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Serial Entrepreneur: Secrets Revealed! EP94


Hello and welcome to our open mic about Startup Hacks using G P T in Serial Entrepreneur Secrets Revealed here in Startup Club on Clubhouse. Let me pin the link to the room and we’ll be getting started in just a few moments. Www Startup Club. There we go. Yeah, the link.

Hello, Michele. Hello.[00:01:00] 

There you go. Welcome everybody. People are starting to flow into the. We’ll be getting started in just a few moments. What are we gonna talk about today, Michele? We are going to talk about a subject very near and dear to our heart, which is about startup hacks using. Chat G P T. So a lot of us been really been experimenting using it in our business for different efficiencies as well as thinking about business ideas.

So we’re gonna like dive into the topic. This is an open mic session, so please do raise your hand and we’ll bring you up onto the stage as we start this conversation. It’d be great if we could get some good hacks for everybody, and it will be also reflected in our blog posts and on our podcast. Serial Entrepreneur is here every [00:02:00] week on Friday at 2:00 PM Eastern, and then published onto your popular podcast networks.

So, Jeff, without that, I think you and I could just kick it off and everybody start raising your hand and we’re gonna start bringing you up. Thank you. Great. So yeah, we’re gonna talk about, uh, ways to use Chati p t to really hack and grow your business. And it’s really interesting, um, people are getting more and more sophisticated at, um, the prompting, right?

And actually there’s, we were talking about it the other day here in the office, there’s a new job description. You’ll see people listening, job, uh, job openings for someone called a prompt engineer. And I’ve also heard people use the term prompt artists. So when it comes to using AI tools to create art like stable diffusion or Dolly, um, really the creative art is in [00:03:00] choosing the right prompts and knowing what to say, um, to the AI engine to get the desired results.

And with that in mind, one hack that I’ll share, Michele, and then I’ll let you share a hack and we could start bringing some people up on stage to share theirs is. Chat, G P T apparently is very good at roleplaying. And what I mean by that is instead of just asking it a particular question first, put it into the role of the person who would be answering the question.

So for example, I’m the CMO domain, so I’m a cmmo. So if I wanted to ask chat g p T to do something that’s gonna help me accelerate something I’m working on, instead of just asking it the question, I’ll say, imagine you’re the CMO of a company. Or maybe I’ll even be more specific and say, imagine you’re the c CMO of my company.

Um, then ask the question, how would you do this? If you were already the cmo, and I’ve seen others do similar things with [00:04:00] engineering questions. So, or project manager. So instead of just asking the question first, say to chat e p t, imagine you are the project manager for, you know, a new mobile app that’s being created.

What would you do in this situation? And then give them the prompt. So, so ask g p t three or chat g p t, excuse me. Ask it to play a role first and then answer your prompt from the point of view of the role you’ve asked it to play. So that’s a hack I’ve seen work really well, Michele? Yes. I found out the same thing.

It’s so funny. I think we kind of went about this path separately. Um, so what I have found, just like Jeff said, is I have actually been using. Chat G p t for a new e-commerce website that we were building. I had the, you know, painful task for me was to like build, you know, all the content on the [00:05:00] site. So I’ve actually been using the role saying, you know, write a product description as an SEO expert or write a title tag.

I even had it do a SEO title tag using, and then of course I briefly described what the business was. And I’m gonna say Jeff, like both of them, I think they came, came back with what, you know, um, copy that was better than what I would’ve done. Certainly it would’ve taken me days. It did in seconds. But, um, one thing I, I will caution everybody about, and I’m sure everybody in this room knows this already, but, you know, just, just be real careful to read it, um, because, you know, there can be some slight nuances in what you’re trying to say and it could come out inaccurate.

So that’s my, um, the big hack that I used it for this week. I probably spent a, about at least eight hours and it probably saved me, gosh, you know, [00:06:00] five times that amount of, um, time, you know, if I was trying to do it myself. . Yeah, I mean, your advice to read the output before using it is important. And I’d add to that, I’d say it’s important not only to read it, but also to modify it somewhat, to add some things to it, to personalize it.

Because number one, people will start using AI detectors and, and, um, we’ll be able to know if you’re just cutting and pasting things straight from the ai. And number two, you know, the search wars are underway. Google versus Microsoft is, is uh, is at high alert right now with, uh, Microsoft announcing the introduction of its Chati p t powered Bing Search and working Chati p t into, um, the Edge browser and many other things.

And Google, of course, announcing its competitive product, which they’re calling Bard. So it’s highly likely that just as Google [00:07:00] will currently penalize you, if you have duplicate copy on websites, you know, you don’t get the same s e O. Juice. If you’re just cutting and pasting copy from one website to another, it’s highly likely that Google will start penalizing search results.

Um, if it’s purely AI generated content, especially if it’s AI generated content that hasn’t been generated by their particular ai. So I’d be cautious about just cutting and tasting the output of, of the AI engine directly. And I take advantage of the opportunity to use it for efficiency and time savings and idea generation and then modifying it, use it as a jumping off point, and then, you know, personalize it with, with your own content as well.

It’s still a great time saver and it’s still great for just sort of generating ideas, um, um, for lots of different. . All right, awesome. So yeah, you, you, you bring [00:08:00] up something that I’ve been wondering a lot about and, you know, I hope some folks here or some of our members know, but I have seen that there are companies starting to, you know, um, generate, or I should I say, maybe generate, it’s not the right word, but to release some, you know, software websites where you can actually put your AI generated copy into and it kind of ranks it and says, you know, does it look like it was a human, you know, human, um, generated copy or ai?

So I thought that was really interesting and I’m, I’m really like, I have no idea like how they would even know that. , but I, I’m interested if anybody here in the room or on the stage knows, like how would like Google or even being or anybody else know that it was AI generated. I do see there are tools coming out for that, and obviously [00:09:00] one that was really, um, of concern to me is I, I obviously don’t wanna plagiarize anything and there’s some cool plagiarism, um, software that you can run your copy through too.

I don’t know, like Priscilla, I You’re, you’re up here on the stage, . Yeah. Yes. Thank you so much, Michele. Jeffrey, and all my friends. So glad to be here. Sharing and just providing value. So I, I do wanna say there is a way, right in the backend with the code, it’s a logging system, very similar to log stamps, right?

