TRANSCRIPT: The Name Game – EP21 (12-08-21)



Hello, and welcome to the name game. All right, we’re going to get started in just a moment. Thank you everyone for joining us. Hello Page. Hello, Jeff. How are you on this fine evening? Well, I feel like there are companies out there with names and domain names that we can talk about today. I just, I just feel it.

I feel it. I, I feel it. I agree. I think, um, you know, this is a great time of year as we go into a new year to start thinking about how [00:01:00] you’re going to brand your business. How are you going to name your startup and as important? What kind of a domain name are you going to get for your startup? You know, as we go into the new year.

So I think we’ll have a great discussion tonight. Welcome Sharon. Um, Let’s get started. So first let me just welcome everyone and tell you how the name game’s going to work. And then we’ll dive right in. So feel free to start raising your hands and we’ll start bringing people up on stage. And what happens with the name game is when you come up once to.

All we want you to do when it’s your turn is tell us the name of your startup or business and tell us what your domain name is. Don’t tell us what you do. Don’t tell us what industry you’re in. Don’t tell us about your products or services. It’s our job to guess what that is just based on your name and your domain name.

That’s kind of the fun of the name game. We’re going to try to see if your name gives us an indication of what kind of business you’re in. And we think that’s important because it’s a cluttered busy world out there [00:02:00] and anything you can do to make it easy. For a potential customer or a potential client to remember your name and find you is going to give you a potential edge out there.

So that’s why we think this is important. And then of course, after we take our guesses, which sometimes are spot on and sometimes are way off. So it’s always fun. Uh, after we take our guesses, you’ll have a chance to tell us how we did and at the same time, give us a little explanation of what your business actually is and what you actually do.

So you will have a chance after. Um, we take our guesses. And as a reminder, this show is recorded and you can find recordings of the name game, the website for startup club. And you can also find the replay right here on clubhouse. If you go to start a club and clubhouse, you’ll be able to find the replay of this show and all previous episodes of the name game.

So with that, I’ll let my co-hosts, uh, Paige Howe and Sharon kayak introduce [00:03:00] themselves. And I’m Jeffrey sass. I’m glad to be one of your hosts this evening. So with that, Paige, Sharon say hello, and then we’ll get started with.

Oh, Paige. I was going to let you go first. Hi, I’m Sharon cognac. I am a story coaching brand strategy that help entrepreneurs and startups. Get in touch with the story. That’s going to turn their story into marketing gold and create raving fans, excited to buy from them again again. And, um, one of the reasons I come up onto the stage is to help out with some brand strategies and to give you help on taglines.

If there’s a tagline that you have rattling around, um, after we get your domain name and you want some help with that, I’m glad to help you with. Great Sharon. My name is Paige. How I glad to be here on the name game. I both [00:04:00] raised money for startups, uh, as a principal of a broker dealer. And, um, and then sat on the other side and listened to presentations.

And when I managed the family office, we would have people come to us, looking for us as an investor or a lead investor. And then for the past 15 years, I bought and sold domain names and been involved with many companies at their pre-startup stage or their startup stage when they’re picking a domain name and a brand for their business.

And, um, Jeff, I got a little story. I hate to pile on this one CEO, but many of you may have seen it. Um, there’s a company out there, which I was going to talk about on million dollar domains today, because that that’s a pretty good domain name to call your company And it’s a, it’s a consumer finance company, but their CEO is making the rounds today.

He laid off 800 people, uh, on a zoom call, which apparently you can see online. And he started the call with how [00:05:00] difficult it was going to be for him that the last time he had to do it, he cried. So he was sharing that with the people he was about to let go. Um, so I guess for him, maybe he didn’t do a good job of keeping his brand integrity for his name,

But, uh, but anyway, there’s my story. Uh, thank you for sharing that. Yeah. Great name. I’m not a particularly great a CEO based on everything we’ve, we’ve heard. And I, and I heard that, that lay off came following a substantial financial, um, money raised too. So it’s always good to lay off people right after you raise a bunch of money.

Uh, in any event, Sharon, are you going to say something.

The name and the sort of like, uh, responsibility do you have to that domain name? If your domain name is and you are [00:06:00] not living up to, um, you know, that high, that lofty, ideal that you put out there that can certainly be a problem. Great point, Sharon, if you’re picking a dictionary word that has meaning particular meaning for your brand, um, you want to make sure that you live up to the meaning of that word.

Great, great advice. So let’s get started with the name game, and as a reminder, if when it gets crowded on, on stage, um, after you’re done playing the name game, if you could move yourself to the audience, that would be great. And if it starts to get crowded, we may move you to the audience after you’re done as well with that let’s get started.

And we typically try to go in order of people on stage. So it looks like Howard. You’re up first. Welcome to the name game. What’s the name of your business? What are the same bury bad Very bad reviews. Dot com. Sharon, do you want Berry Berry, Berry, [00:07:00] Berry Berry, bad reviews. Okay. Sharon or page?

Uh, baseball. I’ve been buried better. Good to me. Uh, for anyone who is I’m dating myself with Saturday night, live from the 1980s. Um, Barry, very good reviews, very bad reviews, very bad reviews. I’m going to say you’re an take a reach here and say that you’re an online review site. And, um, and I think it’s a fantastic business.

I think that the ability for people to get information online about products, they’re about to buy. Uh, it was terrific now. And, um, so I’m going to say that, uh, that, uh, that you’re an online review site and you’d love to have very bad So you went for something that’s kind of brandable and hopefully be memorable.

So that’s, [00:08:00] do I share Sharon? Nope. Wait til, uh, yeah, I was actually gonna go, uh, I was gonna make the comment that often comes up and we talk about the radio tests. So we had the very with a V as in Victor versus. For Barry. So that can kind of be a little bit of a problem. Um, very bad reviews. I’m going to say it’s, it’s like, um, I’m not going to go too far afield from page and say that it’s more a Yelp for, um, companies that or restaurants that get bad reviews and how to avoid, um, going to a restaurant or a place of business that has, does not live up to the expectations of, yeah, I think, um, Paige and Sharon were pretty good, you know, at first Howard at first I thought it was a very bad name, but as I thought about it more, I thought it might be a very good name because when you think about, [00:09:00] um, the brand ability of it as page sort of alluded to, you know, you have rotten tomatoes as another review site and you think of that tomato.

So I’m assuming if you have a. Barry logo for bury bad reviews. Um, that’ll help and kind of make it memorable and kind of brandable in the review space. And since Paige and, and Sharon sorta took general reviews page went in general, Sharon went more restaurants, I’ll go. Um, you know, just as rotten tomatoes is focused on movies and entertainment, I’ll say that bury bad reviews is really just focused on, um, food.

Well, it’s kinda like what Sharon sorta said, food and restaurants and that area. So, um, that’s what I’ll have to say. How did, uh, Sharon came to closest? Tell us about Berry bad reviews. What do you review? Uh, we Berry with a shovel dead. Oh. So now we [00:10:00] have to go back to the radio test real quick. So we knew we didn’t even get Barry.

