TRANSCRIPT: Outbounding Domains-EP01


Welcome to outbound club, kind of an open room today. So we’re going to, uh, have a little round table discussion here. So if you can come up and speak, that’d be great. I have Victoria, how are you? Um, good page. How are you? I actually just emailed 15 minutes ago. So it’s hilarious that you’re on here. I can’t wait to hear what you got to say.

Gotcha. And, uh, let’s see. There we go. Victoria Hall. There we go.

What’s that I, yes, I heard you say, uh, hello. And it’s funny that you had just emailed. Okay, great. Wasn’t sure if it was working. All right. Sounds good. Okay. So welcome. Looks like you’ve got some, some names. All righty. Hey mark. How are you? Happy new year. All good, sir. Looking forward to hearing more about outbounding going to be a good day to day outbounding, outbounding.

I don’t do outbounding. I just talk about outbounding. So I want to be the, like the opposite of what people expect in your, so do what you say, not what you do. Do what exactly. Exactly you have. Nailed it. Let me just, uh, well, what do you think more buying today for you mark or selling? I bought today.


I, uh, I got a bid today. I got a bid on a lot of stuff today. Want to share? What, what were you bidding on? Maybe we bidding on the same. I was bidding on a domain on named yet. Oh, wow. I didn’t know. That was that. That’s kind of cool. Let it go for, uh, I left at 4,500 Cucamonga. I thought I was the only one in the world that might know that’s Rancho, which I used to own and I own

So I thought what a great upgrade and I can build a site for the city of Rancho Cucamonga, which I always wanted to do when I own Rancho, but I had to sell it. So anyway, I was surprised. That I got out bid it at 4,500. It did have a high estimate of 31,000 and I have no idea why. And, um, and, uh, and I, so I’m hoping that the buyer was buying it because of the Esteban.

And then maybe in the next year, they’ll get cold feet. They’ll realize it’s not worth it. And so I stopped bidding because I didn’t want them to pay a bunch. Cause then I’d have to pay a bunch to buy it from him. So yeah, there was a couple of big ones today. There was get in and I didn’t watch what that went for maybe eight grand or something.

I can’t remember what it went for. And, uh, then there was another, there was or that went for, it was over 5,000 when I kind of stopped watching. Um, and uh, let’s see, what else? Camera, what else? The, the big one I got today, I got invested doc. You did. I saw that one. That was the first one on my list.

That was not inexpensive, but, um, and you, you get, you get two chances at that one cause you also get invest it. Right? Correct. And, but the crazy thing is this is a domain that I’ve wanted for 20 years, my kids and, and I’ve just been watching it. And even like about four months ago, I said, you know what, let me just reach out again and try and get ahold of people.

See if they’d be willing to sell it now. And you know, a week ago I saw it pop up. I was going, it is coming up for auction. So I’ve been prepping for days and I was just, you know, up, went from exercise this morning, came back, sat down and yeah, it was just, uh, you know, I started bidding. I think I started bidding at 4,000 and I ended up getting it for 44 and change.

So I didn’t have to bid to. Well, that’s amazing. Um, you know, you think that, oh my gosh, there’s millions of domains out there. Um, you know, how could one that you have a personal relationship with ever come up on, you know, on auction and then when it does, like you say, it seems like time moves really slow as you’re waiting for it to come.

Yeah, it was a little bit of a dream, actually. That’s funny you say that too, because there was one time back getting of the year. There was a domain that I had actually sold two years ago for like $2,500, something like that. And it came up for auction and it sold. So someone bought it from me for 2,500 bucks, let it drop and went to auction.

So that, that happen. It’s like over the years I’ve seen, um, come up or, you know, my last or, you know, I, if you watch long enough, I guess if I had to tell anyone, getting into the business now, anything, it might be just be patient because a lot of stuff comes up. If you take the long perspective, like a one year, you know what I mean?

Like if you said, I want to buy a pure product domain name in the next year, and if you really do wait, there’s going to be a lot of selection, you know, over that time.

Well, the one thing I didn’t do today was any outbounding and, uh, and I probably should have, and I want to, but I didn’t, but. Let’s see, let me see what I have in my email, but I know someone that does do some outbounding and that’s Mr. Premium, I can think of no better way to start the year than saying hello, mark.

Happy new year. Oh, Ms. Step page another day, another domino, the dollar and other day here in domaining paradise. How are you? Good sir. Happy new year. Happy 20, 22 to everybody. And I, wasn’t going to say you could, you could take your signature line and you can add to it another day at another year.

Another. Oh, okay. Next video, dedicated town

another day, another year. Isn’t it something, when you think about outbounding, mark and brokering, which you’d do a lot of, if you think of all the possibilities again, do what I say, not what I do. Um, as I talked about buying domains, all the possibilities that exist on how much you can do in a day when it comes to reaching out and bond and finding prospects for domain names, isn’t the day, an awful long time to give you a lot of opportunity to find prospects for your name.

24 hours in a day. How many times zones across the world, as long as you are doing the outreach, I think you need to keep reaching people. I mean, this is why I often say that we do a lot of social media, and again, I’m not talking necessarily yet about the emails, the phone calls or anything else. I’m just now talking about the social media side of things.

We do social media in the middle of what might be considered our nighttime, the east coast or west coast, America, whatever it might be three, four or five o’clock in the morning. It’s three, four or five o’clock somewhere else in the afternoon. So you, especially when you use platforms like LinkedIn, which is professional business platforms, it is always important to try and reach the biggest audience possible.

So yeah, I mean, there is 24 hours in a day. Use them use them cause everywhere around the world, it’s a different. You know, it’s so funny. The one thing I can say, and for those of you that have been here on outbounding club all year, thank you. I think we’ve got, we’ve got a great group here, but you know, I always say for me, I don’t do outbounding until I have to do outbounding till I not selling enough names.

I don’t have the money in my domain company to renew names. I tell myself I need to sell more names and when it comes to it and just, I’m just going to be completely honest. Sometimes it’s like, well, in the morning, if I have to pay a bill this afternoon for renewals, Hey, I can still sell something this morning on afternoon.

You know why outbound? I leave it till the last possible moment. The last day I have until I have to renew a name and then I’ve even rationalized it with time zones that, Hey, even if it’s seven or eight at night here, It’s only 5:00 PM on the west coast. It’s only 3:00 PM in Hawaii. This is the depths of my problem of how wait, how late I wait or I’ll say, well, I could still market Hawaii up until six or seven at night, but, uh, it is a global, it is a global market.

