TRANSCRIPT: SE.Club – EP40: Acting upon ideas, part 2 (12-10-21)



Hello everyone. We’re just getting ready to start our session this week for serial entrepreneur, which is going to be actually part two of startup cool trends that you’re acting upon. Ideas, just any ideas for 2022 to start a new business. So it could be a technology trend. It could be a service trend, whatever it is.

We welcome you to the stage. In fact we’re going to get into bringing people onto the stage very quickly. So with me here on the stage, I have Jeffrey Sass. , he is the CMO of, a leading e-commerce retailer for high end luxury dog blankets and beds. And I know Jeff does lots of other things too.

So without further ado, um, I can [00:01:00] kick it off and just give an idea. And then. Folks to come up on stage and share their ideas about what you think are great ideas for 2022. So just starting off, I would say just the whole idea, you know, that’s been driven by the pandemic and COVID and working remotely. Um, there absolutely is going to be a huge trend and find that.

Of course ways for people to collaborate and connect. Obviously we see, you know, what happened with clubhouse. Um, but also what I would predict and what I think is a good idea is to find product ideas, platform ideas for specific verticals, right? Like we all know zoom is broad, but just, I’m just thinking about like special.

You know, um, platforms that would work maybe for, you know, doctors or [00:02:00] maybe for, you know, anybody, it could be actually, um, I’m trying to build a house. So I have not met an architect in person yet, but I’m trying to. Connect and meet and exchange ideas with architects online. And there really is no good platform for that.

So I would say reverse of what’s happened where these communication, collaboration or abroad. Um, I would say a good startup idea would be to build them for niche. So that’s my idea. And I see a lot of people. Thank you are starting to raise your hand, but, um, let’s go to our next moderator Jeffrey, um, w would love to hear some of your ideas for startups for 2022.

Sure. Thanks. Thanks Michelle. And if you could mod me and Rachel, we can help you bring up, bring people up on stage. Cause we don’t see the hand raises. Um, yeah, I think, you know, we touched on it a little bit last year, but I think one of the interesting things that’s happening. Is all of these [00:03:00] platforms that enable you to leverage skills, experience, knowledge you have and monetize it.

You know, the buzzword is the creator economy, but I think it goes deeper than that. I think, you know, there’s, there’s so many ways for you to become your own media network, whether that’s by launching a newsletter or. Media channels that you can monetize. Now, there are more ways to monetize these things.

You know, just like the music industry. Um, whenever they went digital, it changed to where more musicians can earn a living from their music, but fewer musicians would rise to be, you know, rockstar, mega star status. Right. And I think that’s the same now in, in terms of being a creator, there are more platforms and opportunities and ways to monetize your brain, your knowledge, your experience.

So that you can earn a living from it doesn’t mean you’re necessarily going to become a, a billionaire doing [00:04:00] that, but you might be able to, you know, have a very nice lifestyle business built around your talent skills, knowledge. And I think that’s really interesting. And, and along those. Studies have shown that when, when they’re asked, you know, high school kids today, when they’re asked, what do they want to be when they grow up, you know, what job or career path that they want a huge number of them respond.

I want to be a YouTuber. I want to be an influencer, you know, and they wouldn’t be saying those things if they didn’t feel like there were platforms and opportunities to monetize yourself. So you become the brand. So I think that’s going to be an interesting trend going forward in 2022. Well, that was great input.

And I love what you said about creators of music. It really makes me think of enough Ts. So, you know, for me, it’s something that we’ve been investigating for one of our businesses, but I really like think there’s, you know, beyond art, a huge utility for [00:05:00] NFTs that could transcend itself as well, Jeffrey to, you know, the creator economy.

I’m curious.

Well, I think that, that, um, the opportunity for creatives and musicians and others with NFTs is really interesting. You know, it’s, we’re still in such an early stage, but the most interesting aspect of that is not the fact that you can have ownership of a JPEG as people like to make fun of NFTs for, but the fact that you have smart countries.

Built into the intellectual property. So when you think about traditionally, if you were an artist or a painter, you know, you sell that painting. And even if you might sell it for hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars, you sell that painting once. And as the artist you’re done with it at that point, and if years later it goes into auction at Sotheby’s and sells for $20 million and you got $1 million for it that you still only get the 1 million.

What’s interesting about the NFTs [00:06:00] is with these smart contracts. The IP can have a royalty, a perpetual royalty built in for the creator. So if you’re that same artist and you sell that NFT the first time. Every time, it changes hands. Every time it sells for a higher and higher price, the smart contract can be paying the original creator a 10% royalty or whatever royalty is set in the agreement.

So that’s a game changer. When you think about it for creative people, because historically. You only get paid on the first sale as the creator and you don’t benefit from subsequent sales yet, as we all know with collectibles and especially art, it’s the subsequent, subsequent sales that skyrocket and hit these big numbers.

So that’s going to be a real game. And that is an excellent point. Uh, just saw an interview with Gary V was the beef runs. He’s making about a quarter million dollars a day from resales. And so it’s a non-trivial thing. If you can do it. [00:07:00] A hundred percent. I saw that. It’s pretty amazing, really smart move by him.

Okay. So I want to make sure we give everybody time to talk today because this session is all about startup ideas for 2022. So Rachel insured, Hey everyone. Thanks for having me on the show. You know, I, uh, I bumped into a friend of mine at the store recently earlier this week. And we were talking about the metaverse and much like what we’re saying here today.

