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AI-Powered Growth Hacks – Serial Entrepreneur: Secrets Revealed EP120


Welcome to Startup Club. Today we are talking about AI hacks, AI startup hacks, growth hacks. Probably the biggest growth hack out there is AI. This is something that has totally changed the landscape for all startups. This is truly a historic moment in time when a technology advances to a point. Uh, so quickly and so swiftly where it can have a huge impact on almost everyone and every startup.

And I’m telling you, I think AI is going to be one of those game changers for every startup out there. And I’m not talking about just starting, doing an AI startup, because we are definitely involved in [00:01:00] those here at The Incubator.

Um, but I’m talking about your existing startup, or if you have an idea for a startup, or you’re thinking of doing a startup, how can you use AI to accelerate your growth, to hack your growth? That’s what we’re talking about today. 

 But also we’re writing an article for a national publication.

Uh, we don’t know who it is yet, it could be Wall Street Journal, it could be Forbes, it’s one of the big ones. And, uh, this is going to, there are a lot of the information that we get from this show today. It’s going to go into that article and you will see that article come out within the next 60 days, 60 to 90 days.

Depends on, these publications tend to move very slow. Sometimes they’ll do it in two weeks and sometimes they’ll take 60 days. Who knows where it’s going to come out at. But today’s show is all about AI growth hacks for your startup. And I know a lot of you in the audience [00:02:00] have got a lot of experience with this.

You’ve already tried it out. You’ve played with it. I know we’ve got a few ideas, I know Michele does, maybe you might have a couple of ideas as well. And, uh, I just think it’s going to be a very interesting topic. We’re, I, we want everyone to share their ideas. If you’re in the audience, raise your hand, come on stage, it’s Friday afternoon.

It is almost the last day of summer, we’re getting pretty close, right? So it’s pretty relaxed, we’re having fun. And we just want to share these ideas and come out with what we think could be a great… Um, article, uh, a great blog for Mimi, uh, maybe even a white paper. We can see what chat g p t can do to the transcripts, right?

But fact is we are producing, uh, a lot of good, great material over at Startup Club and you’re welcome to, uh, sign up to the email list there. Don’t know if you know this, but we actually have, uh, a number [00:03:00] of very big speakers and authors who’ve come on this show. And we are booking, uh, authors now. We have an AI expert who’s coming on.

We don’t know if it’s gonna be a week from now, two weeks from now. Uh, but one of the top people in the industry, she’s an author who’s written multiple books and she’s all over this topic. But you’re not going to know about it unless you go to startup. club and sign up to the email list. Lastly, I’ll say is we’re very excited about, we are T minus 32 days, Michele, Mimi, from the book launch, start, scale, exit, repeat.

And I will admit this book, uh, had no impact from chat GPT. There was no chat GPT used. In the making of this book. It is a funny story because we had to submit it last November, but the book does go deep into a I and we talk a lot about how, uh, catching the next wave or [00:04:00] paradigm shifts. could impact your startup.

And so it’s something that I’ve seen over and over and over again, whether it’s dial up from the early nineties, whether it’s broadband from the two thousands, whether it’s social, the advent of social, um, social media in the 2010s, uh, rise of the micro brands in 2020 2010s, the e commerce companies, uh, we see it over and over and over again.

And we’re going to see it again. Uh, this time though, it’s going to be the 2020s all about AI, and we’re going to see companies rise up and kill it. We’re going to see big companies, uh, be challenged. We already saw Google in some ways was challenged by chat GPT. Uh, and we’re going to see startups who embrace this technology succeed.

I’ve heard some recent reports that AI can help your startup or your [00:05:00] business by improving efficiency by 30%. We are in an unprecedented time. This is a great time to be a startup. I know it’s tough with the interest rates. I know it’s tough with what’s going on out there in the world, but this is a great time.

If you’re in the audience, raise your hand. It’s open mic hour, right, Michele? I think they’re lining up Colin, and we need to get to it. I like it. So, Michele, you’re gonna, you’re gonna modest today, right? Yeah. You’ll do the, you’ll be our, yeah. Let’s, our moderator, let’s do, uh, what I like to call a listicle.

So we’re going to identify, you know, very quickly here and get folks involved in what are these AI apps or otherwise to help us grow our businesses. All right. So I’m going to start off first. All right. I think this has gotten a lot of, you know, PR, but I’m going to say AI for [00:06:00] customer service. I don’t know if everyone’s noticed, but I feel like almost overnight, this is literally on fire and I think it’s a brilliant idea.

Um, any website that is getting traffic that deals with customers, I don’t know why you wouldn’t want to implement this seriously. So AI, it’s cool about that, Michele, you know, it’s cool with that is, is yeah. So we have at paw. com and Michele’s helping us to run paw. com as well. They’re in our incubator, and we have about, I don’t know, six or seven people in Philippines who do the customer support.

And when they do email responses, they use ChatGPT. But what’s very cool about this is you can actually tell it, the ChatGPT, to make the response more positive. So you can institutionalize. Positive language within your customer support, not just getting, you know, [00:07:00] taking a, you know, a, um, a foreign jurisdiction and, uh, offshore labor.

And in making them sound like they’re Harvard educated, you know, support staff, but also institutionalizing positivity. I think that’s fascinating, Michele. Yeah. Um, you know, there’s so much out there being published about prompt engineering. If you’re at all interested or going to use AI, you, you really need to learn how to master.

First, almost I’m going to say prompt engineering, like what is the role? What is the tone? What is the output? There’s like four, you know, whatever, you know, three to five. Requests, right? Prompts that you can do that immensely improve the response from doesn’t have to be chat GPT. By the way, Colin, there are other things out there using several models, but let’s just use [00:08:00] chat GPT, for example, but there are a lot of tools out there.

