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Serial Entrepreneur: Secrets Revealed! EP90

 [00:00:00] If you’re listening to this in replay or on podcast, you may not know this, but this is actually a, a live show that we do every Friday at two o’clock eastern. Uh, and it gets syndicated through your favorite podcast channel. And if you’re listening to it and replay, you should also know it is a podcast.

It’s called Serial Entrepreneur Secrets Reveals. And today we are going to be talking about probably one of the most exciting technological trends that we’ve seen definitely in my lifetime. And that is all about AI and the impact AI can have on startups. Uh, we are at his an historic moment in time where startups are beginning to see the value and the power.

Of what AI can do for them. And, and I’m talking about existing startups that use this technology [00:01:00] and also startups that are founders that wanna start a new business based on this technology. You know, there becomes a moment in time when we have a big paradigm shift or a technological shift. You know, it happened in the nineties with Dialup internet.

We were able to connect on the internet and there were many new businesses formed. There was millions of startups and many millionaires minted from the nineties. Uh, and then we went into the, the, the two thousands where we saw the, the advent of the cloud computing and we saw broadband and social take off.

We saw app developments in the 2010s really take off. And there were, again, hundreds of thousands and millions of startups. Who builts around these new technologies and we’re very successful. I think the 2020s will be known for ai. And this is, I [00:02:00] know, I know we’ve had a lot of other technology like blockchain and NFTs and other things like that, but the, but this, the power of what chat G p T and what Dolly can do is absolutely unbelievable.

Now, if you think this is gonna be an interesting topic, please invite other people to the room on the bottom of the screen, and I’m doing it right now, you can actually click that second icon from the left and that is shares the room on cl, on clubhouse. Uh, and also if you wanna invite members to the room as well, I am actually traveling across Alligator Alley right now.

Hopefully my internet will remain strong throughout the show. We also have Michele Van Tilk here and our, um, our writer, uh, Mimi. Rinder, she’s the one who writes the blogs on She’s here as well. And we are looking for you and the audience to come up on stage today to talk about your [00:03:00] experiences with chat, g p t and or Dolly, and what ideas you might be able to launch using those technologies.

Michele, I’m excited about the show today. I’m gonna hand it over to you to, to kick things off and we’ll, uh, we’ll have some fun this Friday afternoon. Yeah, I’m looking forward to this show. Like I just, it’s, I feel like everywhere I turn now, you know, there’s a thought or a use case that comes up, Colin and Mimi, about things that we could use chat g p t for, or Dali for.

you know, the implications are quite broad and, and I really want to hear, you know, what other people in the audience are thinking or, you know, this is, this is no judgment zone. This is just get up here and let’s just like have fun brainstorming and thinking about cool ways that we could use this [00:04:00] technology.

Cool ways that we could make money on this technology. So, um, you know, I think, Colin, why don’t we start with you. What, what do you think? What are your, some of your ideas?

Okay. Remember, I’m driving here, not alligator alley. Uh, I can’t get my knee I to drive my car yet. Apparently Elon Musk hasn’t really delivered on that promise quite just yet. Uh, but I know that we’re getting there. Uh, I think that first of all, we look at the startups we have in our incubator, Michele.

Uh, we have, uh, a couple platform companies and I think about what can we use chat, G p t or Dally for, to really help us accelerate our growth. One of the things that I was able to do on the last show that we did here was write a sales script. I went to chat, g p t and I had it write a sales [00:05:00] script for joining Startup Club, and it was phenomenal.

I read it out loud on the, um, on the show and it had really delivered a quite a good script. Uh, my nephew and I were talking about chat G p t, but two weeks ago, and he’s a professional comedian and I had been talking to him about a routine, uh, that he should consider running, you know, and the routine is the smartphone using your smartphone in the restroom.

And so we said, why don’t we just do it? Let’s type it in. So we typed in, you know, write up comedy routine. For a smartphone in the restroom. And it was absolutely hilarious. It came out with all these different scenarios and you know, it, it made fun of what could happen in that environment. And then he turned to me and said, you know, what I’m gonna do is I’m gonna take all my routines and I’m gonna feed those back into, uh, chat Chachi PT to see if I can’t improve my [00:06:00] routines.

So I thought that was very interesting. We, you know, we, we were, we’re living in a time where creativity, um, can, can we, we can get more out of what we can produce. So what we put in by using the cha G P T, it’s almost like the calculator of the seventies. You know, people thought, oh, the calculator, we won’t have to think anymore.

We can, I still think you have to think, you have to understand and you have to put the information into the AI a good outcome. So that’s still there. But I do think that we, um, we, we can’t be afraid of it. You know, there are, there are startups or, or companies that try to hide from technological shifts and they become proverbial buggy whips of the past.

And so embracing it is the first thing. Learning everything about it is, is, is very important and understanding that. And when we do that, we’re gonna figure out ways that we can [00:07:00] use this technology to support our startup. And, and then I, I would like to talk about other startup ideas as well, but you know, there’s a couple of ideas and, and if you’re in the audience and you have an idea you want to come on stage that you think Chat, G p T or Dali can help a startup with, please join us on stage.

Raise your hand. Hi. We have several people that have come up on the stage, so let’s, let’s get right into it. Um, You know, first I’ll give an idea and then we’re just gonna start going, um, in order across the stage. So just raise your hand as you come up with ideas and we’ll put you on the stage. So, you know, for me, one thing I think about a lot is, um, you know, one of the companies that I run, meowing, we do a heck of a lot of content, okay?

We write so many blogs. We do, gosh, we [00:08:00] do four to six social media posts today. We have over a million and a half Facebook followers, about 800,000 Instagram. So I’m really excited to be able to use, um, chat g p t to, to try to. You know, kind of streamline our content creation sum, uh, uh, for me, I’m not looking for, you know, just put it in there and it does everything for me.

I’m looking to like, generate some ideas, you know, get some good output out and we’ve already started experimenting with this, and then we’ll edit it to our style and fill in the blanks and make it, you know, make it our own. But my gosh, you know, we spend an awful lot of time and money, right? Because that takes people trying to do all this content.

So I’m looking forward to kind of broadening it. It gets a little bit boring after doing that for five years. Um, so we’re looking forward to being able to do that so that we [00:09:00] also can focus on some other areas of the business. I feel like it’s really gonna free us up some, and like you said, Colin, I think it could give us new ideas.

I’m very open to that. All right. . So I’m gonna go to Amit and then Mimi, I wanna come back to you because, you know, you’ve been experimenting as well as a writer and, and I, you know, maybe you can give us a little bit of what you found, you know, when you tried to do your experiment. So, Amit, , welcome to Startup Club.

Welcome to Sierra Entrepreneur. Um, what is your ideas or, you know, experiences that you wanna share? Thank you, Amit. Uh, hi, Michele. Thanks. Uh, hey guys. Colin, uh, maybe close. Um, so yeah, I actually, uh, just, uh, built something and launched, uh, yesterday. Uh, I’m still very early phase, but it’s called, uh, the ai helper

Um, it’s, uh, I, I wish we were on the session where, uh, you know, guess the, what, what is the game we [00:10:00] play, uh, on this club where, uh, somebody says the domain and the new, guess what the business is. Uh, anyway, um, yeah, so, uh, it’s basically, uh, I wanna like people, um, use, um, lemme simplify this. So this is what I built is for nine to five, uh, uh, people like, or who are, uh, you know, who do a job, uh, I mean, it could apply to outside of the job people as well, but this is a tool or a website, which will help.

uh, everybody do their job. For example, the first, uh, one thing they do, it does is email writer, uh, and, and, uh, a reply. Uh, so I’m, uh, just a, a little bit more, it’s, I’m not using only chat g pt, I’m, I’m, um, uh, multiple, uh, layer of it. Uh, but one, uh, chat g p is definitely to understand the intent of the request.

Um, so yeah, basically if you are somebody’s, uh, sending you an email at work, uh, AI can help you reply, uh, even though if the, uh, you know, question has, uh, some technical questions or some strategies like, Hey, I’m stuck over here. What should I [00:11:00] do? Uh, so that could be one of the, one of the things they can do.