Um, and it does go 24 hours a day. So as I looked at 2022 and the state of outbounding in 2022. And for those of you that have heard me say it all year here on outbounding club, which is brought to you by domain club, I believe I need the outbound. And the only reason I don’t is I don’t have to. And I’m trying to learn and coordinate this group and this club to talk about outbounding, do a better job of outbounding because I believe there will come a time when we will all be out there.

Because we will have to outbound. We own illiquid assets. It would be awesome. If those illiquid assets become liquid, it would be awesome. If domain names became like NFTs, where there were thousands of people on a marketplace, like open, see with. Bulging out of their pockets and a desire to spend that money as fast as they can, like they seem to be doing with NFTs and crypto.

And it’s just a matter of what are they going to buy? What are they going to buy? And they’re searching and they’re finding, and they’re, they’re going online and they’re searching and, and wouldn’t it be great if they were searching for what domain should I buy today? What’s the new domain name that’s popular today.

What sector of domain names is moving today are brandable is moving this morning between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM. Our geo domains moving after 5:00 PM until midnight. Oh, my gosh, there’s a rush on geos and the domain marketplaces. Oh my gosh. There’s a rush on six numbers and five numbers. There’s a restaurant abbreviations.

There’s a rush on phrases. There’s a rush on call to actions. Oh my gosh. Call to actions are taking off the floor on call to action. Domain names is just gone up from 1000 to 1500. It would be great if we have that type of liquidity in our domain names. And all we have to do is entertain whether or not we wanted to sell, but we don’t.

We have non-liquid assets that sit there and over time they might sell over a years of time. So how can we change the equation to have more turnover in our portfolio? Even if it’s lower prices, one of the ways is to outbound. The second way that we had for much of this year at the beginning, from January, till March on clubhouse was we had a more active and robust wholesale market that came about from a large amount of new domainers that came in to sites like clubhouse, looking to buy names for what seem to be incredibly low prices compared to the ultimate value of a website with the domain name, we thought, in my opinion, a brief glimpse of what the public might do if it ever fell in love with domain names, because like us, when they hear a domain name, they picture a website with that domain name fully functional and looking sharp.

And we want to get credit right now only owning the domain. Yeah. For selling the potential value of a fully developed website with that domain. And we should be able to do that, but boy, it doesn’t happen too often. So we did have a glimpse of wholesale prices and I think it helped all of us. I think we got, we moved some inventory.

We got some money coming in besides waiting for afternoon sales, but the second way, and the only way that we seemed to be able to control is to do outbounding. So what I want to talk about, you’re an outbounding club and I want to invite as many people as I can to the stage to talk about their last outbound, um, to share if they’re outbounding now and they have a challenge or let me dry out from you.

Some of the things that can help us talk about outbounding for all of our benefits is this idea that we need to start conversations. We can’t wait for the buyer to send them. An indication of interest because even that market that we depend on for the buyer to say, I want to buy the name is not efficient.

People seem to be hesitant to land on a landing page and reach out and say, I want to buy the domain name. I have a realtor friend in my small town of 10,000. He asked me about a domain today. And he said to me, don’t type it in because if you type it in, they’re going to know that someone wants it and the price is going to go up.

So I don’t think any of us are watching our stats to the level that if it had one more type in traffic name today that we would somehow think, oh my gosh, we’ve got to raise our price for that domain name. But that was the perception of this business person after. Thinks that it reaches the whole world, but it doesn’t, you have to be at a registrar.

Um, we don’t have another exchange. You can’t buy domain names on Amazon. You can’t buy a domain names in my opinion, any other way. So what I look at outbounding is how do we initiate conversations? The last thing is then I’ll get to talk with people and be really, instead of Mark’s take on, this is in the domain world outbounding for so long was the proprietary, um, thing that spam email marketers did.

And because those of us that are domain investors have are who is address publicly available on so many domains. I think we become the recipients of emails, solicitations for domain names. Much more than the general public. And I know for me, I may have an over inflated sense of how many emails the average person gets to buy a domain name, because I receive a lot of these emails.

So I might think, well, end-user buyers have got to be really tired of receiving all these emails, but maybe I receive a lot of emails for names that are somehow related to names I own because I own 8,000 domain names and maybe the average person isn’t offset or off-put or overwhelmed by getting an email that our domain is available.

But I may carry that preconceived notion and because for so long outbounding mint, spam email, I think we had a negative opinion of it. But to me, the only difference between a domain. Whether it’s saw or Dan or, or people like mark and Mr. Premium or, or, or anybody that’s out there representing names. And I’ve had many of them on million dollar domains.

The only difference between them and what we call an outbound order is the value of the names. Because if any of us were given a $500,000 domain name to sell, we would look for prospects for that domain name. We would reach out to many of those people on social networks and on email. And the only difference between that and what I might do today.

With the name. Um, I had a name bridge And you say, well, that’s terrible. How are you going to sell a name like bridge, but I’m not sure that my effort to sell bridge Wouldn’t be the same as if Kate Buckley, you know, wanted to sell, you know, uh, green, uh, uh, whatever the one was.

She sold this year, smart, I would type in bridge clubs. I would find out where are the biggest sites for bridge clubs. I would reach out to people on social media. So mark, even though outbounding, we all seem to think is the purview for low price geo domains. There’s not really a lot of difference between the outbounding and brokering is there except to the value of that.

There’s no difference. In my opinion, it is the same process, just a different caliber of name and a different price point in place, but it is ultimately the same effort, the same passion, the same persistence, the same dedication and motivation that is needed to make a sale for a hundred dollars versus a hundred thousand.

It may take longer, excuse me, it may take longer. It may require a few more people in the mix, but ultimately it is the same recipe for success. Well, that’s fantastic. And I think most brokers have said as long as it takes the same amount of effort to sell a hundred dollars domain name as a hundred thousand dollars domain name, most brokers then would say, as long as I’m going to put forth that effort, I’m only going to do it on bigger names.

And that makes sense. So the only people that have a vested interest in applying the best practices of brokering domain names, see how I didn’t call it outbounding. I called it brokering. The only people that have a vested stake in brokering domain names that are maybe a lower level than a a hundred thousand dollars that most of us own is who it’s us.

We have a vested interest in selling our name because we get to keep a hundred percent of the proceeds as opposed to a broker who works very hard to sell him. For 30 or 25 or 20 or 15 or 10%, or maybe if they worked for a brokerage company, they may only be getting seven and a half percent, half of a commission of 15%, where half of it goes to a, you know, an entity that, that, that is the sales manager.

And then they get part of it. So obviously they’ve said, well, we only want to work on bigger names. And then if you said to somebody, I want you to broker my name besides the fact that we receive a hundred percent of the proceeds of the name that we broker. We also have an idea of the price that we want for that domain name.