And if you, if you take a little discipline and extra time into what you really want, feed a little additional information, your results will really be great. Positively impacted, but Colin, I see we have a lot of our amazing members on the stage already queued up and I know you guys, ladies, men, members are, you know, probably are ready using some of these tools and I really want to hear your experience with them.

So let’s start with Vincent Vincent, tell us about hacks for your business or our businesses using AI. I tend not to use the word hacks, but in this case, no worries. Um, here’s some facilitation for some businesses. Uh, [00:09:00] when it comes to websites that have CRMs and invoicing and whatnot built in. Let me know later today.

I’m going to be introducing something. Um, but in the meantime, copy AI. This is a great one. Agreed. That’s a great one. Go ahead. Like, it’s one of the, one of the best it has been. Like, um, it really, and it’s just grown in capability. And the thing is with AI, don’t ask it what to do. Tell it what to do. It doesn’t mean be a dick.

Sorry for my language. Um, I often, like, give it encouraging notes, like, you’ve got this, bro. Or…

Yeah. Alright, so, you’re, yeah, you’re like saying just be very direct, and, and this is not a polite game. Well, when is business polite [00:10:00] game? This is a tool. This is not like some people argue It’s an entity, but in the end of the day it is a tool for like I I’m an AI practitioner engineer I’m on fellowship with a company called super type AI that practices rather well Uh, I’ll put it like this, I think artificial intelligence is the biggest oxymoron there could be.

Artificial intelligence. I think it should have been augmented intelligence, but we can’t go back to 1964 yet and change that or really want to. Um, so rather than thinking of this as a tool to fix your business, think of how you can fix your business with this tool, and the tool is only as capable as the one wielding it.

So, I very much emphasize and agree with what you were just saying on how you speak to ChatGPT, or how you prompt, or how you converse, or discover, [00:11:00] research, create. It’s all up to you. Awesome. And, you know, there’s, you know, a lot of continuous innovation and enhancements being made through these tools. One thing that I have personally found to be extremely useful as of late is you, they, it kicks, let’s just, for example, using chat GTP is when it kicks back to response.

Let’s say you asked for 10 things. You could say, give me another 10 and another 10 and make it more this or that. Like just, you know, hardcore. And it just, wow. It would just continue to churn even on the same response, which I personally think is really cool. And if you put curly brackets around the number, that’s like the like weird brackets on your computer.

Uh, it will, it will actually notice it more. You know what? I did not know that. Thank you, Vincent. So it is starting to take operands in the command. It probably has done that, but I [00:12:00] just learned that from you. Thank you. It’s, uh, at the end of the day, it’s a large language. Like, it’s just like a big, think of it like a data scientist that has word vomit that just wants to please you.

That’s why it hallucinates and will give you improper data because it’s very confident in itself. It’s like a marketer. And I say that from running my own marketing consultancy. Amazing. All right. Thank you. That’s some really good insight. Um, so let’s go to Cheryl Lynn. Cheryl Lynn. What are you doing with AI?

Like what would you tell folks here are members to do? Like, what are some good suggestions? Because, you know, there’s a lot of us using it, obviously, but I’m sure there are a lot that don’t really realize the full capability and are still struggling. So, Sheralyn. Go for it. Yes. Yes. Hi, Michele. Um, I have a sister named Michele.

Um, [00:13:00] but you know what? It’s just been really interesting. And I know Colin, the way he started this out was talking about how, you know, this is huge right now in the influx and, you know, how we’re seeing so many people starting to use AI. And I say this, and I’m probably going to say this For the next three months until I get it out of my system about how yes, the gurus have gotten a hold of a chat GPT and AI.

And guess what? They have absolutely the same amount of knowledge that you and I have. Why? Because we have Those of us on clubhouse who got this information first from Christoph, we really have more knowledge and information than they. So we do have the capability to put that information and help people in the public just like they do.[00:14:00] 

Now, this is how I see AI. It’s definitely, definitely a wonderful tool. Thank you. tool for our businesses, right? And really for every day life. It helps us with all sorts of things. One of the things I see, though, is there are a lot of tools. How a business hack, how can it help like in your business? When you are approaching customers, you want to let them know that you’re going to personalize the service for them, specifically for their particular business, because the way AI is being put out there is that there are a million tools and people are being inundated and inundated with All of the tools.

They really don’t know exactly what tools are specific for their business. That’s where we can come in [00:15:00] and tailor these tools to their business. Let’s talk about ChatGPT. I absolutely love ChatGPT. You guys, a lot of people think that ChatGPT, oh, ChatGPT is not, you know, it’s, it’s, oh, there’s other AI models out there.

But guess what, guys? ChatGPT is the most powerful AI model out there, more powerful than Bing and Bard. Okay. They’re all built on that GPT 4 platform yet and still ChatGPT is the strongest. And if you haven’t taken a look at the plugins, well, OMG. Look at the plugins chat. G p t is making videos and all, and oh, and giving you tons of financial, uh, information on the financial markets.

Okay? There’s so many different things. You can curtail it. There’s a, uh, uh, a specific, um, what, um, what, uh, [00:16:00] what’s the word? Let me just say thing. There’s a thing that chat GPT can do. If you type in the whole plan and what you want the task, it will assign the task to a particular person and you can pay right there on the spot.