But it, it’s a logging method that is used. So it’s because of that they’re able to detect ai, Priscilla, pausing. So are you saying, I just wanna make sure I understand you correctly. There’s some huge log out there in a database that they can check and be like, yep, it’s a file. Michele generated all this copy from ai.

Yep. It’s, it’s a file that is composed of code and then it [00:10:00] logs everything. Just like there’s a file that does, uh, techniques for log times, stamping and logging, like your log stamps. And this is developer lingo. . Yeah. Yeah. So that’s the best way I can explain it. Priscilla. Pausing. Right. Interesting. Wow. Uh, but just do you, does anybody know or think that Google is penalizing, um, some of us that are using AI for.

I think it’s possible. Uh, there’s that plat that can give you that sentiment analysis of, uh, AI generated content as well. So that’s a tool that could be used. But yeah, I, I think so. I mean, they said they were gonna do it, so I do think so. Priscilla pausing. Yeah, I think that’s very [00:11:00] interesting.

I don’t know why they wanna penalize us, but, all right, so now I’m like, oh gosh, I better go and check my copy. I don’t wanna be penalized. Right. Jeff, you and I both do a lot of marketing and copy something for us to think about. . Yep. I think it’s definitely a consideration. And, and again, the other neat thing they did with chat g p t is it, is it ha it is persistent so it remembers what it’s done for you, which gives you the real, um, opportunity to keep refining, keep revising.

You know, we’re not always used to revising things so much cuz it gets to be a pain in the neck after a while, but in the case of the ai, it doesn’t care. So get a first draft, then you might say, okay, can you rewrite it and make it sound more personable? Uh, or can you rewrite it and make it a little bit funny or can you rewrite it and make sure to include some actual quotes from, uh, such and such source, um, et cetera.

So, [00:12:00] so there’s no problem. Constantly revising something, um, until you get it just the way you want it. Um, the AI is very good at that, and it’s very fast and it remembers what you have. So you can, you know, you can say, okay, can you, uh, rewrite it, but don’t forget to add these two additional points and it’ll do that right away.

So the fact that it’s persistent makes it a lot easier, um, than, you know, traditional search would be where you just can’t continue. Um, the thought you had with, with chat e p t, you can just continue down the same line, you know, for a number of, of queries back and forth, which is really cool. Yeah, it is.

And for me, one thing you know I’ve been doing is I’ve actually been putting what I put as the prompt query. and the, the return response in a, in a Word document, because I am kind of tweaking it. It’s just depends. So, you know, [00:13:00] that sounds like something I better look out for. So thank you already. I got a really good, um, bit of advice here.

So we have a couple of other folks up here on the stage with us. So let’s go ahead and get your question, your hack, um, your suggestion for our members. So Chaya, what is your suggestion or what is your hack for the fellow entrepreneurs here on this, um, on this show, Chaya, your mute is in the bottom right hand corner.

If you’re there, we can’t hear. . All right. Oh, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I No, no, no problem at all. . I was, uh, literally talking, uh, upon mute. So I, I am with Jeffrey. I am my use daily use to j uh, hack on [00:14:00] chat. G P t I am continuously using it in my, basically, I’m an, I’m a developer. I am acting as a managerial role, really leadership role roles in my, uh, product, uh, ownership.

So, and I, I’m using it for code review. You won’t believe it. It always gives you the standard code, uh, to replace with in the review. And, uh, mostly, uh, on a quick way I use it for. I roughly note things and I just throw it to G p t and it it, it gives you the real right way of, uh, implementing moms and giving, you can just, uh, paste it on your mails and just share it with your team members right away.

So it, it helps me a lot and, and mostly in code reviews and mostly in planning of my product deliveries and other things. So, uh, [00:15:00] it’s, it’s really very good. And, uh, and I’m with Jeffrey. Uh, he’s saying that, uh, you can define it, re regenerating. You can regenerate just, uh, just to get the good, uh, stuff until you, you, you got, so, yeah, that’s it.

I’m muting. So if I understand you correctly, you are writing the code or your team is writing code and then you’re putting your code. through chat g p t for a review, or is it vice versa? Yes. Yeah. I, I always do the code reviews, uh, frequently, uh, to give the standard, uh, coding feature in, in the team when, when, whenever you review in, in a mood to review anything, even on, on a document, if something is, is written right way, you can check on.

And, uh, and, and the same case is for [00:16:00] codes. Uh, it’ll, it’ll suggest you the right, uh, code snippet also. Wow. Yeah. That’s, that’s amazing. Right? I think that sounds like amazing way to even make your coat possibly. Yeah. It’s like a mentor, uh, more efficient. Yeah. It’s like a mentor and, and, and you can use it as a mentor if you want to.

Uh, if you are reading something you want to clarify, you want clarification on, on your readings, you, you can go ahead with G G P D. Excellent. I love that. a way for us to, it also is very good. It’s also very good, Michele, at, at summarizing things. So let’s say you have a long article that you, you don’t really have the time to read.

You can upload that article and say, you know, you know, give me back the top 10 bullet points of, of the, you know, of the, uh, content of this article, et cetera. Or give me a, [00:17:00] a one paragraph or a two paragraph summary of this article, et cetera. So really for time saving and efficiency, that I think is one of the biggest and easiest hacks to do right away.

I, I’ve recently experimented with using it. To craft responses to emails, and, you know, I’ll still personalize it a little bit, but the cool thing is chat, G p t when I’ve done this a few times, often added something to the email that I probably wouldn’t have thought of to add, uh, on my own, you know? So, um, it’s really great for, um, giving you the, that the kind of extra insight into something.

And again, I’m not cutting and pasting its email responses verbatim. I’m taking that as my first draft, you know, adding some stuff to it, cleaning it up, personalizing it, and then heading send. But it still saves me a lot of thinking time in terms of how to craft my response.

Excellent. Yeah, I, I’ve heard a lot of [00:18:00] people using it as a way to Yeah. Kind of fill in the blanks and help ’em think and identify things that they hadn’t thought of. , so that’s super cool. Um, it’s a, it’s almost like getting feedback, right? When you’re just like brainstorming with somebody, you could be brainstorming almost with chat G P T, which I think is pretty invaluable.

