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Serial Entrepreneur Club – EP02: Scaling Your Business on Clubhouse

[00:00:00] So welcome to the Serial Entrepreneur Club. This is actually our fifth session. Uh, now we are actually number one in the position on Google. Uh, this has been something we’ve talked about in the past, how important it is for anyone who runs a room or a club to actually have a website. So if you go on the internet and you site search, you type the term, uh, serial entrepreneur club, we actually come up in the number one position.

So we’re very excited about that. And it took about four weeks to get that. So if you’re ever thinking about doing that, that’s sort of the timeframe you might want to think about before. You’re gonna get to the top of, of Google. Now, today we’re changing it up a bit. My good friend, Lil Roberts is here.

She is the founder of Zue and I am actually an, an investor in her company. I love subscription models. I think they’re one of the best models for entrepreneurs to start [00:01:00] businesses with. Um, we’re here today with, uh, norm Ferar podcast extraordinaire. Um, Paul, can you ping Paul? I know he was agreed to come in.

He is one of our experts as well today. And Michelle, if you could ping ish as we, we, as the, the room comes together here, that would be great. Uh, Paul’s actually a digital marketing expert and ish is a top 100 global influencer as well. And we got Ryan who came in there and if ish doesn’t make it, we’ll, we’ll pull around.

I just introduced you, Paul. Of course, we also have on the team, the articulate Rachel, and our blogger. Um, we have the pun master himself, Mr. Jeffrey SaaS, the CMO of doc club. And lastly, the president of doc club, Michelle van Tilburg, who will be our lead moderator today. So over to you, Rachel, for the Rachel.

Thank you so much for having me again today. Um, last [00:02:00] week we talked to boxy trumps CEO, Joseph Martin, about starting a business. He started his business off of clubhouse, but we did have a little bit of a chat about using clubhouse to your advantage. If you are looking to start your company using clubhouse, um, he has a remarkable story.

I highly recommend going and checking that If you weren’t able to tune in last week, we actually have the full podcast recording available for you to listen to. And I did, um, a summation of the session as well in writing. If you’d like to read so, for those of you, you wanna go check out our blog and just a reminder here today that we are a give to get club.

So please no selling, no pitching, no plugging and also be kind. Thanks, Colin. And I think, um, over to Michelle,[00:03:00] 

you’re on mute, Michelle. Hello guys. Hey. Hey ish. We, uh, missed your intro. You missed your intro. that’s all right, so we’re going to get started. Sorry. I’m working through a parking lot. I’m here in Florida. Um, my name’s ish. I go by ish milli. Um, I’m an influencer influencer marketer. Um, I work with brands to get them more visibility.

Um, and I also, I’m very passionate about digital real estate. So I’m here. I’m happy to join. I’m here to listen and learn. Thank you, ish. Thanks so much. All right, so we have Lil Roberts here. Lil is an amazing person. um, Lil, I, I’m gonna give you a little nickname here for this session. Something that I haven’t heard people say so far, I’m gonna call you a queen of FinTech.

So for those that don’t know, Lil, she, uh, runs, I would say it’s a [00:04:00] software as a service platform. That’s extremely, uh, popular growing at a great rate. She has gotten many, many awards. She was selected by Jason calcu as one of his, um, I guess he invested in you and mentored you for several months there in Silicon valley.

So without further ado, I think it would be, you know, great for the audience Lil for them to understand what your, your, what your platform really does and how you’re differentiated in the market. And then we’ll just jump into, you know, our panel of experts here helping Lil and how she can scale and grow using clubhouse.

Awesome. Awesome. Thank you, Michelle. And thank you, Colin, and just so great to be on here with a lot of great friends. Um, and, and yes, Colin loved that you’re investor in Zue and I just love what we’re doing here and clubhouse. Uh, so just a real high level, you know, serial entrepreneur or full [00:05:00] psycho entrepreneur, um, as a lot of people that are on the call and in, in clubhouse in general, and saw a need in the marketplace around accounting for business owners, for small business owners that wasn’t being met by the traditional industry, it was still an analog industry.

And so after exiting my last business and manufacturing. I said what industry out there is still analog. That technology needs to come knock on the doorstep that would help and empower small business owners and fix a terrible pain point for them. And so when I reviewed, what’s always been a pain point for me and all my businesses, it was dealing with an industry that didn’t take care of the small business owners and largely not because they didn’t want to, but because there wasn’t technology out there that allowed them to run at the speed that small business runs.

And so that’s what we’re building. Uh, Zue is a FinTech company. Um, and yes, thank you, Michelle. We are invested by not only Jason call canis and deep work out of Orlando, but also, uh, revolution fund, which is Steve case, founder, AOL, [00:06:00] and, uh, and through rise of the rest, as well as a lot of other independent investors.

Um, that are some are close friends and others that are through syndicates. And so what we do is we help small business owners throughout the United States and in 12 countries, those extra companies outside that have businesses in the us, typically it’s an econ business, or it’s an it managed care or, or some type of, uh, business that’s running in the us and they’re in Australia or Italy or China or Ukraine.

And they use us to take care of the bookkeeping and to file their corporate tax returns. We’ve been super fortunate. We, we, uh, as you mentioned, we win some awards. Um, a lot of them that we don’t apply for. So, you know, I think that it just really speaks not as much to us, but more to that. This is such a need in the industry to help small business owners and to help startups, uh, understand their financials so they can stay in business.

I’m personally. Super excited about [00:07:00] today with the great brain trust that you guys have assembled, because I would like to posture out a, um, hypothesis of, to have a, a, a brutally open dialogue of how do we take this incredible platform and how do we with our company, what would be the way for us to one, let small business owners know that we’re here to help educate ’em and then how do we acquire customers potentially through clubhouse?

So with that, I wanna open it up to you guys. And I wanna say, you know, we do own We do own, and we do own an And we’re planning on filing to, to put a, uh, to use accounting because we think it’s overarching, but I’d like to hear from you guys, do you think it should be a, an or a tax do club.

And then what do you think is the right way to scale this? Great. Thank you. Will. So, um, you know, just to reset the room, Lil [00:08:00] has a very robust platform. That’s proven I can even speak for myself. Um, I run a company, meowing, that uses our platform. It’s really fantastic in many ways. Um, and I think the need here today is how does Lil build this business?