  1. See how many of you knew that chat GPT can do this. They will get the person for you right there on the spot, right there while you’re on the computer. You can pay them 20. For your whole task, whether it’s creating some sort of business outline for a particular business, or, you know, whatever it is that you’re trying to put out in the marketplace, and it gives you the whole outline.

Um, and then it says, okay, these are the tasks. Are you ready for the task to be completed? You say, [00:17:00] yes, they send it to a particular company, but right then and there, you pay 20 and the company. We’ll complete your task. Oh, wow. How do you do that? How do you do that? I, I’m, I’ll tell you. I wanna hear Michele.

I wanna hear what is that prompt? Do tell it, it’s not a prompt. It’s a plugin. It’s a plugin. And let me, I have to go back and find it, but I, it’s called magic. I, I believe, but I will put it in the, um, And the chat. And the last thing I want to tell you guys, uh, Vincent, you were, you were right about talking to chat GPT in a particular way.

Let me tell you, let me tell you, this is how I talked to chat GPT and Michele was right on it with the prompt engineer. You gotta talk to chat GPT. Like I like how you were telling it, giving it at a boys, right? Let chat GPT know it’s the best AI model on the planet, [00:18:00] right? Because I hear different people saying, Oh, chat GPT is disrespectful to me.

But let me tell you, there’s a way to get chat GPT to be really nice with you and to give you the best because you want to get the best information. Come on. We got Harvard, Yale, you know, Columbia University people in this Motherboard in this AI motherboard, all of their intelligence is in here. So you want to use it effectively.

Talk to a nice chat. GPT you are the most amazing AI model that’s ever been invented. I know that you have the information on blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Please give me blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. like you’re prompting it. But it’s just like as if you want your child to give your child to give you the best that they have.

That’s the type of prompting because we know that there’s all these different jobs on prompting out there in the [00:19:00] marketplace as well. But those that give the best input will get the best So talk to chat GP nicely, you know, massage it a bit so that you can get exactly what you need. Okay. And the last thing I’ll leave you with is the favorite tool that I like.

It’s called marketing blocks, marketing blocks. And I’ll put that, um, a link in the bio. Sorry that I had so many hiccups trying to get this out, but you can tell I’m very excited. So I’ll put two links and. So really, like, we have to be polite, like, we have to actually, you think it actually makes a difference.

Uh, now we know when it comes to motivating employees or motivating our staff or getting investors, you know, a little sugar goes a long way to getting what we want done. Right. So you’re telling me, you’re telling me that even chat TPT requires a little bit of love. Oh, OMG. Watch, watch what it does for you.

It’s going to give [00:20:00] you emojis. Is it giving you emojis back now? You know, telling you, you know, let’s go love that. You said that Sherlyn emojis at the end. Yes. It somehow it recognizes. We’ll check GPT knows when you’re being mean to it. Absolutely. Because we’re teaching it. It’s like yelling at Alexa, right?

Yeah. Okay. There you go. But she doesn’t care. Alexa doesn’t care. But ChatGPT is going to destroy your life. Only a large language model that learns. Try it. Try it both ways. Try it both ways and see if it, if it matters. Because sometimes, like, you want quality. You want to get the quality. Information from it guys.

You got to know this stuff is new. No one has more information than you do on this stuff. Okay. [00:21:00] Sherilyn, a lot of what you said, I very much agree with, but Chad, you’d be by far not the best AI in the world. Okay, okay. Well, I just tell it that. I just tell it that. Okay, maybe that’s a play on words. I tell it that.

Heck yeah. Like, do what you do. That’s what’s the best part about it. You’re supposed to do what you do. And it helps you do what you do. It’s a tool. Just like a hammer. Or a multi tool. Or a super multi tool. But the thing is, there’s a lot more LLMs out there that, like, they’re finding that some LLMs are better at doing this and based off smaller language models or mega language models or just It’s, the opportunities are seemingly, well, the qualia and quanti Of that data, or I, uh, as a [00:22:00] statistician, I’m left with my hands up in the air.

I think that’s infinite. Yeah, but, you know, I’m kind of like thinking about what you said, Sherilyn, and if we kind of take it a step further, right, it is. It is, um, whatever request engineering, whatever you want to call it, because it might be something like, um, thank you. Whatever the section on the summary was very good.

However, I need more detail and timelines and resources on the action items. I feel like it’s almost kind of like that. On the, you know, follow up queries to extract more. Yeah, yeah, for sure. You can’t just say, you know, you’re the best model out there. So just give me, you know, an outline. No, no, no, no, no.

You, you use that throughout. You’re [00:23:00] prompting. Um, but Vincent, you hit it on the nose. You literally said that when you described how you use it. Um, it’s definitely you want to prompt use all the adjectives, right? All of the adjectives. To get to where you want to go and give it instructions. But in that I am certainly infusing some positive, um, affirmations and attaboys, if you, if you will, uh, expecting chat GPT to give me the best information that it has on this particular subject, along with the adjectives, you can’t just say, you know, Yeah, but it’s curtailed to that subject and the, and the adjectives for prompting adjectives.

It’s every single word you use. And the less you use, the better.[00:24:00] 

All right. That was some amazing. You know, great advice. Thank you. Um, and you know, who knows, like maybe the engineers, because let’s be honest here, you know, Chad, GPT is not, you know, sentient and developed itself. It could be looking for positive, um, responses, right? As confirmation that it’s going down the right, let’s just say, uh, trail or whatever it is.

I’m sorry. You better be nice, Michele, or he’s going to get you. I keep telling Colin. You gotta, like, improve your game. You gotta improve, we, we got to improve our, you know, prompts. So, everything that people are saying here, our members, is really kind of, you know, validating that. Alright, Colin, let’s go to, I’m sorry I can’t see your full name, the Official [00:25:00] Sia?