Yeah, and there was a comment in the chat that’s just important to remember, you know, just because it’s fast and it comes off authoritative doesn’t mean it’s right. And, and, and it is wrong, you know, a percentage of the time if you’re asking for facts and things like that. So you definitely want to, um, make sure you’re comfortable that the information it’s giving you is accurate and you probably still don’t want to use it to rely on any, you know, um, very sensitive decisions or decisions that could help for [00:19:00] decisions that could affect your financial, um, without vetting the information and making sure that you’re comfortable that it’s accurate.

Yeah, absolutely. And I, I think I’ve read it’s not extremely current, meaning if you’re looking for late breaking information, it’s probably not the best thing to rely on. So, you know, I think it pretty much discloses all this actually Right on, um, the interface, which is, is good. All right, Jeff, we have Gideon on the stage.

Gideon, we’d love to hear your experience, your hacks, like your thoughts on ch chat, g p t, please. Okay. Um, excuse me. Evening. Can I hear you? Hey, get in. We’re having trouble understanding you. There’s a lot of noise and we can’t hear you.[00:20:00] 

All right. Let’s go to Jarvis. I love your little. . All right, . All right. So Jeff, yeah, I, let’s, let’s talk like about, um, other uses. So I’m gonna throw up another hack that I’ve just seen that I’m very excited to try and that is, I’ve heard, uh, and seen on some blog posts that you could actually ask chat g p t to write an excel spreadsheet formula for you.

So you could just literally like, explain what you’re trying to do and get a formula written, which for me is, you know, sounds amazing. I, I use Excel a lot. , that’s a really great, um, hack because those formulas can be pretty complicated. But again, make sure you test the formula afterwards and, and, you know, um, are [00:21:00] comfortable that it’s completely accurate.

Um, but I think, you know, we’re gonna continue to find, um, lots of new ways. I mean, this is literally this, this thing was birthed to the public, um, probably just about a month ago, maybe five or six weeks ago. And I heard yesterday that they already have 100 million daily active users on, uh, chat e p t, which is, which is pretty amazing.

And I think it, it went from zero to a million, uh, registrations in the first, you know, few hours of its launch. So it, it’s becoming one of the fastest growing technology products, uh, ever introduced, uh, in terms of the widespread, um, Adoption and use and, and I think it also is captured the zeitgeist, um, faster than anything in recent memory.

You know, all of a sudden you’re not really hearing as much about Web three and you’re not really hearing too much about the crypto crash anymore. Um, really all everyone’s talking about [00:22:00] is, uh, ai, open AI chat, G p t, you know how it’s gonna impact search Google’s response. Um, it’s really taken over, um, the public’s mind and not just in the tech world.

That’s what’s really interesting. You know, there’s a lot of people in a lot of publications talking about it that aren’t typically the publications and people talking about tech companies or talking about technology. It’s really, um, struck a. With humanity right? In, in many ways, which I think, you know, anyone who’s been a fan of science fiction, um, you’ve probably read many stories, uh, read many books, seen many movies where there’s always an, an evil AI at some point that takes over and, and, uh, you know, causes havoc for humanity.

So I think we’ve all been wondering when this day would come, and it seems like we’ve, we’ve crossed over to the other side now. I think there’s no turning back one way or another. AI is gonna be permeating, um, many aspects of our daily lives. [00:23:00] Yeah. And I, you know, listening to the news, of course, uh, it’s all over the news, right?

It is already the next big thing. And I believe it was Bill Gates who said, this is the biggest thing since the internet. And I was thinking about that statement, Jeff, and I thought, you know, it’s interesting because I think we are where we are being able to. Leverage, you know, or benefit from a tool like this because actually of the internet, it’s because of all this vast amount of data that’s been accumulating for decades.

So it’s interesting to see the progression of things and, um, I think it’s really fascinating times and a lot of opportunities for a lot of folks to start new businesses and just maybe be more productive. Wh what do you think about that, Jeff? Oh, absolutely. And, and I think obviously it, it, it wouldn’t have occurred without the internet and, and it’s the [00:24:00] fact that the internet has been able to collect so much information and data, um, that’s given us the ability to train these.

In a way that wouldn’t have been possible, you know, pre-internet, right? Um, you couldn’t be taking dictionaries and books and libraries and, and spoonfeeding, um, the content of all those books to an ai, uh, without the internet. So the internet is critical. I also think we’re gonna see a lot of changes, and it’s happening already quickly with how we interface with chat G P T.

Um, obviously talking to an AI. Is, is the future one way or another? Um, you know, we have Alexa in Siri and all these things, but right now, you know, it’s not giving you as detailed answers as chat g p T, but that’s coming. I’ve actually taken to, um, using, uh, voice to text, to use chat G P T when I’m on my phone because it’s very easy to do.

So I’ll actually talk my prompts [00:25:00] to chat e p t instead of typing them. And I find that to be a great experience and it won’t be long before. And there’s ways to hack this now where you can have the responses read to you aloud, you know, and there are many. AI powered voices now that do text to speech almost imperceptibly.

Good. Uh, and in fact, tools like Descript and other things, which is powered by open AI’s technology, lets you learn it can learn your own voice and you can actually type new text and have it spoken back to you in your voice. So, you know, deep fakes, , it’s gonna be harder and harder to determine, uh, whether something is real or um, uh, generated.

So, um, interesting times ahead on all these fronts. But I do think the way we interface, you know, talking to, uh, an AI and getting those responses, uh, in different forms, I think is the next big step that we’ll see very soon. [00:26:00] Absolutely. So we have someone on the stage, Sola. We’d love to hear your hacks and your thoughts on how entrepreneurs can use chat.

G P T. Are you there Sola? Um, you’re on mute, the little right button on the bottom of your screen. All right, so let’s go to Colin if he can talk. I see Colin was able to join, um, this session and I know he’s a big fan of chat, G p T two. Um, so call, is there any thoughts that you can impart on us about hacks and, you know, just really cool things that, um, folks can do with chat G P t.

Okay, well talk about throwing me into the fire here. Uh, yeah. I appreciate you covering the session today. Uh, it’s an exciting topic. You know, we are at a historic moment in time and I believe that this [00:27:00] AI technology, if a startup uses it correctly, it can really help accelerate their growth. You know, one thing I’ve, I’ve seen a few.

Examples of that in, in the startups with our insider incubator. One of them is in customer service. And you may have touched upon this already, but you know, I’ll just maybe reemphasize it if you’ve already touched upon it. But the fact is, you can now utilize offshore labor, which can be a fraction of the price of, of Western labor.

