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TRANSCRIPT: Monday Domains – EP13

Welcome everybody to Monday Domains. I think I’m tempted to say it’s a great time to be a digital assets investor, but I’m not completely sure about that, but I can say, I think it’s a great time to be a domain name investor that’s a little preview about something I’ll share later about domain names and NFTs. Anyway, welcome in to Monday Domains.

We have people from all over the world that join us for Monday Domains every Monday at 11:00 AM, Eastern time and the U S for whatever time that is for you around the world. And I think, you know, I really appreciate. Since I’ve been investing in domain names, how much it is a global business, both in terms of the people that buy domain names around the world and investors from around the world and domain name owners and buyers and sellers and companies that have started businesses around the world, both to serve their local markets, but many times to serve global markets and the domain space.

And it’s really expanded. I think the opportunities and the creativeness and the solutions that we have because the whole world is one domain space. And I think that’s terrific. Hey Richard, how are you this morning? Welcome my friend. How’s how’s everything in the domain universe. Well, it’s terrific.

I had a chance to do something that hasn’t been done all that much. I actually drove down over the weekend to Northern Georgia and met with a group of eight or nine domain investors from clubhouse that got together for a quick, we can get together. And I actually was able to was it a domain conference?

I don’t know. We have to define what a domain conference is, but it did have a title. And if you go to some of the tweets by Mr. Premium it was great to see mark and his. And I’m Kevin COPUS and Steven Lieberman and Jeremiah, Nikki, and Michelle and Jamie Easter man came in from the UK on his way to Los Angeles.

And so I’ve shared so many hours with him over the past two years. It was great to meet him in person. The rods was there and it was terrific. So I’m kind of on a little mini high here after seeing people in person. Well, that’s awesome. Go the old school. Right? I love it. Yeah. And as much as you know, we really didn’t talk to each other.

We just sat there and sat on the couches and turned on our phones and, you know, talk to each other and clubhouse. No, I’m just kidding. It was it was really terrific. So I want to thank Kevin for hosting me. He had a a family cabin there, so we’re up in the mountains of north Georgia and it was terrific.

Fortunately, it was a quick drive from me just a quick two and a half hours that became four and a half hours. But you know I was eastbound and down heading, heading over to Georgia. I was I’ll date myself here with that reference. And then maybe the devil went down to Georgia was the other song that I was maybe singing, smoking, abandoned.

We love it. Old school. I love it. Well, welcome everybody to Monday domain. I think last week I had talked about what, you know, what should I do? What should a domain or do a domain of. And Monday Domains is for really three types of audiences. If you own a domain name, if you manage a domain name for your business if you are a domain investor, either a hobbyist, a collector someone doing it full time, or if you’re in the domain industry, we try to have content for all three of those groups.

So you may be listening in because you saw the keyword domain you saw, we were a popular show. We get a lot of promotion on clubhouse and you may be applying what we talked about to the one or two or 10 domain names that. Or you may be an investor and you may be I always call clubhouse game films.

It’s like professional athletes or artists or entertainers, or even singers, you know, they have multiple takes or they look at game films and they learn from watching, you know, a practice or a game. And I think when I come into clubhouse and, and get to talk amongst different domain investors or domain name owners or.

People in the public to see what their perception is of domains. It’s just more and more experiences that I can use to, to build up you know, to build up a portfolio that I can build knowledge on. And I think that because we don’t always run into domain names in the real world, I can easily wake up, go about my job.

And even though I might type into my browser and things like that, you may not run into domain investing in your everyday life. And so I think to concentrate that here in clubhouse has been great. So what I said last week was what should I, do? You know what it’s, it’s, it’s not really the beginning of the year anymore.

And it’s the beginning of the year I talked about wanting to do an accurate assessment of last year, 2021. If you haven’t done that. You need to do it. Can you really go forward into 2022 without a clear and accurate picture of what you did in 2021? How many domain names did you end the year with?

What is your cost basis in the domain names that you own? What is the cumulative market value at? You’re asking prices of the domain names that you own. What is your renewal bill in 2022 for the domain names you will, when were the periods last year where you bought the most domain names, and even though you bought yourself a year before you had to do anything with the hand registration or 11 months, if you bought an auction name, because it had already been expired for a month, by the time you bought it when do those key time periods come up this year, but most importantly, what did you sell last year?

What were your sales and what was that number compared to what. And if, and if you’re not getting a reasonable yield, then, then really why are you doing it? And if you say I’m doing it for the future, then I would say, okay, you probably need to be honest with yourself. Like I’ve had to be with me. And I’ve had to look at my portfolio and say of the names that I didn’t sell last year.

How many have some intrinsic value at wholesale that I’m choosing to forego right now? Because I think I’m going to get a better offer later and at least be aware of what that number is. Hopefully that means this year. If you ever need to raise capital for a new project or buy a better name, you’ve got something you can go to, to sell where you’re not taking a loss.

You’re simply choosing to redeploy that money. And for me, because I do a lot of hand registrations, I’ve had to go back through and look at the thousand or so Metta and NFT. And you theory on an omniverse related names. And I spent the last week saying how many of those. Would have core, you know, 200, 500 and a thousand dollar value right now.

And then how many of those were speculative when I bought them and they’re still speculative. And the reason I’ve done that is I don’t want to make an overarching decision in April or may and say, just put all my Metro names up for, you know, $300 I run out of already gone through and really tried to distinguish what bets that I made that I’ve already won on.

You know, I think I have a name find in Ft com I really liked it. It’s a seven letter name. You know, if you want to find it in Ft to invest in, you want to find your FTE, you know, just really think it’s a powerful word with NST You know, I bought it for $112 or something like that. And I feel like it’s maybe a thousand dollar name.

