Simple SEO Strategies


For this week’s show, the topic was targeted toward SEO, as Norm explained some simple SEO strategies to better assist companies in getting the most out of SEO.

Before anything else, it takes a team of members with unique specializations to successfully excel in SEO.

It is essential to establish a proficient working team by…

  1. Establishing performance indicators
  2. Assigning each member an appropriate task (different tasks require different experts!)
  3. Holding every member accountable and ensure you hit your KPIs and goals are established across all disciplines

Title Tags

Once you have a specialized team, title tags can become an important component of improving your SEO. The truth is, many websites don’t have the right title tag. Know the space you want to own on Google and then add five or six keywords to your title tag.

Applying the key title tag principles can help boost click-through rates and improve SEO.


A good SEO expert understands branding, in the sense that content is not solely being put out, but a fan base is still being retained as well.

In a brand-driven SEO strategy, you must acquire a brand angle (positioning) that is to be prioritized over non-branded keywords.

When striving to improve SEO, it is vital to remember that it is all about how people are interacting with a listing on a search engine. If your listing stands out, you can get a click. As long as you hold contentment when it comes to assets like site security, mobile friendliness, and such, then people will stay. Google will notice this behavior and view your search result as a good result.


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