Um, and in FTS, you know, we’ll have these avatars walking around in the metaverse and they need clothes. And so there’s an opportunity now for fashion designers to design clothing for everybody, just a little idea, I’m gonna tell. Yeah, I love those little ideas because that’s something that you can execute on.

So thanks Rachel for [00:08:00] sharing that that’s and that’s happening now in fortnight, there are some designer brands that are now, you know, offer. Their stuff, you know, you might be able to carry a Gucci bag, you know, while you’re running around a fortnight. So, um, you’re absolutely right, Rachel, and that’s going to be really an interesting opportunity and opportunity to, for businesses and brands that have only existed in the physical world.

Like people like Gucci, making products and clothing and sunglasses and purses to suddenly play in the digital space and sell digital versions of their physical world product. Awesome. All right, Matt, Matt, we’d love to hear your startup idea for 20. Yeah, thank you so much, Michelle, for having me. Um, so I created a platform which I really think is going to kind of shape the middleman industry in 2022.

Um, the app is called finder’s fee. So the concept is buyers say what they want, and then [00:09:00] people go and find it. So Michelle, you were talking about like real estate. You can go on there and say, Hey, you know what? I’m looking for a developer, um, with this criteria. And if you can find it, I’ll pay you a fibrous fee of a thousand.

And so kind of what it’s doing is kind of what Uber did with the taxes and people that needed a ride. It allows people to say, Hey, you know what I want, I want to be Justin Bieber and I will pay someone $10,000 and they could introduce me to Justin Bieber. Um, or, Hey, I want an old car, or I want a home, or I want a PlayStation five for this price.

Um, the app is. It’s connecting. There’s two different users, there’s buyers and there’s fighters. And so I think for 2022, especially with the, the new update and kind of the traction I’ve had in the last month, um, this could be kind of a new kind of concept for people to make money, um, instead of delivering food and, uh, giving people rides, they can go and find things for people, uh, and get a fighter.

So, yeah, that’s kind of like the startup, it’s [00:10:00] already on the iOS. It’s on the apple, uh, Android comes out in February, but, uh, yeah, I’ve gotten like a thousand, like 1200 users in the last 10 days, so it’s kind of been growing. And so, yeah, Matt, I love, absolutely love that idea. I totally get what you’re saying.

And the short amount that you taught. Yeah. A lot of us, right. We have specific things that we’re looking for that are outside of the big. Like for me, I don’t want to pay some high-end architect. I actually want like, you know, a cool new person who’s, you know, wants to work with me and that’s not your kids.

So almost impossible on your own to try to like find, as you saying, connect with people like that. So I love the idea. I love how you’re pivoting on. The current concept of marketplaces will be interesting to see how this thank you. Yeah. And I’d tell it, like everyone kind of like, listen again, like there’s no cost, so you can always [00:11:00] post something on there and say, Hey, I want to connect with an architect and say, you know, I only want to pay an architect, huh?

Like someone to find out a hundred dollars. But what they do is they message you with the fighters message you and say, Hey, I found this architect. Um, he’s really cool. And then if it works out, then you paid me the finder’s fees. So. Um, yeah, it’s kind of cool. People are posting like lots of different things.

Some people are posting that they want a home for $3 million in homes in that neighborhood, or we’re 3.5, but you know, if you could find it for three, um, they’re willing to pay, you know, $50,000 finder’s fees. So that’s kind of how it works. And so we’ll kind of see like where it goes. In the next month I have it’s called fight of the week getting released and find the week pretty much that says, if you don’t want to go find something for someone, um, there’s brand deals out there that you can go find, like you can go find like a Rolex watch and if you can find it, you keep it.

So, um, obviously Rolex, I’m not partnered with Rolex yet, but as it grows, um, it’s kind of like that ultimate scavenger hunt kind of like, uh, outer banks where you go into search for treasure. [00:12:00] Very very cool. You’ll have to come on and keep us posted as to how it’s progressing. Thank you. Okay. Next we have Hussain Hussain.

Tell us your idea for a 2022 startup. Yes. Uh, hi everyone. Uh, this is the same. I just, uh, doing. Visibility studies for, uh, different, uh, projects and services. I found out that every industry that got affected by the, uh, COVID-19, uh, we should, uh, you know, get away from. That industry, or we have to get a solution.

For example, I was working in medical tourism and was, uh, not, uh, it, it is one of the industries which is affected by, uh, the COVID-19. Uh, no, uh, uh, it was [00:13:00] like, uh, so tell us what the idea is. I want to make sure we have time for every ideas, like, for example, um, um, from the five different, uh, services, uh, I selected the skincare and skincare and later leather shoes.

And. So, uh, also, uh, uh, this should be like, you have to believe in a creative way, that’s it? Okay. So I think it was about shoes if I understood you correctly. Yeah. Yeah. About leather premium shoes, leather premium shoes. All right. Excellent. Out of India. Okay. Thank you. Um, next on the stage we have, I’m going to S I think it’s [00:14:00] Mehta shocks.

Happy wise. Oh, well that’s the first time somebody said the Metta shocks perk first. I usually get the happy. So thank you for that. That was cool to hear. My name is Adam happy, Zachary Wise, and I opened. My consulting agency, my sister and I charter yachts out of Fort Lauderdale. And I can also guide people to their inner child.