You can utilize that labor for support and for other other activities. And, um, you’re able to run their scripts through, um, through the chat G P T and it, and it really makes it a lot more professional and clean. But I think what I like the most about it is when you add a positive tone. So you’ll, you know, run a, a, a response to an email or you’re, or if you’re developing an FAQ or [00:28:00] script or whatever, and then you said, well, now please make it more positive.

And I, I believe, um, That the more that we can make our language more positive with our customers, the higher the satisfaction rate of our customers. And we actually had a speaker on, I don’t know if you remember Michele, George Walter, who was on this show about two to three months ago, and he did a, a whole session on Power Talk.

You know how we can communicate and now we can literally automate being positive. And now I know that almost sounds a little too fake, but the reality is if we can do that, that can help increase our customer satisfaction and it’s institutionalized within the organization. So I’ll leave it at that for now.

I don’t know if anyone’s touched upon customer service and how we can improve it, not only based on efficiency, but based on positive.[00:29:00] 

Yeah, I, I love that use case, whether it be for chat that customer service is doing or whether it be for emails, it, it’s an incredible tool for that. Um, especially if you speak another language. Um, and on that subject, I’m gonna bring up another one cuz we’re, we’re keeping a list here and we’re gonna include these things in the blog posts is translating and summarizing at the same time.

So a lot of us, you know, probably live or work with people in different countries or different, speak different languages. Um, I don’t know of any other, um, tool that could actually do this. Obviously there’s Google Translate, but chat, G P T could actually take an agreement. Like for us, we dealt heavily in China and the company we previously ran, sure, I could just like try to [00:30:00] translate through Google Translate, but I could never summarize.

So I think that’s an extremely powerful, um, tool, whether it be personally or for business. And, um, I I love the summarization capabilities. Yeah. Not only that, Michele, but you, you can, it’ll, it’ll do more than just translate and it’ll create, so my dad is an attorney, um, still practicing at age 87. Good for him.

And he has a client that he’s had for 30 years that’s based in the Netherlands. So they’re Dutch. And this has been his client, he’s been to Amsterdam to visit them many times, but all of his communications with them have been in English. And uh, when I was visiting him, uh, in December, I was just playing with chat e p t and had just sort of come out right around that time, towards the end of December and he was getting ready to write a letter.

To his client in Amsterdam to thank them for their help with a particular case [00:31:00] that was settled. And I said, let’s, let’s use chat g p t and do it in Dutch. And instead of him writing a letter and then translating it, we simply said to chat, g p t, write a letter in Dutch to so, so-and-so thanking them for their participation in the such and such case, uh, and their contribution towards the positive results.

Right? So that’s all we told it. And it wrote a fairly detailed, beautiful letter in Dutch saying a lot more than that, adding some legal terms, adding some stuff that made sense. And my dad just cut and pasted that and sent it to his client by email. And the client was blown away because in 30 years, you know, he had, they had never received any communications from my dad in Dutch, let alone a properly.

Structured letter. And that’s the thing where AI versus straight translation makes a big difference. Because if you just do straight translation, it’s typically trying to translate what you wrote. And your [00:32:00] grammar in English may not really match the way things are said in that other language. When you ask the AI to compose something from scratch in another language, it’s gonna use proper grammar and some expressions that wouldn’t have translated well from your English necessarily if you wrote the letter first.

So it’s a powerful tool for not just straight translation, but for creation in other languages as well.

Yeah, that’s an amazing way, I mean, just think about that, right? You’re doing business development or just trying to develop some kind of relationship that, that’s amazingly powerful. I, I agree with you. And that’s so cool that you’re. I’m gonna say elderly father did that. That’s, um, you know, that’s how you form true business relationships or even personal, just really, you know, addressing people in their own language.[00:33:00] 

There’s a good question in the chat, Michele, too. Um, um, whether or not, um, there’s an app available for chat, G P T, to my knowledge, there is not a mobile app. So if you see chat G p t apps in, in the Google Play Store and elsewhere, they’re, they’re probably not, unless they’re, if they’re not from open ai, the company, they’re probably not, um, authorized or legit, or they’re just capitalizing potentially on the interest in the name.

But that said, there are a lot of apps and companies that are integrating Chat e P T into their product, you know, using the API that’s available. So you know, Colin has got a startup with his daughter that’s doing that. So some of those apps could be legitimate apps that are utilizing chat e P T for other services.

And part of that has to do with being able to train the AI for a specific vertical or for a specific purpose. So right now, to my knowledge, and I’m [00:34:00] certainly not an expert in this, I’m not sure if anyone’s an expert at this stage, uh, but to my knowledge, Chat. G p t in its public form is considered kind of a general ai, so it’s got a lot of knowledge about a lot of general topics, but you can train the AI in more specific topics so someone could take the API and train it in legal terms, for example, and make their version of the ai, um, more well versed in legal terminology and, and case law, blah, blah, blah.

So you can come in, Colin, I don’t know if you wanna talk about it, but Colin and his daughter and Michele are working on a project where they’re training it to write better poetry, for example. Um, so you’ll see a lot of iterations of chat G P T that are, um, being specialized for a particular use case, which I think is a really good thing because cuz it’ll make it much more powerful in that specific area.

I dunno, Colin, if you wanna talk a little bit about what you’re doing. [00:35:00] No, absolutely. Uh, you know, I think it’s. It’s interesting in how it also can help with creativity. You know, in the case of when my daughter and I with the help of Michele at Startup Club, we were able to launch poem, it’s Geez.

We for the Instagram. She, I, I’m still, but uh, poem And what it does is, you know, based on a tone that you set or whatever, and certain questions that we ask that are asked of you, it’ll generate a poem. And we’ve tested different questions, different queries, different ways of doing it, and figured out this is one of the best ways of actually producing that poem.

Now the business model is to sell the poems on Canvas. So we use Dolly to create some original art pieces and we’ve listed those, put those up on Shopify and you know, it’s sort of like an early stage project, but you know, we’re making some progress there actually. What’s interesting about Create, yeah, go ahead.

Yeah, they’re on [00:36:00] gift . Yeah, you can go to poem, write the poem, and, uh, and then when you click through, it’ll send you an email and you click through to gift to actually purchase the poem on Canvas. But, uh, what’s interesting about creativity is I, I had a conversation with the comedian.