Um, I, I have, I have multiple things, uh, for anybody who’s doing any kind of job. But yeah, one is definitely replying to, uh, emails or writing an auto email. Um, . Yeah, I think that’s a fantastic idea, especially, right? If you could get the right tone. Um, you know, I I I tend to labor over these things as well because I have a specific style, but I would love, you know, to know that you could get it in your style.

So Amit, I don’t know if you’ve read this, but you know, there is a lot of, I don’t know if it’s true or if it’s just rumors, but I tend to think it’s true. You know, there’s a lot going on there. They say Microsoft is really going to, um, start incorporating chat GTP as they are an investor as well into, you know, the email and the word into being and so many things.

So I think you’re ahead of the curve and, you know, we’ll all be interested to see, um, what you do there. So [00:12:00] don’t forget to come back and, you know, show us. Absolutely. Thank you. Yeah. Think that what’s, what’s interesting about what you’re doing, and I think it can be applied in so many vertical industries.

is you’re making it very simple for people to use the technology. You’re connecting dots. Um, not everyone is gonna go get the G P T account and a Dalia account, figure out how to utilize it in a certain way. The easier you can make it for end users to use that technology. And the second is the faster you can deliver it.

This is partly coming from Jeffrey Moore inside the tornado who we’ve had on this show. Uh, he did a good, phenomenal job speaking about the adoption of social audio, including clubhouse, and he talked about this concept of being able to deliver the fastest in our tornado. This is a watershed moment for [00:13:00] AI and for startups.

There’s an opportunity here for startups to move very quickly to win over concepts and market share, et cetera. And, um, you can do that, but the fact is you have to deliver the fastest. You have to be someone that can actually get out there, get your product in front of a lot of people. And I think the fact, if you make it easier for them to do it and they don’t need the knowledge to know how to interact with chat g p t, I think there’s a winning, that’s a winning move.

Yeah. Thanks Colin. Yeah. And, and, uh, yeah, I’ve been, uh, writing almost, uh, 14 hours a day since last four days, , so I, I am trying to release as fast as possible, but, uh, are you able to share the name with us so we can use Oh, yeah, sure, sure. It’s, it’s, uh, the, uh, I’ll, I’ll paste it here as well, but, uh, the name is the, uh, ai

Awesome. Love it. And if I can, awesome. Yeah, yeah. Thank you for letting me plug in. And, and, uh, guys, I’m, uh, on a, uh, once this session is done, if anybody want [00:14:00] to do the live, um, demo kind of thing, just uh, ping me. I can send you a zoom, zoom link, can show you the product as well. So thanks guys. All right, very cool.

I’m impressed and I’m gonna try it out ait, so I’ll send you a message afterwards for sure. Thank you, Socha. Yes. All right. So Mimi, you know, who runs all of our content here at Startup Club on our website, et cetera, she’s been experimenting a little bit and you know, Mimi, we were like, oh my gosh, we’re gonna do an ebook off of one of these sessions.

And you kind of ran into a few snags and you know, I’d kinda like for you to share a little bit with us and just tell us what you found works best. Yes. Okay. It took a lot of trial and error, like kind of figuring out what to feed, chat, G p T is what I’ve been using. So like figuring out what to put in there for the best results kind of took me the longest time.

But I, the real issue I kind of came up with is like, you can do so much with it, but [00:15:00] how much should you do? Almost, you know, you could, I could just tell it to write an ebook on chat g p t and it would do that. So, but like is that, you know, so I think it’s gonna raise a lot of questions about kind of the integrity of them and just how much it can do and how much, like, I think schools are going to have a lot of issues with that.

But the, um, learning curve was mostly with trying to use it. But after I experimented just for a few minutes and realized it can really do anything, I would just be very specific with the tone and style. You can tell it to write something in like, Shakespearean English or professional journalism tone. So there’s so much you can do with it.

I’m excited to see what else. And I think Mimi, one of the challenges is that it limited it to 5,000 characters. I think cuz it did a pretty good job of summarizing, uh, when you ask it to edit it. But if you have a long document documents, um, they don’t allow you to use that [00:16:00] now. It could be that the technology’s just not there yet, or maybe it’s there, but they don’t wanna overload the servers and have people dump in, you know, 10, a hundred thousand words, you know, and, and then, then they, but I think they have the technology to, to do a full edit of transcripts and, and create those eBooks.

yes. But, uh, you, you were running into problems cuz you could only do 5,000 characters or only pieces at a time. And then, and then you gotta piece all the pieces together, which can be a little bit convoluted. Is that the challenge? Yeah, exactly. They even have something called tokens. So I think they say one token is similar to four characters and you get like something 4,096 per message.

I think, I’m not positive about the numbers, but um, they’ve even already increased that. It was half of that before. So I’m sure they’ll keep increasing it as it does more. But yeah, you’re right. I wonder how much is the max you could really put in to get great results. Yeah. I’m curious Amid, and then let’s get over to Lewis.[00:17:00] 

Are you using a commercial a p i or are you going straight through with those limitations? Were you able to get around that? Um, so I, I’m using the, uh, the APIs, which they provide. I think that’s the only, only one, uh, uh, api. Like, I mean, one is the, their website where you can, uh, you know, type and ask the question.

But as far as, uh, technical documentation concerned, there is only one, um, one structure of the api. But if you go in, uh, little details, there are different kind of power you can, uh, use out of it. So for example, um, if you want to have, uh, a more, um, conversational, or not conversational, but more like, let’s say article or those kind of things, uh, it are different kind of models are available, which are better for doing different things.

Um, so I, I, I, I need to say about that, uh, 3000 or 5,000 thing limit. Um, but I think five that, uh, and, uh, correct me if I’m wrong, but you mean 5,000 words or, uh, tokens. [00:18:00] I think it’s tokens right now. Okay. Which, um, yeah, so I think it, it’s there. Sorry, sorry. Please finish. No, go ahead. I was just saying it’s probably comes out the same.

Oh, okay. Um, I mean, I, I think it, it really, um, I don’t think it’s 5,000 total token maybe per request. Uh, that could be, uh, could be one, which is a lot. I mean, you can write, uh, um, article for 300 or 400, I believe. Um, so I, I don’t think, uh, five we, we need, uh, more than that just for one request. And as far as, uh, total request concern, I think they let you use, um, I think $120 or something, um, which is quite, quite a bit, but it’s still not enough then you have to request for, for extra.

But they do, uh, Michele, to answer your question, if, if, uh, your, uh, app or website is hitting they, they do take the request to increase that limit. Yeah. Sorry, I know we’re asking questions of Amit, but then we’re gonna go around the, the room here. But just quickly, Amit, uh, that. We, we set up one [00:19:00] of the companies with the API and we’ve applied for, to buy Da Vinci credits at lower prices.

We sent a message three weeks ago, two weeks ago, no response. I was just curious if you were able to buy any, uh, da Vinci credits, which is the chat sheet, bt, right. Um, yeah, no, I, I haven’t yet. Uh, I, I, I, I, I haven’t, uh, needed to bite it yet, but, uh, thanks for the heads up. Maybe I should start applying sooner than, uh, waiting for the last minute.

Uh, but I haven’t yet. Yeah, I, I would suggest that. Okay. It’s great, uh, to have you on here, emit someone who’s actually worked with it. But let’s get to Lewis. Lewis, what is your idea or your experience that you wanna, um, chat about? Uh, thank you for letting me come on stage. Um, I aggressively got back with my team in December playing with this cuz we felt it could help us with scripts on movies and shows we already started working on.

And it [00:20:00] did inspire us to work on a new project that, uh, we’ve been using it to help assist. Come up with new ideas and the story of what we were working on. So the chat j p t part helped us rewrite or rethink additional things to the story that was helpful. And we don’t use Dolly. That’s good. But I found Midway Journey to be just a lot better for what we were looking for.

So that gives us the concept, ideas of the characters in the actual project to help us identify who was what. There’s five main characters. One of ’em is Native Americans, so we were able to get some looks. I would do like a hundred renditions of different Native Americans. Some would be Cyberpunks, some would be more realistic looking.