It’s really kind of weird to talk about, but after a toxic relationship, I had to do it to myself. So I really just lost the ability to care what people think about what I say, as long as I’m just being respectful. And it’s definitely a little more challenging with a man. That’s not as open to it, but women are really open to it and it’s just helping the world.

So, yeah, it’s pretty cool. That sounds amazing. Were we [00:15:00] Jeff, myself and Rachel, or also in Fort Lauderdale? I don’t know if you knew that ed is actually with us this weekend too. Um, but that’s very cool. Like, you’re really, it sounds like you’re really trying to reach inside yourself and work from a passion that you have, which happened to be boating and helping people connect.

So very cool to hear that. You know about these kinds of ideas too, because you never know where they might go. And it sounds like you really want to help people so kudos to you. Well, it’s not that I just want to. I am. And that’s the cool part. Like I can, I can hear it in the tonality of someone on the phone and I I’ll be respectful of the time, but we don’t even have to be next to each other and I can guide people through it if they allow.

And then they’re better afterwards. Like you just, you’re just better and you feel better about life and your, you get your, some of your amazing back. So happy out you bet. Thank you. Happy. [00:16:00] Alright. Next we have ed ed. I’m sure a lot of, you know, ed ed was the founder of startup club. So ed is, uh, any ideas that you’d like to share with us about great startups for 2022.

Uh, there are so many great possibilities, but I’ll shift the topic slightly of what are ideas that people might have, how startup club can help people with their ideas for startups. And we have a special email account set up for people, have feedback for startups. Things that we can be doing to help you all succeed in your startups.

So if you have any thoughts, suggestions, comments that it’s And also Rachel was going to have to pin the link to, uh, in the room. So be sure to tap loud if you’re not already on the email list, you’ll be sure to sign up. We have a whole bunch of great stuff coming up for startup club in 2022, to help you with your sort of journey.

So I’ll leave it at that. Awesome.[00:17:00] 

As ed said at startup club, we’re really here to help people with their journey through a startup. So it doesn’t mean necessarily that you are starting, you know, a business. It might be you’re working for a startup. So there’s a lot of different phases. You might be a supplier, you might be an agency, but as that said, any topic suggestions you have, we’re always very open to them.

So thanks for reminding us of that. One of the biggest things that helped me was just having a lean pitch deck or me not only a business model, so people can actually wrap their head around it. So maybe just like the three pages blank template that would just be easy to send to people is something that comes up for me and I’ll email it.

But I just wanted to say. Yeah, I agree with you. Content is great. And I love what you’re saying about, you know, helping people by giving them just simple little tools, like, [00:18:00] like a template. So thank you.

I think Michelle too, one of the ways that people get their ideas is from listening to other people’s ideas and the inspiration. And, and I just want to mention that and here in startup club and clubhouse, we now have. Recordings of many of these shows. So including last week’s serial entrepreneur hour, we talked about this topic and there were a lot of other ideas exchange.

So you can listen to those past episodes, either at startup club,, the website, or to the replays here and start a club and clubhouse because sometimes just listening to other people speak sparks, great ideas.

Agreed. Absolutely. And plus, you know, if you hear other people talking and you want to, you know, continue a conversation with them, you could always back channel them. I’ve found that it’s very effective to Jeff. Um, you know, when you, when you’re [00:19:00] getting a flow and something pops into your head and when you’re talking to people and call pals is to connect with them outside of, um, the actual session.

Next we have will the gold boss. Okay. Well, Hey you guys, how’s it going, Michelle? Great to hear your voice. Um, whenever I, whenever I see you and Rachel on, uh, the clubhouse, I always want to, I always want to stop and just like, thank you guys. Cause I owe you a debt of gratitude. You guys, you guys like pointed me in the right direction in the first place.

And so I’m, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll be forever grateful. So gold boss started out as a very high end consulting business that I’ve been doing very, very quietly in the background, sort of, you know, people would ask me to do work for them and I would, and I would do it. And, um, and so I never really had to market. I never, I, you know, I just like got paid well for doing a good job and, um, But since the pandemic has happened, what I’ve, what I’ve noticed is some changes in [00:20:00] both myself and the, and the world.

Um, people don’t really want to go to work as much as they used to, and I’ve never wanted to go. So. But what I’ve discovered, um, about myself, I’ll start with me and then I’ll go to the, the bigger, more important things is what I’ve discovered about myself over the course of the pandemic is I’m kind of done trying to make the world safe for rich white guys.

Um, which generally speaking and that’s, that’s, uh, you know, uh, uh, a joke sort of a remark, but it’s only a sort of a joke because that generally ends up being my clients over the years is like CEOs of big companies. And. What I’ve noticed over the pandemic, the great resignation people working from home folks saying, well, just know I’m not going to go to work.

I’ll do my job here. And if you don’t want me to do it, I’ll do it somewhere else. There’s a whole lot more side hustle inside hustle is moving a lot closer to the center than I think it’s ever done before. And in my. In my work, I’ve [00:21:00] developed systems and process that are super easy to implement and set up and, and make work.

And that’s, and that’s how I make, I help a hundred million dollar business turn into a $500 million business. And it just works every time. And so what I’m doing now with glow boss mastermind, and this is the 2022. Idea. What I’m doing with Globus boss mastermind is I’m assembling groups of side hustles, small shops, one man bands, you know, pick, pick a name for them, but small business people who.