Not that I could get that every day on clubhouse, but at least I feel like. It’s walked in, you know what I mean? I’m going to renew it for 10 years, but there may be other names I bought when I was playing around with nifty and some abbreviations that, that know they’re still speculative. And so I definitely want to separate those names that have already come in to being valuable with, with the other stuff.

That’s still just a one-year option. When you buy a hand registration, then it might sell. So anyway that’s a long winded explanation of looking back on 2021. And if you haven’t done it, I would literally stop tonight and do it and say, what do you own? You know, I had to add up all my names and review my cost basis.

And what’s funny is the cost basis I have that my domain portfolio is about the same as it was four years ago. But I’ve sold a lot of great names, but I’ve also had to renew a whole bunch of other names. And so what I’ve noticed for you out there that own a lot of names is over time. If you’re pursuing a bulk strategy, a scale strategy is that when you first start buying names, most of your value is in what you paid for the name at auction.

But as you go forward, most of the value in your portfolio may be the cumulative renewables that you’ve paid. And some people might say that a lot of your names didn’t get any better. The past three or four years, it’s just that they haven’t sold yet. The right buyer hasn’t come along. But I think it’s, it’s, it’s a realistic approach to look at your portfolio and say, a lot of my names are a.

A lot of my names, haven’t had that perfect buyer that I was sure that was going to come along, come along. And I can convince myself that it’s just around the corner. And I know Mike Gilman’s down there saying, and it could be and he’s right. But I think, again, it’s an accurate, you know, look at what you really own.

So that’s why I encouraged everyone to do. If you haven’t done it yet, say what did you start the year with? Cause you’re not going to be able to in the year and be able to look back on the year. If you didn’t do your number. In January. So then I said, what should I do now? What should I do in February?

And I put out a couple things, I put out three areas. I thought I might commit time and money and capital to one was to invest in one domain names. And, you know, that’s easier said than done. I think mark Hussmann was with us last week and yeah, it’d be great. If someone will sell me a one name for 10% of its value, you know, that would be great, but, but am I going to spend my time effort and money pursuing that?

The second thing I said was what if I just went back to, what’s been tried and true for me over the years, two and three word dot-coms and geo service names. And I thought to myself, maybe I need to take a new, fresh look at what’s taken and what’s available in a lot of old boring category. Like eco, like green, like sports, like finance, lights, insurance, and most of us, I think we set the agenda for our domain investing based upon what’s expiring, which makes a lot of sense.

When you go to an expired name auction, there is no seller. The seller’s gone. Their name’s been taken over by a registrar. The registrar is not in the domain investing business. Well, at least they say they’re not, they want to sell the name. You compete with other wholesale investors, more than likely you’re not competing with the highest and best users of that domain name.

You’re competing with people that are also looking at that domain name as an investment that they want to buy for a discount to its. So it’s rare that if I see Sam onstage, hi Sam, if Sam and I were competing for a name, it’s rare that unless the name was in the domain investing space or something like that, that we would each challenge each other up to its true value to an end user.

We would both have as part of our strategy that we want to buy it for a discount to its value. And so I think that, you know, those are the advantages, but what I was saying is I think our agenda can sometimes be set by what comes up in expiring. And it may not be a completely accurate picture of what’s actually available maybe even for hand registration around the aftermarket.

And it doesn’t make sense that if something came up as an expired name and it went for a thousand dollars, that there could be something as good available for hand registration, you know, that doesn’t make sense. But do I really know the answer to that question until I checked? So that was my second option was like, you’d go for one I could go for hold on a second.

I’m trying to bid on an auction while I talk. I can go for one word dot comes. I could go for combos and tried and true industries. And the third one was I had to take a realistic look at XYZ because whatever you think about it, whether you like it, whether you don’t like it, there is action in XYZ.

You know, we see up publicizing her sales last week. I think she put up four dot comes for over $40,000 each that she sold in XYZ which would make. You know, right up there with net and org, IO and tow as in terms of some of the most powerful TLDs out there for one words and, you know, can I really afford to say one of two things?

One, I just don’t like it. And I don’t like it, even though everyone else does, or I think it’s not really happening. It’s not real. I’m just going to stay away from it. Or do I have to at least take a peek and see what I can buy? And when you go see what you can buy, you find out that everything’s taken, you know, you can’t buy any good one word dot comes.

There’s post all over it. I mean, one word XYZ is, but that’s what you want to own is one word XYZ. So what do you do? And I made the premise that I might need to look beyond one word XYZ into the next best categories after one word XYZ. So anyway, those are my three choices and I’m not sure if there’s another good theme that’s really working with.

Hey Sam, welcome to Monday Domains. I hate to put you on the spot, but do you think there’s kind of another theme besides tried and one word dot comes or this whole rush to XYZ or I’m sorry, I guess Mehta would be it. It’s just, I think I said that my other choice would be to go and try to find, even though there’s been 200,000 Mehta dot comms, registered, try to see if there’s still anything there.

Do you think there’s any other scene that’s really working right now, Sam,

obviously a matter names are doing well, but I feel that the mat names are just been traded by the main investors or investors that think that Matt is going to explode in in years to come. You know, certain names are still selling. I, I stick to two word or three word dot com and the mines and they sell if they’re priced out.

Right. But there’s no particular niche. That’s selling more than a, another nation at the moment. I’m getting offers on all sorts of domains, but mainly obviously my a UK stuff. Cause I’ve got more UK But there’s no particular niche that’s selling it. It’s just random at the moment. Well, Sam, I appreciate that because I think you bring up a really good point, which is for each one of you, you may have a fifth category of what to spend your time on your money on, and that’s, what’s worked for you in the past.