So given that and Lil’s request, I, I would ask Lil one question. Could you give us a little bit more information on who is your ideal prospect, your ideal customer, so that we can help formulate some ideas with you would love that. Thank you. So we take care of customers that are less than 20 employee.

And that fall in, uh, they sell one or two things. If they sell time, they’re typically in professional services and the revenue is gonna be about 150 to 200,000. And if they sell a product like e-com or a brick and mortar, or they’re a retail service, like a gym massage, you break eye [00:09:00] fixed dry cleaner companies like that, um, then, or, or trade businesses.

Then, uh, those do typically 400,000 and above. And we like to educate the small business owners. We’re super passionate about their success. So we’re really here about financial peace of mind, customer love and, uh, and, and delivering things that help the product and in and education that helps ’em have, uh, understand their numbers and have a better life.

So question, sorry, Michelle question on that. Um, that’s the revenues that they’re running or revenues that you’re earning from them. revenues that they’re running. So we’re, we’re not a, we’re not an enterprise platform. So, so as Michelle said, we’re a SAS. So we’re a subscription model. And actually there’s another category in the VC world.

That’s still SAS, but it’s service as a software. So we’re tech enabled. We have our own proprietary technology that we wrap around QuickBooks and we wrap around zero and we deliver, you know, the, the financials by the fifth [00:10:00] business day of the following month, which is unheard of in the accounting industry.

So we’re an early mover reshaping the accounting industry. So if we’re on clubhouse and there’s all these entrepreneurial minds, which is what I love and why I tune in clubhouse is to hear all of the, you know, we all get great ideas from, from the conversations. And we want to hear about ideas and not hear about people talking about people or things.

So with the, with the, the audience on clubhouse, should we deliver a content driven educational room? Should we deliver tips? Like what do you guys think that would attract the people we’re looking for? So we’re looking for those serial entrepreneurs with multiple businesses. What do you think would attract them?

I can chime in, I would say, um, the first step would be to create awareness, right? You have to, you gotta wear your back, build the community. I got you. You gotta build a community. Um, once you decide on [00:11:00] what URL you want to use, um, I would just look for a way to start building a list, a community, and then ask them what they wanna learn.

Just like 2 cents. I would wanna know like what you’re currently doing and what’s working. Um, okay, great. Sorry. Those are two questions. So its first and I’m sorry, I should have waited to your. Okay, so, so on, on issues, you know, I’d like your, your thoughts around, would you tune into a room that was, or

If I could afford to do all of them, I would do all of them. Um, I, I have a couple of friends that are CPAs and some of them are tax accountants and some have other specialties. And I think that accountant is very vague. Um, but, and it just, for me, it just depends on what your goals are. Right. And I’m so sorry, I’m just like in the middle of doing multiple things right now.

But if I, if I understood what [00:12:00] you said correctly was, you’re trying to figure out what name to use accountant is very general and, you know, you’ll capture more that way, but tax is more hyper, hyper targeted and you’ll get the specific category you’re looking for that way. So I would have to learn more about what you’re doing.

Like Paul said, Okay. Yeah, I, I wouldn’t go. I would, honestly, I wouldn’t lead with any of those to be completely honest. Those are all super boring. And this is just me being honest. They’re super boring and you’re not gonna attract anybody other than accountants. Um, you wanna attract people with the solution.

So, um, how to, how to get 15% more back on your taxes or, or, um, SMBs, like the room title would be like SMBs, uh, or SMBs secret tax tips from expert accountants or something along those lines. It’s gotta be like, what are you doing? And who are you serving? And so let’s say that you’re like in a consult, you, you work with coaches, there’s a ton of coaches on this platform.

Right. They’re selling their [00:13:00] knowledge. So like tax tips for coaches. Yeah. Like tax tips that save millions for coaches or something along those lines. Got it. Got it. Great point. So, so in other words, tax may be the veteran one to go after then accounting, because then we can make the title of the room.

Anything we. And, and so I guess it’s two separate things. One which domain should I use because to apply to clubhouse, right? We, you really gotta have the domain and have the webpage and I can spin up all three webpages, but I, I get one shot at the applying with them, cuz to my knowledge, you can’t have multiple rooms yet.

Uh, I mean, I mean, you could have as many rooms as you want. You can only have one club. Um, technically, technically you’re only allowed, but I mean, there’s like, I mean, Michael Sanchez, he keeps applying for clubs and he keeps getting them. Meanwhile, I’ve applied and I don’t even know if it went in correctly.

okay. So, so the biggest thing, I mean, what I would say is that you wanna start by testing rooms. You don’t need a club to start a room like this, um, start by testing rooms and split testing. Like [00:14:00] the look at like so known factors that we know that boost room size would be. If you co-host the room, if the person who’s starting the room has a large following.

So like if ish started the room, he has 14 and half. 14,000 people that follow him. Um, the majority of those, I know that like more people in his following would get alerts, um, than if it was just like me. Like I have, what’s almost 8,000. Uh, it’s clubhouse is kind of a crowd, a, a crowd attracts a crowd mentality.

And it’s it. You need to leverage that, like when you’re getting started. But what I would say too is I would, I would split test the titles of the rooms. And I would say, you know, based on your, your ideal customer persona that, you know, you know, put together, um, you know, engaging titles that would help them accomplish stuff.

And then, and then even split test, which like the domain you’re using and which one has a better, um, resonance in terms of like, um, uptick and lead [00:15:00] magnet like acquisition, if you will. Perfect. Sorry. I, yeah, I, I agree with Paul actually. I think just because you have these names and they’re great names, but they may not be great names in the context of what you want to accomplish within clubhouse, because they’re very general and, and I agree a hundred percent with Paul is gonna, is gonna attract accountants.

It’s not gonna attract the small business customers or potential customers that you want to engage with. So you really want to think about what is the title, and you can get that domain name, whatever you choose. You’ll get the domain name will help you, but you want to choose. You want to choose a, a title that’s gonna attract the audience.

You’re trying to speak to. You don’t want to attract accountants. You don’t want to attract bookkeepers. You don’t wanna attract tax experts. That’s who you are. That’s who you are replacing with your business. You want to attract the people who need the services of those. And normally can’t afford the big firms because they’re small businesses.