Almost never going to have all of the divisions or the departments that a big company would have. Let’s say that I needed video production, for example, um, you know, if I’m a big company, if I’m Coca-Cola, all I gotta do is like get on the phone or walk down the hall and there’s the production department.

So what we’re doing with Globus mastermind is we’re connecting through super tight systems. We’re connecting. Solo preneurs entrepreneurs, small [00:22:00] businesses with one another in a way that I can leverage say square productions. My, my video shop, I can leverage them in the same way that Coca-Cola could leverage their video production department or branding or copywriting or coding or whatever it is.

And what, what the mastermind system does is we integrate. We keep them separate, but we integrate them, all of these different members of mastermind and they can help one another at awesome deals. And it just, we just, you know, we don’t waste leads if I don’t need a lead anymore, I can drop it into the lead bank and somebody else can go for it.

And so we just, we, we eliminate a lot of the waste and want that most small businesses suffer from. And so that’s, so that’s the, the notion of it for 2022. And, and again, Were instrumental in helping me to surface and put words to this, uh, idea that I’ve been having over the last year, 18 months. [00:23:00] So thank you.

I think what you said is very cool, you know, making those kind of high-end coach, you know, consultants, whatever you might want to term it services available to. The rest of us, normal people, people that cannot spend, you know, $50,000 a year for, you know, a high-end CEO coach. So I’m very interested to see how you take this will and you’ll have to keep us posted for sure.

But, um, absolutely. I think coming on to clubhouse is, is a great way to kind of kickstart that. It’s really what startup club is about and what clubhouse in general helps to facilitate. So thank you. I was like, did he just say his business was club?

Very cool. All right, let’s go to Angelina. We’d love to [00:24:00] hear your startup idea for 2020. Uh, yeah. Hello. Hi everybody. It’s me van chillin from India. Um, this pandemic, uh, many startup ideas have come for adult, so I will not create, or I’m in the process of creating a structure for children that is from teenage onwards to how to have emotional intelligence in.

Because the school talks about mathematics, science, history and other subject, but, uh, emotional intelligence, what I feel is a gap is missing. So I’m creating a structure which does those children can be benefited. It will be. Useful for them to have a clarity in their vision, right. From [00:25:00] their young age.

So this is what is my idea, and I’m already working on it. Thank you. That’s really cool. And you know, I’ve heard these kinds of classes also at Harvard herders, you know, for college students obviously and older, or some of the most popular classes, but Angelina, I mean, it just makes me think of so many of the world’s problems, right?

Yeah. Uh, because I have gone through the process of, uh, separation and this pandemic has been very hard on people. Uh, so, you know, children are the one who is vulnerable and somewhere down the line, they get out of the mission and, uh, uh, that alignment, you know, the time in getting their goals and vision lots, a lot of time is.

So I want I’m in the process of building that [00:26:00] emotional intelligence, right from young age. If, uh, if I’m able to get a structure for them, then, uh, it will be easy. And I want to reach out to millions of children. This is what is my, uh, vision. So I want to help inspire millions of people. To have clarity.

So I want to do it from young age, actually. I think that’s a great idea. And I actually, it reminds me of something you were telling me, Jeffrey about your young grandson and how the school was trying to help facilitate the stresses of the pandemic. Well, the, the thing that you’re referring to, which I found fascinating when I visited my grandson a month or so ago, He was, um, he wanted me to take him to the store to get fidget spinners, right.

To get all these little fidget spinner things. And he said that, you know, whereas when these fidget [00:27:00] spinners first came on the market a few years ago, they were telling kids not to bring them to school. They didn’t want kids to have them because they were a distraction and they were disruptive in the classroom.

But now post COVID, my grandson said we’re allowed to bring them in. We’re encouraged to bring them in because they are a stress reliever. And the teachers were actually telling the kids and he’s seven years old that, you know, having these little fidget spinners and little, they have these little things that are like popping bubbles and stuff like that.

And they’re all stress relievers, so that they’re actually pushing stress-relief on seven old students. So I thought that was, I just think it’s incredible. And. You know, I, it’s inspiring to hear that you’re putting this time into it. We’ll be interested to see where you take it, because just imagine if, if we could have all learned this and maybe others have learned this at a young age, so, uh, hats off to you, Angela.

Okay. Now we’re off to [00:28:00] Moe and I’m looking at your profile, says you’re a scrum master. I’ve actually taken these scrum classes. So tell us, enlighten us. What are your ideas for a startup for 2022? Hey guys. Uh, uh, thank you very much for letting me come up here and speak. Um, my name is Bo I’m from Jerusalem, Israel, and, uh, Well, the, the idea that the thing that we’re we’re we’re we’re working on right now is that we have a project, uh, that is, um, called tech for peace.

And we’re bringing in Palestinian engineers and Israeli engineers, and we’re putting them together to work on, uh, solving common problems, um, for big projects. So we’re bringing in a client with a common issue on their project and we’re putting Palestinian engineers in and as in, you know, Israeli engineers together to work.

In a co a working area on the same [00:29:00] project towards the same goal. And, um, basically we’re just like cherry begin, um, very challenging problems in projects, you know, and, and, and, you know, big projects or. And we’re pitching them if we can actually be as consultants to solve those specific problems. And we’re actually, you know, bringing, you know, our, our engineers here and, and asking them if they can actually solve this problem.