And once you start to fine tune what they’re wearing, he has a friend that’s an eagle. Another one would be like, uh, the computer geek, [00:21:00] uh, video gamer. He, we’d have to tell he’s more. Set. He has a video game controller in his hand, a backpack, and his best friend is a chimpanzee. So once we were able to do that, it gave us a look over the way that things were working out and it gave us so much information that we decided we’re also gonna do a comic book series cuz it gives us enough starting point that I can then turn to my sketch artist and be like, this is what I’m looking for.

These are the colors, this is basically the general objection I’m going in. And he can take it from there or she can take it from there. So it’s been helpful in that I actually can look for calling at some point and ask him Fred Vice, um, if he had any advice. Once a team like ourselves are filmmakers, has a project, Like this, we’re completely independent.

I have every intention to take it to studios in Hollywood that I still have access to, but they’re not like, Hey, we’re just gonna take your project. We wanna go very well prepared. [00:22:00] But with Colin’s experience and, um, internet website development and stuff, I just thought maybe, maybe Colin would be willing to share some ideas or advise us privately.

What does it take to get a half hour or hour conversation with Collin? I didn’t wanna put him on the spot, but I need help. Yeah, no, no issue. And, and, and I’d actually encourage you, we have a third moderator who, um, Jeffrey SaaS who had a meeting from uh, two to two 30, and he’s gonna join us at two 30, but he actually is a director of a number of movies.

Um, he, he, he stopped doing that and started focusing on, uh, on, on, on marketing for, for companies. But I, I feel like if he can come back to you and I. 30 minutes or 20 minutes, you talk a little bit more about your concept. I, I will say that it, it’s fascinating because when I first introduced this dolly to my graphics designer, he went just crazy.

He couldn’t sleep for like two nights. And, you know, he took a popular [00:23:00] children’s song and developed what looked to be like a world class children’s book using frog illustrations. Uh, it was, you know, in, in the book. And, um, yeah, he put that together and he’s like, well, here you go. And now he could, you know, if he wants, he could sell that on Amazon or whatever.

And he couldn’t have done that so quickly or efficiently without, uh, Dolly. So I think that, I definitely believe that there’s a, a lot of opportunity here. And on the other one thing that you said about, you know, just really get the idea so your sketch artist can, you know, put something together as interesting as well, because I was talking with my son who’s a third year architect student, and we started applying with Dally to render.

um, houses that looked a certain way on property, and you can actually take a photo of an actual live photo and, and put these houses on these properties. And I mean, it’s incredible that, that you can get some pretty good architectural [00:24:00] ideas from the way that it can produce these houses. And, uh, that’s something that he did.

And, um, and it’s just an idea generator. It, it’s not gonna do the architecture for the home, it’s just an idea generator. Right. But who has pulled off on that? And, and hopefully when Jeff comes back, we’ll have, we’ll be able to spend some time later in the show. Um, we’ll like to jump to you Vlad, um, and uh, hear about your chat, G p t Dolly story.

Hey Vlad. Um, you might need to hit the little mic on the bottom right hand corner. Um, you’re on mute right now, so Vlad. Okay. Um, let’s go over to Christian. Christian, you have a very cool picture here. It almost looks like it could have been through one of these AI generators. Um, [00:25:00] tell us your thoughts or what you’re trying, um, for either chat, gtt, Dolly, or.

Well, I am currently using Chat Bt I I’ve used Daily once, but I’m also using other Arts ai. I’m like Art breeder and also me Journey, um, in the concepts of chat g bt I’m a software developer and I’m use using it to build an app. At the moment. Um, the app is supposed to allow. Um, writers and creative, um, developers to create a web app, to build a, um, database where they can store their stories and their characters and, you know, make, um, , I’ll organize them.

And I’m also currently working on two novels. Um, they’re not your traditional novels, they are called Incog novel. It basically means that as I’m working on [00:26:00] the publication of those novels, I am pushing new chapters every month, completing new chapters every month I’m using cha p t to, um, flesh out my main character and other characters, um, that are part of the book.

Some of the prompts I’ve used will be something like, um, C p T, white Me, A Full Character Profile that includes age, name, gender, um, personality type, personality, um, also appearance, nationality, um, also other. All the characteristics like quirks and exchange eccentricities, um, fears and insecurities, even overall arc.

And, um, I also use chats G B T to um, quite, uh, the character’s voice based on the personality that includes accents, stone, timber, and other characteristic that defines [00:27:00] the character’s voice. And then after putting all of this together, I asked this following question to Charlie pt. Hey hr, pk, I want you to be, to behave, to act like my character.

I want you to, um, speak like my character, um, based on the personality and all that stuff. Um, let the personality and the voice shine and before you know it, chat will actually behave like my character. And I’m having a full blown chat with my character in real time. So I’ve used chat to, um, also improve my writing and, um, also turn my character because my character is a one of his main character, so he’s the one speaking.

I use charity to transform what I’ve written into his own narrative style. And, um, I also used, um, when Charity PT came out, I used this to, um, see [00:28:00] if I can, um, get some jobs, like how, how it’s going to, um, work with, um, um, career, job career. So, um, there are some job posts I look up, look up online. I posted to charity pt.

I said to ask charity, pt, remember this show post? And he’ll remember. And then I posted my voice and I ask Charity PTI to remember my voice and he remembers. And, um, at one point I, I then asked Charity PT to compare both my resume and stage job post. Am I a good fit? Either, either tell me whether I’m a good fit or not.

Once it say good fit. And I ask charity PT to behave as if it’s my interviewer to ask me all questions as, as if I’m interviewing for this particular job post. And then you ask me all kind of questions that act that an actual interviewer will ask me. So this tool is very amazing. [00:29:00] In fact, I’m actually using it to, um, further my business and I’m going to be, I’m using it as a service because I’m as, as a creative person.

I love to write fiction, non-fiction. I’m using this tool to further develop my skills. And yeah, that’s pretty much what I do with charity.

I, I’m impressed. , it sounds like you really are tapping into it, and those are some cool use cases that you’re talking about and, um, I, I didn’t even know that you could actually have it remember you and pick up conversations, so I, I’m gonna have to look into that myself. That’s a really good tip. And, um, I, it sounds like you are really putting it to power to help you be more productive, so thank you for sharing that and to be more creative it sounds like as well.

Christian. Okay, I wanna go back to Vlad. [00:30:00] Vlad, are you able to talk? I am. It was a weird bug. Can you hear me now? No, no problem. . Awesome, awesome. Um, super excited to be on stage. Awesome, awesome. Hosts of some guests. Uh, couple things about my experience with C G P T. Uh, open ai. Uh, we’ve actually worked with quite a few startups over the past couple months.

That’s where the whole c g PT thing started to blow out on social media and brought a lot of attention to us regular folks. Um, specifically on how our ideas to use to someone as an individual, um, is more of like framework of thinking, how you, how you look at C G P T and I look at this as a very smart human being so it can virtually apply to anything and everything you could po possibly delegate to a person.

So [00:31:00] let’s. Let’s imagine you have an assistant that works 24 7. What kind of tasks you would delegate to them that have to do something with the research or with text when it comes to actual applications for business? For example, one thing that I meet was sharing as well is it really bridges the cab between the conventional technology that people were used to and those elements that were still like human intervention into this.

I’ll give you a very specific example. One thing we’re working on right now with one of my partners is a website that allows you to create affirmations. If you’re not familiar with affirmations, are it’s uh, self program. It’s a self programming. So it’s a specific structure of sentences that you say about yourself that, that, um, designs that programs you to, to reach your goals faster.

So what you do is [00:32:00] you think of which goals you’re trying to achieve. For example, during this year, during 2023. So for example, you want to get that promotion, you want to, uh, get better at your relationships, you want to get fit. And what you do is you design those sentences in the present tense so that when you speak them, it’s almost like you already become the future self.

And what you do is you just refer those affirmations day in day and it, it motivates you to, and programs you to, to behave like you are the future self. So what we did actually is not all people are really good at crafting those affirmations because there are some specific words. The focus should be, for example, more on the goals than on the fears, more on the positive emotions.

So there is a lot of science that has to do with affirmations. So what we did is we created a website that just like asks you about your goals, that asks you about how would that make you feel to reach them. And what it does is it generates few [00:33:00] affirmations for you to choose from. Now the service also comes with like custom music and custom voice actors.