And we don’t just consider success. In my opinion, in brokering, we don’t just consider success to be, did you sell that? Did that name sell? Did I sell bridge Did it sell this this month for some price I consider success to be, did I sell it for a price higher than simply liquidation value? Did I sell it for a price that I felt successful?

I felt closure. I felt that I’ve held it and renewed it. And I’ve held hundreds. If not thousands of names like it, not just to get out of them, but to get out of them at a good price. But I want to dig down into this. I want to see if maybe Aja can help me on this one. I don’t think it’s necessarily just the price.

And the reason I asked KJ is he’s very grounded. And I mean that as a compliment, you know, he tells me how it is. I think there’s something emotionally about me getting out of a name that isn’t just the money it’s. I want to feel like I did it bright. Like I held it and all the risk of holding it, that I, that I got out of it for a, a retail price, you know, it was a successful turn.

I didn’t just get rid of it, whatever I could get that I got out of it successfully. AGA do you think there’s something non-financial about us getting rid of these names we’ve held for so long that besides just getting lots of money for them, we also want to feel like we got out of them correctly and rightly and at a retail price.

Absolutely. We were talking about this last night in another room where you’re basically. You buy a domain. Okay. It’s almost too easy to buy a domain, first of all. And you think, yes, absolutely. So you’re like, yes, I got that name. And then, you know, you may have a little buyer’s remorse, but to go, ah it’s okay.

And then, then, you know, you keep it for a year and nothing’s happened and then it’s time to renew it. And that renewal to me is always like, okay, do I want to admit my mistake now? Or do I want to midnight mistake next year? You know? So, uh, no, it wasn’t a mistake. So yeah, I think we defend as humans. You defend every decision, you make your ego steps in and says, you weren’t wrong.

You weren’t stupid. You know, whatever. Um, eventually one day you go, ah, that was stupid or that was bad. Or I shouldn’t have done that. So then you let it drop or you sell it. To cheaply or whatever, but yeah, absolutely. Um, we’re not feel good now you want to feel, I mean, we have to admit we’re emotional creatures, right?

You want to feel good when you get out of it. Well, you want to be, you want to say, Hey, that I was right. Okay. Is basically like, was I right? Or was I wrong? And you know, dude, I’ve had names now for 15 years. And the admin soap now is that a lot of money, 120 bucks, whatever, 130 bucks, whatever it is, but still, you know, you, you kind of go, oh, well, you know, I shouldn’t have bought this name or is there something wrong with this name?

Why hasn’t it sold in 15 years? You know, is it just me. ’cause I think that way about domains in the sense that people are always like, was there nobody else on the planet that wants this domain and leaving? Was I, the only person that thought I should read that this will be good that night and because AIG and I really appreciate you sharing your honest opinion.

I thanks for getting honest with me because when we buy it, don’t we tell ourselves that, oh my gosh, this is a steal it’s right now there’s probably people that would buy this name for me for a hundred times. What I pay for it right now. I picture those people.

Oh no, absolutely. And you’re sitting there and we were talking about, well, what we’re talking about last night is when you take these things out and then try to sell them. Not only are you and people tell you your baby’s ugly, you know, not only are you caught with how dare you, but now you’re, you know, then you’ve got to kind of double down on your decision.

Like, yeah, this is a good name. And so says, I don’t want that name and names garbage. I don’t need it. You know, whatever. And you’re thinking, this is the perfect person for this name. And it just kind of makes your head spin. Cause you’re going, why don’t they get it? You know? I mean, I wasn’t wrong to buy this and then put the effort in the column, this person, and then, you know, be opened the box and.

Yeah, it’s a chicken, not a Ferrari, you know, the old Mani hall show. So you go well, so that’s why we, I think that’s the spark starts to be the hesitation and outbounding is that you can pull back the layer, the curtain even worse and find out not only did I, you know, is it’s not that just the haven’t found the right buyer for this name yet.

It’s just, there may not be a buyer for this name. So that’s even more like kind of ego smashing. Right. So I think it’s, it ends up being all kind of like egos ego central or egocentric. And I’m not trying to say that in a negative way. I’m just saying that that’s what, that’s the part of our brain that’s, you know, on overdrive when we’re doing this.

Wow. That’s so spot on. And I think, you know, the only worst thing to be an emotional creatures would be if we weren’t self-aware to the fact that we are emotional creatures. Right. Um, and I think one of the reasons that outbounding club has been something I’ve wanted to do so much is that I think by sharing with others and hearing that others are going through the same thing, maybe we can get by some of the negative effects of whatever psychosis takes over us.

You know what I mean? And just get down to the business, you know what I mean? Which is what are we going to do with these names? But I definitely think what you’re sharing. One of the things about outbounding and I mentioned this yesterday, I think on Monday domains is, or maybe it was in a private conversation that sometimes putting a name out there does.

Accelerate forward the fact that the most likely buyers don’t seem to want it. And how do we reconcile that with the fact that we were sure that there were aspires that want it, and I want to expand on that and I’d be interested to see what Mark’s thoughts are because he’s thinking about some outbounding mark.

We can leave an attempt at outbounding. That’s unsuccessful with the concept that no one likes our name, but aren’t there elements of email marketing and internet marketing. And e-commerce, that might mean that we’re not having true conversations with the buyer. Like we may have, if it was someone that we knew because they’re defensive, we’re tied up emotionally.

And I wonder if we can either leak if we can even leave spending six or seven hours marketing a name with the idea that no one wants. Are there elements of how I reach out to you that make it where we’re not really having real conversations with each other about the domain name. Do you think that’s part of it too?

Absolutely. Because we, especially when you’re trying to reach a big farm, let’s just use the hot topic right now up Facebook. And let you really know who you’re dealing with, unless you’ve managed to already make it to the top of the ladder in terms of the conversation with the right person within this billion dollar, I don’t even know, is Facebook a trillion out and I’m fit million billion dollar company.

You have got so many people that you could be potentially reaching out to. If you just use the, who is information that could just reach to a general webmaster. If you just reached out to an email on Facebook Metro’s website, it could just go through to a general Hotmail, um, a general service. You need to obviously know who you’re trying to reach and who you’re speaking to and trying to get to the right person.

The decision maker is often the hardest thing about outbounding is often the hardest thing about brokering. It’s actually reaching the right person with the right. Vision, because again, even if you reach the right person and I, I, I apologize to anyone in the room that might be of a slightly older generation, but this is just the way I found it over the years, people who are of an older generation don’t necessarily see the value in the new domains or any new food footsteps with investing in domain names.