Uh, the real goal behind this is actually, we want to like, kind of promote peace through, uh, working in tech as you guys know that there’s a lot of conflict that is happening here in this conflict has been going for ages and, uh, This organization that is, that is actually been started. Here is a, is a, is a, is a good indication that there’s a possibility for having peace here.

Thank you very much back to you guys.

Okay. Well, thank you for sharing that. Let’s go to [00:30:00] KBB next KV. What are your ideas for startups? Startup ideas. Hello? Hello? Hi. Hi Michelle. Hi Jeffrey. Hi everyone. How you doing? Um, thank you for bringing me up to speak. Um, we’ve got an amazing idea for 2022. Um, you know, talking about the creator economy. We are launching the new apple.

You will be going public that allows you to kind of own hashtags and profit from it. So it allows creators to create, share. And from this app, very unique idea will be a game changer. You know, we don’t believe in disruption, but you know, total revolution in the social media space. So I’ll tell you how it was.

You go in, you make a post, you register, you register a hashtag, make a post with it. What did I can give to you? It gives you the privilege to kind of rank [00:31:00] rank very high with that hashtag, um, which you can, you know, and then we help you create a viral chain. You can list that hashtag. Or your basically your privilege.

Um, and also you could sell it so you could sell that privilege. You’ve got to rank top, which is you being the first person in the chain. Now I’ll tell you how this could be used. Um, think about an organization that makes, um, you know, training shoes, for example, and you own the hashtag training shoes or trainers.

It makes sense if they’ve got a campaign coming up. But I have to come to you, come to an influence or whoever who owns the hashtag like that. And then to lease it for three months, the system is very smart. We have a smart contract that handles it all. You listen to them for three months after three months, they hashtag coming back to you or that privilege coming back to you that you’ve made your money.

And, um, you can eat your own hashtag. You could also choose by the system, which is all. Um, to, to down sell that. So [00:32:00] you choose, um, the tool allows you or the app allows you to go through a set of like bargaining, um, you know, rounds where you kind of decide, okay. My hashtag is what, um, a grant is supposed to, um, 10 or whatever, or six or way opposed to six is what 10, um, you rent it for that, or you sell it for that and you get.

It’s very simple. So, you know, once you own a very good hashtag, you don’t really have to do anything. You could set what limits for that hashtag we didn’t try to set a smart contract, handles it all when it’s for three months, six months for a week, however long that campaign is running for. So that is a total game changer.

So that’s 20, 22 look out for it, um, is definitely, um, time for the creators to kind of like make a lot of money. So wish basically what we’re doing is sharing. Well, otherwise, um, you know, they companies, you know, or that companies like Facebook or whatever, or Google would [00:33:00] probably, um, not let you take a cut of that revenue.

So it’s part of our revenue stream where we’re sharing. We create those basically we’re allowing them, we’re helping them build a viral chain, but also we’re allowing them to keep the organic rich. So this is a totally new way of thinking about social media and how we, um, we address it. It is about transforming.

Thank you. Thank you. I think, I think we, we, we got the gist of what you’re doing and it sounds great. And I think that, you know, some of the interesting things you bring up, you know, cause we really want to talk about trends that give opportunities to startups in 2022. And I think you’re tapping into one with your concept and that is, you know, how can leveraging these technologies such as blockchain, such as the block.

Um, to disrupt the way things have been done. And so we talked earlier a little bit about leveraging these smart contracts for artists to get compensated on future sales of their works. Um, but in [00:34:00] your case, it’s very interesting. So you’re going to really create ownership of starting a trend in this case, the hashtag being at the top of that funnel and seeing it go down.

So it’ll be interesting to see how, what other ways in 2022 entrepreneurs such as yourself. Um, leverage the blockchain in ways that people are not thinking of. Now, obviously when it was introduced, it was introduced around cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. Then we’re moving into the NFT space and there are many other businesses being built around blockchain technologies that have nothing to do with crypto that have nothing to do with NFTs, um, such as what you described.

So thanks for bringing that up and thanks for sharing. Thank you, Jeffrey. And you, you hit the nail, you hit the nail on the head. It is actually a COVID chest. So every post is called just so you got the gist.

Awesome. Let’s go to Suresh next. Suresh, what do you think are some good ideas [00:35:00] and trends for startups in 2020?

Hi, thanks for the opportunity. I guess I have been here before and introduce myself. So I will do that again right now. I’m doing video marketing program. I think it’d be best in clubhouse generally, when, if people want to know who people are and what they do, they can tap on the profile. We’d love to just get right into the topic today and talk about, um, great startup ideas for 2020.

Yeah. So right now I’m in the video marketing space and it’s a really nice space to grow into. And you can work with a lot of SAS, SAS businesses, and set up a lot, a lot of other companies. So everybody’s needing video marketing. So if you are, if you’re getting interested to do it, if it’s really a good basis, only if you are understanding the video and [00:36:00] animation.

Uh, filmmaking or something like that, if you are into, if you’re interested in that. And also what I would say is it’s great is that social media has grown a lot. So KV is working around social media. A lot of other people is working around social media. At some marketing agencies, agencies around social media is doing a great job.

Uh, into that space. That is great as well. So if you are helping somebody doing, uh, helping somebody with anything, and that, that involves social media, a form of branding or marketing, I suggest that’s a pretty good business plan in 2022. Also, also I believe coaching is the coaching business has become a really great business.

