to in a while, you’re like, oh, Hey stranger.

So just hi stranger appeared and say cleanSharyn, what do you think of that?

I actually liked the, Hey stranger better than the high stranger, because I thought hi stranger gave me a little bit of a booth thing and Hey, stranger was more fun and playful, so yeah. Yeah, it’s funny that you say that I was actually thinking that you could run. I was thinking that STL stranger sessions might be a little too long to text.

So I was thinking, could you be SDL S but you might end up being, Hey, stranger, STL as your domain name, and then STL stranger sessions as your tagline, but you really do a terrific job. And I’m with Jeff. I think your logo. It’s really I’ve seen a lot of logos and for what it does for your brand. I don’t [00:44:00] know if I’ve seen many that, that do that good of a job.

I don’t know. I just didn’t see whatSharyn and Jeff’s take, but I really think it’s it’s exceptional. It’s not as good. It’s really exceptional. And I wish you a lot of luck in what you’re doing, what an interesting take on blind dating to do a photo session together, which is interesting.

It brings in the photographer is a third wheel that take some of the pressure off the two people, to have to interact with each other. They just follow the instructions of the photographer a little bit, is that part of it? Just for my curiosity. Yes, sir. Yep. The photographer.

Yeah. And it’s the markets for those thrill seekers that kind of younger demographic who are into that. Yeah. But the photographer leaves them, the director directs them, guides them. And then after the photo shoot we send them on their blind date. So we actually play on the first date.

I think page, we have to plan a trip to St. Louis. All right. Pretty soon. Or your spouse is going to be okay with that. Probably not. I don’t want to get anyone in [00:45:00] trouble. Let’s just say, I’ll tell you whatSharyn, we’ll let you see the pictures. First of Jeff and I with our photos. Okay. Janina. I was wondering I do really like your logo.

I was wondering if you explored the idea of using the S cause you have a curve there, but you don’t have the full S a really elongated as, and that would bring in the stranger session. So you’d have like double duty there with your with your, your person’s silhouette being almost.

Yeah, I’ve played around with it actually played around with this logo for two months, just cause I’m a really minimalistic person. So I want it to be super clean and minimalist. I did play with it being a long S but I want it to look like the people were coming together to embrace. So if you look between the two individuals, it’s there was an S it’s like the ally NEFA.

I can’t think of what we call, we make those black letters. But I wanted to S to kind of show between the two strangers as they’re embracing each other. [00:46:00] Awesome. Great. I think that’s one of those things. The movie poster or the, is it a red dress or a green dress, whether you see the lines or whether you see the S cause once you see it, it cannot be unseen.

That’s the key. That was the call. So thank you guys. So yeah, no great job Trinny to thank you for sharing that. And again, just another creative, interesting business, and really the fun of this show for us is obviously the guessing part, but also really learning about all these interesting businesses and interesting entrepreneurs.

So thank you for playing the name game. We’ve got two more contestants left as we’re approaching the top of the hour. Let’s go to Jack next and Jack, welcome to clubhouse. I see you’ve got your party popper there. So you’re new to clubhouse. Welcome to the name game. Yeah. Thank you guys for having me.

I’m very new to clubhouse. So pardon me if I don’t know exactly what I’m doing, but my startup is called seaside. And [00:47:00] our domain name is seaside crypto dot NFT. We actually also own, but we’re thinking of using the data NFT for reasons. I’m sure you can guess

now the dot NFT though is not a regular DNS for remain, correct? Correct. So that is actually an NFT domains. So the domain registration itself, all the DNS information is held in a smart contract purchased as an NFT. Pretty interesting concept. Yeah. So page I’m sure, you can talk more to that.

There’s a few alternative domain platforms that are out there now. Trying to get traction up against. The well-established I can regulate a DNS, so that’s pretty interesting. So who is it? My turn to go first. I think it might be seaside, or [00:48:00] dot NFT. So yeah, I think it’s pretty, pretty descriptive.

So clearly you’re in the crypto space and NFT space, but seaside I’ll take a guess that since you chose the word seaside very specifically that seaside crypto or data NFT or dot. Actually as a platform or putting out a series of NFTs, but with some type of a seaside theme to them.

So maybe maybe these are NFTs of photography or imagery of Seasides, or some type of a seaside theme. Cause it’s such a specific word that I imagine you chose it for a reason. So that’s going to be my guess.

I thinkSharyn, you might be next if we keep going in that circular order I don’t really know that there’s anywhere else to go with that. Because the crypto makes it fairly obvious and

the seaside, unless you were able to, oh [00:49:00] yeah, I guess I’m stumped there for any other direction that you would go with that and it would have to be. Yeah, I, I just feel like it’s really okay. So let me say it’s crypto related to ocean conservation. So if you want to support ocean conservation or something to maybe reduce pollution or plastic or things like that, you’d get involved in seaside crypto.