If they’ve got a six and they’ve been working for them for a few years, they don’t need to see the value in investing in other 2050, a hundred, 200, a million dollars in other names. So trying to reach the right person, not just the decision maker, but the right person with the right vision is often the most challenging.

And I think that don’t get disheartened by if you feel that you have the name of opportunities, That may not be receiving the resection that you’re actually hoping for at this moment, because even if you’re reaching out to the right company, depending on of course how big that company might be, you’re not necessarily reaching the right person within the company yet.

And that is where the hard work, the effort and the research actually has to come into play. And of course, then you’ve got to work your way up the ladder. You might reach out to one person who says, okay, you need an email. That person who says you need to speak to that person who says they need it. And the, when you eventually get there, if they say no, but you’ve really feel that you’ve reached the right person, then you can move on.

But until you get to that point, keep going, keep pursuing, keep hustling, because that is what it takes to succeed. And that is my opinion. When it comes to actually doing the outreach side, don’t let rejection this. Let it be actually a motivational fact shot two, one to succeed, but also be realistic about what you have if you’re looking at the industry right now, and you’re seeing that one word.

Okay, I’m going to use an example, one word XYZ. Okay. Let’s use These had a very negative stigma to them several years ago when they were launched. There was, yeah, there was some issues at that point, but as time has gone on, and I’m not just talking about recent history, I’m talking about over the past few years, it has slowly been growing and slowly been succeeded and good for them.

Don’t let one.

Alright, my name is now the best of the best of the best in the world. And I want to sell it the best of the best of the best pricing, because ultimately you’re probably not going to sell it at that record briefing Reiki record breaking pricing, which is where emotion comes into it. Take a step back, look at your return on investment.

In my opinion, this is just my opinion. Look at what you paid for it. And what would you be happy to see in your bank account at the end of the day, at the end of the week, at the end of the month, or at the end of the year for that name, what would your return on investment investment put a smile on your face.

And that is where you go don’t necessarily be influenced by every other sale that you see across the industry, because there are anomalies that could influence that, that aren’t actually reflective of the. And I’m not saying that that negative, that I’m not saying that that untruthful sales I’m saying that it could be unique circumstances behind why someone has paid so much for that name.

So return on investment, review your own investment and what you would be happy with, and then try and sell to that point. Leaving a little bit of wiggle room for negotiation. Sorry to take so much. No, that’s okay, mark. And for those of you, I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know mark over the past. Mark.

It’s probably shorter than we think and feel like I’ve known you forever, but, but, you know, mark has done some heavy lifting and outbounding on behalf of registries where mark, you were initiating a conversation that many times the person you were talking to didn’t wake up that morning thinking they were going to buy a dominant one word in a new TLD extension, right?

I mean, you’ve had to go out there and start and initiate conversation. The hardest thing about the GTO D new domain space is the education side, in my opinion, because you need to, everybody, trying to explain to somebody and actually educate somebody on why, whatever it may be may be of benefit to them.

That is where the hard work comes in, because you don’t want to sound like you’re selling, even though you are, you don’t want to sound like just selling. You want to try and educate to allow that person to make their own decision to them buy you don’t want to sell. And that’s what I feel the important job of a seller or a broker of an outbound that is, is to not actually sell, but to make somebody want to buy without sounding too salesy.

Well, that’s good stuff. That’s good stuff. What I was getting at, and I’m going to ask Mark Henson here for a second, is that even if what I have is good for you, The fact that I’m approaching you through the internet can kind of mess up our conversation because you may not get the email. You may not understand really trying to say you, you may just be averse to responding to me, even though if we were traveling cross country on an airplane and I sat down next to you and I said, what do I do?

And I said, domain names, and what do you do? And you said, oh, I’m a local, uh, you know, I run a, you know, a local contracting service. And by the end of the show, I, by the end of the flight, I had you thinking, you know, it wouldn’t be good to own, you know, Nashville, home So you think about that type of intimacy that might come from the fact that we were sitting together for two and a half hours.

And we’re trying to somehow duplicate that in an email, even if we have the right product for the right box, Today, there may be problems with the way we communicate on the internet. And as I look forward to 2022 on outbounding club, I want us to keep talking about outbounding once a week so that we can try to knock down if, if there are things that just will help us when we have the right buyer, we just need to contact them the right way.

We need to phrase what we’re saying the right way that, that maybe we don’t leave going. No one likes our name. Um, or even if we do, we still say, huh, could I have done it better? So, mark, what do you think about whether or not in the current system of sending emails and social media? Can we really say if we don’t sell our name after eight to 10 hours of effort, that there’s not a buyer out there, or do you think the current way of sending emails should be enough to know if the names are good?

It’s a combination. In my opinion, it’s a combination of multiple outbounding factors, outreach factors, emails, phone calls. I’ll come back to that one and important one in a moment, phone calls and social media, as well as just general word of mouth being here on clubhouse, being able to do innovative and creative things do try and think out of the box.

But ultimately I think emails are a very important start to the process which do lead on to bigger. That’s a horizons to create relationships. What I try and do. And I’ll give you a brief overview. I will try and be brief. Audrey, give you a brief overview. We will send on average about 10,000 emails per week across the names that we are brokering about 10,000.

That’s not true. That is. That unwell 10,000. Now we are, we’ve just invested in some additional software to say the least that we hope to reach at least 30,000 a week by the end of February. But right now 10,000 a week is just the average between eight to 12,000 is kind of where we’re at. And of every thousand emails that we send.

If we get one serious reply, I consider that a mini victory. Why? Because I have seen that that one reply can lead to a phone call and the phone call is where the relationship building comes into. But not just about replies as well. It’s about using software to help your own process and have knowledge.

Knowledge is power. Knowledge is opportunity as they say. And so again, I’ve mentioned this a few times in this, in this hour, I’m in club before, but I’ll mention it again. But if you use some type of email tracking software, whether it be something quite basic, it doesn’t need to be very expensive. There are tracking softwares out there as low as 10, $12 a month that you can actually see when somebody interacts with your email, meaning if somebody opens your email or clicks a link within your email, you actually get notified that they’ve done that.

And you can use that. And I will use a, an actual example for about six months ago. And I use this quite often that we sold about six months ago for $65,000. The reason that sale ended up happening was because, well, we, first of all, we did the lead generation as part of thousands of emails that got sent out.

This particular buyer who ended up being a successful buyer, opened our email over the course of one week, 13 times, 13 times he opened our email, but did not reply. So what a God’s green earth is this guy doing? I’ve been in our email 13 times. The curiosity got the best of me, but more importantly, the businessman took over and what I did, I researched, first of all, his number, his phone number, it turns out that he is located in the UK.