If you’re a domain investor, whether you’re a hobbyist or full-time, whether you have a lot of domains or little. If something’s worked for you, if there’s a place you go by that not too many people know about and you’ve been able to buy below wholesale. So at least you have some built-in value, you know, it’s, it’s always good to go back and check and see if you can buy more there.

And in Sam’s case, he’s got a country code that he’s knows, you know, knows much better maybe And I think if you’ve got that, you know, spend your time on money on what, you know, because you’re going to be a better buyer than a new entrant that comes into the space. Like if I tried to go and buy in Sam’s country, I could think I knew what was popular and what would sell, you know But do I, you know what, I really, I wouldn’t have a good advantage.

I wouldn’t know if something was available, if that meant that it was favorable because it seems like it’ll sell, but it just never does, you know, or whether it was truly valuable. So I think maybe I’ll add that as number five. So I appreciate that comment, Sam, that, you know, stick to what you know, and if you’ve got a good system for buying names and outbounding if you’ve got a way to arbitrage different platforms, you know, where you’re buying in one spot and then selling in another and you’re able to make money at wholesale, then I think you know, I think that makes sense, man.

Someone is outbidding me. I can’t mention the name because I don’t, I want to be fair to the other person. I just had my name that I wanted to go from 45 to $250. That’s not nice at all. I loved it at 45. I don’t like it at 2 45. All right, I’m going to let it go. All right. Sorry to do that. But we all got a bid.

So anyway, so, so what I thought I do is I thought I’d go into XYZ and I ended up looking last week and all the different names I could buy. I had sold a one-word that XYZ for a thousand dollars. I bought it for 300, about five months ago. It’s the type of name that it feels like if I would have listed it on the most popular auction house for XYZ, I might’ve got four or 5,000, but as I understand it, and I’m talking about save, I think you have to list it, no reserve.

If anyone knows, if you can list at a reserve, it’s safe. If you could back channel me, I would love to know the answer to that question. Cause, cause I wasn’t willing to say, well, there’s a whole bunch of books. If I put a one word up there, I know it’s going to get bids, so I’ll risk it. Cause for all I know, maybe the buyers would get together and say, Hey let’s, let’s no one bid on this name.

And one of us don’t get it for cheap. You know, I think of those things. But, but anyway, so I sold one, I made money. I said, I want to reinvest $200 of that money in a one So I looked at the 35 or so ways that I’ve talked about in my book that I’ve never published about how to buy domain names.

And I ended up finding a one word. I’m going to call it a brand. I’m going to call it a vanity name. So I ended up buying, and I looked at it and it’s taken in like 65 extensions. And I just thought that it was a brandable name. So it’s a much different space than I used to be in, in domain investing where I would be looking for things like pension plan, that XYZ or life insurance blog, that XYZ, you know, and now we have this idea that someone is going to want to brand something, maybe an NFT.

Maybe they want to call it Cleopatra. And so I spent $200 on, and I feel like I’ve got a name in the game. I’ve got just one name in the game for XYZ. And if the demand keeps going, I sh I think I have some wholesale value. And then I bought it a little bit below when other people that want to get a one-word dot XYZ.

They don’t even know what’s available. They chase a bunch of stuff. They never seem to be able to win even when they unlocked their pocketbook. Some of the names that sold today were for 4,800 and an auction is at 7,300. And again, that’s an investor buying it for 7,300 hoping that it’s going to be, you know, on after Nick sales report at 50,000 or a hundred thousand.

So I feel like I have a little built in value, so that’s what I bought last week. And then this morning I went in and I said, well, instead of reaching for the. 35 thousands, best one word, like astonishing earth or, you know apathetically that X, Y, Z, or something like that, that even though it would be technically a one-word dot XYZ at some point in time, our people are wholesale investors.

And then obviously I think retail investors would like to better to word. Then a lesser known one word, but I think wholesale investors want that one word cause they’ve been told one word XYZ is what you got to buy. So I said, well, where do you go after one word? And the reason I think it’s valuable to do this right now is XYZ has a lot of action right now.

And where there’s action. It reminds me of the simulations I used to do in business school where. You know, you would have groups that would be managing companies and you would, you would set your marketing budget and your advertising and your pricing. And then they would hit a button and the computer would simulate a quarter of activity.

And then it would show you how well you did. And I feel like there’s so much buzz and activity around XYZ that I can gain a lot of experience of what’s working. What’s not working because there’s a lot of action. There’s a lot of data. If I had to wait and decide if two word dot comes or strong, I might have to wait two or three years to get the amount of data and sales and activity to understand what investors want.

Because a lot of my businesses is selling to other investors on domain outlet. And what new inference into our market seem to be appealing. You know, what they, what appeals. They’re not really retail buyers, but they’re new digital investors who think XYZ is might chance. You know? I wasn’t there came available in the 1990s, XYZ is my chance and I think it’s good to see what they gravitate to because the next time we have a new theme, whether it’s a code, a new dot extension dot web comes, came out last week.

I think it’s good to know what people go for. So I had to look beyond one words and I’ll tell you what some of my choices were. So my choices were funnily enough to go with three letter, which is a. Very popular part, but it doesn’t seem like it’s really taken hold that if you think about the reason it’s, it’s popular, one is there’s a limited number.

For a while, there was a Chinese demand and east Asian demand for the idea that there would be billions of businesses, so said that would all need names. And if you pick the letters that were most likely to be in a three word abbreviation for our company’s name, you know, the equivalent of what we might see in BMW that there was demand there you have people’s initials.

You have initials for phrases or you have little patterns like, you know, L N N meaning letter number, number, I’m sorry you have VCC or, or repeating letters, repeating numbers. So I think that’s one way that. Second way might be it’s funny. I looked at a bunch of names that were for sale that were all two letters with a dash in between a hyphen.