I told him about Cha p t and we actually were talking about different routines, and I said, well, have you ever done a routine with the smartphone in the washroom? And he said, no, I haven’t. So let’s, let’s just try that. So we ran the, we asked cha p t to give us a comedy routine about using the smartphone in the washroom.

And I was absolutely amazed at the quality of the, of the humor and how it described, like only things that a human who actually has done that, um, taken a smartphone to a restroom, has actually done that, you know, would experience the things that they talk about in that [00:37:00] comical, in that routine. . And then he said to me, you know, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take all my routines and put ’em through chat G p T, and see if I can make them better.

So idea generation, whether it’s writing poetry or whether it’s writing com com, you know, comedy routines, idea generation, is something that we can start to use AI for. You know, it’s not just how to translate or make something sound professional, but it can also help generate ideas for our startup. And I think that’s where it’s really, in some ways it’s freaky, but I think in that, in some ways, that’s where it can be very powerful for a startup.

Absolutely. There was another good question in the, um, chat. Um, Juan asks, do you give chat J b t a background on the question? If so, to what level of detail? So that’s a really good question, Juan, and I think in my experience, [00:38:00] you can feed it a lot of information and then it’ll use that. So if you, if you wanted to.

You know, write a proposal. Um, you can give it as much information as you want. You know, I want you to write a proposal for, um, the building of a new playground. That’s, and I want the playground to have three different size swing sets and, um, a sandbox. Um, and then come up with three other things that, uh, a child’s playground should have that are safe for kids to play in.

Um, and then have it come up with that, that plan, right. And then you can modify it thereafter. So I’ve seen it in use where you can give it quite a bit of detail and then it’ll incorporate that detail into its response. And then you can, if you don’t give it clear instructions, though, it may just spit back just the detail you give it.

So you want to be sure to also prompt it, to add to it, or elaborate on it, or, [00:39:00] Using these three ideas as a starting point. You know, write a paper about such and such. So I think you should try to give it as much detail you as you can if you’re using it to help you create a first draft of something or create some document, um, as opposed to asking it for information that you don’t already know.

Hope that made sense. Yeah, it really can help fill in some blanks, some areas that you might not have seen in terms of creativity. But I’ve got a couple of other ones. And please raise your hand. I mean, we’d love to hear your ideas, your experiences, your thoughts. So here’s another one. And, um, if anybody’s interested in seeing the kind of companies that are using chat g p T, one thing you can do is actually look on their website.

They actually have, um, a venture fund. and they are actually funding companies that are using their core [00:40:00] technology. So that’s worth checking out. We mentioned one which was Dscr, but there’s several others that they’ve already helped to fund. So there’s opportunities beyond using the technology, but for funding as well if they find it to be something worthwhile.

So here’s another one, and I have seen companies talking about doing this. Um, it’s extracting data from copy. So if you say your attorney or accounting or whatever it is, um, you can dump data into it, right? Some copy into it and say, pull out the numbers in their descriptions and it will go through the document and literally pull it out.

And I think. Pulls it, dumps it back to you as a A J s o N object is what I’ve heard. So that’s really cool when you think about, um, folks or businesses that have to process, um, you know, maybe some kind of application form or maybe it’s an [00:41:00] attorney and they’re just going through tons of, you know, evidence submitted.

So that would be another application for chat G P T. How about you, Colin? Are you thinking of anything else here that we’re not talking about that folks can think about? Well, yeah, I, you know, we talked this a few weeks ago. We talked, asked about, you know, we had a marketing expert on stage and we asked her to come up with sort of a tagline for Startup Club.

And then we went just to, uh, chat G P T and we said, come up with five startup club taglines. And, and to our surprise, you know, Chat. G p t delivered, I think won that little battle. Uh, and they actually, one of the ones that they came up was with was Fuel Your Startup Journey. I thought that was very interesting.

Um, I, I just, while you were talking, Michele, I decided to take it a step further. I just went to chat g p t and asked [00:42:00] me and I asked Chachi p t to suggest Metatags for Startup Club. So again, we don’t even have to be an expert in a particular area. We can just learn. All we need to know is what questions to ask it.

We just need to, we need to know enough to know what questions to ask, to have it help us build that website or have it help us promote that website and when we achieve that, that can make a big difference for the startup. Absolutely. and in fact, I used it for title tags for, um, one of our websites, which I just mentioned earlier, gift to ai.

So we’ll see how it performs. You know, I’m very interested to see if it chose good ones. Right. Um, so another, I, I’m looking here thinking what are other uses? So another use [00:43:00] is, um, asking it to recommend something to you. You could ask it to recommend a movie, a book, and obviously the more specific you are.

In your preference, the more specific it’s going to give a return for you. So, you know, just questions. But also like, I’m looking for a really cool movie to go to that’s new, you know, that’s science fiction and they’re on Mars. It, it will throw back recommendations to you. So I find that useful because I think, you know, half of what we do, probably more actually, um, on the internet is, you know, trying to do research.

So it is a very efficient, effective tool. so far as we know to help you do research on any vast amount of subjects. So that, that’s a great time saver and a great supplement to, um, just your standard [00:44:00] research or discussions that you might be having with somebody. Um, like I was saying earlier, it’s almost like you could do a brainstorming session.

Uh, and I know a lot of entrepreneurs love to do brainstorming, but you know, I think it would be really cool, right? You, you’ve got your business ideas or a product idea. You could even run your own little brainstorming session, right? With chat G P T. Yeah. And I, I, I, um, I know that within our incubator we’ve been talking about a project, um, to support Startup Club.

Uh, we acquired the domain business plan ai, and, uh, what we’re trying to do is figure out a way, so it would be very easy. For a startup to simply enter in fields, certain fields, certain information, you know, list of competitors, et cetera, et cetera. And this bot would go and assemble [00:45:00] essentially a full business plan.

You know, and how far we go with that project. I’m not certain, but I know that’s one area, you know, with or without a bot. If you can go to Chachi PT and say, okay, here are my competitors. Can you do a competitive analysis of them in comparison to, uh, my own company? Uh, can you, uh, suggest, um, uh, I don’t know, like all the components of a business plan, could you develop a SWOT analysis for this particular company?

And at least it gets the process started, right? It gets, it moves you a little bit forward in, in setting up of that business plan. So I could, I could see even in that early stage of a business of a startup, People using cha g p t as well. Now we got a couple people on stage, couple of brave souls, cuz we’re running out of ideas, I think.