Of course my accent I’m from the UK, myself. And what I did was a little bit of what I like to say, acceptable stalking or primary research, whichever way you want to put it. I looked onto his, I was able to see his identity. I was able to find out who he was. I looked at where he lived. I did these general information search, which gave me a little bit of additional knowledge to go into a phone call conversation.

I called him up. Obviously I didn’t mention to him that I was able to see that he opened our email 13 times, but I approached the conversation saying hi. I’m not sure if you just received our email last week, but is available. And considering you own dot, dot, This might be a good alternative upgrade for you.

And he, he said, oh yeah, I’m sorry, I’ve been super busy. I just have this COVID stuff going on. And when we got into a conversation, but I, because I knew that he went to the university, Neo, where I lived back in the UK, I was able to bring that into the conversation, to build the foundation of relationship.

And through that, the conversation then became very relaxed and very. I’m very social. And then eventually we led onto the actual business part of the conversation, which was to do with how much money are you going to buy this domain for? And then it took us by WhatsApp and again, using different platforms, depending on the buyer is always important because obviously you want to accommodate the buyer’s best preference.

And he preferred WhatsApp using WhatsApp. We communicate to for about a week and we took this. $5,000 offer that initially began with up to 65,000 and we sold it. And that was actually as a Bitcoin transaction. And that was the first ever reported via That was the first ever in the history of the, the mining industry in the history of the domains, the first ever official Bitcoin crypto related transaction to actually be approved as a reported sale.

So 65 K for that, and it stemmed from email, which led to a phone call, which led to research, which led to actually successful sales. So do what you need to do to find out who they are. Don’t be too creepy about it, but ensure that you have knowledge to expand on the conversation leading to success. Well, mark, that’s great stuff.

And, and, and I think that I want to drill down or expand or open up this idea of having a real conversation with a buyer about life. About business, about the challenges of e-commerce about almost anything other than the domain name that you’re speaking of allows you to build the relationship. That even if you mentioned the fact that you might be selling a domain name and he mentioned, there’s no way I’d ever want to buy it for what the price, you’re probably asking that you’ve developed a relationship that can move beyond that, where that’s not the end of the phone call, even if you did a jokingly.

And I said to you, mark, on the phone, you have mark I’m selling bridge and I’m looking to get five grand. And you said, what would you say if I said, I’m looking to sell you bridge for five grand, what would you say if you just met me? What’s that gonna do for me? Why do I need that? And I, and wouldn’t it be great if I said, you know, it’d be great.

And maybe one day we’ll talk about that. But I really am excited about Penn mention that you’re from, and the fact that I went to school, see how it worked. You know, it didn’t end our conversation cause we had something else to talk about. Now I can always circle back to it, but I really think it. And so the one thing I want to talk to people about about outbounding is the people that don’t be the best and have tried to encourage me to do outbounding or like paids.

You’re a great relational guy. You’re great on the phone. How can you not like outbound or you’d be a natural to be able to talk to people and, and, and have conversations with them. And I’m like, darn you’re right. How come I don’t put that to use and domain names, mark. You’d say that to me, right? You’d say, Hey, you’d be great on the phone.

Right? Well, one of the most friendly extrovert people I know. And if you don’t do outbounding, you deserve a backhand page. Cause you will succeed to bigger, better, higher levels.

My words.

And join, join the line of people that would sometimes like to give me a backend for the things that I do with domaining. But, um, but I think what I wanted to get to was look speaking to everyone down below, and then I’ll get comments from some of the other speakers on the stage you may have gotten into domaining because all you need is a credit card and a desire to feel good about making money and you bought a name and that could totally sell for five figures.

And that that’s a skill set that most people have hope I got into domaining cause I have a credit card and hope, and I can imagine. That I could make money on this name. And that may be a skillset that doesn’t include emailing a thousand times to get one reply to hearing rejection. And it may be that as much as I should, or you should outbound your domain names that you’re just not wired for it.

And maybe someone else should sell your domain names for you because they won’t have this crazy emotional baggage. But ADA was talking about earlier. And I totally agree with him where I live and die by what people say about my domain names or whether or not an email or a conversation is going to lead to a sale.

And mark, you’re sending a thousand emails a day. Or a thousand, 10,000 a week. When I say outbounding, I’m talking about, I sent out four and then I ping someone on social media said you wouldn’t by chance, be interested in going out with me tonight, you know, or maybe buying my domain name. And if none of those four respond, I beat myself up that I’m a terrible outbound.

So there may be what’s that it’s begun somewhere. And that is the key. So many people say are my limit. And my name’s on selling my name’s on selling my name’s on selling. But guess what? Your four times, if you’re sending four emails per week, you’re four times ahead of most people, because how quick can you sell a domain name?

This is what I often say to some of our clients. How often can we sell your domain name? Well, the answer is how long is a piece of. There is no answer to that question. You could send one email and do one outreach and succeed, or you can send 10,000 and still not succeed many years ago. I don’t know where the domain is now, but many years ago I sold hip-hop dot global just for a low four figure amount.

It took one email to sell that name one. And there were some names that we represent now that I’ve probably over the course of a year, probably said 50 to 60,000 emails for, for different reasons. And we still haven’t sold them. It is a numbers game. You’ve just got to hit the right person at the right time with the right need and the right budget.

So just keep going. Four emails is enough if you hit that right person, but zero emails is not going to reach anyone. Let me write that down. I will not be successful outbound. If the number of emails I sent this week is zero.

That’s good to know. Well, I’ll end with that. And then we’ll start having a discussion here. But, but what I wanted to introduce is the fact that the skill set that many of us have that allowed us to buy domains, spend the money and hope that they’ll sell for higher amounts. That that may not be a skillset that lends itself to outbounding, but you may still feel like you need to do outbounding.

And so one of the things I want to do in 2022 is explored the idea of what options do we have. To have other people sell our names for us. And it’s easy if you have a $500,000 name and it’s super easy. If you go to a broker and you say, I’ll give you my landing page and you’ll get all the leads from the landing page.

And it’s super easy. If you take your name and discount it to its wholesale trading value. But when I want to talk about. Throughout 2022 is one, the psychology of outbounding for a domain investor to sell their own names. And to when it comes to outsourcing the function of selling domain names, what are our options and what are some of the best practices out there?

Because for almost anything in the world today, you should be able to pay for that service. I can pay to have someone bring me McDonald’s this morning. I can pay to have someone wash my car. I can pay to have some. Mow my lawn. I can pay to have someone brand my company. I can pay to have this. I can pay to have this.