So I think small business, something [00:16:00] along those lines has to be a part of your branding on clubhouse. Gary, thanks for coming by the way. Um, I wanted, so if you guys don’t know Gary, um, Gary, lemme look at your profile. You’ve been on since the middle start. Oh, Christmas Eve. And, um, Gary, why don’t you do an intro really quick, but Gary’s really quickly established himself as like one of the most helpful people on clubhouse.

Like his rooms are massive and he deals a lot with this issue of monetizing clubhouse. Yeah. Hey, thanks Paul. And you know, Hey, good to see you. Jeffrey and Colin and Michelle. Um, definitely familiar with this room and ish. Good to see you, buddy. Um, we did a, a Friday in here a couple weeks ago, but you know, my name is Gary Henderson.

I’ve helped a lot of people monetize their influence. And I personally monetize my influence here on clubhouse in a, in a decent way. I mean, I’ve pulled six figures in so far this year. I have a book contract that came with a five figure book advance. It’ll be [00:17:00] nationally published, um, through hay house.

So I’ve been able to do that. I’ve also, I mean, I’ve grown a decent following. I don’t have the biggest following on here, but I’d say my art is really aligning messaging with where it’s gonna go at the end of the day. So audience and message alignment, making sure that we’re talking about where we want people to go.

So like for me right now, talking all about clubhouse because I have a book coming out, my book comes out on the 12th of DEC or the 12th of October. That’s our tentative date right now. So in eight months, I’ll have a book on the shelf a little less than eight months. So everything I’m doing is clubhouse, clubhouse clubhouse, because I need people to see me, hear me believe in me as a clubhouse expert.

So when my book hits the shelfs, they actually go buy it and that’ll take people down the next path. So many times we get called in talking about what we want to talk about or what’s fun. And we lose sight of where we’re going or where our vision or where our goals are. So I could easily sit here all day and talk about how to grow an agency or how to run Facebook ads or how to grow a podcast or how to get a million subscribers on YouTube or how.

You know how to get 300 million [00:18:00] downloads on a podcast. I can talk about all of those things because I’ve done all those things, but what I, yeah, that’s couldn’t do is it wouldn’t align, so that’s right. That’s a little bit about me and now I’m happy to chime in and answer any questions or, or hang out with you guys.

I know I wanted to come in here and Paul just messaged me. So thanks for that, Paul. Anytime, man. So the question is for Lil we’re, um, she has already a successful, um, platform that is FinTech software as a service that does provides accounting and tax services for small businesses. So Lil has posed a question and we pose a question to the group.

What would you do? How could she scale and grow her business using clubhouse, knowing that her audience, I think you said little, typically they have $400,000 revenue or greater, and they’re in the small business sector. Up up to 15 million. So we have customers up to 15 million and probably the average size is, you know, a million and a half to 2 million.

[00:19:00] And, and to clarify even more, you know, right now we have 14, uh, active acquisition channels that we acquire customers through. And so, and, and we like to acquire customers that are fits and through, you know, helping them and educating ’em and, and, uh, you know, we’re very passionate about, we want to help small business owners.

So I’m looking at clubhouse and saying, okay, I know there’s something here. How do we, what is the right way to go about acquiring customers through clubhouse and helping house? Yes, what’s great. Is we know that Lil has, like she said, the 14 or 15 acquisition channels. Um, I can tell you I’m a client of hers.

They have a lot of very, uh, strong content just to add onto this. So how could she leverage this to even grow beyond her current customer?

Yeah, I would take your current acqui acquisition channels. And I would look at what’s working there. Look at the types of conversations. Look at the [00:20:00] types of questions that are coming from people. All clubhouses is an audience platform. It’s exactly the same as Facebook. It’s exactly the same as YouTube, except for you need to be live and do it, and you’ll have a bigger organic reach.

So if you filmed a YouTube video or you wrote a blog post, or you post it on any social channel, you know, traditional push outreach, you know, Hey, I’m gonna do a video, I’m gonna put it out here. And I hope like everything people come and watch my video, but what you’d probably do then is you probably say, well, I’m gonna run some ads for my video and get some people to look at my video.

You do it in clubhouse. You just do it a little differently. What you do here. Just say I’m gonna host a room with my ideal people on stage with me. So I’ll host a room for example, and I’ll bring Inish or I’ll bring in Paul and I’ll talk about something that interests them, but also aligns with what I’m doing.

so you may want to talk about, I’m just pulling up your website here. Um, just so I can speak a little bit more, um, intellectually about this. So when I look at online bookkeeping [00:21:00] and tax team, you know, that’s what you are. I, I see it. I’m looking, it says you work with zero, you work with QuickBooks. It says you’ve got some great clients here.

Tropical CA smoothie cafe. Um, so you’re working with good client. So what I would be talking about is entrepreneur tax savings. I would be running a room about entrepreneur tax savings. I’d be running a room about accuracy and accounting. I will be running a room about, you know, what’s something you didn’t know, I’d be running a room of asking an accountant room, whatever you feel comfortable doing and bringing in some of your team, your people, your resources, your clients.

I would also feature your clients in a really big way. If you’re comfortable doing it, bringing in some of your key clients onto a platform like this, and talking about finance, talking about accounting with a. You know, ahead of a CFO from tropical smoothie cafe or a CFO from one of your key clients and bringing them in, or if you’re the virtual CFO or you’re handling those roles for them, or you have someone that’s handling roles, bring that person in as an organizer of that.

You know, [00:22:00] I think there’s a lot of opportunities to hold a conversation. That’s not necessarily come by my service, but then it positioned you as a leader in the industry. So by proxy you become the person that people want to buy anyway, you know, can I, can I chime in, can I, can I chime in, have more clarity, um, back to the question about account versus I any day.

Um, and this is not an emotional decision. This is based on analytics. Um, tax has more it’s, it’s just a higher ranked. Keyword has more, you know, demand, right? More people search taxes or tax or tax accounting than people search for accounting. Um, accountant is very vague, right? So I think tax do club is a phenomenal name, three letter domain, um, passes the radio test and you really minimize the, the risk of people.