Right? Michele? Yeah. Yeah. I think, um, there’s definitely a lot of [00:46:00] ideas. Um, I think everyone just needs to get in there and start using it. But I, I saw a question in the chat. Somebody said, is there an api, a developer api? And the answer is yes, there absolutely is a developer a p i and there are a lot of, um, softwares and apps already coming onto the market very, very quickly using chat g p t as well as other AI technologies and using them as a core to their offerings.

So, without further ado, dimple, love to hear your hack, your ideas, your thoughts on, um, jet Chat g p T. Thank you. . Yeah, thank you Michele. And, um, great conversation you guys. So yeah, I’m absolutely loving Chat, G P T. Um, been using it for a couple of weeks. One of the things that I’ve found that it does really well is to help you plan out future podcast episodes.

So, you know, I [00:47:00] have a couple of shows, but I want to launch one or two new shows, you know, in Q1 and q2. So I had chat, G b t give me, you know, like very catchy titles for, you know, future episodes for a new show I’m launching. And then if I wanted it to even provide more bullet points and more details, you know, it was able to do that.

And I have to say, like, I mean, I was impressed because for me to even, and I’m a marketer, like, you know, I’m, I’m a marketing strategist, but for me to sit there manually and come out, you know, come up with titles that good would’ve taken hours to do. And even then I would have to say, like you guys said earlier, chat, G B T would win.

And I think the key is really understanding how to use it and what prompts to give it. So the better you can get at providing prompts that are gonna get you the output that you want. And I think that takes a little bit of like playing around with it in skill, but the more detailed you are, the [00:48:00] more specific its response is going to be for you.

I love the fact that, you know, there definitely is a big difference between using that and using Google. If I go to Google and look for information it takes forever cuz I have to click on different websites to see if that information is actually relevant to what I’m looking for or not. And half the time it’s not.

And I have to go to three different websites to curate information and put it in one place manually myself. Whereas with chat g B. , it’s going to gather all that information and provide it, um, you know, to me. And then if I say, well, can you expand on that? I, I want to know more about this specific topic, it will do that.

So that’s one way I’ve used it. We’ve also had some fun groups on Clubhouse where we have, um, made songs and chat g p t about people on Clubhouse and like rap songs and just funny songs and, and it’s been like actually lots of fun. Like we just had so [00:49:00] many laughs. So you can use it for entertainment, obviously you can use it for business, but I mean, I absolutely love it.

So dimple, I just, I just did what you said. Um, I went to chat, G p t and I typed in, I asked the question Show suggest show titles for serial entrepreneur secrets reveal. Came up with 10 show titles, number one, from Idea to Launch, secrets of Serial Entrepreneurs. Number two, the entrepreneurial Mindset Insight from Serial entrepreneurs, number three, and it goes on and on.

And there’s, they’ve got actually quite a, quite a, quite a lot of good ones here. Number seven was from Failure to Fortune, the Secrets of Serial Entrepreneurial Resilience, um, the Power of Networking Secrets from serial entrepreneurs, the Road to Entrepreneurial Success. I, it’s unbelievable. Like, it just, it gets the mind thinking, oh, that could be a good show.

Yeah, we could develop something like that, even if we just picked one of them. So what a, what a great suggestion. Yeah. [00:50:00] Thank you. And Colin, like, so what I’m doing is like I’m reverse engineering everything because normally I would just say, okay, these are the episodes I wanna talk about and this is what I’m gonna do.

But I literally have over 20 episodes planned out for a brand new show. But the way, like, if you notice like some of the words, like, you know, that you read off, They’re, it’s using words that are really powerful and captivating. And I feel like they are words that draw the audience in. And there’s whole art and science of titling things, right?

Like when you think about email subject lines, like, how are you gonna get someone to open up an email? And I think it’s the same concept when it comes to a podcast. How are you gonna get someone to actually listen to that episode? Are, you know, that particular episode, right. And I think it’s, it has to appeal to the person.

Um, and I think chat G p t is making these titles, you know, very appealing. So it’s, it’s absolutely amazing for that. I mean, I’ve trusted it for a lot of things, Colin, [00:51:00] but I feel like that is one of the things that it’s done superior, you know, like it’s been really, really, um, outstanding at That’s a great suggestion and we’re gonna try that.

Thanks so much. Dimple. That was great. And we have a couple other folks on the stage. Let’s give them some time before we wrap up the show. Michael, over to you. Michael, what are your chat? G P T hacks or observations? Tell us what you’re doing. Hi, can you hear me okay? I can hear you perfectly. Okay, great. Um, I’m hoping that y’all might be able to enlighten me about chat G P T because I’ve heard a lot of good things about it and I have a lot of side hustles right now.

And one of ’em, it’s a new startup course that’s on [00:52:00] And I’m wondering, uh, what I try to do is help parents with young children who are going through a divorce. And I’m just curious to know if this chat g p t would be able to help me. in some kind of way, uh, to make people known about my course, because I’m thinking about starting a room here on Clubhouse.

I’ve got different ideas starting a group on Facebook, Instagram, maybe LinkedIn. Uh, so I’m just wondering, have any of you had any kind of success with chat g p T and do you think it might be able to help me, you know, get the word out about my course? H here’s my suggestion for you. Just think of it like you’ve asked us these questions, Michael.

I would say ask chat g [00:53:00] p t actually the questions that you’re asking us, because it definitely will come back to you with responses on how. it, you know how it can help you with your courses. And if your goals, you know, think about what your goals are, like, gosh, how am I gonna get people to, you know, pay for my course or, or whatever it is, or to know about my course?

I would suggest that you ask that directly to chat g B T and it will come back with responses. And if, for example, it says, I, I’m making this up right, it, so if it says, write a blog post, right? Or do a podcast, then you could do things like what we’ve been discussing and what dimple suggested to help you execute on that much quicker and much more efficiently, and maybe even better.

Yeah, I think, um, it’s important to note though, it’s not gonna do the work for you. So in other words, you can’t ask cha g p t to my knowledge, [00:54:00] excuse me, like, go and post on Twitter or go and find me an audience of such and such people. It’ll give you suggestions of what you can do to grow your audience, but you’ll have to do the work.

But it could give you some ideas. It might say, you know, put together an email list and this is how you can build your email list, blah, blah, blah. But it’s not gonna do that work for you.

