Dissecting the Empathic CEO

What distinguishes a successful CEO? You may be thinking of intelligence or hard work but, as important as those are, what truly distinguishes a successful CEO is empathy. To be #1 in the industry you have to be #1 in terms of your people!

We all know that the majority of people don’t quit jobs because of excessively low pay or being overworked. They quit because they’re not being treated right by their boss.

What does it mean to be the empathic CEO that your team needs you to be?

  • Recognize contributions! People are most happy when they are working in an environment in which they feel that they are contributing to a purpose and are being recognized for that.
  • Figure out each individual’s strengths, driving forces, and inspirations and nurture those.
  • Achieve a culture of accountability and transparency to avoid politics in the workplace.
  • Grow a culture of ownership within your team. Delegate tasks but still “inspect what you expect,” to ensure fulfillment of responsibilities.

Now, as you navigate through a culture of such empathic actions/aspects, what is the difference between being a manager vs. leader? Is there one role that you should primarily stick to?

To find out, and gain a more well rounded understanding of what it means to be an empathic CEO, listen to this full session above!

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