Episode 13: Let The Fun Begin!

    Episode 13: Let The Fun Begin!

    Raise your hand if you’re excited to tune in to the latest episode of The Name Game! We were joined on stage by Leanne’s and Co, Nosh Technologies and Mara Foods GH who pitched their businesses and received opinions and advice from our hosts Jeff, Page, and Sharon. The aim? to help you have an edge with your company name!

    Our game rules:

    1. We invite you up on stage
    2. Tell us the name and domain of your company
    3. We will then try to guess exactly what your company does as well as provide beneficial tips and feedback on your company name/domain

    Leanne’s and Co

    Jeff thought the startup was an online “accessory shop” that sells purses, scarves, and all kinds of women’s accessories. He recommended getting all domain names that included all forms of spellings of the name ‘Leanne’. For example, one ‘n’, no ‘e’… so that customers will be able to find the store, no matter the spelling.

    Sharon thought the store was a handmade jewelry store, and Page was thrown by the Leanne’s, the ‘s’ implies more than one Leanne? What does it belong to? Page went with a “style boutique”, or a restaurant called Leanne’s that has a bar connected/attached to the restaurant and that is why it is called Leanne’s and Co. 

    Nosh Technologies

    Paige said that ‘Nosh’ for him means snacking and went with “a robot that helps around the house.”

    Sharon thought the company was an UberEATS-type app that helps consumers find food places.

    Jeff agreed with the ‘Nosh’ name being a food-related word and believed the company to be a robot that helps in the food field, such as restaurants. He was a fan of the ‘.tech’ extension and liked the sound of the name. 

    Mara Foods GH

    Page had the floor to himself on this one as Jeff and Sharon had met the speaker and spoken about her business on a previous occasion. He picked up that the GH stands for Ghana and liked the name. Page went with a ‘healthy recipes’ company that helps people eat better and eat cleaner.

    How close do you think our hosts were? Hit the play button and listen to the full session to find out!

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