Right? The first we got very wrong and we were very wrong with very bad reviews. And now we even got Berry because it’s Barry or Barry Barry, or Barry, I, you know, depending on what region of the country you come from, you’re going to say it differently. But I don’t think any of us were thinking B U R Y.

Uh, Sharon had absolutely not. No, I think it’s a good example. How, you know, you even wonder, um, how, because I started us in the direction of very bad reviews. We all kind of guess the same thing, but I think, you know, you showed where even when your mind goes to a certain use case, you’ve got a whole new business in the review space.

That’s not the typical, uh, someone looking to get information, like I mentioned, but the idea of a company [00:11:00] managing their online reputation and a big part of that is rightly or wrongly trying to accentuate their positives and bury their negatives. So I think that that’s one. That was interesting. Just one I think, oh yeah, it’s gotta be this.

I think you showed how there’s a different business model, but I just wonder when you think about it, um, I was thinking it was the Berry and maybe you’d have like two berries or three berries. You know, or something like that, you know, for, uh, for ones that were bad, but I wonder if it really communicates what you’re trying to do.

And what I mean by that is like, say you were going to have your company be called a phrase, but just one letter off. So, you know, you’re trying to fix a company’s online reputation. Um, but I might not have got it from your name. I’ll try to think of a good example, but anyway, good luck now. I thought you’ve been up before Howard and, uh, it really does.

[00:12:00] Yeah, but I think I, let me, uh, mute that person. Sorry, please. If you do come on stage, mute yourself right away, Howard, I would, you know, recommend, especially if you’re not too far along with this to not use, um, barrier. Um, reviews because I think for all the reasons we talked about, it’s going to be hard for people to get it.

I think there’s probably, even though it does roll off the tongue and it could play off of very, very bad reviews, this probably a word besides Berry that you could put in front of bad reviews, that more clearly indirectly conveys what you’re actually doing. And doesn’t have all the radio tests and confusion issues that the word Barry Barry Barry has.

Um, so whether it’s squash, even something, if you want to be more clever and fun, squash, bad reviews, or, you know, kill bad reviews, you know, anything like that, that’s clear and understandable in my [00:13:00] humble opinion would be a better choice than very, for all the reasons we. That, that does make a lot of sense in this case, it’s kind of tactical and that you can’t kill or squash bad reviews.

Although we do play those keywords too, on our SEO, uh, what you can do is bury them. And that really has become like, if you do any kind of research on the topic of, oh my God, I got slammed by competitor. He said, I poisoned people. Uh, he’s in a hospital, eating my sandwich, not true. Didn’t happen. Uh, yada yada, yada, they do that.

They can squash it. They can’t remove it to hire lawyers as I have done. And they find out, looks sincere to stay at or, well, gee enough homework. I can bury the bed review and that’s where I went in. Yeah. But even as you said it that way, it almost be better to use that in a tagline than in the [00:14:00] actual name.

So come up with a name that doesn’t have those issues and then it could be killed bad reviews. We bury them for you. You know, I, I, you know, uh, you know, we, we bury your online to try this or whatever, but you can put it in the tagline instead of in the brand. And then people will be reading it and seeing it and hearing it in a context where it will be easier to understand even someone back channeled me that they thought you said bury bad reviews and they thought your name made have been buried.

Well, w w w well, luckily for me, I’m not really going to the radio anytime soon, or I hope I don’t. I mean, I’m great on radio. I’ve done a lot of on air, but I really enjoy work for an SEO play and, you know, and SCM. So hopefully that’ll work in my favor. Well, sometimes Howard, just when we say the radio test, we don’t just mean the radio test.

We mean like word of mouth. So if someone’s going fuck about your domain, they might, there might be confusion. And then you’re going to require spelling and those kinds of things. So [00:15:00] that’s sometimes when we say radio tests, we’re making it like a little broad brush brush stroke with that, the idea I love that.

I think it’s super disruptive. Um, and I wonder if going down sort of, um, Jeffrey’s line of thinking that is it very niche if you are in the restaurant. Business. If you’re in restaurants, then having a play on words like squash or some food oriented word, um, certainly could be helpful. And then again, you know, just using that tagline so that it’s really powerful.

You. That’s a really good idea for that niche. We’re, we’re kind of broader based in that a lot of owners, uh, of any kind of business you can imagine have these problems, but I’ll have to, uh, look at some niche based marketing endeavors where we read, uh, like, uh, hotels, restaurants, uh, [00:16:00] you know, landscapers.

I mean, really it’s endless, but thanks to suggestion at restaurants do have it hard. I mean, uh, if your pizza is a little soggy or what is, is not quite that, Chris boy they’d be already alive. No pun intended. Yeah. Everything we’re talking about here is kind of final jeopardy, meaning, you know, you’ve your, execution’s going to be huge.

You know, you, you know what you’re doing. So anything I suggest is really trying to take you from being a, a minus to an a plus. Cause I mean, you’re, you’re, you know, well along, but I was going to say the same thing Jeff did. I think it makes very bad reviews makes a great tagline. And again, Metadata title for your name, where, when someone searches your site, even if you do pick another name, like I was thinking like review coffin or the review undertaker or something like that, you know what I mean?

Then you’re, you’re, you’re, you’re the, the, what do they call that? Since you’re in the SEO business, what do they [00:17:00] call? The thing that shows up, you know, in the blue letters of Google, you know what I mean? It, isn’t your domain name? It’s the, like the page title or whatever. Then that’s where boys seeing Barry bad reviews, you know, just, I think really dropped people to click it, but then maybe the website is something a little shorter with, yeah, it sounds like you thought about the same thing, domain coffin or undertaker or six feet under or something.

But, uh, the, the one great thing about your business, I was going to say that you probably find out, cause you. It’s gotta be nice to deal with clients that already know that their online reputation is critically important. In other words, so much of SEO is talking to people about it and you probably get people who already know it’s critical.

Right. And that’s why they’re trying to fix it. It’s gotta be nice to jump in deep to the conversation as opposed what page got a phone call. Yeah, that was all I was going to share. It was just, it’s gotta be nice [00:18:00] to catch people when they know they need to fix it. Cause they know it’s twice over.

I could not get enough collateral medias to support that does that kind of branding. So I’m okay. Undertakers shovel. Well, Barry, okay. Bid, but Barry. Yeah, that’ll do it. And, um, you you’re, you’re so right about it, you know, there’s no like, well, here’s why you need this, or you should go try me out because we’ll help you with dah, dah, dah, you know, they’re there, they have the edge, I’ve got the scratch, they’ve got the pain, I’ve got the aspirin.

Great. Well, thank you. The other thing is sometimes don’t you get into a situation to where it’s almost like an arms race between somebody who maybe has a vendetta rightly or wrongly, and, and they’re pouring gasoline on a fire. So then the business is forced to continually match them like an arms race, right.

In terms of, [00:19:00] you know, bearing with the. Oh, I was there exactly, right. I mean, Dave, they pour it on with, uh, fake YouTube reviews. They, they pay for and fiber. So they pay their $10. It goes on YouTube. And then thousands of dollars later is spent trying to rectify what some us group of was a bleakly stead 10 bucks to do to you.