So that’s a paid service, but you can use the free version of it to actually craft the affirmation. That’s one of the recent things we’ve just done like recently and. It’s, it’s just mind blowing. It’s just mind blowing. Uh, when it comes to business applications, if you are the one who want to start a startup that’s powered by OpenAI, by charge, G P t, by Dali, uh, I would, I would recommend to focus on, to focus on very specific people, very specific problems to solve, because this is a blue ocean and everyone has access to this amazing technology.

So when it comes to creating content, for example, I could probably name maybe 10 to 20 websites that are quite popular, and they’re still pretty generic in terms of do you want to [00:34:00] create a blog post, a LinkedIn post, an article, an email that’s very generic and that’s a very low entry barrier. What I recommend is, You need to go one step further and make something super specific to a specific niche.

I’ll give a specific example. Um, maybe you want to serve real estate agents and help them craft real estate listings because you know, if you ever worked with real estate, you know how hard it is to actually go and craft those. It just takes time. Sometimes it’s a similar process, but it takes so much time to do them.

It’ll be awesome to automate this. Now that’s very specific so that when you market it, you use the same underlying technology, which is charge G P T or open AI api, but you initial down so narrow, it actually is very specific and actually solves the real problem. So if you are actually planning to start your own service, you can explore how [00:35:00] you can benefit other people with ai, I would recommend nicheing down because solving a very particular problem adds convenience.

And convenience is what? Brings people to your business. Thank you so much. Yeah, it’s all about that ease of use, making it simple, right? And then connecting dots. And what your suggestion here, which I think is very wise, is if there are problems for bottlenecks in certain industries, and you can figure those out, such as the real estate listing site, then you could actually be that connector.

Now, someone could go to chat g p t and say, why’d write a real estate listing? But then you make it a lot easier probably by curating the questions and simply asking certain questions and structuring the inputs so that the outcome is, um, is, is is maximized. You’re maximizing the benefit of the outcome.

Am I on the right track there? . Yes, absolutely. Convenience [00:36:00] is what people are buying. Uh, I’m, I won’t go into like what we do, but on the surface level, we, we ship about four to five AA powered apps per, per month right now because of the demand. And I hear so many requests, can you help me with this and with that, and everyone’s just generic.

Everyone just watched one YouTube video where it says like, Hey, you can create your AI tool that will write copy for, for your clients. And it is very generic and everyone goes to that. We need to create convenience for very specific audience, the audience that can go to AI to chat G P T and do that. , but first of all, they don’t know how to architectural prompts, meaning requests to charge G P T, right?

The quality of outcome depends on quality of what you input. So that’s a secret sauce that you can have to actually provide that convenience because people know of this stack. But if I’m speaking for myself, if I find the service, just like right now, I’m running a podcast and [00:37:00] we actually, I’m pretty tired of writing descriptions for my episodes.

Like, uh, basically you can think of like table of contents, right? Topics that we’ve discussed. This is so irritating because you need to spend one hour. I just found the service by my friend. I just put an audio there. He transcribes it using OpenAI. He provides me with the table of contents. He charges 20 bucks per month.

I love it. I absolutely love it. I know I can recreate it myself, but it’ll take me like 20 hours or maybe like my team, I just use it because it’s so convenient. , I’m living example of bridging that tech with very specific problem, creates a convenience, and convenience is what people consider volleyball.

Then you have time, you know, to grow your business in other ways or maybe have personal time, , whatever it might be. But I, I, I love the idea of the [00:38:00] affirmations. Is there a website that you have live or something that we could check out? Yes. We’re actually lo launching in a week. I’ll, I’ll put the link of the live website so you can check it out.

The generation part already works. Excellent. So many applications. Thank you. Flat. Okay, let’s go to va. V a h i d I am sorry if I’m not saying your name correctly. Oh, you cool? Rahi is fine. Thank you. All right. Thank you for the room. Amazing share so far. I think when it comes to startups, one of the things that I did that, uh, that’s kind of mind blowing how easy it is, is actually taking your competitors and go, going into, in detail of what they do, how they build their business, what are their marketing strategies, what, who, what type of audience they’re, they’re they’re serving, what’s their main core, what’s their main mission, and, and asking you to compare all those [00:39:00] maybe 2, 3, 4, 5 companies together.

And then after doing that, you. 10, 20, 30 prompts. Then asking it to maybe modify your pitch deck, maybe come up with, uh, taglines for your website, content for the website, write your email templates, you know, modifying a lot of different things for yourself now that it knows who your competitors are or what other companies, uh, you have relatability.

Uh, when you’re building it. You could probably do the same thing if you do the Google search, but something that might take you maybe a few days, you know, now it’s being, you know, transferred into a few minutes or maybe 30 minutes. Right. So just like you mentioned, I think this tool is not gonna eliminate jobs or anything else.

If anything is going to create a lot of more time for us to be more creative, especially small business owners. [00:40:00] Where they’re able to create their blogs, their content, much faster, much easier, uh, better, you know, lower cost, and then take that extra money that they’re saving in other areas and hire more employees and do more.

So it’s definitely inspired us to build a lot more, um, Sites and put out a lot more content. So I think it’s definitely game changer, looking forward to 4.0. But uh, this as it is, it’s uh, it’s fantastic. So I highly recommended you getting good at the, the prompts. The better questions you ask, uh, the better you’ll be able to do, uh, better get results.

But my thing that I think has worked so far for me is stacking it up, going to ask a lot of questions, um, and get a lot of details before I, I submit my final prompt of what I want the end result to be. So I think stacking it up is really useful. Oh, it’s interesting that you say also about [00:41:00] taglines. Um, we were on a show the other day and we had worked with, you know, a couple marketing experts and we asked them to come up with a tagline for Startup Club and they spent some time considerable out time on it.

And I went over to chat G P T and I typed in give me five. Five, um, quotes or five taglines for And it came back with some really cool ideas. In fact, I think it came back with some better ideas. One of them was Fuel Your Startup Journey. And I thought that was just very cool and very simple.

So sometimes you don’t have to say, gimme a tagline. You can say Gimme 10 taglines. Uh, and it’ll produce them. And it just, it’s really an idea generator. It doesn’t have to replace, you know, every job out there. It could simply be in a way of accelerating your productivity and or helping you become more creative or taking your creativity and expanding upon that.

It really is [00:42:00] fascinating. I, I think that’s what I did. One of the questions that I asked is, what is the mission of these companies? And then when they realized what the mission of those other three competitors was, and then when I said, what is their taglines? I don’t know if he has access to their old data or whatever.

It did go through their taglines. And then for the taglines, I think one of the, the, the challenges that I have is because we’re going to a wide, broad demographic, I also didn’t want it to use big words in there. It might sound cool, but if the general population doesn’t get it or doesn’t understand it, then it may not be good.

The other thing that I did was kind of like, you know, taking the tagline, I took it to Microsoft Word and I blew it up, and I put a size 36 and. Kind of looked at it, does it, you know, does it look good on the website? The, the, how many words is it? Is it comes, you know, can you repeat it easily? Is it something that you [00:43:00] remember it?

And then I was telling myself, you know, if you ever do any type of billboard, they, they tell you that it shouldn’t be more than seven words. Because as somebody’s traveling, you know, they determined that that’s how many words that somebody could read as they’re driving with their car. So then I saw some of the taglines there were like, you know, 10, you know, 10 plus words.

So I went back and I said, Hey, make these taglines, but now do this also gimme different variations and, and, and assume that I’m a five year old. So it, it, it, you could play around with it. And then what I was thinking is taking those taglines and split testing it on the website to see which ones, you know, get better.

So listen, we could talk about it all day long, so it’s just that you getting more creative. But at the end of the day, Colin, I think what the most important part is. There needs to be somebody who’s gonna drive this. So I don’t think it’s gonna [00:44:00] eliminate jobs. At the end of the day, your content, your website, your startup, everything else is for you to generate those leads and get the client.

But somebody needs to service the client. Somebody needs to provide some type of a product, right? So I don’t think that part is gonna get replaced. It might just make your job easier to get to them and explain in an easy language what it is that you do. But at the end of the day, you still, you know, there still needs to be there.