Mistyping it? Right. So I think will be phenomenal, speaks directly to what you’re doing. I mean, another, I mean, you could even have like a title of [00:23:00] the room of like white hat tax hacks that will save you millions. I love it. I love it. And look, we save thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars with, uh, for small business owners.

And I love what, what you’re saying about that. Ask an accountant just how to save tax dollars and spin up the room. So I think to, to, to say back to mirror, back to. That it’s about having a great, you know, the title of the room. Doesn’t have to be the domain name of the room, just have a great title for the room and the topics that we cover and then have an easy domain that we spin up, um, that they can go to and get more content and can interact.

And then maybe through that other domain lead ’em to Zen do, if they’d like, um, and you know, as you were, as you were talking about it, bringing on people with value, like we have franchisors and, and they love it. So we could have them speak to, you know, how it helps their franchisees, cuz that’s, you know, we’re gonna see more and more franchises popping up now with what’s happening, you know, in the economy.

So great. Um, Gary, just a [00:24:00] quick, um, we also have franchise clubs here too, just so you’re aware and sorry to interrupt you, Michelle, but there are some very popular one of my friends, actually, George N he runs a franchise club and Eric van horn runs another one and I think they each have over a thousand members in the club here on clubhouse.

Wow. So if we could speak on theirs, we have a data warehouse, we have snow. That helps franchise orders to get the data driven analytics that they need to help their franchisees. And so those are topics where once our room is up, we can share back and forth, but they already have a thousand people in the room.

It’d be amazing to, to go on and to deliver, you know, helpful content. That’s great. Let’s reset the room here for a second. Gary, we just need for you to acknowledge that you’re okay with recording this session. Yeah, I am okay with recording this session and I just pinged in George N he’s down here in the follow by the speakers.

He’s the one running one of the franchise clubs here on the platform as well. Okay, George, I’m gonna move you to the stage and I am just for clear, I am 100% acceptable with this being recorded and being used, ever how you choose to do so. [00:25:00] Thank you. And, um, George you’re okay with recording. I am right.

Excellent. All right. I am as well since I didn’t give my verbal, but yes I am. All right. Thank you, Paul. For, for. Picking that up. So we’re back to Lil, Lil runs a very popular FinTech Zue X, E N D O O um, financial platform that provides CPA and tax services in the cloud. So we’re getting some really fantastic ideas here, Lynn.

Um, I’m sorry. Lil has lots of content. Gary has some great ideas about how to make those topics more compelling so that people are really, you know, compelled to come into the rooms to learn. Um, George, so obviously Gary pulled you in Lil had mentioned that she also does franchisees and of course she came to mind as an expert in that field.

Well, it’s very kind I’ve, I’ve been in the franchise [00:26:00] industry for close to 30 years at this point have been in operations, in development and for the past 20 years in. In an interesting kind of consulting role where I help individuals and business owners and investment funds find their perfect franchises.

And George runs an amazing club here on the platform, a franchise club, George that’s exactly why I brought you in, was talking about your club a little bit. So if you wanna talk about that briefly. Exactly. You know, we’ve, uh, we’ve set up a club trying to focus on empire building. It’s you know, when, when, uh, when I talked to candidates, I used to use the word portfolio building and, and a number of years ago just moved to the term empire building because, you know, everybody seems to light up a little more when they, when they picture it.

Um, but you know, the, the, the idea with, with what we’re doing a, a group of us on the franchise side of things is that, you know, when I first came in and I was brought in by Gary in the clubhouse, and there were all these rooms on digital marketing and all this stuff that I was fascinated by. But I [00:27:00] wasn’t really seeing my community there.

And, uh, and I started looking around in the database and, and there were a few and I would connect with everybody. I could find that mentioned franchising. And, uh, so, so, you know, Jan early January, there weren’t a lot of, of my industry people there. Um, but over time it’s growing. And so we set up a club, um, they’ve been finding us as have a lot of people that have just an interest in franchising and growing businesses and so forth.

So we’re, we’re over 2,500 members and followers at this point, uh, growing pretty quickly. And, uh, you know, we’re looking forward to putting some stuff on. So we’ve got a, a, uh, room set up for Wednesday already. That’s gonna be focused on big ticket sales, you know, franchise sales, enterprise computing, sales, that sort of thing.

Um, we’re gonna have another couple set up for, for this week. We’re just trying to nail down times in people. Um, and then we’ve got. Other franchise industry pros from franchisors to [00:28:00] suppliers, to franchisees. And we’re gonna try to get franchise conversations throughout the week. Um, there’s a lot of stuff that I could sit and ramble on for hours about, but coming into clubhouse, I decided I would pick my silo and stick to franchising.

So, um, I like that. That’s what we’re doing. That’s good. You’re, you’re focused and you have a mission. So Lil I, you know, I, I know there are folks here on the room that also have affiliate marketing expertise. I did notice today that you have quite an affiliate marketing program and you give a, um, a, a reward of $250 for a client acquisition.

So I’m curious to all the folks in the room that have affiliate marketing experience. How could that program perhaps be leveraged on clubhouse? Great idea. I mean, uh, you know, with their followings and their audience, you know, most, most business owners, their circle of friends [00:29:00] are business owners. Right?

So, and that’s one of the things I love about clubhouse is that it’s all like-minded individuals, uh, that are on. And so everybody has a friend that has a small business. That’s looking for somebody to handle their books. And on our website, you can sign up for the affiliate link. And we, the first month that the customer pays, we pay you a $250 Amazon card or send you, you know, the funds anyway, that you’d like ’em.

Uh, so I guess there’s probably affiliate rooms as I listen to, to, to George. It, you know, there’s probably room for all of these groups of audiences, right. And I really love the franchise audience. Uh, Georgia would be, you know, maybe we can connect after because with the, the data driven, you know, the snowflake, the data driven warehouse, we’re able to aggregate that data for franchisors, which happens to be a big pain point for them.

And then for the franchisees reporting their financials by the 15th of the month is hard for them to find accounting platforms that can do that for ’em. So maybe offline we can connect. [00:30:00] Um, I’m loving all this information. I mean, when you say that you have, uh, monetized a hundred thousand dollars, share with us some of the ways that you guys are monetizing through clubhouse.