Yep. There’s no question, Howard. That’s a good business and important one. And thank you for sharing it. Think about the naming. Thank you. Good to see you as always. Let’s go on and keep moving on. Let’s go to Liam. Liam. Welcome. Hey Jeffrey, Paige and Sharon. Thanks for inviting me on stage. So the name of our product is pieces and our domain is pieces dots

and his pieces spelled the way I, the way it normally is P I E C E S. [00:20:00] Great Well, um, I I’m biased, um, as, as one of the co-founders and COO domains, I’m a little bit biased towards the, the new domain extension. So I liked that you used and, and therefore I presume that pieces is an app.

And I think it’s great when the extension steers us in that direction, because, um, if, if it were, well, that’s a terrific domain name. It wouldn’t give me any indication as to what it is. So you’re already sending me a signal. I’m hoping, uh, that piece is, is an app. So now the question is what does an app called pieces do?

So that’s what I’m struggling with at the moment. Cause it could be so many different things. Um, pieces dot. I’m a little bit stumped Sharon Page. If you have an idea and want to jump over me, please feel free to do so. Otherwise I’ll keep stalling [00:21:00] until something pops into my head. Oh, I was enjoying watching you wiggle to, uh, to, to indulgence.

Uh, yeah, and I was probably the same way I was even thinking to myself. Wow. Could a word be so generic that you wouldn’t know exactly what it was being used for? I will talk later because it’s a, it’s a very unique TLD. It’s special in some respects. Um, but I’ll say I’ll say you’re a staffing company or a services company.

You put the pieces of the puzzle together, which is either services or people, Get the pieces of the pie that you need to accomplish something together. Well, I’m finding myself a bit stumped, just like Jeffrey in terms of the, unless without the app extension, I really wouldn’t know that it app.

Um, and Liam, by the way, when we talked about radio tests, you’ve [00:22:00] got a great radio voice. So you might, so, um,, I’m thinking maybe you’re like a, um, like an OEM, like a, a parts manufacturer and not parts manufacturer. You, you help companies that need certain components and you match a company where components that they need.

Um, and they, that you have an app that does that, you know, you put in say, you need a particular part for something, and you put that into your app and you’re matched with a distributor who has that exact thing again. Thank you, Sharon and page, I’m going to come back in circle around now that I’ve had the benefit of time.

Um, and I’m actually going to say. Th that page, you’ll get a half a point for me from me, if I’m right. Cause you kinda steered me in this direction when you mentioned the word puzzle and puzzle pieces. And of course a large percentage of apps are in fact games. And I actually think pieces would be an [00:23:00] awesome name for some type of a puzzle game.

So I’m going to come full circle and say that is a very cool and unique puzzle game, um, that involves putting the pieces together. So, Hey, I loved listening to your guesses. It was awesome. The, uh, underlying the, uh, least common denominator here was software for sure. We are a software company and I liked pages.

Um, I guess the most, uh, because he started digging at it pieces. We are in essence, a platform built around file fragments. So pieces is a group of developers who all acknowledged that we had the same problem code snippets code snippets are pieces of code that you reuse when [00:24:00] you’re developing applications.

And we all acknowledged that there was no good way to keep track of code snippets. Um, for non-technical people. When we, as developers are doing work, oftentimes we have 30, 40, 50 tabs open. And I’m sure for, I’m sure that’s a problem everyone’s faced before. We’re scouring the internet looking for pieces of code that will.

Fulfill a certain function or do something we need a program to do. We created pieces to make it as seamless and easy as possible to save these code snippets. So for example, if you’re in Google Chrome, you can copy and paste code from a website called stack overflow with ease. It’s just one click save and we made it just as easy to bring that code back into your code editor.

So the piece, the pieces we deal with are pieces of code and long-term, we see [00:25:00] this applying to all different sorts of files, things related to design and creative work. When creative share files, they’re oftentimes sending entire projects and we firmly believe that we can distill down these humongous projects into pieces of work, pieces of code pieces of design assets and that’s pieces for now.

Well, I think it’s terrific. I was thinking Liam, as you talked about it, that even though some people might think it’s kind of a niche or niche, I guess we’ll have to do that one day and decide which one of those two it is. I think what’s great about a one-word domain name is it’s kind of like a really good piece of real estate.

You can apply it to a number of uses and someone might say, well, that’s not the first thing I thought of with pieces, but what I like about what you’re doing is you’re taking a problem that, you know, exists within a certain community. And in that community, it’s something where there’s a need, [00:26:00] you know, there’s a pain point.

And then when you come in with the one, You know, you’ve got this stature because you’re not like pieces, software, architects, you know, this really long thing, you know, you’ve, you’re, you’re coming in with a really nice looking house, a nice looking car, you know, really nice looking name and I can picture, you know, your shirts or whatever.

It’s just real simple. So with a one word name, whether it’s income or net org or all the new extensions, you kind of come in with with, with a prestige building thing. So I think that I liked how you took a thing that you knew there was a need for, and then that’s where you’re using it. And, uh, and I think you can grow it outside snippets to be pieces of, uh, of anything.

So I wish you luck. And then if we have time later, I’ll talk about doc.

Thank you, Liam. That was great. And we’ll have to have you narrate some other things for us. Perfect. Great radio voices. [00:27:00] Sharon said, thank you for playing the name. I’ll definitely ask you before we go, then I know we have five more people, but I’ll just share it. is a special TLD because it’s run by Google and Google of course, things that the world runs around Google.

So they decided they were going to put some special rules on it. So you have to be an SSL site. Um, you know, you can’t just put any old website on it. You have to, your site has to be SSL, meaning you have this extra level of security, but because of that, you skip a lot of the test that they give a website to see if it’s searchable or indexable.

Jump to the head of the class with extension. And I think, um, I think that’s, you know, that’s just something that’s not in other TLDs. And then the other thing is, even though most apps are supposed to be in an app store, there is this idea of progressive web apps where you can build apps on websites.

Now you don’t always have to be in the app store. So [00:28:00] I made a big investment in some data apps, and it didn’t happen as fast as I wanted, but I liked the extension, so,

okay. Let’s hope. Sorry. No problem. We appreciate you. Thanks for playing the name game. Next up. We have asked Ms. Marie asked Ms. Marie. Thank you. Thank you very much. Um, I am, um, happy to be here. Great. So tell us the name of your business and your domain name. Nothing. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Um, business name is cam media studios.

And the name, um, that we registered, um, is fame conference dot N F T.

Could you, do I just missed the name? Could you just, um, uh, say the domain again or the name again? Fame [00:29:00] conference. That NFT. Okay. Fame conference dot N F T a K. And then I assume that the cam new media is cam cam K a M K. Okay. See, I was wrong. Cam new media it’s cam media studio. OCAM media studio.

And the dot NFT. All right, Sharon, do you want to take a crack at it since I was muddling with the first one? Um, well I’m guess I’m just going to go down this, what I think might be the obvious route, which was, uh, fame conference dot NFT. Uh, obviously it’s an NFT, um, and it’s based on Hm, pain conference fame conference.