There’s still work to be done. I don’t think this is eliminated, but I’ll tell you what, um, right now I’m adding more people to my team. I take the blog post and I shared it in another room because I want more business owners to know that this is possible. You could do this. You don’t need to be so tax, you know, tech savvy.

I take the blog post from, uh, chat gpp. I take it to in video dot I owe, it’ll take my script, it’ll make a video of it. Then I take that script, I’ll go to, I’ll get the audio [00:45:00] for it. Then my, my video guy puts it all together. I don’t know how to do that, but he puts it together. And then now I got a blog post.

I got a video for YouTube. It gives me all the sizes for all my social media, and I have the audio. So when I put on my website, Google is gonna love it a lot more because I got all the main component. Video, audio, and I got the blog by itself and then I’m putting my own little spin to it, you know, hashtags, emojis, all of the other thing to, you know, resonate with my audience.

So all of that could happen in like minutes, not hours and days. And you could find so many people on so many different free freelance, uh, you know, platforms that will be able to do these things very cost effectively. I’ve had my team for a long time, but the cost is not that much. I think I’m working to get the cost below 10 bucks per entire production.

So I think this is gonna give a lot of tools for a small business owner. So Chad, g b t [00:46:00] in video io and I think you guys will be, and there’s lot, bunch of tutorial on, on YouTube. Definitely take advantage of it.

Oh, it’s great. Uh, Michele, if you could, uh, mod me back as well so I can, uh, come back up. I somehow. You know, a lesson learned not to, um, clubhouse and drive it at the same time I managed to move myself to the audience. But, um, no, I think you’re onto something there. I think that’s, I like the way you’re connecting at these other applications in conjunction with the ai.

You’re not just relying on one application, you’re saying, but what if we brought these three together and it’s connecting those dots and making those, um, you know, making that kind of progress that can really make an impact. I’m not certain who’s next to Michele, so I’ll let you handle the order cuz I’ve, I’ve been bouncing this off around here too much.

No problem at all. That, that was amazing that, um, you know, [00:47:00] I, I actually feel like I learned some, you kind of open up my eyes a little bit. Like it’s like you’re interacting with it. Just like you would be talking to a person just like interviewing them. So that, that was good. Um, advice, like, don’t be shy, just yes, treat it as your virtual assistant, but it doesn’t eliminate your human virtual assistant.

You know, I got two Filipino girls that have been working for me overseas for over four years now. It’s creating a lot more tasks for me to give them. As a matter of fact, I told them the next, you know, you know, 30, 60, 90 days, they might need to put extra hours. So I think this is opening, you know, it’s making it easier for small business owners to, to do it.

So keep that in mind that it, it’s endless. That’s why you come to these club house rooms and, you know, get these ideas and then you run with it. None of this stuff is mine. So other people shared it and I’m just kind of utilizing it. Fantastic. And we do appreciate it. In fact, I’m gonna have my team, um, listen to this session because [00:48:00] it, it really does, um, kind of open up the mind.

All right. Yeah, Michele, we’ll charge your, we’ll charge your team for you. It’s for free for your team. We’re gonna start charging. Very cool. And thank you for joining us. Thank you. All right, Nilay, it’s your turn. Tell us, um, your experience, what you’re learning, what you’re thinking. Good evening everyone, and thank you for enjoy, uh, inviting me on stage.

Excuse me, I have a little bit sore throated. So, uh, to present myself, I’m ov and I’m a mind programmer. I’m using the Mind as a computer programmer uses a computer, and I’m creating the first Human Mind manual. So what I, I would like to share with you is to, um, stop for a moment and, um, Reduce your emotions about how you feel about child pity and ai and look at things [00:49:00] more clearly, more, uh, present.

And what I mean is to see that this is a tool and it’s a tool that it’s in, in its infancy. It’s in, um, creation and beginning. And what would you do The best is to look at it exactly like that as a tool because it is not yet conscious, at least not confirmed. So it is still just a tool. But if you focus on it to learn what actually it is, how it looks like it is a processor, it’s a computer somewhere that consists and holds a program that is trained in a specific way.

The more details you understand what that is, ity, where is it stored? How, how does it look like, what you can do. And you have an image. So you give it a face. The better for you, um, is going to be the understanding you have about it. So the more clear you [00:50:00] are, hey, this is, uh, a knife and I can do X, Y, and Z.

So with a knife, you can, um, like use it to cook dinner, right? To slice the, the sa uh, the sausage or something else. But you can use it also to cook different things. You can also use it to, um, Once if you have to catch something. So you can use a knife in very different ways. So if you understand that two itself, you can now start applied and actually use it for yourself the best way possible, and you will be able to see things that no one else can.

Uh, something like many people mentioned, like vla Christian and Vahid, the people I, um, I was able to hear, they mentioned very good, um, perspectives of how you can use it as a tool to not just see, oh, I will ask it a question. No, it’s more complex than that. You can give it tasks such as [00:51:00] imagine that you are, let’s say Donald Trump or someone else, and you speak with that tone of voice as that person or as Christian mentioned as the character you just created.

So this is. A task is not just an, uh, a question, but when you understand also the limitation of what you can use, you don’t, uh, fall into the illusion that, oh, this is something smart, more smart than you, uh, than it is. And so you won’t have expectations that are illusionary and you’ll be more grounded and you won’t be, um, like.

Going too much into the hype and be actually practical with something that LA also talked about, , um, that you can use it directly, practically and fo focus it, and then you’ll have the most results because there is another, uh, really good AI that you can use, which is text image. Something similar to Dali, [00:52:00] which is, um, stable diffusion.

And there is a site, playground, which is extremely good site, uh, in my opinion, is the best so far that you can use to create images. And it’s entirely free. Of course it has, uh, paid versions, but you don’t necessarily need it because you have 1000 images per day in every day. They’re refreshed. So you, you, you can be on the computer all day long and uh, use it for free.

And on playground, you can use both Stable Diffusion and Dali. So you just click a menu and you choose which one to use. And you also have different options, which will help you to learn, uh, how to use such tools, which is, uh, image to text. Um, art generate ai, which is something that you can combine with chat G P T.

And both these different instruments are based on the same [00:53:00] thing, ai. So you learn how to communicate with the ai, ai and you also learn what actual end products, uh, like specific different tools you can use such as these different ai. And think about some, uh, on another layer, which is the following, which is something I will do myself, but I just don’t have time to do that now, is to create your own ai.

Because open ai, the, the. The company that created, um, charge PT and I think diffusion, uh, Dali and not sure diff diffusion, stable diffusion. But anyway, um, the idea is they share open source code. Uh, and so you can either do it yourself or, uh, find someone to do it for you and train your own, uh, AI in the beginning might be slowly, it might be clunky.

But if you use these Dali, uh, playground, AI diffusion, stable [00:54:00] diffusion, also mid journey as another, um, image creating ai, if you use them to train, not them, but yourself. Hey, what is this amazing thing that’s in front of me? Let me give you a quick example of what I’m trying to paint, what picture I’m trying to paint.

If you watched the movie Iron, iron Man, where he has this Jarvis computer, the super intellectual, uh, ai, and he just give him tasks. Or ask questions. So he combines all kinds of things and Jarvis does these things as a high level super computer. So what we have in front of us is Jarvis, but the beginner Jarvis, that 0.01 or what’s something, and it’s not ours, it’s someone else’s that we train for them because tomorrow Chargey and Playground ai, Dali Dai is already paid.

But those two, chargey and playground ai, they’re for free. [00:55:00] And tomorrow they might be paid and they might say, well we start charging cuz you right now you are training their. So we, all the people we use these tools, um, we in a sense are their employee. You can look at that if you look more objectively because what they do specifically, let’s say with charge G P T and playground, that that’s something I have connections or slowly building connections with the developers.

Yeah. Um, what they do is actually the mo, let’s say charge PT is already trained, so it’s not going to, it, it doesn’t have direct connection with the internet, which is very important to know. It doesn’t have knowledge for things, um, beyond 2021. Um, and it’s also, uh, tested and, um, trained on a specific set of information, which is, uh, that database of information [00:56:00] is what it gives you the answers based off.