Okay, I’ve got a mouthful of popcorn right now, but enjoying the conversation. Um, so I’m chiming in from South Africa, the city of Johannesburg, and I’m really excited about this conversation because initially when I first heard about ChatGBT, And this kind of technology, I, I was skeptical. Um, I was skeptical, but I watched a couple of YouTube videos, and I was bought, I was sold, basically.

Um, the people who reviewed ChatGPT sold it as a convenient assistant who’s available 24 hours a day. An assistant that never gets tired. An assistant who knows everything about anything that you could possibly ever imagine. And so. I decided to subscribe, um, and I got myself one of the apps and I paid something to the tune of, I think it’s, I think it’s five [00:26:00] dollars for the annual subscription or something to that effect, um, and I’ve seen that returned many times over.

In fact, um, I would say that probably since I’ve subscribed, I’ve made over 4, 000 US dollars. Um, and that’s been in about two months, space of about two months. I’m using it now in the work that I do, um, and I assist organizations to put together proposals, uh, to formalize their ideas and put them in the form of, uh, business plans, um, hypothetical concept notes, and even my own public speaking engagements to come up with my speeches.

Um, it’s been such a convenience in my world, especially when it comes to also responding to just the mundane email. Um, getting back to people quickly enough, uh, just cannot happen with the volume of emails that we get every day. And so it becomes so convenient to just copy and paste the email into ChatGBT and to write a quick note in brackets there next to the email to [00:27:00] say, uh, ChatGBT, please help me out and write a response to the following email and write it in a casual tone.

Or formal tone and you’ve got to specify the keywords to the audience who’s going to be reading the information and it becomes a dream of a response and obviously you can get the volume out in half the time, if not even less for me, it’s been such a convenience as well in terms of the strategic development of my work in terms of coming up with a business plan to say, how can I grow the work that I’m already doing?

How can I make my organization? Thank More impactful and more value centric in how we offer our services and chat. GPT will come up with a step by step plan on how to conceptualize it, how to think about it, how to action it, and even how to implement. Um, and I’ve just found it to be such a dream come true in so many aspects.

Yeah. Yeah. I like the way you’re thinking there. It’s not about cutting costs. It’s about how do we do [00:28:00] more? How can, as a startup, we can actually accomplish a lot more so we can be more competitive. Absolutely. I mean, isn’t that what it’s all about? Like, how do we, I’m going to say this, Colin, and everyone up here on the stage.

Ish, hey, Ish, I just saw you come in. It’s awesome to see you. Here today, but I haven’t worked for a single company in my many years of, uh, working at different levels where people weren’t screaming and crying, like I’m too busy and I need more resources. And I include myself in that statement. So, you know, I think what you’re saying right there, Shia is really, you’re, you’re hitting it.

you know, the nail on the head, so to speak. And I also feel like it really helps us kind of, um, see our blind spots. Can I, I’m looking at your little icon there. Love it. Boss lady. You’re, [00:29:00] you’re entertaining us all today, but yeah, it’s just fantastic. And, you know, it helps us open up our minds, um, you know, solve problems.

As well as expand. So I don’t know about the rest of everybody here, but who doesn’t want that? And especially it’s, let’s just say it’s practically free. All right. I’m going to go to Ken. Ken, first I want to hear. Ken, are you there? He says, be right back. I’m communicating with him through his avatar. I love this.

That’s so awesome. Yeah. Go ahead, Vincent. You had something to add? Ken, king of the gifts. Yes, absolutely. All right. So we’re gonna jump over to daddy. Not [00:30:00] daddy, but dad tea dad tea. What’s on your mind?

We’re not hearing you dad.

Yeah, you need

Yeah, hold your phone or whatever up yeah, we’re getting a lot of we’re gonna come back to you daddy, okay All right. Let’s go to the one and only Ish Millie. Hey Colin. I’m Michele. It’s been a while good to see you here from you guys Um, I gathered you guys are talking about the benefits of, um, AI, uh, from the topic.

Um, if, if I’m not mistaken, um, chatGPC for me has been a, just, I don’t even know what to [00:31:00] say. It’s, it’s probably the most important tool that I’ve ever discovered. Um, personally, it’s allowed me to be better organized. Um, um, in the very early phases of organizing a conference, Um, and I think a lot of the confidence, um, is coming from just using ChatGPC to do the research, um, and, you know, approach and communicate with people that want to be part of that conference.

So, you know, I use ChatGPC, um, specifically, I’m working on a conference called the Domain Expo. Which is something you guys obviously can relate to. I learned a lot from Collin and myself, Michele, over the years. And I attended a conference, an industry conference called NamesPro on NamesCon. And I realized, uh, there’s probably an opportunity to create another conference.

So I started doing the research. And in the past, you know, you would have to go on Google and just dive in a lot deeper. Takes a [00:32:00] lot of your time. And now I just put up a prompt and say. Um, identify, you know, who should attend this conference. Um, I built the website using mostly chat GPT, um, you know, by just writing the right prompts, um, and even the forecast of the conference was done with chat GPT.

I use it every day. Um, and I think it’s a disadvantage for anyone who’s not on, on, you know, utilizing this practically free tool. Um, and I think it applies in every vertical. I can’t think of one industry that doesn’t, um, you know, include emailing people or communicating with people. So this allows you to sort of like take a lot of stress off your mind of I have to respond to that email.

