All About Chatbots

Today we were joined by an expert guest, Paul Baron, to help break down the basics of chatbots as well as how you’re able to utilize them as a tool for business and marketing purposes.

What is the purpose of a chatbot?

  • Used for a marketing lead generation
  • Provides assistance in the area of customer service
  • Designed to be a shortcut and/or get you to a solution of an issue

How do chatbots differ in customer service and lead generation?

Customer Service: If you’re online shopping and an issue arises you may click on the “Customer Service” button. A window may appear asking, “What can I help you with today?” Beneath that question are various answer choices such as placing an order” or “tracking.”

The goal of the chatbot in this scenario would be to solve your issue as quickly as possible and if needed they will redirect you to a representative that can further assist you.

Lead Generation: You may be on Facebook and an ad may pop up in which you’re told that you can get 25% off of a product for a limited time. The ad may have a button saying “learn more.”

The goal of the chatbot in this scenario would be to redirect you to a page where you can unlock a discount code, or to a page where you can further expand on details of the ad.

Chatbots are essentially “decision trees” that you design in the back end. To learn more about chatbots and better understand why they make a great tool, listen to this full session above!

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