I can pay to have that. But when it comes to domain names, the traditional system has been that you charge your commission only on a completed sale. So I’ve never had to worry about paying someone to sell my domain names. I only have to worry about paying them if it sells and if it does sell for a number I consider success, I have no problem paying them.

So into that world, we come in 2022 and I do want to explore, as I tried doing in 2021, this idea that I’ve tried to get, hire people to do outbounding and. Even be better at outbounding names. I don’t own because I don’t have an emotional attachment. And I think it was, um, it was Radu who said this over the weekend.

It was fantastic. And then I want to ask Mike Gilman a question if he’s still there and free, but rugged talked about the fact that he got a lead for his domain name and he wanted to respond to the person and he had the phone number, but psychologically, he didn’t want to do it. He didn’t know what they were going to say.

I don’t think he’s here. I’d love to have him tell the story, but, um, I don’t know if he’s here. I didn’t see him earlier, but he said the simplest thing in the world. He said, oh, he is here. He’s down below page. Let’s see. Yep. Ragu. How are you? Good. Thank you. How are you? I just spoke to you mind if I tell your story?

Yes, yes. I’m excited to everybody to know that. Yes, go ahead. But D to set it up, didn’t I get it right? That you had contact and you just, you just inside your own mind, you didn’t, you didn’t want to have to imagine all the things that can happen and whether they were going to buy it. And whether you were going to get a good price, right.

It was, you were conflicted, weren’t you? Yes, yes. I had it right. Used to hurt me. Right. And you can go ahead and tell the whole story if you like. Yeah. And he said the simplest thing, he was talking to a friend of his, who we thought was a competent business person. And he said, can you call this person? And think about that.

If you were, if I was asking a favor, if someone said I have someone who wants to buy my name, you know, I got to get on a plane right now, be gone for five hours. Paige, can you contact for them now? There’s almost no worry about rejection for me. You know, say it was a, say it was mark hustler and I was calling, Hey mark, this is Paige.

I know you had an interest in this domain name. How are you doing today? What’s going on in this new year? You know, I mean, I can have this easily flowing conversation because I don’t have the burden of whether or not this name sells. I don’t have the burden of whether or not the sales for the right price.

I’ve just been asked to make a phone call to connect with the person. But somehow when we’re the owner of the domain name, it’s hard to do that. Um, let’s see to page page, let me just, I just want to jump in for a second and you brought up a great thing. You want to get to that airplane conversation and you have to think about the vast, you know, the people that we’re trying to get ahold of the decision maker.

That’s the biggest challenge. That’s what, you know, we need to be relentless like Mr. Premium, you’re relentless. You don’t stop. If you believe your domain is great. And we all know. And we all need to have an idea of who that end-user is. Then we have to just sit back, be a little creative on how we get in touch with that person so that we can have that airplane conversation, because that’s, I think the biggest deterrent in us continuing this as like, oh, I just can’t get ahold of anybody.

And you know, you have to think about how many emails are they getting a day just from their regular work. And yet we want to sell them something. So it really comes down to, you know, how creative can you get so that you can create that airplane conversation. And they may just love it at that point, but it’s trying to figure out a way to get a warm introduction or some other way, other than just, Hey, I’m going to send them an email.

They’re going to respond and I’m going to sell it to them. So I think that’s, that’s probably the biggest hurdle in anyone. Outbounding is how many times, how many emails, how many ways can you figure out to get ahold of the decision maker? Yeah, and we seem to have a limited amount of emotional energy for that process before we get discouraged.

And I almost feel like when we’re selling our own name, our reservoir reservoir of that emotional energy and effort is lower, or we can be distracted so much. Or we can just wonder about, well, if this, you know, I’m just going to tell you, honestly, I think you can go from, I’m sending out some emails to all my gosh, why did I ever get into domaining in the first place?

I should never have spent any money in the course of a half hour when you’re outbounding and not getting any response. Am I far off or does anyone else on stage identify with how you could, it could cause you to rethink everything that. Sure. Always 100%. Absolutely. You just got to keep motivated and keep persistent, but mark you’re, even though you own some names, mark, Mr.

Premium, you don’t have, you have your responsibility to your client to get the right price, but you don’t necessarily feel the, the burden of a portfolio owner. Um, in terms of, you know, I’ve taken, uh, you know, my family, my family’s money, my wife and I’s money and put 350,000 into domain names. And my sales aren’t going that high this month and I’ve got to get something sold, but I still want to sell it for full retail.

Does it help you where you don’t? As I say, I don’t think you have names as a principal. Does it help you that you’re not also finally fighting that. I think it makes it worse page because that means I’m. According to your words, just now I’m, I’m now responsible for other people’s family. I’m not responsible for other people’s successes or failures.

So I, yes, I actually do own a small portfolio of a couple of one word dot comes. A few, two words I have my own portfolio is, and et cetera, et cetera. But the ones that we push on Mr. are for the clients that we represent. So in my opinion, yes, I actually feel even more. Oh, I don’t even have even more pressure on our shoulders to ensure that we perform because some people expression given the world as it is today with some of I’ll give you one example.

One of our clients just recently, sadly going through some COVID related issues and they need some additional cash for them and their family. And they gave me this emotional story. And it’s not like they’re saying it to be part of an emotional blackmail. They’re saying it because I’ve built a relationship with them and we’re on a friendly enough level that they’re going to talk to me about that, which additionally adds a bit of pressure to try and succeed for them.

Not that we have to, not that we prioritize their names over anyone else’s, but ultimately I feel that actually being a brokerage firm and you’re representing somebody else’s happiness, somebody else’s family, somebody else’s success is actually more pressure than trying to do for your. There you go page.

How dare you have someone else outbound your names. You can, you, you, you got me, but I want to say from March. And mark, how do I say your last name correctly?Β  mark another day, another dollar, another dollar. Another day in domaining paradises is mark gory Jase the founder of Mr. I will know how to say it now, markΒ  and I think it just speaks to the person that you are, and we’ve worked together on a couple of names that you do carry a burden higher than potentially the owner.

And so I want to say. You’re right. I shouldn’t have asked you to, to expound on what a typical broker might feel when, when I think you feel differently. I think that any bird Creek, I mean, I can’t, I can’t speak for every brokerage firm out there. We are a money-making business. I’m not saying I’m doing this for charity.

I’m making a commission. I’m making money. This is my full-time job and career. This isn’t a part-time gig. This is not my hobby. Domaining is my full time, not nine to five. It’s nine to nine. It’s a 24 hour seven thing. This is what I do. So yes, there is. Money-making needed for me as well. And I wasn’t going to bring this up right now, but.