Um, let me go down, let me go down the sports route and [00:30:00] that’s that it’s an NFT based around famous people in particular conferences, like the, uh, you know, the NHL or the NFL or the NBA. And it’s an NFT that people can use to, um, support or show love for their favorite sports.

So I don’t, I don’t think there is actually a dot NFT, uh, extension at this moment in time paid. It’s probably in either unstoppable or Ethereum, one of the new, um, uh, blockchain things that don’t work with every browser now. That’s yeah, that’s what I was thinking. It could be a, uh, unstoppable domain, which we can talk about at another time.

Um, but I think whether it exists or not, you deliberately are using it to, to steer people in the NFT direction. Um, but I’m going to say, [00:31:00] obviously, since you have the fame conference, that NFT, I’m going to say that it is an event, um, could be an online event or a live event that you organize, um, to attract influencers and other people of different levels of fame and educate them on how they.

Um, benefit from playing in the NFT marketplace, you know, turning their content or their creations into NFTs. So it’s a conference that you operate around, um, helping influencers, um, leverage. And if the NFT space, that would be my guess I’ll guess that you’ve taken the word fame and somehow you’ve made the initials mean something like family always matters everywhere or something like that.

Um, and then you’ve made a series of NFTs, but look forward to finding out, uh, what is fame?

It looks like we lost, [00:32:00] uh, her back into the audience. Let me see if we can come back up here. There we go. We lost you for a second. Um, can you hear me? Okay. Yeah. Sorry. I don’t know what happened there, but, um, yeah, actually you guys all three, um, put that well together. Um, and page, uh, you see you done this before, so you know that the fame is an acronym and it stands for film arts, music and entertainment.

Very good, very good acronym and page. Very good of you to, to, to figure that all out. Excellent. And it’s a virtual, uh, it’s a natural event, physical where people will come to a real world event. And it’s also is also going to be on a virtual reality platform for those who candidates.

Well, that sounds [00:33:00] like a, uh, interesting thing page. Well, I just wanted to know, I know the metaverse, everyone talks about it these days. And I looked at some virtual conference software nine or 10 years ago. And a lot of these, you know, make your digital twin, make your avatar and walk around in a world.

Have you looked at one of them that you’re picking like decentral land or something, or I was hoping there’d be a way where you could, everyone could use the same one, but maybe not. But if you got yes, uh, I have been doing my research and I can do it kind of in two places. There’s this, I’m not limited in like one place.

Uh, uh, the choice one, one main choice I’ve have is crypto voxel. And the other one is called ozone, which is more web-based ozone[00:34:00] 

I love how everything old is new again, uh, page, I don’t know if you’ve spent any time in second life back in the day, but, um, that was, uh, an early iteration of, of the so-called metaverse, um, which was a lot of fun kind of in the early days of social media. Um, well it sounds like a great conference and, uh, we wish you the best of luck with it.

We’d love to learn more as we get closer to it. Um, thank you. Thanks for playing the name game. That was fun. Good, good one and page I’m still, excuse me, duly impressed that you thought fame was an acronym right off the bat. Very, very, very good. Uh, let’s go to Ryan. I think Ron, you’re up next? Good to see you.

Is there a name of a business and a domain you want to share with? Likewise, thank you. Jeffrey Page Sharon. I would greatly appreciate your help. Have very high respect for. I have a problem though, all the ventures I’m [00:35:00] involved in don’t want to disclose their name candidates, because they’re worried that somebody will capture possible domain names related to that.

And they don’t want to just describe their doing domain candidates either. In fact, we’ve heard the idea and I’d appreciate your, your, your weighing in on this. That if you go just in the clear and start trying out various domains to see if they’re taken that GoDaddy, sniffs them up right away and reserves them and blocks you because now they own it, or they’re going to charge a fee for it.

Uh, is that true? If, if it is true, I’m very interested in, is there a way to try out various domains where one doesn’t have to worry about it getting stolen? [00:36:00] Well, you’re referring to something I think page is called front running. And I think those are just rumors at this point, I think many years ago. Oh, really?

It was believed that there was certain registrars that were, were following that practice. But I think, um, that was quite some time ago and more recently, um, you know, I don’t really believe that that happens. Um, I mean, page you may have, yeah. I would say it’s more urban myths than reality. Um, there was a time when some registrars could be extremely unaccountable, uh, in the court of public opinion or even legally, and they may have tried it, but, um, I think that it’s so easy now to, for, you know, to say, wait, I searched this at 10 0 6 and then someone else has a registration at 10 0 9.

They just out of the blue decided to get this name, you know, I think would go, daddy does do is if you’re logged [00:37:00] into a GoDaddy account and you look for a name and you actually put it in your cart and you don’t check out and you may get an email a week later that says, Hey, are you still looking for this?

Now? They didn’t register it. They’re just trying to have a better cart retention strategy. But I think some people have taken that as evidence, maybe that they, you know, that they, they, they grab your name or they steal your name. And then as long as we’re in the rabbit hole, there was a time when people would actually buy all the, the, I can imagine buying all the search traffic.

Across all the search engines or something and, and analyzing that data to come up with words and trends and things like that. That’s probably the closest I ever got, but I would say more urban myth and reality. You should be okay. Trying. The other thing is, is there a super safe way page, a place to go where the search [00:38:00] just, you don’t have to worry at all about it being stolen?

No, I’d say that you have, um,

you know, you obviously have a pretty strong case if it did happen. Um, So it’s going to be a bummer, I guess like say I came up with a company and I called it bedside manner and I was going to be a home health company and somehow bedside was available. And I went in and searched bedside manners, bedside manner.

And then all of a sudden, two minutes later it was taken, you know, I would probably definitely to use Howard’s thing, do it online review of the company and, and you’re right. All that stuff would be after the fact. But, uh, I think they’d all be tied for probably not going to do it, but I don’t think there’s any one that would be any [00:39:00] better.

Um, so to be honest, Ryan, I don’t know that you really have the problem that, or your clients have the problem if they think they have, because if you think about it, I agree with page a hundred percent. I wouldn’t be too worried about that. And frankly, if you have unique names, Um, that are in dictionary, words are common words that would be premium names.

It’s not that expensive, especially if this is a business proposition to just invest in registering the domains that you are considering, and then have them locked, locked up by yourself, um, prior to you revealing it and talking about, and if you end up not using some of them are changing to a different name, so be it, you made a relatively small investment, um, and you don’t have to renew those names.

And in fact, um, when you register domain names, you actually have five days within which you can change your mind at no penalty. So if you’re really doing a fast turnaround in your analysis, you can register some names, see if you want to see if they stick or not. And if they don’t just let them go. [00:40:00] Um, if you’re looking at a name that’s, uh, that’s a key word or premium name, you’re even less risk that someone’s going to come along and pay a lot of.

For a domain just because they heard, um, you were going to use it. So I don’t think the problem is necessarily as big as your clients are thinking it is. And I would recommend if they’re unique names that you came up with, just register them. And if you don’t end up using them, I think most business people have some domain names sitting in their accounts that they once thought they were going to use that they never put to use.