And I know people are like that socks. That’ll never be valuable, but again, I’d love to have what I want be available. Right. And in some point in time, I have to look at what’s available and decide, do I want it now, or other people going to want it later? And it’s, it’s the old song. You know, if you, if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.

So I think part of domain investing part of what I’m doing this morning when I was looking at XYZ is what do I want that? How expensive is that? And am I willing to pay that much? And then what can I get and do I like it? Obviously, there’s going to be a lot of room in between, but I think you have to look in both places.

You have to look for opportunities to buy what you want. One is in this case. And you have to say to yourself, I’m going to invest four hours looking not. If I find something in 10 minutes, I’ll buy it. And if not, I’ll just buy the best thing I can find in 10 minutes. But pick an amount of time.

Let’s say I’m going to spend the time looking. And if I look for some names that made me think of other names, I may make me think of other names. So I started early this morning, went through all the places I go to look for names and I ended up buying the one name I really wanted, ended up. I can’t buy it.

I found a CV CV. That was also a nickname. And I can’t tell you what it is because it’s going to drop the next two weeks. But it got me looking in the CVC V space. And for those of you, the CVC V space is the best example most people give is, is the company And when a lot of web two O companies were starting they were bootstrap startups.

You know, they, they weren’t raising tons of money. It was after the financial crisis, they couldn’t get one word dot comes. And so they wanted something short and memorable and they gravitated around this idea of a four letter name and then a subset of the four letter space would be names with consonant, preferably hard consonant sounds with a Val and then a hard consonant.

And the Val where, you know, you’d have two syllables, four letters. And, and again, I think Hulu’s maybe the best example. So started looking through those fam when I like for 50 bucks and then found out from the platform that it’s in redemption period and the seller forgot to take the listing down. So I was really bummed about that one.

The next one I bought was I ended up buying five. The next one I bought was I started looking for an XYZ blockchain Metta in ETA towards with the idea of if that’s where a lot of the community of end-user buyers is coming from. And that’s important because that’s the ultimate goal, even though I like to have some wholesale protection, but I want to be able to get out of my name and make a profit.

I wanted to find something that would have sorry to stall here. I’m trying to find my email the, the, wanting to have some retail demands. So I might get that 10 to one or 20 to one. Opportunity. So the only one that’s been delivered so far, so I think I can say it is, I ended up buying a two word crypto blockchain domain, and that is actually the name I bought crypto

So some of you may be laughing about it for 50 bucks. For me, it’s at least two very popular words. And you can say that they’re the same, so you don’t need a crypto blockchain, but maybe they are different. So at least I’ve got something in there. If this boom keeps going in the space with crypto for 50 bucks.

And that was probably the best in my opinion of about 40. Metta metaverse and blockchain names in XYZ that I could buy for under 200 bucks. And because I didn’t feel like there was a rush to buy it this morning and four hours, I was adding things to a spreadsheet when I found them. And, and the reason was is, is there’s something about, I think I’m going to call it a recency bias, or when you first discover something, a treasure, you seem to overvalue it compared to what you may think, even 30 minutes later.

And if you think about it, You should think the same way about a name 30 minutes from now is to do now you, your life experience, hasn’t changed your thoughts about domaining haven’t changed your intelligence. Hasn’t changed really. Nothing’s changed for me as to who I am and what I think now, compared to 30 minutes from now, if for some reason, the moment I discover a name, I seem to put it in that, oh my gosh, I’m obviously going to buy this.

How could I not, everyone’s going to want this from me and even crypto blockchain, which I bought about an hour and a half. Now I’m kind of going, wow, that is really long. And it’s two words. That mean the same thing. And here I am telling everybody that’s what I bought and it’s not as good as I thought it was an hour and a half ago.

Hey, Richard and Sam, I really appreciate when you guys join me, maybe bail me out here. Do you think there’s something to this idea that, that when you first discover something, you seem to overvalue it in the domain space and, and just time seems to bring you back to not liking it as much, or maybe being more rationalized a hundred percent.

Cause when you first see it, the very nature of being an entrepreneur, you’re a positive. And then once you think it through a little bit more, you could add some more logic to it. And so I think absolutely that, that we call the recency bias when you first see it. Oh, this is great. Fantastic. And it’s worth a 20 times what I paid for it.

It sort of reality checks or looking at it, put a little more logic to it. Mixed with that positivity. I would definitely advise that we’ve all made that mistake of paying too much out of the gate when we get positive. And it may just be 10 minutes or maybe half an hour. It doesn’t have to be a long time, but I would definitely give yourself some time to make that adjustment to get a little more clarity when you’re making that decision to buy or not.

Well, I appreciate that Richard. Hey Mike, welcome to Monday Domains. I hope you had a good weekend. Hopefully we’ll have a Northern or Western or Eastern or whatever part of Michigan you’re in domainers conference soon, but I had fun and go to Chicago, I think would be a good center point to, Hey. Okay.

So all right. The recency bias, which is why you should have your muscles exercise to know what’s good and what’s not good, right? I mean, like you say, put four hours. Look at the pending deletes before they become D-League. Right? Because then you’re not just like jumping on it. I have probably between 20 and 30,000 domains on my watch list, I don’t have, but a fraction of that in my portfolio.

And when those names come up, I’ve kind of noodled over them a little bit and decided on most of them, no, I’m not even going to pay hand reds for most of these. So, so you want to be exercised, but when you see the opportunity, sometimes you have to jump, win or lose. Sometimes you have to act right, because 10 seconds later, it’s in someone else’s shopping cart.

Boy, you said a lot there, Mike, isn’t it right. That more than anything applying the right thought at the right time is most important, right? You can’t say one strategy to wait, works or jump works. It’s if we could just do each one of them at the right time. Right.