All right. I’ll go with seaside crypto, maybe it’s my San Diego time I spent there. I’m just going to say your your, your company is either in Los Angeles or Miami or San Diego, or maybe the fifth coast or the fourth coast or wherever. And that, that’s where he came with the name.

And I think there’s a part of crypto that probably always tends to be, I’d like to end up sitting on the beach somewhere. In the Mediterranean, lounging because I’ve made so much money. So I’m just going to go with the name being just really alluding to a [00:50:00] pleasant seaside crypto, and I think that you have those two words and I think getting the IO was terrific.

And the NFT, I think that’s on the decentralized platform and they don’t yet know who’s going to win those platforms or whether they’re going to work. I think you’ve got a unique chance to try your best to use Ft. And you, I think it’ll help you. Cause I think you’re just, I’m going to guess that consulting company in the crypto space where you can help me launch in an Ft, you can help me blockchain my business.

You can help me trade crypto, but but I’m going to go with consulting and I think. The N the dot enough T sounds great, but, I’ve been involved with those guys for a long time and the distance between being on the real internet and not being on the rental real internet is a long way, but maybe they’ll crack the code.

And I think being, having your total. Spots both CS, so to speak, you’ll know if you could really run your business on the NFT on the [00:51:00] dot enough T is there enough email providers, surgeons, and providers, that would use that platform. And I think you should keep trying to use it for the benefit of knowing whether it’s really as good as a, as an ICANN root zone domain name, but then you’ve got, which lets you do business today.

You know what I mean? If you wanted to send me an email with a white paper, you’re probably going to have to give me the IO address or the, or send it from an IO email. But I think going with the NST to know how close it is, might be your best bet, but what do you do? What does seaside, crypto dot NFT do?

Yeah, you guys are pretty much all on. So we’re looking to we’re looking to both launch our own collections, as well as do what you were talking about more of a consulting role working with creators. So what we’re looking to launch with is two collections. One is with an artist doing fine art [00:52:00] with it’s actually a little bit off-brand from the seaside thing, but it’s more, more in sort of the new age kind of world.

And she’s got a lot of really cool stories for kind of the meaning of her work and the inspiration behind it that we’re hoping to really tell a story around the other that’s our own it’s going to be crypto kooks. And what that is a very like surf focused collection. That’s going to be the same kind of avatar sort of thing that we see a lot of, but to really target that surfing, that kind of ocean and enthusiast market.

And if anyone’s familiar with the surfing world and like the day and this whole, playfully poking fun at the various things that all make us kooks in our own way. That’s really where we’re trying to go. Awesome. Yeah. Terrific. Yeah, we should a lot of luck. Thank you. Can I ask a quick question about the the domains, like you mentioned?

Okay. Cause you, you had mentioned that dot NFT, not being an ICANN domain can be a little bit harder [00:53:00] to get in the places that it needs to be and really do business with. Right now. It can be a lot harder, like almost impossible, but yeah, go ahead. Which is why we purchased We’re also looking into getting for that.

And the way we were thinking of doing that as branding, everything as seaside tripped out dot NFT, just because that is so amazingly descriptive of what we’re doing. But setting the other ones up to redirect there. Now I know there are some technical things to learn there, but from more of a branding perspective, do you see that being problematic, having people even if they find being brought over to that different domain and that being the official sort of domain for us they can’t be brought over.

Yeah. That’s the issue. You can’t actually do what you’re describing at this point. So if my computer, unless you’ve contacted me and said, upload this plugin, if you tell me that your white paper [00:54:00] isn’t seaside, crypto dot NFT slash white paper, my computer is going to say, sorry, you can’t find that.

So I think that you can, I would go get seaside, crypto And you can still have your logo, BC side, crypto dotted, Ft, everything about you. And if you’re dealing with people that have downloaded the plugin from these centralized or whatever they’re called anyway. So you see it’s just, it’s not clear yet who is going to be the winner in the alternate DNS space for them to even have the right plugin to see what you’re working on.

So I would run with the existing IO and then maybe have your branding be the dot NFT. But if you want to get an email through to me today, you got to use your IO. Yeah. I’m glad you pointed that out. We do use the IO for the email addresses. As far as the domains, these are the kinds of things that I don’t always realize when I’m trying to work through brave and not realizing my customers all don’t.

So I’m glad [00:55:00] you mentioned that. I wasn’t the one thing I, yeah, the one thing I’d add Jack, and it looks like our. The person who was up next, his left. So we can wind up the show with you, which is fine. We’re at the top of the hour. Yeah. So I think the only thing, since you do have, if you use NFT as a logo and a brand, you’re still potentially creating some confusion today because with all the new extensions, not everyone knows what is, and isn’t an extension.