So it’s limited in that sense. And what we do is all the prompts, all these, uh, clever ways we start using them. Most of these things, the creators themselves probably didn’t knew or. Didn’t have the time to think of, but since we all use it in so many different ways, teachers use it for, uh, like tests and, uh, correcting tests.

So on, uh, people use it to create code. Some people use it to create, um, automatic bots to trade on on the stock market, which is something you can actually use. But it’s good to have someone understanding, cause the, the court is not always a hundred percent, but it’s, let’s say 80 to 90%. It gives really good results.

So you can use it many different ways. And what they do is actually, they take that information. That’s why they warn you if you read. Closely they warn you not to use personal information. So this is something for people [00:57:00] who haven’t used it yet or don’t know this, when you use charge pt, don’t put, um, like personal information.

Or let’s say you have an, an invention or something like that, or a, or a story that you have created yourself. Be aware that if you put it there, that information might stay in the server or, or it might be, let’s say for some, somehow reach someone else and be used without your, uh, concession. So that that’s some something you have to be wa uh, aware of.

So they use all of that information that we put in. It gives us to train that AI and we do that for free. So if you, if you think about it this way, so when you understand that this is a tool that you can, uh, create yourself and you can use that access that we have now to learn and teach yourself. That, Hey, this is something new.

I’m, I’m super excited. It’s looks like magic. How can I learn to use it best? [00:58:00] And the easiest way to always remember that is to imagine that you are creating an image of what’s in front of you. Uh, if you want to com communicate with a human being in front of you, to be able to be able to communicate with it, you need to first see, oh, there is a human being, uh, this is a man, a woman.

Uh, you need to be able to define who that is, is it a threat or not? And all of these different, uh, questions that you can answer and that will give you more visible and detailed, um, image. And then you have the understanding and the capability of what’s in front of you. The, the more clear image you have, the better for you, not just now.

And. Satisfying your childlike um, experiences and emotions, which is what I begin with, to just stop a little bit and think about more clearly. It’s like, this is the iPhone zero one, and you have now the perspective, Hey, how can I use that as a iPhone? iPhone 15, [00:59:00] let’s see. But if you want to do that, you need to not be influenced by all the emotion and all the hype and to, to connect this something, uh, with the human mind and I will finish, is that our own mind is the same thing as child PT and other ai.

And the more you learn about the ai, you, you’ll learn a lot more about your subconscious mind and your mind, and you’ll be able to communicate with yourself, which is very few people do the same way, but with your own mind. And our own mind is way, way more powerful. So this something you can also use in connect.

Wow. Wow. There’s 30 things to unpack from that professor. Uh, I’m, I’m teasing, but that was very good. Very, I think we learned a lot from, from what you talked about here. Uh, we, one of the things that you said is that we’re at iPhone one and you know, iPhone, you can start building it now for iPhone 15.

That’s a very good point cuz [01:00:00] often I’d run into some issues talking to some startups about chat G P T and they say, well, it can’t do this, or, you know, the API’s not commercial yet. Or, and then, and then I’m like, well, it’s gonna be one day. Yeah. It’s gonna be able to handle the volume. Yes. Your API won’t crash, uh, 30 times during the daytime.

These things, these issues will be resolved. So you start to build your business based on this concept that it’s going to get to iPhone 15. It’s going to improve, it’s going to get a lot better. But if you wait until iPhone 15 comes out, then you’re too late. Any thoughts on that? Uh, quickly. I know we’re, we’re, we don’t have a lot of time left.

We’re gonna go a little extra today, probably an extra half hour. And we normally go, this is a podcast as well called Serial Entrepreneur Secrets Revealed. Um, so if you do miss it, you can listen to it in, in your favorite podcast channel. But any thoughts on that? There’s just an idea of just get it out there and get going now.

Nick Nikola. Um, [01:01:00] I have something that I was keeping, keeping for myself, but since I have so many different things that I already have to do myself, I can share it this quickly. Um, maybe I will even read some of the answers charge Deputy gave me. So, but you can find your own. So one thing you can use that what I shared and use Chargey in its own power, is to ask it, Hey, judgey, act as if you are a human who is just starting a new business.

And you can, uh, and you have access to the knowledge that you have right now, and give me ideas that use ai, uh, and AI programs. To create business. So I did that, that yesterday and I didn’t delve too much in it, and it gave me, like, I asked for a list of 30 different things and it was amazing. Like, uh, that’s why here you can connect what I mentioned to [01:02:00] take ai or let’s say even use charge PT and use it to different, um, like other programs to do these tasks or create your own I ai in, in the future, or at least put it as a, as a target, as a, an idea to work on is.

Let, let me give you, um, So customer service chat bot, we, well, that’s not already something people use, let’s say fraud detection. Using data and ai, AI tech technologies to now analyze large amounts of transformation data. A company could develop a system to defeat fraudulent activity, protect their business from financial loss or predictive sales forecasting, smart inventory management.

By the way, this. This has, uh, at least I have at least 10 things that you can use this smart Inventory management A com company could use AI-based algorithms to, this is actually the answer from charge algorithms to [01:03:00] optimize their inventory management process by predicting the demands stock clear, the recording point based on historical data.

And here I will add expiration date for food, expiration date for whatever. So you can, especially if you already work in this markets or you have some understanding, you can create small, simple AI that will put in all the stock of the, of the customer, let’s say a a, um, um, a store or something else. You put the, uh, the, the inventory there and the AI have, let’s say you start with three, three things.

It, um, it is following and looking for inspiration date. It is following for, uh, restock. So things go out of stock and it’s all, let’s say it’s, uh, looking for spikes and drops in purchases of specific, uh, products. So it can, uh, keep track of which things, uh, people buy more, which they buy less. [01:04:00] And you start with something simple and then add, it’s, it’s amazing.

I do wanna make certain we have time for, for everyone in the audience here, uh, sorry, everyone on stage to, to share their ideas, but it’s absolutely amazing and I, and, and really looking forward to seeing you and, you know, more of these shows and we’re looking for people to do, um, we’re looking for people to do, um, shows on startup club.

If you’re interested in becoming a leader and, and doing a regular chat g p T show, you know, we’d be happy to, uh, Happy to support that or anybody else on stage or in the audience for that matter. We’re always looking for great leaders in this club. Uh, we do wanna move on. So I’m gonna move to, I was just about to move to Michael mou.

Michael, I know you just got a phone call there, but, uh, are you able to share with us your chat, G P T or Dolly story? Yes, thank you. I just got on, um, chat, G P T I actually started using it just last night. I’ve been using it ever since. I was a, um, [01:05:00] a late adapter, even though I have a friend in the audience, Keith, who actually invited me to Clubhouse, who had put me on it like a month or so ago.

But I was a little bit hesitant. I was like, this thing sounds too good to be true. And I was like this, like this is just another. Point closer to Skynet for us. I’m not sure if you guys remember Skynet, but, um, that’s just where I was, but I’ve been using it and um, and I got into a room like this last night that gave a lot of game and I was like, wow.

And I was really, um, blown away, for lack of better words. I am, um, getting, I’m preparing since China’s open meeting back up, uh, to take a group to China. I mean like, like maybe, uh, March or April. I was just playing around with some, um, I playing around with some, uh, some like, you know, some copy and some, and some like, you know, just some, some conversational, [01:06:00] uh, you know, pieces.

And I put ’em in there and I kind of said, uh, you know, please, you know, assume the persona. And I just basically described myself. and I said, you know, like, let’s compare salsa dancing in cells. And I was so surprised, you know what came out? I, I mean, it was, it was pretty on. There was a few things that, a few nuances that, you know, I could see where I could add and kind of, uh, help shape it.

But it was, it was on, it was naming moves and, and techniques and like, I, I was, I was, I was blown away. It was, was so good. It was almost scary. But yeah, I’ve been using it ever since. I’ve been, um, throwing in things that, and I heard someone in the audience said, you can go in there and look at your competitors [01:07:00] and see their, I, I went in there just now and I put a bunch of ’em in there.

I was like, whoa, this thing, spit it right out. Now of course it’s stuff that you can go in and, um, You know, grab and scramble from looking at their websites, looking at their images. But this thing is spitting it right out. So, um, I do think it’s, it’s pretty, uh, revolutionary and I thank you, uh, people in the room who’ve given such great game.