At least you can create a draft and then. You know, modify it. So it gives you a catalyst in [00:33:00] your work and personal life. Um, at least that’s how I use it. Yeah, so Ish, how do we know this is actually you and not an AI version of you? What’s the magic word? Fort Lauderdale, okay? Money. Yeah, do you remember what happened that night in Fort Lauderdale at 3 o’clock?

Exactly. Alright, we’ll move on. We’ll move on to a different, different, different conversation. But I think you’re right. It’s almost like having a 100, 000 employee working for you, like an executive assistant, chief marketing officer, whatever you want to call this, this, this technology, uh, it’s like an extension to yourself.

I do find it fascinating how I do meet some people are like, oh, I don’t trust it. I don’t do this. All my information is going on. I don’t know if anybody’s on stage, um, who could maybe address this is that, you know, everything we do is, is the AI taking all that and they’re reusing it. And [00:34:00] is that okay? I don’t know.

Um, you know, I personally am embracing AI. I think every startup should embrace it. I think this is it. If you don’t do this. it’s going to be, you’re going to fall behind. I mean, there are a number of studies that are coming out. They’re showing that you could be 30% more productive with this. This doesn’t mean we have to cut 30% of the labor force.

It means we can as startups, we can do a lot more and we can compete with the bigger corporations. It’s a game changer. It’s a historic moment in time. I’m very excited to be part of this. I’m very excited. But curious about the security issues. Anybody’s come across that? Uh, or, or others have talked about, you know, if I use it, they’re going to take all my stuff or any of that kind of stuff.

Vincent, I know you’re pretty sophisticated in this area. Eh, I wouldn’t say that. Uh, sophisticated, not so much. Like, uh, nihilistic sometimes, [00:35:00] maybe. Punk rock, maybe. But, uh, sophisticated, that does not encompass me. I may know a thing or two, but as Socrates said, if I know anything, I know nothing. That being said, here’s some more nothing.

Um, yeah, as far as AI governance goes, you know, Like, how much restrictions we put on it. So I’m with, I’m part of the AI ML family, integrated AI ML family. It’s about 2, 000 individuals on a Slack channel that is all about sharing, like, uh, innovating together, collaboratively, because truly, I believe that’s how we move this world forward, is together.

You know, uh, the Africans of the proverb stated, If you wanna go fast, go alone. If you wanna go far, go together. I stand by that, very much so. But um, AI is, again, just a tool. It’s a catalyst, and it is a game changer. But for this really to change a game, we have to identify that, [00:36:00] see that, and stop playing the games we’ve been playing because the times of Mad Men is over.

Her great grandparents are dead. If they’re not, then, well, no comment. Um, sorry. Or, not sorry. Whatever fits best for her. Um, that being said, like, um, also, maybe go get more, like, if you really are into AI that much, maybe do, like, what we all hated doing the most in school, some studying up on it. Just ask Google.

It’s like, hey, what is… Something trending today in an AI tool, or what is, um, like look for articles on medium that are like, Oh, what are the best on copywriting? What are the best on financial forecasting? What are the best on X, Y, Z. All right. Very good [00:37:00] advice. And we, daddy, we’re going to try to come back to you, but make sure you have the phone really close to your mouth and speak loudly.

Daddy, are you available?

Also, please tell us if your name is not daddy. Daddy. Also, Ken, I think Ken might be back. I don’t know. Ken? No, Ken is putting on a show. Like, is he just like a, is he a bot that just replicates? I don’t know, but I’m enjoying it. He’s a skater. He’s good in my book. Alright, daddy.

Alright. We can’t hear you, daddy. So we’re, we’re gonna go to Vivek. Vivek.

We lost him there. He’s gone. Alright, no, I, I think Ken. I’m gonna say Ken. You’re, you’re not speaking, but I, I’m really now thinking of you as like a [00:38:00] performance artist and Moda con performance artists. And podcast, maybe you could describe Michele, what he’s doing, what Ken’s doing. Yeah. Otherwise. Oh, that’s a great idea, Colin.

So we have this amazing member here at the bottom corner of the speakers panel, and he is literally changing as we change the conversation. He’s changing the imagery in his profile icon with all kinds of amazing animated gifs, people clapping, strongmen running around, fireworks, everything. It’s so much more fun coming to the live show versus listening to it in podcast, isn’t it?

It really is. Or the radio. It looks like we have Vivek back. We do. Vivek. Yeah, hey guys. Hi. Go for it. Yeah. My apologies. Actually, I am a totally new users over here, so I am not sure how to like, uh, join the community. Welcome to the club. [00:39:00] Thanks, Michele. Yeah. Basically on a daily basis, I am using a chat GPT for the lots of people are like, uh, I am working as a an e-commerce growth hacker and I am assisting the business owners for their, uh, business growth to grow their business online.

So in this digital era, we are not know each and every part of the like development, like designing stuff. Like any technical stuff. So, on a daily basis, I use that. I use couple of the prompts. And, I GPT. Like, as an example. Let’s say, I am looking for XYZ product or designing. So, can you please give me a complete…

[00:40:00] project plan and how I can implement that within a complete solution. So it provides me a complete proper plan within the solution and how I can do that. So what I do that I can review that. And I can share with the our couple of the customers so they can get a better idea how I can am an expert. So on a daily basis, I am using that.

All right. So let me understand. Oh, he went off. Okay. So Vivek is actually. Giving people advice, as if I understood him correctly, on how to use ChatGTV. Well, how to use all AI, right? Like, isn’t that interesting? We know, um, Nicole, that [00:41:00] lady that’s going to come on in a couple weeks from now on the show, is like, there are people making a half million ish, like a half million, million dollars a year.