We just had an offer a few days ago, this side of the new year for a that would have broken the all time record We broke the myth. The broke the record a couple of years ago. And since then it has been broken a few more times, Right now two 30,000 is the highest we had an offer almost doubled that or over double that, and it is very challenging to actually have to be the middleman, the broker, the, the, the outbound.

Because you’re not just dealing with the buyer, but as we’ve discussed already, as you’ve discussed already today, it’s the emotional side of a seller, which does create a lot of hurdles and obstacles. Even though you may discuss a potential price point that you and the client are happy with. Of course, naturally as time goes forward, there’s going to be more sales.

There’s going to be the industry is advancing week by week, month by month. It’s not a year by year it’s a month by month advancement for our. Especially when it comes to new extensions and other extensions So you do have to adapt, but you have to adapt in a way that is sensible for everybody in the equation.

If you are selling a a hundred thousand dollars domain one month and then suddenly the next month, it’s a million dollars that doesn’t make sense. That’s not logical or practical. So when we have to reject record-breaking numbers, it is very challenging for us to do so, but we have to do so with the best interest in our clients who we represent.

And so whilst we could have sold a domain just two days ago, for $500,000, we had to sadly reject that because we do feel that we have to represent our clients to the best of our ability and even with a lot of conversation and emotion attached to. I did see that point, but we still have to do best by our clients.

So emotion is a very stressful part for a broker, but at the same time, that’s what I’ve signed up for. That’s what we’ve signed up for. That’s what we’re here to do. So let’s onwards upwards and that 2020 to be a bigger that’s a year. And on that note page, I apologize. I do have to step away from this for a moment, but I am still listening in the background, mark.

Thank you so much for sharing and happy new year. So back to our good story, what I took away from a goose story was that he was very comfortable having someone else out. He outsourced making one phone call on one domain to somebody else. And he still wanted to be involved with how much to sell the name for whether to sell the name.

How should he price it? What did the buyers say? It’s just that, there’s something about us being the person who does it, where we almost want to have some distance. And then secondly, the person who acted as the intermediary forum didn’t have any of the pressure that we feel. They just had a task. Will you call this person and ask them, say, say the person say it’s, it’s true.

Outbounding. Say the person hadn’t made an inquiry say that I just had my name, bridge And I found somebody who runs the association of bridge clubs for the entire world. And I know that they’d be a great prospect for my name and I needed someone to just, Hey, can you call them and just ask them if they’d be interested in buying the domain name, bridge clubs dot.

Now, once that task landed on someone’s desk, they would look at it. They would go, huh? How am I going to do this? Well, first I want to be able to call the person. I want to find out a little bit more about them, and then they’re going to pick up the phone and they’re going to say hi. Um, for some reason, I don’t like the fact when I tell people, hi, I’m Paige out.

I almost want to start asking them. Uh, talking before I even tell them who I am or something like that, but we’ll get to that on a different day, but, but they just had the job of furthering the discussion and seeing if that person is interested. And I almost feel like taking her goose story. We need to find a way to turn ourselves when we’re acting as our own broker for our own names.

We almost need to put it on a different mindset and say, my job right now is not to be a successful domainer it’s not to be, it’s not to justify the last 10 years of my life and the money I spent. It’s simply to do one thing either. To establish whether someone’s interested in having a further conversation to see if they’re the right person at their company, to make the decision about buying this domain name.

And when you think about the first step and outbounding, that’s all you’re charged with doing, you’re not charged with defending whether domains are good or not, depending on whether domains matter and SEO, depending on whether people should be able to get domain names for $8, depending on whether social networks have overtaken domains.

Your job is to decide, does this person. Have any interest at all in mark in, in, in this space and in, in a domain name in this space and two, are they the right person at their company? And can you get that through an email to lead to a phone call or a phone call to at least establish a relationship to lead, to further discussion.

And we have to somehow say that that’s our micro job at the first part of outbounding and not necessarily burden ourselves with every component of all the emotion. So when I think about all that, my Gildan I’ve said a, been a long time. So I said, I was going to talk to you. You had the energy and the gumption to start your, your, your early, after another room.

I think that you were in where you just said, I’m going to outbound right now. And I just want to, because I want to share successes in this room as well as challenges. Can you just share a little of some of the success you had in the past week just to let us all participate in that? Sure. I would love to, I got all excited about outbounding again, because I had sort of been away from it substantially.

Um, you know, I do little hits and misses there, but here and there, but last week I came across a name that I remember it’s it really seems like I considered just dropping it. And, um, uh, I didn’t and that tab was still open a week or two later on my computer as is sometimes the case. And I noticed it and I just thought I’ll.

I’m going to, I’m going to make some calls here. I’m gonna make some emails. And I, it was, uh, the name of a little community. I mean, very small place, but, you know, they had some, you know, it wasn’t just nothing community. They had some other, uh, domains that were registered that included those words. And I had had the name for a few years and, um, I picked it up on the delete.

It, it could have been a GoDaddy auction. I wouldn’t pay more than 10 or $20 for it. I’m sure. But I made a phone call, two emails and a text. I think, I think there was only four contexts. One of those emails, I misspelled the domain name. I took the two words that were in the name and I switched them and I sent that email.

It said, I have this name for sale. No, I don’t have that name for sale, actually, someone else does. And they have a site built on it. Anyway, I didn’t get anything back on that. I also made, uh, uh, like I said, maybe four contexts, one telephone call that I made was to the, to the, um, uh, that had the name that I was selling in addition to RV and Marine or whatever.

So they had a couple of extra words in there and I called up and I said, um, when he, he answered the phone, said who he was, you know, where the, where I was calling, I guess the name of the store. At least I didn’t vet it or anything. I didn’t find out if, as an owner manager or anything like that. I said, Hey, you know, I’m, I’m might get what I’m calling because I, I own this for it is it’s available and click.

He hung up. He literally hung up. So this is a $1,200 name that I was trying to sell landing page at $1,288 on it. I was. Probably within five or 10 minutes of deciding, as Pete said, it’s like the stupid, you know, domain selling, you know, I’m just going to drop the price and, you know, try and sell it that way.

I was, I was probably on the verge of dropping the price to $500. I, it was a serious, serious consideration and I just happened to cross my email. Congratulations, you have a master box payment of 1100 and whatever, whatever dollars like, and I looked at it and of course I, I, I went, oh, somebody bought the domain name.

So it was, you know, it, it, it didn’t just happen. Coincidentally, of course. Um, maybe it did, but it, it was almost like they weren’t aware of it. They weren’t aware that it was for sale and. Now they, somebody became aware of the, you know, I seem to have one rejection and one, I misspelled the whole name and everything.