I’m actually, um, had, uh, dmd, uh, Vahid and he gave me some, you know, was able to respond quickly and, and give me the, uh, the links that he shared. And I think this is just an awesome room and it reminds me of a clubhouse of old, I’m, I’m just honored to be in here. Yeah, thank you Michael. And I’m gonna challenge you a bit here because you said you think you’re a late adopter.

Uh, I do believe, um, that Nikolai said was that we’re at iPhone one, and this is really early on. I mean, the fact of the matter is they may have had versions of, of chat G P T before [01:08:00] 3.5, but once 3.5 hit, it was a game changer. It was a watershed moment. A historical moment in time, and that only happened about two months ago.

So I don’t think anyone in this room, we are late adopters. I believe we are early adopters. We’re grabbing onto the technology quickly, we’re identifying opportunities. You can see the excitement when people talk about this because, you know, I, we haven’t seen this kind of technological shift, this kind of change in technology in our society in many years.

And we are all early adopters, is, is what I would say. And, and the fact that we’re here today, talking about it and figuring it out and learning and becoming better and better at understanding the potential of what this technology can do for our startup or to, to start a new business, uh, means that we’re ahead of the game.

So I really, really don’t think you’re a late adopter. I, I, I, I know I jumped on, I mean, I’m kind of late, [01:09:00] but what kind of kinda makes me think wow is. Well, what I, I’m using early on a lot of things, but what do we think about when, you know, when neural link hits and then instead of having to put these, instead of having to type things in, we could just think or move our eyebrows and put it in and, um, I don’t know.

It’s, it is just, it, it, it’s, it’s, it’s exciting and, uh, I just, it’s exciting. That’s what it is. I wonder how, what teachers are gonna do with, with, with the plagiarism rules Now. I remember I used to live in China. Yeah, we’re gonna try to stay on topic. We, we, we got into that one for what, 50 minutes show and don’t mind, we do wanna stay on topic, uh, and, and keep moving forward here and we’ll go popcorn style in a few minutes, but we do wanna try to give everybody a chance here.

Uh, Greg, uh, thank you for being so patient waiting here. Thank you. Uh, you can hear me? We hear? We hear you perfectly fine. Excellent. [01:10:00] Excellent. Um, Fantastic session. This is a tsunami folks. Um, I don’t think I’ve been more excited and, uh, I’ve only been it on a week. I got introduced to it, uh, by a, a YouTube session with, uh, Jordan Peterson.

Talked about it for 15 minutes. I started doing some research in the last few days. Um, I’m looking at, uh, setting up a tokenized real estate company, and I’ve just been like, uh, I think what’s resonating with me is the questions, you know, the detail of the questions like everybody in the audience has talked about and the speed that you’re get in the results.

And I just want to say that it’s given me a structure very fast of how to put a company together, um, and how to actually execute on, on the plan much faster. And I guess from my perspective, also asking the right questions is, you know, [01:11:00] regulatory wise, And then also on the code that is being able to generate.

So that’s all I wanted to share. I would love to be part of the group that, uh, focuses, uh, using chat g p t for tokenized real estate investments in future sessions. And, uh, that’s where the focus is gonna be. I know Michele and I would like to, uh, talk to you a little bit more about that. We, we ran two shows last year on tokenizing real estate.

Yes. But I hadn’t even thought about how do we tie AI into that. That’s something I hadn’t even considered until you mentioned that right now. And this is where, this is what I love about the community here at Startup Club. We just, you, you mentioned something, don’t even make the connection and all of a sudden we begin to ideate and figure out opportunities.

But I’d love to talk more about that with you and other shows as well, cuz I think, uh, I think you’re onto something. No, I would love to do that. I’d love to share, and I’m picking up so much stuff from what everybody just talked about, and, uh, this is, this is very early stage folks. I think they’ve only got a million users in the [01:12:00] last, uh, five, 10 days that they’ve opened up.

And it’s going, it’s, it’s, it’s, it’s an nextt army. Uh, I just see it, and I’ll just finish with this, that New York state has, uh, banned the use of chat, uh, on, uh, on their campuses. So education’s gonna look at this very seriously. Maybe we don’t need educators. Yeah. Or we need to help our educators have more free time to create better curriculum versus the boring stuff that they got now.

Nope. Fair enough. Yes. Agreed. Thank you. Looking forward to the next sessions on this. Is it powerful? Yeah. I used to talk about tsunami. I know that Jeffrey Moore talks about the tornado. Uh, he wrote a book called Inside the Tornado, ands. You know, ai, you know, it’s been driven around, but we all know how good it was.

You know, when you’re talking to Alexa and tell us the time and the, you know, it might be able to tell us a few things, but you know, it didn’t really amaze us. You know, chat, g p t obviously is amazing us. It’s [01:13:00] taking it to a whole new, new, whole new level and, and everyone’s jumping on it very quickly. And that tsunami, that tornado, there’s massive opportunities.

And he really points to this concept, and it was brought up a little bit earlier today, is that those who make it the easiest, those who can deliver the fastest in a tornado, um, can be the winners. If you think about aol back in the day, and this is when they became big, the largest i s p, they used to dump those disques in every corner of every store and every magazine, and they just, they just went out as fast as possible.

To get as much market share as possible. He also talks about the bowling alley, and what he means by that is figuring out a particular niche and winning in that niche. And once you win in that niche, you can expand in the way that Amazon won in books. They went into books, they won that niche, and then they expanded.

And you can see it’s happening. It’s going to happen with chat G p T, it’s gonna happen with Dally [01:14:00] and this other AI technologies. Today. I was listening to CNBC and I could, they’re talking about Google’s, um, ai. They’re both, they’re talking about releasing in eight months from now, eight to nine months from now.

Obviously, Google’s gotta be a little bit nervous. I mean, look how much time we’ve all been spending on chat, G P T versus Google and some people saying, well, you can check out your competitors on Google, or you can just go to chat G p t. And it summarizes it nicely for you. Scott, you’ve been very patient as well.

Vahid, uh, we’re gonna open popcorn style as soon as we, we, we go, we g we um, give Scott a chance here. And you’ll be first lead. Colin, thank you very much. Uh, great to hear, uh, see you again. It’s been quite a while. Uh, Michele and, and Jeff, some of the old school back from, uh, the Domaining days. I’m gonna come back, uh, uh, to that point in a moment, but, um, share everything that everybody said here.

Got excited about this. I’ve been working on several projects and all of a sudden this just, you know, dropped in my lap and totally disrupted the, uh, the flow of what we were. . So very quickly, you know, [01:15:00] working on several projects. Uh, one is an indigenous lens. I’m a Mohawk Indian, and, um, uh, I think that there is a, uh, a huge opportunity to bring the indigenous or North American Indian or indigenous peoples globally, uh, into a web three Metaverse blockchain, uh, things of that nature.

So, uh, we’re working on, uh, uh, a pro, uh, a project for that, and all of a sudden this comes through and like I said, upends everything. So everything from, uh, content to how do you deliver, uh, accessing, uh, tools, resources. It’s just been unbelievable. We’re also, um, lo uh, launching a, uh, a payment processing, uh, company, uh, to compete with Stripe Square and some of the other big boys.

And, um, as many of you know, that, that, uh, feels extremely competitive. And, um, you know, as, as I’m leading up a particular, uh, company or, or, uh, on this, and again, going to things just as [01:16:00] mundane as who are the competitors, uh, if I’m gonna set up a, uh, a marketing plan for a payment processing company, uh, what are the things, how are the current payment processors, you know, squeezing the little guy, you know, how come the, the little guy’s not getting the same, uh, rates and service as u p Ups or some of these other folks?

So again, the chat a, uh, API chat is just, you know, again, throwing that on. I’ve been able to create an entire marketing plan, um, Twitter post, a LinkedIn post, uh, It’s, it’s just been phenomenal. And, um, you know, the other thing is, I’ll go back to, uh, sort of our, the old school, uh, Colin is when I see something new like this, you try to get ahead of the curve from the domain perspective.

And, you know, if you go to, um, Diffusion, I forget what the, it’s called, uh, uh, on that. But, uh, the diffusion mode, uh, and you’re asked to, uh, put in your prompts for, for the, the text that you want to convert to an image. And, you know, so you have AI prompts. [01:17:00] And so I looked to, you know, of course I wanna register ai, but then found out that ai or AI inputs has twice or three times as many, uh, Google lookups.

