Read the Audio Transcript of the Episode ‘Cracking the Culture Formula with “Huge EO-Guy” Jim Bennett


From an early childhood Jim was thirsty for success and after starting his first business, a lemonade stand, he has since gone on to create and develop nine successful companies by “doing his own thing.” Jim has built his establishment under the foundations of playbooks, scripts, role play, and daily huddles, and during this one-hour long session he tells us all about his methods.

Here are the 5 key strategies to build company culture:

  1. The Playbook:
    Jim’s philosophy is to hire people alike, those who are competitive and enthusiastic, those who are eager to get down and dirty and get stuck in. His mantra is to hire college athletes and create a ‘role play’ system for each employee to follow. The college athletes bring energy, ambition and drive to the company and eventually become a key asset to companies.
  2. Scripts
    Role p


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