I sent something to a real estate agent and a marina owner, whatever. And so for that to happen, that was, that was a thrill that was, you know, it’s not the most expensive name I’ve sold, but more like an average maybe, but that was exciting. And that was a success that’s like, okay, we’re going to, we’re going to do this.

And so that’s why last night, even though we were calling Hawaii at nine 30 on the Eastern time zone and trying to sell domains out well, Mike, I love it. I, I, thanks for sharing that and, and Ragu, thanks for, I wonder I wanted to share one tip as well. Yep. So what happens is my names are not, not listed and I’m with.

So for example, I have a bottle on bottles. I have named park and they says, if anybody wants to buy a name or have any quality, they send me an email. So I get this email all the time. And then from there, if my lead start somewhere and either by, uh, outbounding as well, when I pick up a phone or an email to call someone and I try to connect.

So for example, one of the buyer contact me and he wanted to, uh, wonder how come I own this domain. And, uh, I told him, I said, well, I like this name. That’s the reason I own this domain. He goes, no, the last year I registered this domain from GoDaddy and I paid, like, he goes, I paid about $15 and I supposed to have this domain.

Why, how come you have it? I said it really, I don’t know if you register a domain name, I should. And they probably just need a domain name. That would be mine. So I would give you 800 GoDaddy’s phone number and call them and ask them how come it is. Not in his profile. And his wife is in my profile anyway.

So I helped him to pick that out. So he figured out his middle name, misspelled the name, which he was trying to resist it. And he thought he has a right spelling. And I had that. I had this domain for last seven years. So that means last year he probably tried to type this name, anything, he got it. Right.

And he registered this domain. But when he started to use it now or figuring it out, he doesn’t own it. He owns me, I own that name and he contacted me. So I told him, well, I, this name is for sale. If you’re interested, he goes, no, I’m not interested. I said, okay, that’s fine. Thank you. So what I did, the next thing is I put this.

Uh, with the price on one of these platform. So now you’ve already spoken to the buyer who is, looks like interested to by name. And if he says, no, I simply go back to my, the same domain and I will put a bid price on it. And I just leave it. I don’t need to contact that person ever again because he already knows that, uh, he doesn’t own it.

Someone told us it and it’s for sale. So let him figure it out and buy it from the Austin Inc website or Dan or whatever. So this is I I’m using that right now and it working for me. Well, thank you. I’m going to go ahead and close up the room here. I do want to let people get over to the legal room, uh, that Todd has along with many others, and I want to do at least set the stage in this first room for outbounding and Mike, thank you for sharing your success because for the next week, I’m going to be telling people outbound outbounding club.

Our members sell names in four minutes. Just kidding. You can be millionaire like me, but, but there are successes out there to be had just from applying energy. And when we look to 2022, I want to an outbound in club every Tuesday at five Eastern collaborative. Bye bye letting me maybe lead a little bit, but letting a lot of other people share, develop the best techniques and tactics and strategies.

I want to be able to share experiences and, and gathered together to produce an energy that can get us through the barriers of rejection. Get us through the wondering if it’s ever going to work, get us through the, I don’t want to put forth the energy if it’s not going to work. And if we hear that it works.

I think a lot of us would put forth the energy, even if we’re not wired for it, because for most of us, as opposed to selling e-liquid domain names one to five a month, if we could add another two to three to $5,000 a month of income, I think it would change our entire perspective on domain investing. We would have the choice to pay ourselves back that.

From money we’ve invested in prior years to reinvest that money and have a better sense of what buyers might want based upon the fact that we’ve had multiple conversations with buyers, and then lastly, accumulate wealth to maybe buy better names so that if we take what we’re learning on outbounding club, from selling names that we already have, that we bought at Red’s fee, that we might use the money to buy better names, outbound them and do better.

So those are my goals for outbounding club in 2022. I might leave you a little bit wanting today because I’m going to shut us down to allow us to go to the other room, but I want you to apply some of that energy. To just giving it a try this week. Just give out bounding a try for 10 minutes for one name, for one name a day.

If you can do it for two hours a day, if you can do it, but if not at least one, and that’s going to give us some of the situations to talk about next week. So mark and Mike and Ragu and Victorian Wolf gang. Thanks for joining me as speakers. Did you have anything else you wanted to share before I close it down?

I just wanted to say page, thanks so much for this room. It’s absolutely fantastic. And I think that’s what got me excited about domains. It reminds me of the work that I do as a director of sponsorship, where you’re selling 10, 20, 5000 thousand dollars worth of sponsorship for large conferences. It’s actually the call that I love to make.

And the research that I love to do, I don’t like any of the other stuff, the technical stuff, the backend stuff, the GoDaddy, all, you know, the computer stuff. So I’m so thrilled that I jumped in here because this is exactly the thing that I love to do. So thank you so much for having this. Well, Victoria, thank you.

And can’t wait to let you know, let us benefit from your experience from being out there in the real world. We want to believe that domain world, we may even think as long as we don’t interact with the world, we may think we’re better than the real world, but there’s millions and trillions of dollars of business going on every day in the real world.

And why not learn from that? So I’m excited to hear more from you and to help you, uh, with your domain portfolio as the year goes on. Thanks so much on all right, everybody seeing next week. Uh, Tuesday at five o’clock I do have replays on. So if some of you came in halfway through, you should be able to, uh, potentially listen to what we talked about today.

We had more mark Rafi here who shared a lot about, uh, brokering and outbounding. And I really just wanted to set the stage for 2022 outbound and club. So we can together in a club environment, as a club is outbounding clubs, domain club on outbounding domains, benefit from best techniques and strategies using our combined energy to encourage everybody in the group to do better.

And then also be able to evaluate products and services that are related to outbounding in a way where we don’t all have to do it ourselves. Maybe some people can explore certain products and services and come back and say, this is how you use this email tracking service. This is how my experience has been with this prospecting service.

This is how my experience has been with this company that can get me leads. So those are my goals. So happy new year, everybody, I just upgraded to domain IQ pro. So we’ll be using that to do some live research tonight at night. Domain IQ pro is the reason you’re going to do it at nine 30. Uh, yeah. DJ is going to have a club for outbounding.

Okay. I didn’t know that. What a great idea. I’m founding club. So it feels funny saying that, you know, it’s because you got this going here, but he’s running it. Yup. Fantastic. Well, anything that’s toward better outbounding I’m in favor of, so thanks everybody. We’ll see you all later and don’t forget the legal room that’s going on right now.


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