Uh, can I like chime in on your affiliate thing really quickly though? I think there’s a lot of big rooms right now. And then I’ll, I’ll go to Paul. Um, there’s a lot of big rooms right now that are running and there’s no monetization behind that. If I were you. Lil, I would be approaching the person in the upper left hand corner and this room it’s Rachel.

That means that more commonly than not, that’s the person who started this room and I would be approaching Rachel. And I would be saying, Hey, Rachel, I wanna sponsor your room. And if you would like to put a little commercial in, I’ll write this script for you. You read this commercial every so often. I’ll give you a special link and everyone that goes there fills out this form and signs up.

I will send you a $250 gift card. I will be doing that exact same thing on small podcasts right now. So I [00:31:00] would be going after a small influencer market of clubhouse room hosts, podcast hosts, and grabbing small audience and building big, big relationships with those people. And then really helping them grow.

You know, HubSpot’s done an amazing job. We drive about a half million dollars a year in revenue for HubSpot. My two, I have a two man team. It’s my wife and I, and we drive about a half million dollars a year in revenue for HubSpot. And they’ve done a phenomenal job at supporting. In helping them achieve their goals.

Wow. That’s a great suggestion. I love that. Yeah. And that was a great little hot go to the first person on the left hand corner, Gary, thanks for re you know, reiterating that to us. And I love the commercial idea. I, I love that. And I’d like to get you guys to take, are you guys familiar with I, uh, it’s Iz a, they were out on the, on the wire today about that.

They’re adding clubhouse as part of their shake platform for influencers. Are you guys familiar with them? Any of you guys work with them? I am not ish. Do you know that? [00:32:00] Can you please repeat the question? It’s Isaiah is the company I Zea. Oh, I, Isaiah is an influence marketing platform. I’m sorry, what was the question?

So are you guys any of you guys using them yet? They just, uh, announced, um, either today or yesterday. Yeah. So now added clubhouse. So let me add this, let me add this and just so give you guys a background on myself. I organize. The influenza marketing conference and expo, um, which is the largest influenza marketing event in the world.

And Isaiah was one of my exhibitors and sponsors at one of my previous events. Um, the reality is Isaiah’s went out of 1200 plus influenza marketing platforms. And the only reason you discovered them was because they’re advertising, right. Or you read an article, there are so many other platforms I’m not going to say Isaiah is worse or better.

Um, but the reality is, you know, the real values when you explore the options, you know? Um, so Isaiah personally speaking, I wouldn’t recommend them. Um, I know so many other platforms and tools, [00:33:00] and I’d love to have a conversation with you about that and point in the right. Perfect. And, and a board member actually sent it my way today, um, is how I found out about ’em that, that they were offer.

Yeah. You know, I found it, found it interesting how quickly all of these supports, you know, cycles are coming up. Right. So I wanna, sorry. Isaiah’s a publicly traded company and, you know, so they have more resources than, you know, the typical influencer marketing platform. And obviously they utilize PR a lot more.

Um, and I can see, you know, any company saying yeah. Club about this club about that, but unless you have boots on the ground, it’s just all theory. I wanna, I wanna speak to your question about monetizing and I know that Gary addressed the affiliate thing. And so I would say, um, anybody here that has questions about monetizing clubhouse, Gary runs phenomenal rooms.

It’s a, this is like one, one of the most common questions that I see on clubhouse is how do you monetize. So speaking from my [00:34:00] experience, um, I have not put together a six figure funnel. I mean, we’ve had five figures and we have had verified. We can point and track to the clients that we brought on because of clubhouse.

And when I first started using clubhouse at the start of December, I was thinking of it as a sort of a standard sales channel. Almost like I would’ve like a podcast that I would appear on or, or a webinar or a masterclass where I would have, okay, here’s a slick funnel, go to this funnel, get your download, and then I’m gonna upsell you.

Um, I don’t know, Gary, you could probably speak to this whether or not my thinking’s right or wrong, but what I’ve experienced is. With clubhouse specifically, if the audience gets a feeling that you’re trying to pitch them something you’re, they’re gonna disengage and they’re gonna go somewhere else, because there’s so much amazing value that people are literally just giving everything away for free, mostly on clubhouse, that if they, if they feel like, well, go here [00:35:00] and sign up and they’re, they’re not gonna be super stoked, but it, it comes up naturally where, you know, you start a room about, you know, top 10 ways that I’ve saved, you know, small businesses, you know, a hundred million dollars in 20, in 2020, or something like that.

And you just answer questions on like, here’s some opportunities for tax breaks that you may not have heard of, you know, you cover those sorts of things. What’s naturally gonna happen. Is, you’re gonna get flooded with direct messages and Instagram or Twitter. That’s just what happens because people are gonna have questions and maybe they won’t even raise their hand to speak.

They’ll just be sitting in the audience and you’re gonna, so I would say, think through that, like if you’re gonna direct people say like, Gary, go to or something. Right. And you’re gonna get my download on the, the 10, most underutilized ways that most people don’t realize they’re, they’re losing money on taxes or something like that.

Make it quickly assume, you know, accessible, have a [00:36:00] good follow up sequence. And Gary has a really good funnel too. Gary, you have that $500 life mastermind deal. I don’t know if you want to talk about that, but that’s just been, my experience is giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, giving, and then people are gonna pay because they’re gonna be like, wow, this guy’s so amazing.

They give so much, I’ve gotta give them money and see what they can do for if they’re doing this much free, what do they not? What do they, what do they do when they. Love it, you know, Gary, go ahead. I mean, I can that’s our, um, yeah, go for it. Go for, no, I really want to ask this. I’m so sorry. This is monetization is something that I’m very passionate about.

I’ve actually had rooms on clubhouse. So we discussed this and I, to my surprise, a lot of people have figured out a way to monetize the platform. I think this is the easiest platform to monetize. If you have expertise and I’ll explain, you know, Paul was spot on, you have to give away so much value that people thirst for more.

You know, my buddy, Ryan and I, Ryan is here. We, we did six [00:37:00] figures last month because we provided a, we, we developed a course that teaches people how to being profitable domain. I. But we didn’t just start out charging people a thousand dollars. It was a builder, right? It was let’s give away as much as we can.

I mean, we sacrificed 18 hours a day on clubhouses and builds a real genuine offensive following. And then I told Ryan, look the sustainable approach to keep doing this. It’s for you to now develop a course. And I walked them through that whole process. And now we’ve developed a course that did six figures last month by using the same community as affiliates.