I serve well, Ron, I hope you do have a name for us, but if you did want to say, but still I wanted to do the best plumbing, maybe use a European registrar. They have the highest level of privacy protection where maybe not even your name or your city and state would go on the, who is information. Um, maybe register it.

You know, if you’re, if you’re [00:41:00] Amazon and you’re going to start a new company, you might use a proxy, a corporate services company that would actually make the registration on your behalf, like corporate services group or something like that. And those would be two of the options. If you really said it’s important to me to do something, then maybe having a proxy or using a European registrar, which has the high, thank you, Ron, for bringing up the question.

Let’s, let’s keep moving on to the name, game itself and, and go to Gabby to share the name of your company and the domain that you want us to guess about. Hi there. Okay. So, um, my company name is solve and the domain, um, you know, there’s a couple under it or that, I guess maybe it’s a proxy situation, but regardless, urgent care location.

So paid Sharon and I are going to have to recuse ourselves because Gabby appeared [00:42:00] Monday night on lead with your story. So we kind of know where she’s going with this. So I’m going to leave it to you on this one. Well, actually I’ve just got a splinter from, uh, from carving some wood and, and it’s stuck in my, my finger and I need to go get it taken out if there was only an urgent care location or a way to find the nearest urgent care.

So I’m going to guess that it is a location-based service that helps me find the nearest urgent care, which I used to think was trademark. But now I think it’s an, a gray area. Well, given that I know that Jeffrey and Sharon certainly know mostly what we do here, you are spot on, right on track page. Um, it began as a, you know, finding the nearest urgent care same-day location, but swiftly transitioned into a two-sided marketplace for providers and [00:43:00] patients.

So a SAS product on the provider side and a, um, you know, instant booking workflow, um, non-AP based or app based, whatever you need on the patient side. Yeah. And I really liked it. I mean, I think that there’s some parts of the internet where it’s all fluff, it’s all style, it’s all image. It’s, you know, it’s a rodeo drive Madison avenue and then some parts of the internet, our business, you know, solutions.

And I think when you can get a name, like urgent care, you know, like we talked about a lot on the name game, and the reason Jeff brought this. I don’t have to ask you that question. What is it that you do? You know, I’m already ready to say something like, boy, that’s a great idea. Or how exactly do you monetize it?

Or, you know, you push the conversation one level beyond, and then secondly, having a good generic domain name, I believe means that when someone sees you at a trade show, they see your [00:44:00] name in a directory or a search engine result, or your email address. Even as though it’s going to be a little long, you know, if they’re someone who you should be doing business with, they should give you a look.

And if not, then you’ve cleared out some space junk that you may not even have to deal with them. So I really liked the generic nature of the name. And then having your company be named something else. And I appreciate that. I’m curious though, because as I mentioned it, when you search and the engine urgent care, it’s going to reformat it into salt

So if you go copy the link, you’re going to end up copying solve And I was curious to hear just any thoughts on, um, oh, go page real quick. That’s all right. No, it’s great. Great stuff. Well, there is a way to do what’s called a mask redirect, um, to, so that if someone and that’s pretty easy to do so basically if someone were to type in.[00:45:00] 

The full domain name, they would see that domain name in the browser window, but I think it’s okay if you’re redirecting to solve health, because again, you’re leveraging the power of, uh, urgent care to draw someone’s attention in to get them into the top of that funnel. And once they are on the website, as long as the content on the website is clear that it is what they were looking for, which is a way to find, uh, an urgent care location near them.

Um, I don’t think it’s a big issue. Um, and a lot of companies use redirects like that in a number of different ways and that’s oftentimes people will buy up a great keyword domain, um, to use for that very purpose for lead generation, uh, an SEO benefit, even though it doesn’t match the name of their company.

So I think it’s okay. Page. No. I think that, um, from talking about SEO before, and I am not an expert in SEO, but I think when people see a search result is [00:46:00] really three components. There’s the title of the web page that Google is indexed. There’s the short description of it, where some of that little snippet will appear.

And then there’s the domain name. So if the title of your main page is urgent care locations and right underneath it, it says urgent care provides urgent care locations. You know what I mean? And then they see salt health, I think, um, you know, I think you’ve got to add a three there. So I think you’re, you’re going to be fine if you’ve, if you lead with it and the other two manners.

Um, and, and actually you’ll probably have, like Jeff said, have your domain name, be the urgent care and then maybe on the B2B side, It’s a salt health, you know, advisors, B2B clients on how to achieve more success. So you might end up doing one for one side of your business and lean more on the other one for the, [00:47:00] and also, you know, Paige touched on this, we’ve talked about this before, you know, by having solve health as the business name and not the domain name for this particular offering, you give yourself the opportunity to create other businesses and other products and other opportunities around.

The health care space that are different from urgent care location. So urgent care locations is one thing that solve health does. And maybe you’re going to come up with some other, um, business angle that’s different. So then you have that kind of umbrella parent company, and then the brands underneath and the urgent care locations is a brand underneath solve health.

You understand our business model very well. Then that is definitely the idea. Awesome. Well, great Gabby. Thanks for coming back to join us again tonight. And it was a pleasure hearing from you. We’ll we’ve got about 13 minutes left before the top of the hour. We’ll try to get to everyone who’s on [00:48:00] stage already.

And if there’s time, we’ll bring up more people. And if you don’t make it on stage tonight of the name game, please do come back next week. And if you’d like back channel us in between and let us know you missed your chance tonight, and we’ll be sure to bring you up early, uh, during next week’s show with that, we’ll go to Hamza and Sharon, since Paige and I talked a lot with Gabby, we’ll let you go first on this one.

Hamza. Welcome to thank you for having me. Jeff Paige and Sharon and oh, uh, the audience, uh, my company, I founded a knowledge consulting company and the, uh, domain name is dot K.

well, I, uh, I think hums of what you, you gave us, the, the company, when you gave [00:49:00] us the company name, you gave us a lot of information to be able to

the domain is. So, um, obviously it’s a knowledge consulting company that, um, brings people to gather in the, let’s see, what should I say? Uh, education service that brings people who want to learn a particular skillset. Um, you bring them together with people who can teach them that.

No. It’s interesting, even though you did give us the hint of a knowledge consulting company, I’m not sure I know what knowledge consulting is. So I’m going to go with, which I did have to look up to see what’s that Kuwaiti extension. But I think to have the one for your local market that you’re in, I think is terrific.

And, um, [00:50:00] and I’m going to say that knowledge consulting is, uh, methods for, uh, universities and prep schools to better, uh, teach their students. Uh, so you’re kind of a teachers coach or a teacher’s teacher. That’s what August.

All right. You guys are not leaving we with much. Um, I think you both, um, on target, but I do think, yeah, I liked that you chose just the word knowledge for your domain, you know, as opposed to getting knowledge consult. You know, Dakota KW, um, besides just owning that keyword, I mean, you own knowledge in Kuwait.