I think for me, I learned a little bit about this and that for years I’ve done the daily drop between a couple hours or 31 seconds before the drop have I put in the names that I want to, that I want to bid on either that one, a back order or they want to place an auction bid on or things like that for the, for the delete list.

And when I did the domain show back in 2020 which was a three-day conference and I was going to be interviewing people all day the week up to it. And I realized I couldn’t, you know, be able to balance both of those at the same time. And so I said, I’ve got to get my drops done the night before.

And like Mike shared, you have depending delete list five days in advance for a name that’s going to drop. And so there’s no reason between me placing a backward. Well, there is on one platform, but generally they’re there there’s if I’m going to place a back order, like a drop tach I can place it four days prior or one minute prior.

And, but I noticed that when I did it the night before one, I wasn’t rushed two, I would go through my list and I, to be able to make my decisions the night before I had to have done my searching a couple of days before. And I really found w when Mike to share to be true, which was if I had done my searching five days out and then the night before with no rush and no hurry went back and relooked at everything, I did feel like I was giving everything a more balanced looked.

And when I first discovered it, I think what I do on GoDaddy auctions is the same thing. When I’m searching. I love adding stuff to my watch list to go daddy auctions, because that doesn’t cost me any. I get to search. I get to see something that I think I want to buy and I get to click it’s fun. And I haven’t had to spend any money.

I’ve just simply said, put it on my watch list so I can look at it that morning for GoDaddy auctions, you know? And that goes in with something you said before, two pages, like if you trap something, what could you get? That’s better for that same registration, for example, you’re comparing one to another.

So it’s like, it’s not necessarily a loss if you’re going to lose that one, but the lesser, but you gain this one, which is the better then that’s okay. And I think that like what you just said, going through that exercise of being able to look at it and say what, you know, let me sort these in order of quality, you know, click the button that says in quality order, while there’s no button that says quality order, that’s up to me to figure out, but to be able to have a bunch of things to compare each other to is, is good to get right in front of you.

Yeah. And maybe it’s kind of like a popular dating site where you swipe left swipe. Right. That doesn’t mean you want to marry. Somebody just means I’m kind of interested, you know? And, and I think that I think with domain names, Especially, if you’re that are registered in more than four extensions, and you’re seeing junk and junk and junk and junk and junk.

Now this is, I know this is really geared toward investors out there. And if you’re a company owner or something like that, or you’re a big one word domain, or hope to join us on billion dollar domains, but this is kind of the everyday life of a domain investor, something that’s just average can really stick out among a lot of junk and it can make you think, oh, I gotta grab that.

And for me, it’s nice that I just add it to my watch list, you know, and, and, and I can be excited that I found something to put on my watch list, but it won’t be until that day that I look and say, do I really want to bid on it? And then it’s not, this was really good from Richard’s point. You know, imagine the name that you’re going to bid on today and imagine if the price is two and three and $500.

Because if you wait until the name like this morning, the name I was putting on was a And I’d liked it at 45 bucks, but I didn’t like it at 350 bucks. Now, maybe I should have, it can be a great enough T project. Biking’s done enough XYZ, you know? But I had already kind of thought that I’d go to 50 on that.

And the reason I felt good was I really felt like that was a balanced thought. You know what I mean? And then I just had to stick to it when I saw it go above my price, as opposed to trying to decide as I went well, someone else thinks it’s worth 400. I only have to pay $10 more than them. And, and heck, I’ll always be able to sell it back to them because they thought it was worth 400.

And so I think, not only thinking about whether you want to buy an AME, but what you would pay for it. And you may have to imagine a price well above. Where it is because as we all know, it’s price can change dramatically in the last five minutes by thousands of dollars. All right. So I bought my XYZ, the other name I bought, I haven’t been delivered yet.

So hopefully if you’re a seller of this name, you’ll deliver it. I bought two, one word names. And again, I don’t know if they’re going to be delivered, but I bought disrespect that XYZ for $29. And I bought work for $29. So I ended up with a crypto blockchain for 50 disrespect for 29 XYZ. These are all XYZ is work.

Cation, that XYZ for 29. I missed the CVC V for 15. And then I bought Cleopatra for 200. So if there’s anybody out there in the XYZ space, the baby spends more time than I do. I’d be interested if you want to critique my purchases, Mike. I know you’re not a huge XYZ person is what I’m talking about. Buying an XYZ.

Just seem crazy to you or Sam or Richard.

Not crazy. I mean, so I mean, yeah, you’re talking to sense. Gotcha. No, there I flew market for it. I mean, XYZ is, are selling. I may not be everybody’s most popular, but there there’s definitely a, I’ve been an XYZ since it launched. I bought names in the land rush. I bought names and the first week. I actually liked the original thinking behind what Daniel had done with XYZ and the whole team there.

They were one of the few new TLDs that found themselves with what we now call a brandable because everyone else that applied for the new TLDs went for the data of what words appear in the most domain names. So that’s why we got guru coach expert tech technology store media. And very, very keyword centric because when the new TLD program I say in quotes started, you know, it was, you had to be starting to get everything lined up, like in 2010 and 2012.

And in many cases, especially the companies that were bidding on two and 300 extensions, they weren’t looking at them as single businesses. They were looking at the, the business of running two and 300 of these. And then that’s what played out, you know, donuts and a couple other companies, but XYZ, even though he had some other ones that he won, he, by the time that they actually came out in 20 14, 20 15, the whole domain world had really shifted the brandable.

And what I mean by that is. If he could build a brand was XYZ for the millennial generation, then he can sell almost anything to the left of XYZ. He would not be limited to simply those keywords that might go along with that pizza or not hockey or not lacrosse which would be a subset of all the possible words that you might want.