Right? So it is very easy to make money on call abouts. Um, it just starts out with being selfless and curating experts that can amplify the value you’re trying to provide. So if you come on call balances and say, I’m the best at what I do. It’s not going to work. That’s where the pitch comes in. You know, people will be defensive to that, but if you come on call balance and curate experts, like what we’re doing here and ask people, [00:38:00] give people a call to action.

You know, it’s the rest is conversions. Thank you. Thank you. You know, I take a different, good advice. Thank you. It is great advice. I take a slightly different stance. I run a lot more rooms like it should and Ryan run. So I run a lot of super, super small rooms that may get a hundred people in them. And I make, I don’t know, 2,505 grand, 15 grand, 20 grand per room.

There may only be 20 people in the room, but those are hardcore selling rooms. So in those rooms, I’m not inviting Paul in, I’m not inviting Ishan. I’m not inviting George. I’m not inviting Ryan in. If they come in, they’re typically parked in the audience because those rooms are for me to coach, for me to carry my message for me to be me.

Now I’ll come into a room like this and I’ll serve like crazy, or I’ll go into one of the big rooms with a thousand, 2000 people, and I’ll go in there and I’ll just talk about clubhouse. And then what happens is I get just like ish. You know, if we look at ish right now, Ish’s got 14,000, I’ve got 43.9. You know, Ryan’s got 4.8.

George’s [00:39:00] got. 7.9. So as you get these followers that follow you, these 7,900 people that follow George, well, now they know George is into franchising. George is into empire building, and then when they go into a room that George is running all on his own, that George gets control that space and that energy.

So that strategy works well. Go into bigger rooms, go into rooms like this, go into bigger rooms, go into topic specific rooms, or run your own topic, specific rooms to grab a following, and then spin up a room. That’s very, very much in your language and sell like crazy. And I’ve had no problems with it because I, I make it crystal clear, guys, I’m here to work.

This is a platform. I run a business. I make money. This is a platform I have full intentions of making money on. I tell everyone that asks me if you would like to get free coaching and free advice from me. I do it every single day on clubhouse. If you want focus. And you want attention. Then I have investment levels that you can invest nice.

And I’ve had people send me $12,000. I had four people in the month of January, send me $12,000 pay in fulls that I never ever spoke [00:40:00] to on the phone to buy my program, pay it in full a Peloton instructor, a person outta Sweden, a realtor out of Boston and a, a realtor and influencer outta Charlotte, North Carolina.

So this is Sweden, Boston, New York city and Charlotte, North Carolina. I live in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and I never spoke to all four of those people on the phone. And one of them was a referral. They had seen someone, you know how people start to talk in the back? And they’re like, oh, I see Gary on stage.

And somebody else says, oh, I see Gary on stage. One of them was a referral and the guy refused the commission. I, I said, I’ll pay you the 20% that I pay. And he said, no, thank you. He said, just perform better for me. He said, I wanna bring you as many clients as I can bring you. And I just want you to reward me by, by showing up more for me.

As I would for everybody else, but like I’m driving massive revenue outta here by being intentional in the words that I use and letting everyone know I’m not here to provide free coaching. I’m here to work. You know, Gary, you you’re speaking my language. I love it. And I think one of the things that I can share with everyone was thinking the types of listeners I’ve actually, [00:41:00] I can share a tool with you that allows you to have that call for action.

So serve, serve, give jams, let people know what you do. Everything Gary said is spot on. But if you guys, right, I can actually charge people $500 an hour for marketed strategy session. And I was doing very well doing that. The first time I actually realized how powerful clubhouse was, was I did a one hour standalone presentation on teaching people how to start their own Shopify store that we managed for ’em and four people signed up to the mastermind that cost $5,000.

I was like, wow. Instagram would never allow me to do that for free. So I, I really urge you guys to be intentional. Like Gary said about monetizing the platform. Cause we’re, we’re putting so much sweat equity into it. So if you haven’t come up with a plan, you know, you know, reach out to me, I’ll be happy to help, um, reach out to Gary, um, reach out to people on the platform that have a track record of monetizing it and, and, and brainstorm around that because it’s, it’s an [00:42:00] opportunity that’s, that’s really, really shaped up fast.

And hopefully you guys don’t miss the opportunity. I gotta, I gotta say like Gary and ish, I’m, I’m a type of personality that gets inspired by other people that are doing stuff, but I’m also competitive and it’s almost like, oh, if you can do it, I can do it, but I’m gonna try to do it better. What , what this is telling me is that I am not selling enough.

Like I’ve done a decent job of building an audience. Like I haven’t, I mean, in December I was doing the 12 hour days. Um, I I’ve got a high and intense, like high growth business that I’m managing training. customers and all that sort of stuff right now. So I’ve had to decrease my time on clubhouse, but what I’m hearing, I need to be okay.

And start more niche down rooms and be completely cool with like, all right, let’s sell this program. Let’s talk about coaching. I think that’s, that’s my takeaway, you know, social media is very, very deceptive. You either, when you, everyone is gonna spend time on here, right. Or you have to be intentional, are you [00:43:00] here for the dopamine or the dollars I’m here for the dollars.

I don’t make an excuse about it. Right. Um, this is a job for me. And some people are just here to hang out and that’s okay. Right. But there’s a lot of opportunity to monetize this platform and people value the services and the expertise you bring to the table. So don’t be shy about asking people to pay you for your services.

And, and don’t be, don’t feel guilty for monetizing this phenomenal platform. And I’m so happy Gary said that I can see, I can see the mean right now. Are you here for the dopamine of the dollars fish Millie. Very good. I agree. All right. So Ryan, it looks like you would like to come to the stage and talk, Ryan.

Okay. Jeff, I think I saw you flashing. I was, I was clapping for the dopamine of the dollars. Love that phrase. Yes. Okay. I love that. Very [00:44:00] good. All right. Colin Campbell. All right. Thank you, Michelle. Wow. This has since been an amazing session and I love the fact that we’re working with you Lil on Zue to try to help you figure out how you specifically can run your company and scale it using clubhouse.