So I’m trying to think what kind of business would want to own knowledge, uh, in a territory like that. So, um, you have the word consulting and the business name. So I’m going to say you can solve people who want to sell into the education market. So in other [00:51:00] words, if I have the textbooks or if I have services or things that I want to reach, the knowledge industry with knowledge consulting is going to help me sell into.

Uh, educational vertical. Um, so that’s going to be my guess Hamza. Tell us how we did until, oh, excellent. I love it. I love your interpretation, but Sharon was spot on more than, uh, you Jeffrey and page. Uh, we do a learning and development. Basically we develop, uh, corporate, we, uh, enhance performance. We take care of talents.

That’s all. Well, it sounds like a great business and, um, really great job of, of branding it, especially within your market. And that’s, that’s something we’ve talked about before, and I know Paige has opinions on it, but you know, if your business is really centered in a region, then having [00:52:00] that, um, local country code, uh, can be extremely valuable because it gives people in your territory, the confidence that they’re dealing with a local business.

Um, and as you’ve demonstrated, you might be able to get a really strong keyword domain that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to get if you were trying to work in space. So I think you’ve done very well with your naming. Thank you. Okay. Let’s go on to Stephanie, Stephanie, welcome to the name game probably there.

Um, so I, I just recently started up a business and, um, it’s called tranquil palms nest, and I have not established a domain yet. I’m still working on that. So what was the last piece? Tranquil palms nest as in bird’s nest. Okay. Ness. So I had it right. Tranquil poms [00:53:00] nest? Yes. Okay. Whose turn is it to go? All right, I’ll go.

So you don’t have a domain yet, so we can talk about that. I’m sure Paige will have opinions, but tranquil palms nest. So I, you know, tranquil palms just has a nice feel to it. I don’t know if I, I live in Florida, so I see Palm trees all the time. Um, I don’t know if I always think of them as tranquil, but when I hear tranquil palms together, it gives me that soothing thing and nest, um, it seems like a cozy place to hang out.

So I’m going to say that, uh, tranquil palms nest is, um, kind of a spa, you know, a small spa or a spa service business where I might go to get, I might go to get a nice massage in a tranquil palms nest or some facial treatment or something. So I’m going to say that you’re a, a location that does spas services

[00:54:00] page or Sharon. Um, I was going to spill, spin the roulette wheel that we yet tonight, um, when it’s either NFTE or cannabis. So I was going to go down cannabis route and say that it’s a cannabis related company that, um, tranquil pumps, nest, um, Hmm. Maybe that it’s cannabis related products for massage for.

So like if you’re a massage therapist or if you have a massage, um, practice, then you would buy these cannabis related CBD products from tranquil pumps. Well, I’m going to go with a air BNB. Um, where you’ve given your location, the name tranquil palms nest, and just like a baby [00:55:00] bird hangs out in a nest and gets everything brought to them all the time.

And it’s already there that, that you provide a nice weekend or we get away tranquil.

You know what page you are spot on. Um, wow. Um, so that’s exactly what it is. It’s an Airbnb location that I’ve just developed. Um, um, and, um, I basically, um, I’m working on this currently with, uh, ATU putting it in my backyard basically, and I already have one back there and I have another property. So it is having to do with having a nice, cozy nest place to live place, to stay tranquility, you know, you would be, you know, I’m going to be like a, a super host.

Um, so I’m planning on making it really nice and comfortable. Um, so that’s kind of where I acquired the title that way. And because I live in California and it’s Palm [00:56:00] trees everywhere, that’s where the palms and. The street is comps as well, so easy to find. Um, so that’s yeah, you are spot on. Well, thank you way to go page.

You’re clearly a, the leading hosted leading guests tonight. Um, that was a good one. And Stephanie, congratulations to you. I think branding your Airbnb is a really smart thing to do. I have some friends who have some properties and they also brand them. Um, Colin Campbell, who’s the founder and CEO domains.

He’s got an Airbnb that’s called Victoria Cause it’s in the Victoria Park neighborhood. And just by branding it, he attracts more people. So I think you’re onto something. That’s great. So congratulations and thanks for playing the name game. Um, people keep coming off the state on the stage, even though I turned off hand raising because we’re running out of time here.

Uh, let’s see if we can quickly go to the remaining few people. So Marco you’re up next.[00:57:00] 

Okay, Marco, we’re going to skip over you and go to Jude, Jude. Nice. Oh, I’ll be there. Yeah. Well, um, I was actually writing on the background too and sharing and, uh, I was asking if I can get some information regarding some kind of roadmap, uh, for, to create a brand story, actually, that was okay. Okay. So Sharon Sharon can raise.

That’s a good you’re the path you’re on is a good one. Backchannel Sharon. I know that she has a PDF or a document. She’ll be able to share with you with some tips. She talked about it Monday night, so we’ll let Sharon get back to your back channel and get you that information. And let’s go on to Jude to play the name game.

Jeffrey, thanks for pinging me in and Paige, nice to hear you and [00:58:00] meet you. And Sharon and I just started following you Jeffrey and I have been following each other for a while. The name of our company is the collaboration of brilliant entrepreneurs Kobe. Now we’re getting ready to do a new website and we cannot put on this full website collaboration of brilliant entrepreneurs.

So that’s one, one question too. And then the acronym of, uh, of collaboration of brilliant entrepreneurs that doesn’t really tell anybody anything either. I mean, it’s great and people love it in person and see it and read a bit on the website, but what’s your thinking on what that says to you?

Collaboration of brilliant entrepreneurs

page. Do you want to die? Okay. Um, Sharon, go ahead. I was just going to say that I was wondering if sometimes, um, Page, I think you’ve talked about kind of like making up names and the benefit of some [00:59:00] of those. And I was wondering if there was some sort of way you could like, do like collaborators or something like that, and sort of sounds like labradoodle, but, um, to do something that is like a mashup of the names that is just interesting enough or that just, that just gives you enough information to peak your interest.

And that is, um, you know, just interesting enough that people want to know more about. Yeah. I think Paige refers to that as a port man to, um, uh, you know, like if you did, you know, brilliant preneurs would be an example where you’re taking the word brilliant and entrepreneur and kind of combining them into one thing, but in terms of what, what do we think it means collaboration of brilliant entrepreneurs.

Yeah, it sounds to me like I consultancy of, of entrepreneurs. Who’ve had their, um, [01:00:00] success in the past and have experienced. And now are, uh, as a, as a group mentoring, other startups and entrepreneurs and providing that kind of startup consultation. Um, and you might get a team of entrepreneurs to help you out as opposed to just one mentor or one consultant.

So that’s what I’m guessing that the business may be Jude. And as far as the name, yeah, you have to think about those words, brilliant entrepreneurs. Maybe don’t need the full thing. When you get into the domain name, maybe there’s brilliant entrepreneurs with an extension that, that leads you to, to down the agency or community or club path.

If that’s what you guys do page. Yeah, I’ll just give a brief, I think you probably are some type of, uh, um, you know, expert advice club, you know, a small group of people that could maybe join local clubs in their areas. And, um, and I do want to let you talk about your company. I’ll say the collab, the Coby thing is hard because I may be too much of a sports fan to want to put a K [01:01:00] there.