And I think that no, that made sense to me. And I ended up buying a lot of XYZ on the one-year drop. You know, people bought everything in the land rush, and then at the same time that they were dropping after the first year, they had a one penny special buy in for a penny. And you couldn’t buy everything, but you could buy a lot.

And, and then I think when the demand from China came, I think it kind of sidetracked my opinion, the XYZ team, from the idea of an XYZ brand for this new group of people that maybe don’t to simply, you know, they were one of the first TLDs to get on with clubs, I think to get to a million, to get to 2 million, 5 million.

And maybe it was cause they were a penny, but I, I felt like it kind of sidetracked them. And then when the China demand lessened and then I think naturally they seem to come back and catch a bid, which is a stock market term for true demand, true wholesale demand and true demand among end users. With web three.

You know, I have a history with XYZ. I’ve made money in the past. I don’t think I’ve lost that much money from, you know, buying things and then keeping them for two or three years and then dropping them. I think on the whole, because of the one trade I did in first names that that I’ve made money in XYZ.

So I kind of like, Hey, well, a couple weeks ago, I heard somebody mentioned that the concept of XYZ may have kind of taken some traction in the metaverse kind of world because of three coordinates X, Y, and Z. I thought that was well now you’re giving away my company secrets. But so when I had a bunch of XYZ words, I had a bunch of one word names.

I did that exact thing, Mike, I actually. Charted out a three dimensional X, Y, and Z a landing page for some of my names that would be like, if I had life, you know, we cover the height, width and breadth of the life insurance industry, you know, w with that exact thing, you know? So I think you’re a great, you’re a trend maker.

I think you’re a great mind. So I’ll say great minds think alike, but I, yeah, I think, I think that’s part of it. I never understood the Zed part though, because I don’t say Zed, but I know a large part of the world sees Z and says that. So I’ve never really understood that Sam, can you help me on this whole Z is Zed.

I mean, just in everyday language, would you see as the bed, but it’s French and that’s just, it it’s French for Z. I think that’s the only thing that. I wanted to go to my international correspondence, but I think he’s having a sausage roll right now. But no, I think they actually say that. I think that there’s a sense that even, maybe in Australia, that it’s Zed, I need some local knowledge.

We have any local knowledge on Z being Zed. Do you actually call it X, Y Zed dot X, Y, Z. We’ll see if someone pops up. Oh, here we got Ross. Maybe we’re asking to help me out. Okay. That’s what Z said. Hey, if you’re from down under a  and we got, I think we got it from the Brits so that so in New Zealand, Australia is Ziad, but I noticed since there’s been so much American television, the Z has sort of crept into the vernacular down there to.

Well, Ross one. Great to see ya. And I hope you’re doing well. And and I appreciate that. And yeah, I guess you’ve also had to learn what a, a foot is in a, in a, in a an acre and some of the other terms we have, right? Yeah. We gave them up a long time ago. It took a while. I sort of, I was in the crossover period between the Imperial and metrics.

So it’s interesting that the us has handled, hung onto the Impero when you, I think even the Brits have given enough fascinating. So X, Y Zed, I feel global. I feel global. You just, just saying it. I kind of liked it. Well, thanks Ross. That’s our local correspondent reporting from down under, in the middle of summertime.

It’s freezing. And it’s summer down there, you know, I’m halfway there at the moment I’m in Singapore. So that’s right. I remember that. Alrighty. So I titled this thing. What should I buy? And I summarized it by saying, I want to spend some new money. I’ll summarize, today’s show first. I talked about, if you haven’t done your 20, 21 stats and you haven’t decided if you’re a domain investor, or even if you’re a hobbyist, it’s a good time to review your portfolio.

One of the things you can do, if you’re a hobbyist if I only own 60 or 70 names and most of them I have projects for, I think it’s okay to have MUN one database and I would print that off. And what you might want to do is you might want to use fun. To say, and I’ve done this with my portfolio before, where if I think a name has a value of, you know, above a thousand or above 10,000 or above 100,000, I’ll put those in different font sizes, you know, 24 point 18 point 16 point 14 points.

And then when I searched my database for all my names and I search it by price, you know, high to low I’ll when I get to each category, I’ll see where I have the biggest investment. I’ll see the names I should care about the most. And I think sometimes when you have a large portfolio, you can try to care about every name without realizing that there should be some focus on your biggest and best names.

And you can’t really focus on your biggest and best names until you’ve identified what your biggest invest names are. And if you’re a collector and you bought names over the years for businesses, you may have a couple of names that you spend five or 10 or $30,000 on, and then you may have. 60 names that you bought for different projects, or you watch something on TV and you had an idea.

And I think if you just have them on the same spreadsheet, because I do coaching and people will send me their spreadsheets and their names, and I’ll do a portfolio review for them. A lot of times when I see him, you know, it’s funny domain names are just words and, and in a spreadsheet, they’re just cells with the word in them.

And one or two letters on or off can make such a huge difference that you can over time, kind of look at them all as words, you know, and I think it makes sense to maybe visually you know, show your bigger names in a different way. So I started with, if you haven’t done your 20, 21 summation, do it look at how many names you sold last year.

If you own a thousand names and you sold three last year, Hopefully it’s because you had a lot of other offers that you just didn’t think made sense and you turned them down. You turn down $3,000 offers. You turn down $5,000 offers, but at least you had the interest there. If you wanted it, if you’ve got a hundred Dames and you sold one last year, that might be okay.

Except if you have a hundred hand registration names that when you bought them, you thought for sure, someone’s going to want to buy this name. And you’ve tried to sell them at wholesale and you can’t sell any of them. Did I think before you buy your next hundred, you really need to look and say, what did I do wrong?

