Clubhouse, What Works and What Doesn’t? OpenMic

We shook things up a bit this week and offered an open mic approach in an intentionally smaller, more intimate room. All listeners were invited to speak to a hit and a miss that they’ve encountered during their residency at Clubhouse. We each came prepared with success and a failure to share and elaborate on followed up with a troubleshoot to turn the fail into a win.
What Works on Clubhouse
After our open-mic Clubhouse session, we got some great tips on what has been working for our participants to leverage Clubhouse to its fullest extent. Here are a few of the highlights:

Learn from Every Session

When starting out on Clubhouse, the platform can be overwhelming. With such a large platform for interacting with leading industry experts and some of the most brilliant minds, getting started can be tough. We’ve all made mistakes on the platform and so have the people you look up to. But, what’s important is that you learn from those mistakes and take action based on what you learn during your next session. This goes for whether you’re hosting your own Clubhouse session or participating in others.

Utilize Your Bio
As one of the only visuals on the Clubhouse platform, your bio is one of the only ways to draw in potential connections. When someone checks out your bio, you need to make them feel as if they know you personally. This builds genuine connections with like-minded individuals helping you leverage the value Clubhouse has to offer. So, put all of the topics you have an interest in within your bio, even if they’re not related at all. You never know who’s listening in the sessions you speak during as someone listening might also run a separate clubhouse related to one of your other interests further expanding your network.

Also, avoid generic terms like “Entrepreneur” as this does not tell someone anything about you or your interests. Instead, use descriptive language to talk about what interests you, what you already know about, and what you want to learn more about. By keeping the language in your bio descriptive, you draw in anyone who reads your bio making them feel as though they’ve already built a connection with you.
Network with Others

Clubhouse gives everyone an equal opportunity to network with whoever they want. The platform makes it extremely easy for you to get in touch with people who would otherwise be extremely difficult to reach through other platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook. Their unique system of allowing one-on-one sessions and large gatherings gives you the chance to introduce yourself during a large gathering, then build upon that introduction with a one-on-one session. After a one-on-one session with someone, both you and them will feel a strong connection building an organic and honest relationship.

Look at the Profile of Those Who Provide You with Value
Whenever someone speaks during a Clubhouse session you attend and they provided you with value, look up their profile. It might seem obvious, but all too often we get nervous or feel as though we’re intruding when we look up someone’s profile after only hearing them speak once. However, when you do this you can lead to a more genuine connection with that person. Take a look at the other platforms the person utilizes such as LinkedIn. Then, reach out to them and see if they want to connect further to talk about your shared interests. Once you do connect with them, be prepared to provide them with value as well. Providing them with value as well ensures you build a mutually beneficial relationship that lasts.

You Do Not Need to Run Your Own Club
While you may feel as though you need to run your own club to leverage the value of Clubhouse, those feelings are simply not accurate. You can get just as much value out of Clubhouse by being a participant or guest speaker in other clubhouses. Figure out which clubs you can bring value to and reach out to those who run it with your thoughts on how you can help them bring their members value. More often than not, they’ll be happy to have you speak to their audience.

Also, Clubhouse is more than just a platform to get your name out there. Take the time to just attend sessions other people host that interest you and actually learn from them. It becomes an extremely valuable learning resource once you decide to treat it as one.

What Doesn’t Work on Clubhouse
Now that we’ve gone through some ways you can leverage the full value of Clubhouse, let’s talk about a few things you should avoid while using Clubhouse that can actually take away from its potential value.

Spending Too Much or Too Little Time on Clubhouse
Spending too much or too little time on Clubhouse will take away from its value. If you spend too much time in Clubhouse, you’ll end up neglecting your other responsibilities. While it’s easy to get sucked into endless sessions that seem as though they will be valuable to you, if you don’t have the time to act on that value, the time goes to waste. So, balance your time between taking action on what you learn and learning new things.

However, don’t give up on Clubhouse before you give it a chance. It’s unlikely you’ll understand the full value Clubhouse has to offer during your first few days using the platform. You need to give it enough time to find the clubs that interest you and the people you can share connections with.

Following Everyone
It might seem appealing to build your followers by following everyone you see on Clubhouse. While you might gain a few followers this way, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed with notifications and alerts regarding sessions that do not interest you. Once you become overwhelmed with notifications and alerts, you will miss out on sessions you would have otherwise attended simply because you ignored the alert. So, to truly get the most out of Clubhouse, only follow the people that you actually want to interact with. This leads to you only receiving notifications and alerts you care about so when you do receive one, you actually look into it.

Streaming Live Video From Clubhouse

Oftentimes, people stream their Clubhouse sessions to other platforms like LinkedIn. While this does provide a lot of value to those who do not have Clubhouse, it can lead to you being banned on the platform. So, instead of streaming live video, only stream the audio with a picture showing what the session is about. This avoids the potential of being banned on the platform while still allowing you to provide the value of your Clubhouse session to those, not on the platform.

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