And I might not see S collaboration, C O B E as Coby. I almost want to say Cobe, but, uh, but what is the collaboration of, well, you’re both in the right direction. Um, and all three. I appreciate the comments, Sharon too. We are a, it is a coaching company for entrepreneurs and it’s what it is. It’s a, it’s a quarterly coaching program.

I coach it as processed. And we are just celebrating our fifth year, uh, along with our charter members that have been with us from the beginning. And it’s it’s people who come together who are already established seasoned entrepreneurs, and they still want to learn how to put their, their processes in place.

Learn more about delegation, streams of revenue. And so it’s totally a personal professional growth program for entrepreneurs. And we’re going to launch a, a smaller version of that from the original master Coby playlist that will be [01:02:00] online for solo entrepreneurs three years and under, uh, small business owners.

These are established people. It’s a mix of businesses from e-commerce to cybersecurity, to business management, to legal. It’s a mix of people. We meet quarterly. It’s very process driven, as I mentioned, and it’s for growth, uh, personal professional. And, and we love the program. They love the program. As I said, we just celebrated our fifth year and our charter members are still from the beginning with us, but now I want to launch it and expand.

You know, right now it’s under my, my main website, but I, I love and I’m with YouTube page, by the way, which is why we had this trademark I’m on I’m in Los Angeles. And at the time of course, you know, Coby was, was, was still with us. And I wanted to make sure that we did not run into Eagle there. There’s not, there’s not a basketball on site in the logo or anything like that, but that we didn’t come into any legal issues.

And so we had it trademarked and it turned out that that Kobe Bryant’s trademark attorney and my trademark attorney [01:03:00] are know each other and have a nice relationship, but I just wanted to have a trademark just to protect it. And of course, when you spell it out collaboration of brilliant entrepreneurs, but I, but I can see where you’re coming from with the.

Uh, on that, but we, we did protect it that way. And, and it’s mainly, you know, I’ve only had about three people mentioned that to me, but it’s usually the sports enthusiast, uh, page, but, you know, it’s, I like the idea maybe of doing it. I don’t what you call it, sharing a mashup or, or page called it that I’m not sure who termed that.

But I think that’s kind of interesting too, because we certainly couldn’t put collaboration of brilliant outdoors on a, on a website domain and think about Jude. Think about the other words you use to describe your business growth growth was in there. Um, things like that and, and the, you know, the, the domain name doesn’t have to match.

The company name necessarily if it draws people in and draws the right people in. So for argument’s sake, it could be called, you know, uh, entrepreneur Um, and that could [01:04:00] lead you to the site, but on the site, it explains that it’s the collaboration of brilliant entrepreneurs, but you’d be attracting people because you’re looking for entrepreneurs, looking for growth tactics and growth strategy and help with growth just as, yeah, this, this has been great.

I really, I really appreciate it. I know you’re trying to get, you know, a couple more people in Jeffrey, but I’ll come back and join us because I, I get to be with you every now and then when I see that you’re here and I can be on and Paige and Sharon, nice to meet you just started following YouTube. So thank you.

Thank you for the, um, so we’ve got a few minutes. We’re a little bit over, but let’s try to give Ori and Kartik a chance to play so Ori. Well, thank you, Jeffrey. Thank you page. So go ahead and tell us the name of your business and the domain name. Uh, the name of the business is linen mate. And the domain name is linen mate dot C O.

All right. Linen mate. Correct. Uh, all right. [01:05:00] So I think I went first, last time. So Pedro Sharon.

All right. I’ll jump in linen mate. Um, I’m going to assume that linen is, is referring, um, specifically to linen and linen. Nate. Nate is a great word for a consumer product. Um, so I’m going to say that linen mate is, um, what does it mean when you’re fully, I’m going to say it’s something that helps you fold sheets.

It’s some clever product, um, that helps. Fold my linen. It helps me fold sheets, especially those finished sheets, which I, to this day, I’m an old man and I still cannot properly fold a fitted sheet. So I’m going to say linen mate is some product that I can purchase that will help me, um, fold my Linnie properly.

I’ll go next Jeffery. I was thinking that linen may, might be [01:06:00] a, um, it’s something to keep your linens fresh, or it might be like a, uh, um, a scented like there’s room sprays and things like that. So linen may is a like a sentence spray that comes in a variety of different, um, sense that you can spray on your linens to keep them smelling fresh and clean and enjoy.

I’ll go with a revolutionary new product. I feel like it’s funny. We haven’t, I don’t remember a late night infomercial or a, uh, Tommy John type company for linens. Maybe we need someone to redefine linens where you can convince me to spend $200 on a towel. Cause it’ll change my life, but I’m, but since you have mate in there, I’m going to go with, it’s a, it’s a towel bar that somehow dries my dive, linens [01:07:00] my towels, and maybe there’s other linens besides towels really, really fast.

So Linden mate, dries your towel in the bathroom and Paige, before we go to Ori to find out what do you think of with regards to the name for the domain? I think that. I have rarely advised people to use it unless they plan on upgrading later. But, um, it’s certainly got a lot of respect and it’s a very good company.

There’s tens of thousands if not millions of them out there. Um, and I think that, uh, you know, especially if is on a completely unrelated product, I think you’re okay to use.

Beautiful. Thank you guys for your feedback. Jeffrey Page and Sharon Jeffrey, you were actually the closest, uh, what linen made is, is it’s a folding storing and identifying solution, [01:08:00] uh, for your linens, your bedsheets, your pillowcases, your do phase, uh, it does help you fold them. It helps you store them, comes with little labels, they fit inside your linen closet.

So just kind of gets rid of the people, putting things into baskets and that type of thing, uh, and more into a new way to organize everything more like a library type of way, and that fits inside your, your closet or, um, or yes, sir, it could fit under the bed. It could fit into your closet. It could fit into drawers.

Um, anyone wants to go ahead and take a look at the website as well. They’ll get a lot of good visuals on what the product looks like and how it functions as well. I think you did a great job. Uh, I definitely want to look at it, but I think linen may. Uh, and the way he described the product, they go very well together.

I think, as I said, mate, to me, it’s a really good consumer product word. When you attach it to something like linen mate, clearly it’s something that’s going to accompany and help you with your linen. So good job. [01:09:00] Thanks Ori. Thank you very much. And I know we don’t really have the time, uh, at the top of the hour here at, since we’re over, but, um, tagline, it would be super helpful right there in terms of, uh, being able to really qualify what it is you do that keeping the meat and storage.

Yes. I apologize. The tagline actually is fold store identify. I should’ve mentioned that in the beginning. Okay. Yeah. The, the only thing that threw me off there is when you said identify, I was trying to, well, what is that? How does identify relate to linens? But I guess you sort of explained it, um, but you know, folding store make perfect sense.