All they do is just go into companies and help them. Because the big companies don’t understand, and this is where, who said pick up the book? Was that Vincent? I think so. Vincent like pick up the book and just read and research. I mean, there’s a whole business here. Yeah, he said it Yeah, like just there’s a whole business just on that like just understanding like how this technology can connect with other businesses and And being that a facilitator being the individual in between who can actually make that difference We’re talking about I mean my gosh, I I you there’s a hundred thousand startups But we didn’t want this show to be about that We wanted this show to be about if you are a startup And you want to use technology.

How can you use it to help your business model? Right? I have a couple more things, uh, that I have some fun. Read it out. No, but I’ll, let’s listen. Let’s, let’s just jump over to, uh, Dimple first and then [00:42:00] Dimple just came on the stage. So she just came on. So, okay. So, all right. So I, I had some fun earlier and we have a, uh, pro project we’re working on at Startup Club.

Okay. It’s Startup Club AI. And one of the things is that you’ll be able to go to Startup Club AI. Uh, we’re feeding it the book, Start, Scale, Exit, Repeat, which comes out October 3rd. So it’s not out yet. We know that and you’ll be able to ask it questions and it’s going to come back with you with answers based on the content in that book, but maybe rephrased based on the language model of chat GPT.

And we’re trying to get that out before October 3rd, October 3rd. We also have another project we’re working on called business plan AI at startup club. And this is by the way, it’s all free. This is all free stuff. We’re just trying to do it. Startup club. Uh, so I actually went to chat GPT today. And I said, chat GPT, I was nice.

I was trying to be nice here because if you’re not nice, apparently, you know, [00:43:00] you can get in trouble. I’m joking. But I said, Can you write a business plan for startup club? Almost 1 million members. That’s all I said. Okay. That’s all I said. Here’s what it came out with mission. I’m not going to read the whole thing.

And by the way, it’s pretty truncated. So it’s not, it’s not too bit long, but I’ll go very quickly. Mission statement to connect, educate, empower aspiring and existing entrepreneurs through discussions, workshops, and networking opportunities. Bang. They hit it out of the park. Here’s where it got weird.

Objectives. It’s telling us, Michele, okay, hit 2 million clubhouse members by the end of quarter two 2024. So our new boss chat GPT is telling us we got to hit 2 million members by end of 2024, increase average weekly active users by 30% year over year, generate 1 million in revenue. from brand partnerships and sponsorships by the end of 2024.[00:44:00] 

Like, think about this. It’s telling us what we should do at the club. It’s insane. It does a business description. It does a target audience. It does a market need, a service offering, marketing channels, leveraging Twitter, LinkedIn. It really likes Twitter and LinkedIn for, for Startup Club, which is actually what we use, although LinkedIn is primary.

Uh, it has a sales strategy. Oh, our monetization comes from premium memberships at 9. 99 a month and sponsorship for brand placements. Human resources, 10 full time staff for content planning. Mimi, you’re going to get a lot of support here, it sounds like. 10 full time staff. And, uh, partnerships and community management, uh, technology back in analytics for member tracking and engagement metrics, uh, projected revenue by the end of 2024, 2 million expenses at estimated 400, 000 annually.

Okay. All I did. Now, maybe it’s learning my prompts, and it’s [00:45:00] starting to learn me. But all I did was say, write a plan for Startup Club, and it’s got these detailed, like, projections. Who’s behind this thing? How is it, how can you have, like, the gall to, like, tell us, we’re gonna deliver 2 million by this, we’re gonna have 400, 000 annually for staffing expenses.

Like, what is, where is this coming from? Like, it’s almost like, yeah, yeah, apparently they say it works on algorithms on probabilities. Um, but for me, I was just blown away cause I, I, I was a little bit skeptical at first, but I just went on a whim and I followed my intuition and I just went in and did it.

And I’m so amazed that I barely put in anything down, like literally 5. And within two months, I’ve seen over 4, 000 U. S. dollars in profit. Um, I’m blown away. And that’s just following the instructions. And now I’m realizing… So how did you do that? So, so, follow, [00:46:00] how, can you, Okay, slow down. How did you do that, though?

So you put 5 down on what? On what? Um, I downloaded an application called Chats GPT Assistant. Okay. I downloaded it to my iPad. And then I, I then looked at my business plan that I’ve been working on for the last five years that I’ve been struggling to implement and I, and I basically put it in. I copied and pasted segments of that business plan into chat GPT and I asked it to improve how I’m working.

So that I could make a better profit. And it did. It flipped first the business plan, so I followed that. And then it told me how I should market myself better, and I did. And I got the first client, and on the first client, even on that project, I didn’t really do anything. alone on my own. Most of the work was flipped and done by chat GPT.

I just, you know, tidied loose ends, made sure that, you know, I, I tailor everything according to the personal needs of the client. But generally the heavy lifting is done [00:47:00] by chat GPT, which just blew me away. And I’m realizing now that even the most dormant of ideas that I had put on the shelf over the I can now bring back and dust off the cobwebs and And put them to work, I’m realizing now that I just don’t have enough hands.

I need staff. Now. I need, you know, different teams to work on different projects because there’s just so much now to put to put to, you know, to put to use as far as what the use value that chat has. And I’m realizing now that it’s actually a question of us. Like, are you willing to implement on the things that chat GPT highlights as possibilities for you?

If I could chime in, I think, you know, one of the observations or one of the facts about chat GPT is the more precise you are with the prompts, the better the output or the results that you get. So it’s simply a matter of just getting better with the prompts. [00:48:00] And being as precise as possible, um, to get the best out of it.