Which was, I mean, in 2022, I see a lot of opportunities with that. And that’s all, I guess. That’s all right. Thanks. No, thank you, sir. [00:37:00] Those are, those are some really good suggestions. I really liked what you said about, you know, uh, video editing and content creation, because there are so many new tools available now, you know, we use sometimes to do the transcripts.

Our podcasts out of these sessions on clubhouse, something called D script, D E S C R I P T, which is an amazing platform that makes it very easy to edit video and audio, just like you would be editing a word document it’s cutting and pasting text, and it conforms the audio of video to that. So if you are a creative person and become adept at one of these tools, so that you become good at video editing, for example, like you said, You know, you can leverage that skill to do it for other companies and other people who aren’t adept with those tools.

So, so taking advantage of some of the technology platforms and tools that are available, you could turn that into a business. So I thought that was a really good suggestion. So thank you, um, for [00:38:00] sharing that and your other thoughts as well. You know, something I’m hearing that is very cool as a theme here is the really merging.

You know, it’s like, There really is a new business model. That’s predominantly emerging here in this conversation, which is businesses, but they really have a very strong philanthropic kind of mission. So I think that’s really, you know, An amazing thing that people here on the stage are really leading with how they can help people, not just how I can get rich.

Of course, everybody wants to be able to pay their bills. But I think that in itself is, is a major trend that in 2022, we’re really going to see more of, so, um, business models in general, I’m going to say, you know, merging the business with a very philanthropic. So that’s, that’s the [00:39:00] cool thing I wanted to add one.

Oh, sorry. I thought you were almost done. I wanted to add one thing to that. Cause when I was branding myself, it was extremely challenging because I do graphic design. I’m a motivational speaker. I ride skateboards. I’m a comedian. So I was like, What do I, like I ride dirt bike. So what do I do? So I was just like, you know what, whatever, I’m a consulting agency.

And if I don’t know it, I bet one of my friends does. And they do like, I have a really knowledgeable it’s the, your peer, your peer group. So I just like turn them over to them if I take a little off the top. So really, but it starts with healing, their child, their inner child first, and then they, then they get to go on their mission.

Right. Very cool. So I would say, you know, I’m just trying to think. How to say this, a theme it’s really profitability and positive change. So I’m hearing that as a big theme for this session. Uh, the last session we did [00:40:00] similar to this, there was a lot of talk, you know, discussions that were very platform centric.

So I feel like this is a really good, um, second session. To our ideas for startups for 2022. But on that note, we are a little bit more than halfway through the session. Uh, just want to remind everybody, if you look on your screen, you can go to www where you can actually sign up for our email list.

So when we have any special content, special speakers, any featured, you know, Folks coming on, we’ll notify you via email also, which is actually very Cole and our team here in Fort Lauderdale spent a lot of time on is there’s several, um, featured sessions, including serial entrepreneur club, which you’re in right now, the complete entrepreneur, um, coach you a handful of others where [00:41:00] we take.

The shows. We also do blog test, uh, blog posts. And even for serial entrepreneur, we’re launching a podcast. So if you want to just like, look through, gosh, at least 120 past sessions, if you want to read through a transcript or listen, you can just go up to our website and do so at no charge. In fact, we’d love for you to do that and give us any feedback that you have.

Okay. I think our next person. I think we’re on valid. Valid. Yeah. Hello. Thank you, Michelle. Rachel Jeffrey and I had for this opportunity and all the others for their great ideas. Um, from my side, I’m sure you heard about 3d printing. And, but it’s still, I think, not so accessible as it should be. So imagine a world where, when you have, uh, any kind of broken product or appliance or a broken car part [00:42:00] that you just go into your local, um, uh, to the print shop you, or just take a photo and you get your part in a matter of hours, or at least in a matter of one day.

So, uh, that’s my idea. I’m working. Uh, I have been involved in 3d printing for nine years. And in, in the background, uh, these local small shops will be actually connected to the blockchain, uh, and connected with smart contracts. And they will be actually a network of 3d printing, uh, small shops that they actually create a huge 3d printing farm.

That’s a global 3d printing farm, but disappeared, not centralized. Uh, and, uh, that’s, that’s the, that’s the idea I’m working on?

I think that’s awesome. 3d printing is I’m actually happy you brought it up. I’m surprised it hasn’t come up, um, earlier because that’s such an [00:43:00] interesting area and as new and different materials are able to be used in 3d printers, um, the opportunities are endless. I think one thing that certainly surprised me.

And probably others. You know, when I first saw 3d printers, they were making little plastic figures and, and things like that. And then we’ve heard about doing parts as you suggested, but there’s 3d printing of homes now and structures, and it’s fascinating to watch the process and the end results. And, and the ability to speed up forming a lots of industries, transforming dental industry it’s automotive industry.

But also as you mentioned, just the personal, you can personalize everything and you’ll be able to customize and personalize more and more things in the future, just from, let’s say. Uh, of course currently it’s mostly in the medical, uh, field, but later to be also used in, in consumer, uh, for consumers directly [00:44:00] like printing our own, uh, footwear and what they were it’s, it’s a, it’s a huge, huge field.