Okay. Uh, well thank you. Uh, thank you very much for your input. I really do appreciate it. I, I think we’re at can help you a little bit more with some of the work is if you’ve established, I, in order for you to succeed, you may need to establish yourself as an expert in the industry. Um, and, and that means, you know, on Facebook and with groups and, and whatnot.

and, and get blog articles published. Um, and, uh, you know, here’s an example working on a, an article for Forbes right now [00:55:00] that pretty much we wrote completely on our own. Um, I did the initial draft and I had a, an editor, um, look at it and, and, and edit it. Then I took it to chat sheet PT and I literally had chat g pt, edit, all of it.

Cause I’m not a professional writer. Right? So you can, in some ways, you can eliminate in some ways, okay. You can eliminate the, an edit editor, um, editorial and actually produce content much quicker because you’re not focusing on the, the, the, the, the hyphens and the dots and the actual, um, you know, the actual, uh, structure of the documents.

Uh, and I know a lot of people may enjoy doing that, but for me it’s very time consuming. . Mm-hmm. . So I find in some ways you could produce a lot more blogs faster by having it do the editing for you, and also if you needed to add some, uh, form of, um, tone to it, like humor or whatever. And, and [00:56:00] that can actually be used as well.

Thank you Colin. And Michele and Jeffrey, thank you so much for your input. I don’t, don’t wanna sound arrogant or cocky or anything like that, but this course I am absolutely an expert on this because I’m involved in the self-education industry and what I am teaching and educating parents on. I absolutely went through this myself when I was younger, so I am in, in all, in all actuality, I am definitely an expert on this subject.

So, I mean, the world just needs to know that. , right. You need to get those articles published. Right. I’m sorry, sorry. I said you need to get those articles published so that, so that you can, uh, build a, a bit of a funnel, like you need to get your content, your ideas, your thought, your expertise, [00:57:00] uh, published by, um, by blogs and, and I I’ve no doubt you’ll do well.

Yeah. Well this, this course that I’m doing, it’s an audio course because I was thinking about writing like an ebook, and a friend of mine said most people nowadays are doing audiobooks and they would prefer to hear someone’s voice. So I just decided to do this first course, and it’s an all audio course.

So, but thank you again. Excellent, excellent. I really do appreciate it. I wish you the best. Yeah, we wish you the best on it and come back and tell us how it goes. Thank you, Michael. I will. And y’all have a good weekend. Likewise. All right, let’s go over to Danny. What are your hacks thoughts? Tell us what you’re doing with chat g p T or your questions.

Sure. Thanks your thing. Thank you, Michele, Jeffrey, and calling for this space. I normally hang out in the audience who is [00:58:00] listening in and, uh, you know, while I’m working, but, uh, I had to jump on the invitation to come up on stage when I heard, uh, one of you gentlemen say, uh, I don’t know which one of you mentioned.

But, um, when you mentioned that, uh, soon we’re gonna see voice, um, and the, uh, responses that we get from G P T three via voice, and, um, I jumped all over that because just last night. We were able to do just that. And, uh, I work with a team of, uh, people who are smarter than me and, um, and I get to witness, you know, the, the speed at what’s at, at which this is developing.

Right? So, um, to, to, to further, uh, illustrate this in just a few seconds. Um, Let me just, uh, try to paint this picture. So most of us are, or most of you are, uh, when you are exploring chat, g p three, we were going through, uh, you know, the actual interface on the website, right? On a, [00:59:00] on a desktop, right? But not so much on mobile.

Right? So, a couple of weeks ago, we were able to integrate chat, g P three with, uh, Facebook Messenger. So I’ve been working with Messenger bots for a number of years now, and, uh, you know, with, uh, with some high caliber clients. But, uh, when, when this came about, when this, uh, hype came about, we, we wanted to explore where can we push this, uh, further, right?

Uh, so the, uh, the platform that I’m using it with is ManyChat and we are able to connect it to, uh, the G PT three API inside open Right? and, uh, so the actual interface now becomes a Facebook messenger conversation, right? So I can deploy this for clients in their own Facebook fan pages where the bot response, anything you wanted to ask, right?

[01:00:00] Basically as we were just discussing. But now just last night, we were able to connect it with, and I have to shout out my friend here, Jeff fall for, uh, sharing a really cool tool last week that I was able to dig a little bit into the name of this su called Sania, right? So I don’t know how to pronounce it.

It’s Sania. Um, and uh, that also has an open API where now the pro the responses we ask, um, G P T via the Facebook Messenger interface is being responded to us via a, an avatar with a real human face and a real human voice. In, in, in, you know, in an orally, in an oral, um, format, right? So I just wanted to, uh, mention that, uh, when we say, yeah, in the future, we’re gonna see that the future is coming faster than we think.

And, uh, just last night we, we developed this [01:01:00] small but significant, um, uh, step now, these prompts are being responded not just via, uh, you know, text on an interface on a desktop, but now, you know, on Facebook Messenger, on your mobile device. Very, very, um, precisely with a human like, um, avatar face, but a human voice as well.

Just wanted to share that. My name is Danny and I’m done. Hey, Danny Or, or Jeff or anyone? What was the name of that movie? It was called her, I think, and he had a relationship with the ai. That’s the name. Was that it? I believe that was the name. Yeah, I think so. We’re getting closer to that, aren’t we? ? Never thought about that until now.

Well, there’s already, um, AI dating platforms. I was reading about one, I actually yesterday or this morning, you know, where you can choose an avatar of someone that is attractive to you and then have [01:02:00] conversations, you know, similar to what you would do with the real person if you were starting to date them and just, you know, swipe right and get a virtual boyfriend or girlfriend, um, that you can talk to anytime and chat with just like you would, uh, a person you met.

Obviously there’ll be limitations to that relationship that you wouldn’t have on the human side, but I won’t get into that. But, um, you know, it’s all, all these things we’re talking about are happening and happening fast. It’d be horrible if you got rejected by an AI , an AI relationship. Yeah, but it’s interesting because the, the notion, I mean, the notion of interacting with an AI.

And finding it to be therapeutic. Just having those conversations has been around for 40 years, probably 50 years. Cause Colin, you, you may be old enough or maybe not, but I’m certainly old enough to remember in the early days of the personal computer, there was a, uh, something called [01:03:00] Eliza, you can Google it.