And I actually have wrote down four, four small little ideas. One of them is I do believe this idea of you positioning yourself as an expert. Is key. I actually think in the startup forum, like startup club become a member of that, do some rooms in those larger clubs. Um, and even some of the other ones, like, you know, how to make a million dollars or a million dollar businesses and, and, and, uh, you know, entrepreneur on fire, some of those other ones as well.

I think they’re great clubs to really connect into second. I actually think, and I, I don’t know if this violates terms and conditions, if I’m saying something, you know, the experts here, if you could, you know, counter it, please. Um, but I do like the idea of having the host offer a genuine [00:45:00] discount for signing up with a code, a unique code so that, you know, if you normally give away one month free, that, you know, you’re actually giving away two months free because you know, it’s a session and this is time that people are spending and it’s always about giving to get so giving it a little bit more, uh, as a discount, uh, third is, and I did this this week and you can see on my linked.

Is I set up a speaker sheet. I was talking with a gentleman who runs a very large club who asked me to do some speaking, uh, with him and what topics would I cover? And so, um, I put together a speaker sheet and, uh, I’m sending that over to him. If you want to have a look at that, just go to Um, lastly you do have a lot of issues, um, in tax and a lot of entrepreneurs have issues in tax and in the eCommerce world.

And we have norm, we had norm here. Um, but we also have, uh, Paul who’s an expert in eCommerce, you know, as an example of that is [00:46:00] every state in the United States has to charge sales tax for eCommerce companies. And that’s a complex situation. So if you get on a panel discussing, you know, in the eCommerce forums, it can in, uh, norms, uh, podcast or norms, uh, group on clubhouse, uh, rise of the micro brands.

That’s another way of potentially monetizing. thank you, Michelle. Here you go. If you’re a small business owner, do this before you file your taxes, something along those lines. Because right now, I mean, our accountants are just asking, Hey, do we wanna start tax prep and filing? I think, you know, you can pull together if you have like a curated stage of, you know, verified tax pros.

Um, ideally if they’ve built a following for themselves, that would be the goal. So you can, you know, work off of each other and, and grow with each other. But yeah, something along those lines would be, would be good. Also little something that I thought of as people were talking too, we talked about, you know, having, um, your customers speak and, and, and, you know, people who you, who are using your [00:47:00] service, but if you have rockstar.

Financial people on your team, the people who would be doing my accounting, if I hired Zue having some of them speak in the room so that the people in the audience can hear, wow, that person’s really smart. They could be my accountant, right. I just have to subscribe to Zue and I have that person or that quality person.

So I think showing the capabilities of your CFO to go, uh, team would be very important too, to, to lure people in, uh, and make them interested in using Zendo. Thanks, Jeff. And, you know, uh, we just did a, uh, lunch with norm podcast, or why did a lunch with norm podcast, but, uh, our head of tax did a podcast with norm and Tim on e-com and, and you’re spot on like you put them on and, and have them talk to people how they can save money.

That’s what we all wanna do at the end of the day is how do we keep the money in our pocket instead of paying it in taxes. Right. Right. And then I’ll know that that person could actually be on my team cuz that’s who I get. If I’m using Zen. And, [00:48:00] you know, I, I must add this as well. I would like to add this, excuse me, you know, the, the whole objective of clubhouse is to connect with people and, you know, share gems is what they call it here.

But the call to action. I think the ideal funnel is to take people outside of clubhouse. So your own domain, you know, hands tax on club. Right. But one of the things that we’ve been doing, um, with my group digital real estate academy is we do weekly zoom calls and that allows us to connect with people more intimately.

And it makes the call to action, have a softer landing, right? So when people can listen to you voluntarily at their own time, um, and get additional value in a different platform, now you’re going into that Omni presence approach. Right. Um, which in marketing is a necessity, you know, cuz people trust you the more frequently they listen to you or see you.

Right. So I think it’s important for people to understand that. Yeah. Clubhouse is just the beginning of the funnel. But the call to action is also very important. You have to lead [00:49:00] people when you speak. You have to tell people, go to tax star club, go to tax star club. It’s very important. Um, otherwise people will not do what you, what you want them to do.

Um, it’s, it’s very easy to assume that people would naturally follow up with you. Um, but you almost have to ask them and then you also have to follow up with him. That’s cliche. Great, great dialogue here. And, uh, little at the top of the hour, you had a question. Your question was, do you go with or

I think we know the answer or at least, uh, everyone seems to be on board with because it’s such a predominant thing, right? As we all know, there’s two things sure. In life it’s taxes and death. So, um, I think our experts are overwhelmingly saying you have the expertise you get out there. You help help, help and establish yourself as a go-to person.

And the E. Colin. Did you have a question? I was just cheering again, cheering again. [00:50:00] Okay. I have to get used to that. Sorry. okay. And Michelle, you know, I think you’re spot on. I am leaving the. Uh, and, you know, thank you guys so much for, for all of the sharing and the openness of the conversation, but what I’m taking away is yes, it should be

And the other, I think really important thing is, is that, that, that clubhouse is just an extension of, of who, uh, who and what we already do in our businesses. You know, I resonate with all the speakers with Paul and. Um, and, and George and ish, you know, I resonate that we run our business the same way you guys are talking about it.

What we do is we help people and we do that through, you know, free, right. You know, we, you just wanna be there to help ’em on their journey. And of course, that always equates back to business, but you, if you’re intention is to do it because that’s what you truly love. People recognize that. And they see that and clubhouse is just the, to me.

Uh, and, and it was just recently published an yesterday [00:51:00] that, that I’d authored something about clubhouse. It’s the social media app. That’s perfect timing of old school, uh, talk radio combined with podcast. It gives you to where you can have the conversation. And I think it’s so timely for today’s world and that it’s the same basic principle a business applies to clubhouse, and you just have to, you know, use it as another channel.

Right? Exactly. That is awesome. And I was gonna say, ish, um, you and I should connect because norm and I run an agency that we work, we do some really creative stuff with nano and micro influencers. Um, I’m not seeing anybody doing what we’re doing, so let’s connect because I’d love to chat about the conference that you run and see if there’s any value we can add, you know, bring to the stage for you.