Cool. Yeah. I actually saw heart being produced. It’s just amazing, you know? What the technology has for us in store. So thank you for your idea of balance and. I it’s just unlimited in that area. Right. And for me, I think also you’ll decrease consumer waste. There’s just so many. Yes, yes. Yeah. Yeah. Lots of appliances that just being tossed in, you can really repair them with just one part that it can be replaced.

Yeah. Awesome. Okay. So next, um, we have about six more people here on the stage and about 15 more minutes. So let’s move quickly if we [00:45:00] can please, just to make sure everybody has an opportunity. So next is oh, D come. I hope I said your name correctly. We’d love to hear your 20, 22 startup idea, please. Okay.

Didn’t it. The pronunciation is the NACA. I’m from Nigeria. Okay. Uh, I’m assuming that, you know, so what I’m looking at as an engineer is no, as a result of a pandemic, a whole lot of persons have lost jobs, comes from companies are shut down and some other companies who are there when it comes to design minority, have the, the amount of money to pay bigger fan for consulting.

So I’m looking at bridging the government. You asked, are you greeted with friends who can do some designs where I left the civil or what have you interpret? Then you now open up another end, looking for people who have the services, but cannot really go for the bigger fan. So more like a middleman. I will get these people who need the services, and I will [00:46:00] reach out to the people who can run that services within a given period of time.

So that way.

Thank you. All right. Next on the stage we have Rafi. Rafi, what is your 20 to 2022 startup idea, please? Yeah, so I see. Trends with the virtual assistants. So I see a lot of people, uh, starting virtual teams, um, right when they start up. So I see a democratization of robotic process automation. So a lot of companies use it to accelerate, you know, their, their daily tasks.

And I see that coming to the small virtual teams that a lot of startups are sorry. Um, building.

Yeah. That’s like a very rich field, I would say for sure. We have a lot of [00:47:00] folks, um, on remote teams. Yeah. That’s, that’s been a huge shift right. With the pandemic. You know, hopefully it’s a positive shift for a lot of people that would have not had opportunities before. I think for companies too, right.

It’s a chance to, you know, really access, um, talent in ways that they previously weren’t able to. So I w I would agree with you. That’s a huge shift in terms of hopefully a higher quality of life and, um, good for business. Thank you, Ron. And I think Michelle, just one thing to mention, you know, some of the opportunities are around these trends, so, you know, what are the businesses and the business ideas that can be created adjacent to some of these trends.

So, you know, what are the things that are needed? So for example, um, as was just mentioned, if, if there’s a real trend towards leveraging virtual assistants, are there opportunities to create. [00:48:00] Platforms to make it easier for a company to manage a team of virtual assistants. Um, you know, things like that.

Like one of the ways you can think about ideas for your new startup in 2022 is look at these trends and maybe you don’t want to be in that trend directly, but what are the business opportunities adjacent to that trend? So for example, we had someone come on previously who had created a physical. Copper wallet made out of the metal copper to store your blocked, your crypto wallet codes in so that they can’t be destroyed in fire or whatever.

Cause if you lose those codes, you could lose your access to your cryptocurrency. So he was leveraging something that’s adjacent to the trends towards, uh, cryptocurrency. Um, but he wasn’t in the cryptocurrency space directly. So what are the adjacencies that create opportunities for you with.[00:49:00] 

Okay, so next we have rants Ford. Ransford what is your 2022 ideal

Ransford. Okay. It looks like ran sports away from his phone, perhaps. So let’s go to rolling. Rolling. Oh yeah. Hi. So, um, my, um, idea, I already own a startup company, so, um, I don’t know, scratch that. We make appended scratch off lottery tickets. So. Forward to getting some branding from, um, a couple of lotteries around the world and started, um, distributed a pen in that fashion.

We already sell it in the stores like seven 11 and stuff for 9 99. And here at Christmas time, we sell a lot of pins too. So got some good things going on in the future. Um, for 2022, I’m looking [00:50:00] to, I’m starting to franchise out the stores I’m doing business with and more stores and start making some jobs for some people in some undesirable neighborhoods and stuff, showing those guys how to do a startup business.

And I think Roland, you know, I’ve heard you talk about your business before, which is really cool. And I think making those scratch. Pens is an example of something that’s adjacent to something else. So lotteries are really popular. You came up with an idea to make, you know, playing lottery games better, um, and, and succeeded in being adjacent to that industry.

So. Thank you very much. We’re also being, um, we’ll also be going into like, um, online Powerball and mega million tickets. You’ll be able to buy them from us too. And we’ll, um, have someone bring those to your doorstep. So we’re looking at a whole bunch of options here and stuff. [00:51:00] And so, yeah, 20, 22 is going to be a great year.

Actually, my birthday this year is going to be on 2, 2 22 to February 2nd. So I’m Aquarius.

That’s really cool. It’s something I never thought about, but you’re just like really niching into the whole lottery space. If I understand what you’re saying correctly. Yeah. I, so I made a pin, you know, usually scratch your scratch off to you with a coin or something, but I developed a pen scratches off a lottery ticket for you, has a few attributes to it and stuff.

You know, it was great for older people. They could scratch more than one lottery ticket. It has a light on it. So you can see exactly what the numbers are. I mean, you know, It has some attributes to it. Like he, like he said, and then it just branched off since the pandemic into, um, a SAS app to help people do some shopping in their neighborhoods and stuff, along with that familiar delivery drivers.[00:52:00] 

That’s great. Thank you. Yeah. I mean, you really bring up a good point. You know, Jeff talked about complimentary types of fields, but things don’t have to be big game changers to be successful. What I’m hearing you say, Roland is you’re already in stores and you’re expanding so, right. Like a great idea to get yourself going here could be just something that may be.