Was I greedy enough? And what I bought? And then if you’re a big domainer at scale, you’ve got above 2000 names, 3,005,000. You should take your numbers last year, which I think for me at least was my best year of the past 12. It was twice as big as 2019, twice as big as 2018. It wasn’t as big as my million dollar years, but, you know, and if you take what happened last year and you do that in I’ll spend some time at another analogy I have I used to work for a family trust and we had some acreage and we have avocados and oranges that we grew on it.

And I had someone explain the fruit business to me and they said, page, here’s the, here’s the way it works. Out of every 10 years, you’re going to lose money for five years. You’re going to potentially lose everything your whole crop for one year out of 10, two years, you’re going to break even, and two years you’re gonna make more money than you ever thought possible.

And what’s interesting about that is if you look at your domaining career, you may say take class year. And if you could do that two out of the next 10 years, Would that be enough? You know, if you had to end up investing money in your domain business, because you own five or 6,000 names, you had to pull money from your lifestyle or from your job to pay your renewals because you didn’t sell enough.

Can you really afford to do that every year for the next 10 years? So I just think it makes sense to know your numbers. And I think what you’re going to find is what I found when I really went through and looked, what I sold last year was man, I carry a lot of names that I didn’t sell. You know what I mean?

And I can convince myself they’re going to sell, but what other business could get away with only turning one to 2% of their inventory. And I don’t know if it’s always going to be that good in the domain space. I don’t know. And most of us had a good wholesale time in March, April and may of selling on clubhouse auctions.

The problem. Gave a cash inflow that we weren’t used to seeing because you know, I’ve had domain outlet for years and I sell on newsletters. I sell on name liquidate. I sell on DND, WWII. I sell on auctions. I sell on name pros. I mean, I sell every way you can possibly sell at wholesale so-so. I, I know what it feels like to get that money coming in and I need it, you know, to come in.

But I think for a lot of domain investors, that was a one-time pot. Cause we haven’t had that wholesale opportunity. So really look at last year and that should have been a good year. I think. You should have had some component of Metta ETH metaverse type stuff in Ft. Pay off for you. And last thing I want to say today for those of you listening to the recording, I’ll probably publicize this a little bit, is that I think there’s a difference between.

Domain names and NFTs. I think it’s been great to talk about domain names and NFTs having similarities. I think it’s been great to invest in domain names that have the word NFT and metaverse in them. But domain names I believe are much greater, much more long lasting than NFTs. And I think there’s a chance that after another year or two of amazing growth NFTs could leave a lot of people holding the bag and losing money.

And I would hate to have us try to associate ourselves with NFTs so much that F a whole generation decides that they got burned on an FTS, and they’re never going to touch them again. I don’t want them to lump domain names into that category. One. We never made the crazy exorbitant profit. That NSP sponsors have made where you can issue 10,000 gifts and make a million and a half dollars.

And I would hate for us to chase saying that domain names are liking FTS to give some of that benefit when we’re only going to get a fraction of the benefit, right? We’re not gonna be able to sell 10,000 domain names for a million and a half dollars that we just created, you know, just out of nothing and, and a gift.

You don’t even have to pay a renewal fee on you, just, you just create it, you know, and, and if we’re not going to get the game, I don’t think we should associate the domain name assets so much within FTS that if people get disillusioned or the market gets flooded, that we get caught up. Now that’s different than saying that.

I believe one of the things I’ve enjoyed about domain name investing has been, I can jump on whatever’s popular and buy domain name. I can buy last year in Ft and better versed domain names and make money. But that doesn’t mean this year. I can’t get on virtual reality and augmented reality and holograms, and next year I can’t be on electric vehicles and wellness and you know, tiny homes or something like that.

I mean, I think the domain name space is so foundational as an asset. So I think it can take advantage of current trends, but I would hate to see us be so aligned with NFTs as much as we want to say, oh, we’re digital assets. We’re just like in FTS where the original NFT, which I do believe that if that if people get disillusioned with NFTs, that we would have to suffer some of that pain.

With them, because I think that we do have functional use with our domain name. So I wanted to get that out there, get that on tape. And so I can publicize it a little bit if you’re listening to our courting. Thanks for staying with us to the end. Those of you in the live clubhouse audience, I do appreciate you coming each week.

I always like to throw out there any questions you might have on owning a domain name. If you found this room and you just own a domain name, you have a question. I’ve been in the business about 23 years, probably bought and sold over 40,000 names for 10 or $20 million. Hopefully I’ve seen most of what you may run into and I can help with the question or even a quick appraisal.

If you want to back channel me a name I’m not going to do rapid fire or appraisals today, but I will soon. And then if you’ve got a room or a talk or event coming up this week in clubhouse, or this month off clubhouse you know, I had a fun time at this, at this little meetup. I’ll call it with other domain investors over the weekend.

And I would love to see one in Chicago if someone does one in Chicago. And when I say someone, I mean, veto, if you’re out there I’ll fly up, I’ll drive up. I would love to. And and I think a lot of people might, and if we feel it’s safe everyone make your own health decision based upon, you know, what you’re comfortable with.

But I think if we can create a safe environment I think it’s so affirming to be able to, to, as opposed to maybe just seeing friends of yours or seeing people you liked in business and having to explain the domain business to then ask them a question. You know, it’s nice to sit down with people that already kind of know the business you’re in and they’re in it too.

So anyway, I want to give some time Mike and Ross and Sam and Richard. Thanks for joining me anything special happened in this week, Sam, how’s your upcoming course doing?

I think I caught him off guard. Hey, welcome. Welcome. Great to see ya.

Sorry about that. I couldn’t get my mic off. Hey, Courtney, welcome to Monday domain. Sure. Appreciate getting to know you in the past year. And, and if we have a Las Vegas meet up, I’ll fly out for that one too. But how you doing? I’m doing great. I’m doing great. And joined the the morning talk show and I was in the audience just, you know, hanging out listening.