Yeah, absolutely. You know, what’s funny. Um, events are very funny right now. I feel like, and this is another thing about clubhouse. Every time I’m on a stage on clubhouse, even though I’m in a restaurant in Miami, I don’t even know where I’m at. [00:52:00] I really feel mentally that I’m on a live stage at a convention center.

I take that approach. And the reason I’m saying that is everyone should take that approach because the reason people pay for trade shows and conventions is because they wanna get on stage and sell shit. Right. Excuse my French. Right. I’m just being blunt. Um, so anytime you, you have an opportunity to not necessarily pitch the product, but let people know that this is what you do take advantage of it.

And this platform allows us to do that spontaneously at no cost, right? So it didn’t exist last year, um, or, or two years ago. Excuse me. So this is very interesting. This is very phenomenal. And, you know, I, I, I think what Lil did is, is a great use case of clubhouse. Like I have a decision to make, let me crowdsource, you know, feedback and, and I’m, I’m so honored being part of.

And thank each one of you that have participated. So, um, any parting words as we start to wrap up the session, [00:53:00] let’s start with Jeff and just make a quick round table here. Jeff. I think it was a great feedback. I think the key here is to, to have a goal. And in your case, Lil, you have multiple goals cuz you have multiple audiences you want to reach and then find the rooms and the topics, uh, that are going to reach those people.

And, and there’s great. Great feedback from everyone. Thank you. Thank you, Jeff Colin. Well, um, I will say it’s pretty cool to see connections being made here and just that networking effect. You know, Paul with ish and ish with Lil and George with Lil and by the way, ish, we’re going to dinner on Monday night with Lil as well so that we can move that one along.

But just to see that happen, live is pretty cool. And if you participate, I don’t know that doesn’t matter who you are, but if you participate in, in these sessions and you start talking to each other, it’s pretty amazing to see the connections that can [00:54:00] happen and how that can transform Lil’s company.

Okay, great. Paul, over to you. Yeah. Um, I echo everything that Jeff and Colin both said. Um, I would say like give you some practical advice on right now as you’re building your influence. The best thing that you can do is go into find rooms that, um, you know, that you can add value in, you know, raise your hand and politely wait to the opportune time.

Don’t be like the stage bomber, the stage taker over type person where you just come on, raise your hand. And then you start talking, you know, recognize that the people that have started the room, no matter how big it is, it’s their room. And so, you know, when people come into the rooms that I run and they ask, Hey, I, I think that I can help here.

And they’re not one of my moderators that I prevetted, I’ll be like, yeah, that’s fine. Totally cool. And what I normally do is I just say, if they consistently advice, that’s not gonna be [00:55:00] hurting the people. Cuz I feel like I’ve built, I’ve built a community. I mean the rooms that I run, they’re like my people because like they expect like every Wednesday, three o’clock I’m going live and like I have to show up for them.

And so the people that come onto my stage, if, if they’re the speakers that are just gonna bulldoze through and just interrupt moderators that I’ve spent a lot of time pre-veting then I’m not

people that are humble. Like they, they have amazing, um, things

that like serve for.

I’m gonna, chances are I’ll moderate them. They’ll be moderators in future rooms. And I’ve, I’ve made several people like that, you know, raise your hand, recognize that you may know more than everybody on stage. Um, but recognize it’s their stage and you want to,

okay. It looks like we lost Paul. [00:56:00] Oops, sorry. That’s okay. Uh, it’s the connection’s kind of going in and out. I’m okay. So thank you for that, Paul. That’s that’s really critical, you know, keep control of the content, so, so that everyone can benefit. Thank you, ish. I mean, for me, I’ll just summarize it again. Um, every time you come in, cor just be conscious of that.

You’re spend time here and be deliberate about your approach. Are you here for the dopamine? Are you here for the dollars? Thank you. Letting me speak today. Always okay, Ryan. Yeah, everyone. Great room today. Yeah. I’ll emphasize the point that, you know, build community first before anything, because once you build a community, you’re gonna, you know, determine your product market fit organically.

It’s just gonna happen as a result of the community that you build. And I think that point alone, um, a lot of people speed through that [00:57:00] part, cuz it’s easy to do, but if you can build your community from scratch and truly, you know, listen to your perspective customers first, it’s gonna make your, um, you know, your, your future rollout’s much easier.

Thank you, Ryan. And then let’s hear from George and let’s then go to our, uh, ten second wrap up for this week, George. So, you know, I think coming at this being brought in by Gary and, and, you know, Gary’s got a lot of followers and does all this stuff and, you know, I had follower envy and Ruen V for a while.

And, uh, Gary was very kind and kind of brought me along for a little bit when I first got in here. You know, I, I think that the key for me is don’t have follower, envy, go find the right followers, go find the right connections, the people that you want to have substantive conversations with and get close to them and bring them value.

Um, you know, and, and just build relationships. You know, I think the surprise for me is I [00:58:00] came in thinking maybe maybe this can add to my franchise sales pipeline and it’s brought so much more than that, that I can’t measure. One of the, one of the larger deals I’m working on right now is a nine-figure sale, um, of a franchise or.

Um, and I’ve done M and a work before, but wasn’t expecting to do it here, but you know, it, it drops into your plate. So I think, you know, go in, build relationships, have conversations, pay attention to all of the opportunities coming past you and see where you can help people get their goals done. Um, that’s really kind of the focus of it for me.

Thank you, George. Great advice. All right, Rachel, back to you for our wrap up,

I’ll cover it here. Um, follower, envy, George. I think that I, before this episode or before this discussion, I did not have follower envy and I think I might have it now. So we’ll see. I mean, we do [00:59:00] know, we do know what’s important. We learned about that today to build a community. You do need followers. Uh, next week we are going to do how to build a community.

On and off clubhouse Michelle, she has worked, she runs a company. She owns a company that I’ve invested in called Meow Huntingtons, and they have over a million followers. And we want to hear that story, but we’re also gonna wanna learn from those who’ve actually built communities on clubhouse. So next Friday from two o’clock to three o’clock, we are thinking about putting it on startup club.

I’ll let you know if we do that. Um, it shouldn’t change anything in the way you connect with us. Just please look out for serial entrepreneur club and check us out on our blog, uh, serial or S For those who have us who cannot spell have a great day. Thank you Lil for being vulnerable and joining us today.

And everyone else have a wonderful weekend.[01:00:00] 


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