Something just easier has a great utility. So I, I like the way you’re thinking there. And it’s something that you probably could do on the side, which is, you know, amazing in itself too, because not everybody’s in a position to just like quit their day. And in fact, we wouldn’t recommend to people to quit their day job until they have, you know, can support themselves.

So thanks for sharing your story. Rolling. They’re really, really tiny question. I know I’ve taken enough stage time, but where do I [00:53:00] start? If I invented something, would I start with a patent, a trademark or a patent? Um, are you asking me to tell you where to start at? Well, I I’m an inventor first. I just recently been put into the black and Venice hall of fame.

Um, for my invention stuff, me I’m in there with a supersoaker guy and some other famous black inventors. So I’m really, really cool about that. But what, what I, I did and stuff were protecting me was a YouTube video. So I’ve had, um, patent trolls come after me. Well, one did and Steph was trademarking. You know, people like that and stuff came after me too.

But what happened is that a YouTube video? Um, when I first made my invention, like most of them didn’t just say, oh, I don’t get on there and show your bitch. No, get on there, show it off, put it on YouTube. It’s a third party. Um, it’s just as good as a patent, you know, it’s particularly against all of these guys so far.

And so, you know, they couldn’t, they couldn’t come out and just snatch it away. And so that’s one of the things, but also go get your trademark though, [00:54:00] do it the right way. Um, value a patent. I did have a patent and stuff pending that stuff. So those things protected me against, um, certain entities that, you know, were out there looking and said, oh, this guy got.

Nope. I think that, so that’s what, that’s what you put out with, to death. What I did and stuff. If you need some more help about that, does DME and stuff on Instagram or whatever my information is for free. Right. Excellent. Yeah. I, I think roll on, you would agree to, it depends on what you talking about, right.

For the invention, but you should definitely. Um, consider the costs and seek professional help, so to speak. When if you think it’s a valid idea. So thanks Roland for sharing your personal experience. You work on. I know plenty of patent attorneys from the best ones in the United States. So slimming. No, thank [00:55:00] you.

Excellent. That’s what we love. We love to hear people being able to connect and help each other. So thank you both. Okay. And lastly on the stage we have Hassan has sawn. Tell us what your 2022 business ideas. Sure. I got two ideas. I’m a software engineer. So I’ve been in the space for a long time, but, uh, there’s a bit craze with NFTs.

So I think, uh, w two things I’m looking at one which may jump into one is creating a LinkedIn style, NFT professional networking platform where creators can actually all go there, just like LinkedIn and have their profile and put their project on the platform. And then they use split royalty to give their subscribers a royalty kickback so that they can automatically be part of any project they want.

So I think that hasn’t happened. That’s definitely a unicorn idea. I think it will come soon. Uh, it will be like the next generation of, uh, NFT meets LinkedIn and, uh, as a professional networking platform [00:56:00] right now, everyone are on discord and just random projects. I think once you consolidate it, if you go to a platform where everyone can see everyone.

I think that’s going to be a home run. The second idea I’m looking at right now is QVC meets clubhouse, where you have some livestream shopping on an app and you can basically have rooms and categories and you can do flash sales where you have a stage and audience. So I think that’s another unicorn idea that I think is.

It hasn’t happened yet really in scale. Uh, there’s a lot of tick talk, YouTube people trying to buy, but the trend is now gone to stream shopping. And if you can do it where you do airtime and flash sales and bring influencers and they get a kickback to bring the customer to the client, I think that’s a home run to, well, there’s just some great ideas.

And, you know, I, I personally love platform ideas for their scalability. But, you know, obviously that takes a lot of time and money to grow, but both the ideas that you sent, [00:57:00] you said sound like things that I would want to look at new. So thank you for sharing your ideas, Hassan. Okay. Um, we’re at the top, you know, almost here at three o’clock.

I think it’s about time to wrap up this session, Rachel. Um, I would love to hear from you what. Well, we can expect next next week on serial entrepreneur. Yeah. I’d be happy to share that. Let me pull up my calendar. I’ve got it right here. Start up that club. Next week, we are having an open mic and we are talking about,

we’ve got two things coming up next week and the week after I think they’re going to be very interesting and a little bit different spin offs from one another. Next week, we are talking about. Our new year resolutions for your startup. So you already had your startup, what do you want to ignite or get started or start doing [00:58:00] next week?

We’ll talk about that. And then the week after we’re going to talk about what we’re going to stop doing for our startup in 2022. So we would be happy to have you here with us next week. Uh, every Friday, 2:00 PM. Get onstage. Tell us what you want to change for your startup, how you want to grow a new ideas you want to implement for an existing business brand company service.

Let’s hear it. All right. Excellent. And don’t forget. Go to Startup.Club, www to join the email list and also look at past blog articles, as well as recordings and transcripts. Here at serial entrepreneur, our goal is to help decode what makes a serial entrepreneurs successful time and time again.

 I don’t know about you, but you know, you guys have really opened up my mind to some new ways of thinking. Some really cool ideas for platforms and products. So [00:59:00] thank you everyone that came to the stage. Thank you everyone that attended it. Listen, this has been a great hour and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much. 


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