And so sometimes I will, um, you know, insert different prompts just to get, um, better, you know, output. Um, and I will, you know, essentially ask chat GPT to continue. For example, I might say, give me a list of, um, companies in a certain geographical region. Well, it might shoot out 15 companies and then I’ll say, well, give me.

Give me 15 more, it will give me 15 more. If I say more, um, it will continue spitting out names. And I think that’s pretty, um, important because learning how to drive the vehicle, um, if I can use that analogy is also crucial to your experience. Yeah. I like how once we, uh, we had a marketing expert on and we asked her to come up for the marketing tagline [00:49:00] for startup club.

And it was, you know, quite corporate-y sort of like, you know, to be a community of people, da da da. And then we asked chat, g p d to come up with 10 versions and they, and one of them was, that popped out for me was, um, fuel Your Startup journey. And I just thought it was so clean, so simple, uh, and it was just amazing to see that it can do a lot of the marketing.

We’re talking about a hundred thousand dollars or $200,000 C M O. We’re talking about an operations expert. We’re talking about, this thing is, this thing is unbelievable and we’re seeing a lot of new applications start up. Another one that a friend of mine just told me about today was called Venturis. V E N T U R O U S A I.

And what it does is it does SWOT analysis for your, for your startup. It does, uh, this, um, okay, hold on, hold on. I gotta load it up on my thing here. Because it just, there was so [00:50:00] many things that it was doing. But anyway, it does a lot of detailed business analysis, uh, with just a little bit of data that you feed it.

And it’s an app that you can download, and it’s fast. I can’t find it now, of course, because I’m live here. Uh, here’s a confession. Uh, ish when we were, uh, submitting the book, we submitted the book Start Scale Exit Repeat last November, and we had no chat g p t at all involved in the book. And I mentioned that at the very beginning of the session.

Uh, we did talk a lot about AI and a lot about, and some and a lot, some, some of about Chat G p T ’cause it was the real, just as Chachi BT had come out. And so we really did address it a lot in the book. But, uh, we never used chat g p t in any way for the manuscript of the book. Come February, we’re asked to do a cover, inside cover.

So I asked, and you talk about speci specificity. [00:51:00] Uh, I asked it to write the inside cover of the book, and I fed the, um, the ai, the introduction to the book. It came back with an unbelievable, like, CMO description of why you should buy this book. Six months later, I’m talking, we’re talking to Forbes and, uh, the people, the marketing people at Forbes are going to say, We noticed that you posted on Amazon the inside description of the book.

But you’re the experts, we’re not the experts. Why haven’t you suggested we change it? And they said, actually… It’s perfect. There was nothing to change. Nothing. It literally knocked it out of the ballpark. And we’re talking to the experts at Forbes who’ve launched, they launched probably 300 books a year, 500 books a year, and are like, it’s perfect.

You don’t need to change anything. And this is something that ChatGPT did. So, [00:52:00] you’re right about really getting specific, giving a good data, and also describing what you want. I literally, when I did do that exercise, I described… I’m an author who would like, uh, to, you know, would like you to, um, explain to people why they would want to buy this book based on the introduction.

And that’s how it happened. And it was, um, it was pretty cool. Any other thoughts on some applications? I know Venturis is one of them I came across. There’s another one, uh, a PowerPoint. You can actually have automated PowerPoint presentations. I don’t remember the name of it right now. But somebody was doing a demo for me of that one, and you can actually just Google it, you know, PowerPoint AIs and whatnot.

Every application is being, they’re implementing AI with, you know, for us to sit here and just do what we’ve been doing all along, over and over again. In these startups, it’s a mistake. It’s, it’s time, like it’s time that we, I, we, we, [00:53:00] we all became students of AI. We all study it, and for those companies, for those entrepreneurs who, uh, who want to learn it better, you know, really, really learn it, they can take that back to the bigger corporations, and they can explain how they can increase.

I heard a recent study that 30% efficiency. Can be improved. Like we’re talking a 30% productivity gain. But if you don’t know what to do as a big company or even as a startup, you got to learn that and no one’s going to teach you. You can never outsource the entrepreneur. Uh, and this is another example of that.

Um, yeah, and I just wanted to chip in 1 more thing. I find this so ironic. Um, in that, uh, you know, the administrative aspects of work can be so tedious sometimes, especially around sourcing the capital that you need to start your business. And so that. You know, that particular mundane aspect of applying for funding, applying for those startup grants, [00:54:00] um, can be so tedious you going back and looking at what your SWOT analysis is, what your value proposition is for your company or idea, but I find it so.

Amazing and so easy now that we’ve got the support of this virtual assistant in the form of chat GPT and that you can just key in what those aspects that you would like to, you know, bring out in your proposal. And now you can actually at scale apply for capital and start. Working, you know, um, and for me, I’m seeing so much potential in developing industry, and I’m seeing now, obviously, as well, that they’re introducing AI that is not just virtual, but actual physical robots now that are going to be enabled with that kind of technology, which is going to be even more.

Easy. As far as now taking your ideas and implementing them with the machinery that I can actually conduct the services on your behalf physically now, not just in the virtual sense of producing intellectual [00:55:00] property. Um, yeah, it’s, it’s an amazing time to be alive. And this is such a leap frog moment in terms of our advancement in the space of technology and business.

Wow. So this has been an amazing. Interactive session. I’m going to say I can just see and feel everyone’s excitement before we end the show dimple. Did you have an opportunity to speak? I haven’t. Yeah, I’d love to chime in because I am loving using AI and you know, it’s as it’s as far as like the capabilities of it, right?