So if you have that as your brand, with the dot, you run the risk of people trying to get to seaside, crypto dot NFT, not being able to, and not knowing to go to the IO. So what you might consider, and it would be a stage thing is for now, while we still don’t know how the dot, and if he’s going to actually work as Page pointed out, maybe you still can call the brand seaside, crypto NFT, but maybe don’t use, Page and I have a different opinion here.

Maybe [00:56:00] don’t use the. So then you’re not pushing them to enter that as if it were a URL today. And then at some point in the future when things change, you could always introduce that dot into your logo or into the brand name. And then of course, as Page said to the extent that there are some people who could get to the dot NFT, you could still have

Does that make sense? Absolutely. Yeah. That’s a great idea. So I think what we’ll do then is mirror the same page across both for those people that know how to use dot NFT and would appreciate that it’s. But having somebody try to go to that and getting a 4 0 4 is worse than not having a website at all.

Yeah. And I think the name of your company, seaside, crypto. As much as we like domain names, you’re still seaside crypto, I was a Jack for seaside crypto, welcome to the seaside crypto at seaside crypto. We try to do this. So I [00:57:00] think unless you’re have a one most of the time, you’re the name of your company is still what you’re communicating to everybody.

And then it might be like to date myself with business cards, which no one uses, but we will, soon when we go back to meet ups, just like you use to put your Twitter handle or your Facebook handle, you may have seaside, and then right below it for, for web three users, seaside, crypto dot NFT.

And some people may see that and go, yeah, we do that too, but you wouldn’t have lost everybody else. I love that idea page. And I was almost thinking Jack, I imagined in my head some sort of, of an avatar character as you described the surf angle you were going at, and you could almost.

Like one of those characters, almost winking and saying dot NFT alongside and then the people who get it. What a great idea. I really liked that a lot. I’m going to bring that to our artist. [00:58:00] Awesome. Thanks for playing the name game, Jack. Really some great ideas here. Of course.

Thank you all so much. This has been really very insightful.Sharyn had page where we’re at the end of another great and interesting and enjoyable name game. As I mentioned earlier, really, it’s great to hear about all these businesses and the ideas you have and the thoughts behind the names you’ve chosen.

And I always leave this show with a lot of thoughts swirling through my head. So it’s very inspiring. Yeah, I would just want to say if you do get a lot of value out of the name game, and if you’re one of our speakers or presenters and you found it was helpful for your business, if you wouldn’t mind just sending Jeff a message.

We may do some stuff on the website,, which is home to the world, the biggest community on clubhouse and startup that club. We may do some things to just show that people are getting a lot out of our shows. So if he did get something out of the tonight show and you could just hit the little [00:59:00] Jeff’s profile and then hit the little airplane, you’ll be able to send him a message.

And if w we may use that message on our website, but Jeff, I think a lot of people do benefit from the show. And for someone who’s wondering what show to listen to on start-up dot club maybe it helps to have people say they got a lot out of it. Yeah. That’s a good grade point page. Also, obviously you can share the.

Of this show in clubhouse very easily. You can also share clips. And if you want to email start-up club and email the team over there with any feedback, thoughts, giving them comments like page just suggested you can always email, H E L Any final remarks from you before we close out of the room?

Yeah. If also, if you enjoyed what you heard tonight or found us amusing, because we often find ourselves amusing. So hopefully you found us amusing as well. Give us a follow or click that little bell icon and you’ll get some [01:00:00] information about when we start other rooms and Jeffrey, and I run another room on Monday nights called lead with your story.

If you enjoy the process of what we did tonight, we did talk a little bit about people’s stories and we even talk more on that room in that room on Monday nights lead with your story is essentially a hot seat where you get three minutes to come up and tell your story related to your brand and you get tips and inspiration and some feedback from us.

So we’d love to see you over there. Startup Club as well. It’s called lead with your story Monday nights at six Eastern time. And also page runs the domain club here on clubhouse, which is the largest club about domains. So if you want to dig deeper into the domain name side of things, there are a ton of great rooms, many of which are hosted by Page himself, but there’s a lot of great content over at domain club.

And also you can find more, which is the [01:01:00] website for domain club. So with that, see you next week. Jeff. Thanks everyone. Thanks for joining us tonight. Thanks to everyone who came on stage and participated in the name game and a special thanks toSharyn and Page. It’s always a pleasure doing this with you.

It’s my favorite room of the week. Sorry,Sharyn second. Favorite or equal favorites. Thanks everyone. Hope to see you again for another episode of the name game.


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