Identify. Well, now you can’t really tell the fitted sheet from the top of it. You know, you have to look underneath it to see if it’s got, it’s not the way I followed him page. Not the way I followed him. You could, yeah, I’ll just jump in real quick. It’s more for the, the twin full king size queen size. Uh, just to know the different sizes when it comes to families, [01:10:00] you’ve got a few different beds, usually more than one color or even the same color, let’s say white sheets.

So it’s more to help identify when those, you know, tags fall off in the dryer or after years of use type of thing. Gotcha. That makes perfect sense. Congratulations. Orient. Good luck with it. All right. We have our final, final concession contestants tonight on the name game cards. Has a free, thank you for having me.

Uh, Hey, uh, Paige and Sharon. So, uh, I’m from India and my company name. Uh, it’s just recently, I just recently registered it and, uh, we are yet to make the website or, you know, anything, even a single progress. So it’s called as and the, of course the domain name is also It’s um, one moment it’s D E L I V E R Y I N

So yeah. Okay. Delivery and delivering, but with the Y [01:11:00] um, inserted in there. So of course, as Sharon and I always talk about the radio test, you know, that right off the bat, you’re always going to have to explain that, or also be sending lots of traffic if you’re successful to whoever owns spelled correctly.

Right. So that’s, that’s the challenge right there. I think I went first, last time. So Pedro Sharon. Tell us what you think delivering with a Y.

I’m going to say it’s, uh, um, Hmm. You’re dot com. You aren’t using a country code. Um, but I was going to say that it’s a delivery system for, um, for your local area. You said you’re from India. So I’m going to say that you, it’s sort of like, uh, an Indian version of door dash, um, so that you can deliver fresh, um, foods and fresh ingredients to people, uh, who need them.

So they go [01:12:00] on your, your app or your website, and then they, you know, um, request the info, the ingredients that they need for their, for their daily or weekly meals. And.

Gotcha. Well, I’ll take the other side of the door dash, which is you’re focused on people that want a part-time job, delivering things for other people. So I’ll say that that’s different than what Sharon says. Um, so you really focus on people making short term money by delivering things that other people need delivered delivering.

And, uh, and I actually think that there’s because of texting there’s some words, and I don’t know if delivering is one where you almost type in delivery and then you just put the ING at the end. So maybe you don’t remember to get rid of the Y um, given that, you know, there’s 150 million names taken

Yeah. Delivering, delivering it. [01:13:00] It’s growing on me. Cause I don’t think it’s like delivery and it’s like a. Like the, the Angus, the suffix there, but in terms of the business, so Sharon and page took both sides of that coin. So I’ll have to go in a different direction just to round it out. And I’ll say delivering is a, kind of a, almost a, a small package delivery service.

So if you’ve got something that you need to have delivered to someone, and you don’t want to deal with going to the post office, or maybe you do it for them, kind of like, lets you, um, you know, handle all of your postage needs from home, delivering, uh, can handle all your package delivering from home.

So I can call delivering they’ll pick up my package. Maybe it’ll even wrap it for me and send it for me. So I don’t have to travel away from my home. That’s going to be my guest. Uh, so I would say, um, [01:14:00] Paige was little close, so it’s like a marketplace or a job portal for, uh, delivering people, for example, uh, is now in India, right there.

A lot of people who starting up, uh, what is a door delivery? I mean, there are a lot of companies who is booming up as you saw, like door dash or, you know, something like that. A lot of companies with booming up, and there are many people who wants to do this delivery job, like, you know, take the bikes and, or the, you know, cars and, uh, just, you know, work for the companies.

So we are a marketplace for, you know, it’s like a job portal for, um, even the companies and even the people who is, who wants to make, uh, you know, part-time money, uh, as a paid stoned. Uh, but it’s like a proper, you know, uh, it’s exactly like a job portal, but in the space of, uh, uh, delivering or, you know, that kind of thing.

Oh, it sounds, sounds like a really good business opportunity, but right now, and I think as you describe it, delivering, um, works with it. So good job Sharon. We got,[01:15:00] 

yeah, I think you can almost, because it’s probably wouldn’t pass grammar test because you’re adding an I N G ROI. I would get the delivering if it’s available with the Y in G. So I’m sure delivering spelled D E L I V E R I N G is taken, but put the Y in there and then you have the I also, but I would get the one without the I, because once people get confused, they might not remember exactly which confusing when you have.

So that’d be my advice, but I think was a huge market and a, and go for it. I think, I think it’s a strong name and it will support, you know, just the fact that it’s one word.

So, uh, for that, what I’ve done is, uh, in the logo, right. I have made the why a little bit, you know, like repetition also that, uh, your [01:16:00] concentration goes to that. Y you know, uh, so people remember, uh, that particular name. So some, something like that I’ve done so that, uh, you know, it’s easy for people to grab the, okay, there’s a Y in between it, you know, that kind of, well, Jeff, I know we were short on time, so I had two thoughts and I wasn’t, that was the second Lennon.

I only shared one, but I just want to reaffirm that. I think that’s a really intelligent way to go after it. And maybe even on your website, use the why to say, why go with us, or why use our service, or, you know, keep that wide going with the same color. Um, literally we put the why in delivery. I think that’s exactly right.

Turn it, turn a negative into a. Awesome. Well, a great way to end a great show. We went a little bit long tonight, but that’s because we had such good contestants with good businesses. And as always, you know, one of the highlights of doing the name game each week is learning about all of [01:17:00] the creative and interesting ideas for businesses that you all have and bring to us with the names.

We had everything from, you know, a linen mate, you know, something to help us store fold and identify our linen to a delivery marketplace where people want to be in the delivery business to a very cleverly branded, uh, Airbnb to a knowledge consultancy all the way from Kuwait. I mean, this has been a great show tonight, and we really appreciate everyone who took the time to come on stage and share their names and their domains and play along with the name game.

Uh, so thank you so much for that. Any final remarks, Sharon, her page before.

I was just going to invite everyone to join you and I on, um, clubhouse on Monday nights at six o’clock for leave with your story where we take it one step further, and we allow you to tell your brand story to us, uh, in three minute drills. And then we go ahead and give you some [01:18:00] feedback to hopefully hope you make a story that lands with your customers and prospects and investors.

Um, and so thanks again. Thank you, Sharon and page. Um, you gave a lot of great Demaine advice tonight, but you have a lot of rooms you’re doing over on domains club, uh, for people who want to get deeper into the domain space, any, um, thing you want to play. Um, I think next week, the two big ones are going to be Monday domains, which is Monday at 11 Eastern in the morning, and we just handle news of the week.

And then, um, million dollar domains, uh, is one Eastern on Wednesdays. And next week we’re going to talk about. Maybe not making a million dollars from one name, but from a portfolio, could you invest 10 to $50,000 by 500 or a thousand names and try to make a million dollars? So that’s what we’ll talk about on million dollar domains next Wednesday.

 But yes, follow me and follow domain club. We are the largest domain club [01:19:00] on

tonight. We hope to see you again at a future episode of the name game. Don’t forget to visit start-up dot club and sign up for our mailing list to be kept informed about all the great things going on here at startup club on clubhouse. Thanks again, everyone. Bye-bye.


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