There’s a good Wikipedia entry about it. E l i z a and Eliza was a chatbot, one of the earliest chatbots. And you can type a question and it would respond with a typewritten answer. And it was built to be kind of a Freudian psychologist. And, and a lot of what a, a psychologist does sometimes is kind of repeat back, you know, what you say and then ask you how you feel about it.

And this Eliza was, was programmed to do just that and people would spend hours having. So-called conversations with Eliza, and it was very rudimentary, especially compared to, uh, chat G p T. But even in, in its rudimentary form, people said they felt better when they talked to it, that they got value from the interactions, even though they were fully aware that this is just some kind of a chatbot, you know, mostly spitting back what you’re feeding it in.

Um, so we’ve [01:04:00] always had sort of an acclimation to be open to this type of relationship with a chat, being with a computer, et cetera. I find myself, believe it or not, thanking chat G P t, when it gives me a good response, I, I do a prompt. It gives me something back. I say, thanks, that’s great. And it typically will respond, you’re welcome.

I’m happy I was able to help. So, um, it’s very easy for us to fall into conversations, at least for me, with something, even though I know it’s an AI or a computer.

Excellent. All right. On that note, we’re at the end of our hour, but let’s get to Sandra. Sandra is a marketing expert. Took a look at her profile there. Sandra would love to hear your thoughts on chat, G P T and how you’re using it or suggestions, hacks for others in the room. Sandra, thank you so much, Michele.

What a great space and great conversation. Um, [01:05:00] yeah, I definitely have a lot of things I use it for. Um, Especially being in marketing, um, creating marketing plans, uh, creating content calendars. But one thing that I’m just using it for today, which, uh, well, between today and yesterday, um, is something that I just started a challenge with one of our community groups, and it’s a video challenge, right?

A 30 day VI video challenge. One of the hardest things is for people to come up with video topic ideas. So I just popped in there, can you create a video script idea for my reels on? And then you put in whatever subject you want to do your reels on or your videos on, and it’s spit out so many clear ideas that are.

Logical, and I think it will. And I’m gonna create a video about me doing this right on chat, G P T, so that I could send it to the community so that they can learn how to do it and get real and more familiar with chat. G P T overall. So I think that it is limitless, the possibilities. I mean, you, we see a lot of rooms that [01:06:00] people are creating books and all different types of things.

This is the, this is integrated into everything that I’m doing. One of my sites I use Softer io, uh, which I love because it integrates with Airtable. So that is such a streamlined integration that we have. Chat. G p T is integrated into the d I O website, so I don’t even have to leave to go onto chat. J p t, it’s doing that right inside the software itself.

Not to mention Canva. If anybody is uses Canva, Canva has integrated chat. Um, so this is. Such a game changer for all of us to help maximize the quality of work that we put out, the speed of the work that we put out. But it is absolutely limitless of what you can ask it. And like Dimple had said, it is all on the prompts.

How are you asking the question? The moment that you shift the, you can write the same question. The moment that you shift that question, a different response is gonna come out. So [01:07:00] the more you get familiar using it and talking to it and speaking to it, you know, sometimes I’m like, hi chat. I’ll start it off

I dunno if this thing’s gonna turn evil one day. So I’ll try to be kind to it. So I just say, hi, chat, you know, can you help me with something today? And, and then I go into my. And then if I needed to reference anything or reference copy that I wrote or rewrite a blurb that sometimes I think is the hardest thing, like just a couple sentences that just summarizes something and I’m like, okay, I gotta get a blurb for that.

So yeah, I take ’em together, some put ’em together. But sometimes it takes, like dimple said, it takes longer to produce the level of quality work that you are gonna get in literally seconds from this platform. So creating blurbs and little short script, um, paragraphs that you need to highlight things is.

Gold. And then I wrote the introduction to the 30 day challenge. And of course I’m multitasking, so sometimes it’s hard to get it finess [01:08:00] perfectly. And I dropped it into chat G P T, and I said, can you help me rewrite this for this reason? And I put the reason in there and then it spit out gold. I’m like, oh my God, this is perfect.

This is exactly what I wanted to say and it, and it took my copy, my content, my community, my target, my message, and it created this beautiful blurb that is just, Completely ideal. I can’t wait to send it out. I have the email open now. Uh, getting ready to push it out. So I think this is such a game changer platform.

We gotta get used to using it more. Jeffrey, you scared me on this whole AI companion thing. I mean, I, we see it in movies all the time, but wow, this is really gonna be a thing because I think people do find some type of companionship, right? Speaking to something that is gonna answer back in some way. So I could see the, how this could be certainly, you know, um, you know, I, I remember back in the day when it was the Dialup and we found a o l groups and we were talking to people that we didn’t know across the [01:09:00] world and the across the country.

And that was in so profound then that, you know, we, I think even just see knowing, communicating with somebody on across the world was interesting then, I can’t imagine now you have an. You know, system that is communicating with, with you. I could see how vulnerable people can really get attached emotionally to some of these systems, but hopefully none of us, uh, do, and we can separate that out.

But other than that, use it for your business. Use it to grow, use it to be and be calm and, and learn and, and, you know, find ways to get those big dreams accomplished, right? And I think this, this system and all the others that are like it are, are just a great tool and, uh, I’m excited. Yeah. Thank you so much Michele and everybody.

What a great way to finish a great program. I’ll let you take it from here, Michele. Um, but it was really enjoyed listening to everybody here on stage. And, [01:10:00] uh, this is not, this is not going away either. We’re gonna keep talking about how chat, chat, G P T and Dolly and Bard and other AI technologies can help us accelerate our startups.

This is gonna be an exciting decade.

Couldn’t agree more. And thank you for all the members that came up to the stage and shared your wisdom. We really appreciate it. So, you know, I just wanna mention one thing that I, I’m starting to do because I’m finding there’s so many cool, you know, programs and apps that people are building on top of this technology that are even more useful.

Um, you know, like create an instant website and there’s specific ones like copy AI and editing, et cetera. So, Here at Startup Club, we’re starting to make a list of all those technologies that we’ll be able to share hopefully in a couple of weeks. But [01:11:00] first, thank you for joining us. We’re here every Friday at 2:00 PM Eastern, and please, um, follow everyone who’s been on the stage if you enjoyed what they had to say.

And have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you next Friday. Thank you so much. Thank you all. Thanks everyone. Thanks Michele.


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