Ep06: How to Build and Protect Your Brand

    Ep06: How to Build and Protect Your Brand

    Hear IP Strategies & Ideas Around When To Consider Investing In Their Protection

    (Recorded live from Clubhouse on March 19, 2021)

    Our guest speakers Rich Goldstein, Patent Attorney, and Priscilla Nunez, COO AI Leadership Institute help us navigate core legal considerations from a practical point of view, such as scalability and profitability, when deciding when to invest in trademarking and copyrighting. We’ll also learn ways to improve and manage a name defensible plan. Specifically for clubs, we discuss their unique opportunities in conjunction with the use of a .club domain name for a website as a method to brand, grow and connect outside of the app.

    Important Notice: This session is NOT legal advice, it is an informal conversation with soft suggestions. Anything you hear or read here is for information and entertainment purposes and not legal advice or suggestions of actions you should take without first consulting your legal advisor.

    Moderators: Colin Campbell, Jeffrey Sass, and Rachael Lashbrook
    Speakers: Rich Goldstein and Priscilla Nunez

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