And you mentioned that if we got a name that we’d like you to put a value on your thoughts, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the one I just backed up. Okay. And can I mention that out loud? Absolutely. Yes, sir. You can. Alrighty, let me let’s see. They say the back channels getting tricky, but if I go to you and then I hit message.

All right. G J E P L E. Yes, sir. It is gotcha. PL and you give me some help there that that it, it might be a community of Jeep levers. And I think it’s an interesting name. I think that the brandable, so it’s not really a brandable because if it is a thing, I think Braden was so good at this.

You know what I mean? He, he, he, he just says that he says, it’s just like that. He says, is it a thing? You know what I mean? Our Jeep was things. If I go to meet up, you know, am I going to see a peoples get together? And is there some sense that Jeep isn’t trying to own the word? She I still think that it’s a brandable that is highest and best value is probably between two and 12,000.

As a take off on jeepers or just, just a generic brandable, which has to compete with 30,000 other brand doubles, you know, but it’s kind of simple. It’s two syllables GPL. So I don’t know much about the Jeep community, whether it’s a 50,000, our name, because man, there’s people, groups all over the world, but it seems to me, unless that’s a really a thing.

Like if you’re buying it because you think it could be a thing that people will call themselves pupils I’d say, no, it’s better as just a regular brandable, maybe 400 wholesale, 8,000 retail. But if it is a thing that I think it might be 2000 wholesale, 25,000 retail. Yeah. That’s fair. No, I appreciate that.

Thank you. I guess if that, if GPL is a thing, then we’d have to be domain domain poles. I got to go to Mike Gilman here. My, my port man to expert. Can I add pull the domain hurt? No,

that was a fast deserve fast. No, just cut it out. Hey Paige, I I’m it’s interesting topic with the metaverse and all the meta domains. I’ve got one. I wouldn’t mind your opinion on I’ve just backed, channeled it to you, quite happy to, for you to share it. Just trying to see where it fits into the current environment and see whether there’s, I should be the question is whether to get out there and market it now or just bank it and wait and see what comes in.

Yeah. So yeah, Ross back channel me Metta, a, and it seems like. A name like that, you know, your best bet is to put a hundred thousand dollars, buy it now. And it could sell because the buying public that you may have sights higher than that, but I think that’s a really good price for that name.

They, they don’t, we have a lot of people buying their first domain name for crypto meta AI projects. And for them boy, to have both words, metadata, I, which they might convince themselves as just as good that this would be a leadership name, but from an outbound point of view, I don’t know if you ever could convince somebody of that, that didn’t already think it.

So I think for the next 12 months, that’s one where. You know, it could be, you know, a big lottery ticket, you know, above a hundred thousand and you might as well put a buy it now on it and let people feel like I don’t even want to talk to the seller. I’m just going to take it down right now because it has those two great words and it’s short.

So I dunno what your expectations were, but I think you’re better off saying this could be, you know, one of the top sales of a month for the next 12 months. I think it’s a great thing. Thanks. Yeah. It’s interesting. Like I’ve seen good met us. Another is go for around 30 odd. K. So I just and I agree with you.

It could be anything. I printed anything from 35 to 120 K depending on who’s on the other end of the. Yeah, but I think there’s something to be said. You know, when I see a lot of these big after sales, I don’t know how many of them were negotiated. And when I see them go down and prices Indian 8, 8, 8, or 9, 9, 9, maybe they were make offer.

And then people responded with that. But but wouldn’t it be great if we had that type of granularity in our data? You know, the people that went after Nick had a clue and they could say, you know, you know, 31% of our sales above 10,000 were make offer where we replied with a price and they were purchased on the first price.

You know, wouldn’t it be great to know, you know, versus how many were bought by it now versus how many had two counters or three counters or more than three counters, you know, but that’d be great data. It would, I guess then you’d have to go to some of the big. Database, who’s done a lot of buying and selling on there and have it provided individually, right?

Yep. Alrighty everybody. Well, thanks for thanks. Thanks for being with us on Monday Domains. Love to talk about specific names. You know, one of the things I try to do in domain club and Monday Domains and million dollar names is to get into real names into what I’m doing right now. What I would do right now, because you know, there’s so much out there that’s hypothetical about domain investing.

If you find a really good name and a discount to its true value, you said buy it. And then one day it could sell, but it’s like, but what do you do? You know? So if it helps, I just try to share what I’m doing and I’ll try to keep doing that this year here on Monday Domains. I’ll see everybody out there on clubhouse.

I love the suggestion of a Chicago meetup. So. You know, I think Vito has got a horse in that race and I’d love to see them do it. So maybe I’ll ping him today and see if you thought about it more. And and if anyone does any casual meetups around the country and you wouldn’t terribly mind me showing up, I’ll travel for one.

So thanks everybody. I’m going to go ahead and close down the room. Hopefully everybody will regather and are in a social room this afternoon. I am opening up domain club. If you want to be someone who can start rooms and domain club, I can make you, I think it’s an expert or a member who’s allowed to open rooms, and I know anyone can open a room on clubhouse and anyone can.

Start your own club. And I know you want to build your own brand and your own club, but we are the largest club on clubhouse for domains. We have an association with start-up club, which is the largest club on club house, and we might be able to get you some more traction and provide some help and resources as we do mailings to our mailing list and some off clubhouse marketing.

So let me know if you’re interested in doing, just having the ability to start a pop-up room during the week and be in domain club or, or do a scheduled room. So thanks everybody. Thanks speakers. Thanks, babe. Well, the room is ending. We’ll see, in 3, 2, 1.


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