There’s so much you can do when chat GPT. Like the other day, I just did an AI masterclass and people were blown away at how many things that ChatGPT can do because they don’t really even understand how you can prompt it And it’s all about knowing the prompt and it’s about telling it like you can say for example, [00:56:00] you know act as a fortune 500 business advisor and advise me on Um, how I can, you know, um, start this, you know, company, this is the information on the company.

This is, you know, what my plans are so far, you know, what are, what are your suggestions for a business plan? And then it’s going to give you a business plan. However, The more information you give ChatGPT in any type of AI, the better output you’re going to get. It’s all about the information that you give it.

And another trick to using ChatGPT is to actually ask it and say, Hey, Do you understand do you have enough information or do you want to ask me any questions before you begin and then it’s gonna say Oh, thank you. I certainly I actually have everything I need I can go ahead and process your prompt and if it doesn’t then it may say can you provide this information and that information and that [00:57:00] Information so sometimes when you don’t know how to prompt properly you can literally just say what do you need from me?

I’m gonna give you one example that I use so I wanted to do a press release for a client and I said, Um, I would like you to act as, you know, a, um, a, you know, PR person and a content expert content writer and help me write a press release. And then when it did that, um, I said, okay, what is the information that you need me to provide you?

So it gave me a whole list of questions to answer for the information to provide it. And it, you know, wrote a press release release that was like perfect. Now, was I doing those manually before for clients? Yeah. But with chat GPT, it saved me so much time. And it can do anything now. I mean, anything that a business owner or entrepreneur needs to do, it can do that.

You can even use it for research, but you have to fact check everything. And keep in mind, chat [00:58:00] GPT only goes, you know, up to 21, 2021. Whereas if you want more recent information, you can use perplexity AI. And with perplexity, it’s going to give you what the sources, where did they gather that information on the internet?

And what I like to do is if I want current information, or especially if I’m looking for statistics, I’m going to click on those articles and make sure. that they’re coming from a reliable source. So you never want to take anything that chat, chat, GPT, or perplexity, or any AI gives you and just slap it somewhere.

You want to put your own human intelligence into it. And you want to figure out, does this logically make sense? Um, is the information accurate? Um, and then you want to use it as a guide to go ahead and put your own human intelligence and thoughts into it and a little bit of personality and modify it, but it can do anything.

It can write scripts for your YouTube videos. It can tell you how you can get investors for a particular type of business. I mean, it can do literally anything. So it’s about just knowing how to use [00:59:00] it and knowing how to prompt it. So I love ChatGPT. Now does Perplexity use ChatGPT? Like I’m using it right now.

It’s the first time I’ve ever got on it. It’s awesome. I mean, I, all I know is like, I don’t know if they’re on the same, um, you know, technology, but I know that they get current information. So even if they’re using part of like chat GPTs infrastructure, they’re definitely using something in addition to get all the current data because they’re curating everything in real time and chat GPT isn’t.

Um, and then it’s, it’s giving you like every piece of content that it puts out and gives like a little. Then you can highlight over, then you click it and it actually shows you where that article came from and you can click it to see is it valid, is it not valid. Now, I’m going to say both of the platforms are not, they’re never 100% correct.

There’s times when I ask perplexity questions and I knew for a fact, I’m like, this information isn’t accurate, I have no idea where it pulled this from. But. You know, the [01:00:00] majority of the time though, if, you know, you’re doing research, you can get really good information. So Dimple Dang is a well known entrepreneur and internet marketing specialist.

She is the co founder of Marksman Healthcare Communications. No, that’s not me. A data science company. No, no, no, that’s someone else. That’s another one. Okay. Okay. But you know, it’s interesting because this particular Dimple is also SEO, website design, marketing, and AI strategy. That’s me. So that’s not you.

Not Marks. Not with Marks. I’m, yeah, mesmerizing marketing, so. Mesmerizing marketing. Okay. So it’s not perfect then, because you are the dimpledang, right? But it’s funny because I’ve, like, I’ve looked up stuff, right, and I’ve seen, I know who you’re talking about, because I’ve seen that person come up too, and that person’s not even, I think in the US, that person’s like in India.

Um, but the thing is like when I look my information, it’s like a lot of the results are all like mine because I’ve put a lot of [01:01:00] into having a podcast, having blog articles, I write for attorney law magazine on social media and marketing. So, but it sounded like you, it sounded like you exactly. It sounded a lot like you.

So maybe it’s. It’s combining you with another person. I don’t know. It’s very interesting. So it’s not quite perfect yet. Well, you’ve been listening to Serial Entrepreneur’s Secrets Revealed. Uh, this has been an example of how the community comes together, shares information, and we, uh, we’re all learning from each other.

This AI thing is new. It’s big. It’s going to change the world. And, uh, and if you’re listening to this podcast, you just got to come join us live on stage. It’s so much. So much more fun to, uh, to see all the icons and, and, and, uh, all the expressions and everything when it, when you come on stage, uh, on startup club every Friday, two o’clock Eastern.

Uh, my co host has been Michele Van Tilburg. Thank you very much Ish, Dimple, Sherlyn [01:02:00] and Sia. And we had a couple of other great speakers on today. Really enjoyed you joining us and looking forward to you joining us. Next week on the show as well. We do have an AI expert coming on in two or three weeks.

We don’t have the actual date booked yet. Mimi, I don’t think so, but she is going to enlighten us in a lot of different areas as to how you can accelerate your startup using AI. But I think we had a lot of experts on stage today, too. And sometimes I think these community, uh, open mics are more effective than the experts we bring on.

Yeah. But thank you all very much, and we shall see you next week.




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