I know that’s not the do all and end all, but it’s an indicator. So you have people right now that are struggling, um, uh, even myself, you know, you’re very tentative at start, and then you get bolder and then you try this. And, you know, as we’re sitting on this phone call, I probably burned through about 600 credits on my, uh, my Fusion, um, uh, account.

The point being is that anytime you get into a new uh, area, we are all instant experts right now. Anybody on this phone call could raise their hand, hang out their shingle and be AI text or, you know, experts right now because nobody knows any better. So the point being with AI inputs is that a lot of people, I believe are gonna be looking for, help me, how do I do this?

I’m afraid to put this in. Well, I think there’s a huge business opportunity for somebody who wants to, [01:18:00] um, you know, create a company that if you wanna learn how to do this, you know, for a subscription basis or whatever, you can set up a business for inputting and help people along that curve. So anyway, Colin, um, and, uh, and, and the rest of your group, great to, to reconnect and, uh, thank you so much.

Yeah. I wonder if there will be domain opportunities. I know in the last week we purchased our incubator. We purchased two pretty significant, uh, domains that had the AI in it. . Um, so I wonder if you’ll see a lot more, uh, word AI dot coms and, uh, other domain extensions, like a do a, I know there’s a AI domain extension as well, right?

Yeah. So let’s go popcorn style bahi. I promise you’d get the first, uh, jump at the popcorn if you wanted, wanted to share with us your thoughts. I was just thinking about, I got a big portfolio on squad help. I’m not a big fan of Anic, but I’ve sold stuff over there. But, [01:19:00] um, I, I actually passed three months, um, been picking up a lot of domains and it’s been cool.

So I think there’s a big, uh, movement happening over there. There’s gonna be a lot of startups coming there. But going back to what the previous gentleman said is that, you know, imagine based on my research, it shows that it has only like 500, like 80 gigabyte of the internet. At the moment for chat, g p T.

So imagine when we give it a lot more what it, what, what it will be, you know, capable of doing. Imagine we give it a lot more context, a lot more data that it could do. Obviously it will take more resources to, to go through more server power. But just to put it in its perspective, Intel spends about 10 billion per year, just their r and d.

So when Microsoft is coming and putting 10 billion, it’s like a little drop in the bucket for them if they can integrate. And Microsoft has been [01:20:00] integrating with a lot of stuff with I B M and I think it’s gonna be a good power play for Microsoft to. Bring up their, you know, they already got GitHub, they already got Bing.

So I think it’s going to, you know, perform better for their search results and integrate it with everything else that they’re already doing. Slack, you know, all the office tools that we’re using. So I think this is a very, very good movement. I’m gonna be watching that stock. Um, for Microsoft. They’re making a big move.

I mean, they’ve been in there, but if you guys don’t know Sam Altman, The, the, the, the person, the co-founder of OpenAI, he, I don’t think he’s gonna have money issue to take this thing, you know, to the promised land because he was the c e O of Y Combinator. So he’s got about six to 7,000 y Combinated alumnis on his dial, on your on, on his Rolodex.

And all his buddies are multi, multi-billionaires and millionaires. So I don’t think there’s gonna be any problem as far as funding when it comes to this. [01:21:00] So it’s here to stay. and I think education, e-learning is gonna be the biggest, uh, part that’s gonna revolutionize. I don’t think you need to drive about an hour and 10 minutes from my house to ucla, waste all that gas and go to class when you could get it online.

And it already passed. My wife is an attorney. It didn’t pass the bar exam, but it did pass the first portion and I think they already did one test for it to pass the medical exam, the board, and they did pass that. So maybe you cannot think like an attorney, but it can show us how write the paper like an attorney and be able to have an attorney, you know, represent it.

So it’s, it’s gonna change a lot of different, uh, aspect of our lives. It’s here to stay. Hey, bring up a good point about raising money that, um, there’ll be a lot of investors throwing money, not only at open ai, 10 billion to micro Microsoft at open ai, but even people in this room, if you have an idea and [01:22:00] it’s leading edge and it’s.

you takes advantage of or uses this AI and has it’s defensible and it’s scalable and you’re able to get out to market quickly. I, I, yeah. Ja already got it. The ability, yeah. Yeah. I think the ability to raise money will be a lot easier for some of these AI companies. Yeah, Jasper just announced they have had a hundred thousand subscribers and users.

Imagine a hundred thousand people, which I’m included in. One of those I think is about 59, 60 bucks per month, and they’re using G P T three, um, and, you know, they, they’re using the API access to it and they’re modifying it. They’re many, many companies, uh, like Jasper, that, that could utilize the API and put their own, uh, twist on it, or just like you guys been mentioning, uh, making one industry easier, the tasks for them, uh, to be able to perform their, their, their duties and jobs, real estate, financial services.

I know a lot of industries that could definitely use this because a lot of [01:23:00] tasks are just repeated over and over and it’s just, you know, we could have a AI do it or, you know, be more productive anyway. It’s gonna, it’s gonna revolutionize a lot of sectors and we’re part of it. So coming to these rooms and learning from everybody’s cool, sharing ideas is fantastic.

That’s what startup club’s all about. That’s what Clubhouse is all about. And I think that, that today we’re seeing that play out and, uh, if you did come to the room late, you can actually catch us and replay, or you can listen to it’s episode 90 of our podcast, serial Entrepreneur Secrets Revealed. And we, you know, this is an extra long recording.

We normally do only an hour every Fridays at two o’clock to three o’clock. But you know, the, the opportunity here around chat, G P T, around ai, around all of this is so big and it’s such a historic moment. And we are early adopters. And I think that the more we, um, talk about it, the more we collaborate, the more we ideate together, the more that we can help each other popcorn style.

[01:24:00] Anyone just jump on stage with a thought or any other ideas? Yeah. Hey, I just wanna mention, um, it is worth taking a really close look at the Open AI website, you know, beyond the chat. Um, they actually do have, and have been funding some startups, and I think it’s, if you look in the, um, footer navigation and you look under startup, you can see some very cool technologies that they themselves have already started funding.

So it’s, you know, possible opportunity for some of our members here, hopefully. Thank you.

All right. So do we have anyone else before we sign out? We’re about at 3:25 AM Um, pm Excuse me, Eastern Time. Um, any last, uh, last thoughts from anybody before we [01:25:00] sign off today? Michele, it’s uh, Scott again. Um, a little bit off topic, but going in the same direction. Um, some of the listeners here may be familiar with, D E S O, and, and just very briefly, um, everybody knows Defi decentralized finance, uh, done very well in helping to eliminate the middleman in financial transactions.

Uh, Desso is de de decentralized social, uh, go to I won’t, uh, belabored here. But essentially it is a new blockchain that was built specifically to, um, address the needs for social interaction. And there are apps on there that can replace Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and a whole bunch of other ones.

Thought being is that all the major corporations, the big companies were the Guinea pigs. They have the data, they make all the money, and we believe that there’s gonna be a gradual, uh, shift to decentralized social. Uh, so take you, uh, your, your listeners may wanna take a look at that.[01:26:00] 

That’s a great tip. I am gonna check it out myself. So thank you for that, Scott. So I think we’ve come about to the end of today’s session. We’re really grateful for all the members who have joined and shared, like really, I, I have found this immensely helpful and I look forward to having more conversations like this here on Startup Club.

So before we leave, just a quick reminder that we are Serial Entrepreneur Club and we are here every Friday at 2:00 PM Eastern as well as on your favorite podcast. Um, we’d love for you to sign up for your e for our email list by going to, um, where we send out alerts about once a week.

You can also peruse well over 200 blog posts and get links to transcripts and recordings. So, [01:27:00] Please and thank you for joining us and we really look forward to our next conversation and we hope that you have a wonderful weekend. Thank you so much. And everyone be well. Yeah, and I think we’ll, we’ll keep up with this topic and you know, as we progress throughout the year and keep adding it to our, our shows because it is obviously very popular.

Have a great afternoon everyone, and we’ll see you next Friday, two o’clock Eastern. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


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