Branding Yourself on Clubhouse

Another valuable Serial Entrepreneur Club session in the books! Moderated by Jeff Sass, we invited Branding experts Gary Henderson and Ish Milly to share tips on bringing value to your brand using Clubhouse. Listen to the recorded conversation, here!

Spoiler alert, the word of the week is Authenticity!  Here’s the gist of it: 

Use your authentic voice – literally and figuratively, there is no hiding! Its you, speaking in your voice to a room of listeners. What you say and how you participate is going to influence your brand. So, find your tribe and then be as authentic as possible. Find people you dig listening to, check out who they are following, check out who nominated them and make connections based on those authentic interests, using your authentic voice. 

Meticulous Profile and Bio – First and foremost, make sure your profile is on brand, that it is consistent with what you are about. If it is not aligned, you lose credibility.  You want to attract a certain type of people, most likely. Think: synergy, searchable terms, hyper focus on the first two lines of your profile (the short hand that appears in the scroll list), be sure to include clickable links. How you engage with people outside of the platform matters, especially to your brand. Link your social media handles, your websites, get a domain that speaks to your brand and on that website, share what you’re about, share your clickable content, newsletters, events or schedules. Your profile and bio should be attractive, captivating, accurate to brand and most of all, authentic.

Use .club extension – this is a new trend that gained speed nearly overnight, where companies and people, like you and me, are locking in their .coms and .clubs. If clients are visiting your .com for your digital products, then they are visiting your .club for You, those are your followers. Even further, a .club extension is intriguing, eye-catching, its a neatly tied bow to place on top of your enterprise, where you can offer benefits, perks, set it up as a hub to re-direct traffic to other parts of your company, brand or social media. It is yours, do with it as you want.

Offer your services – If you have a course or consultant service, Clubhouse is a unique platform and opportunity to identify your customers and monetize. Check out who is following you, figure out the demand and offer the supply, if it is on brand. 

Use a personal, super recognizable profile picture. If you are really pushing for and standing behind your company and want your logo to have huge recognition, use your logo. But, most likely, listeners want to connect with YOU, the heart of your company, and so we really want to see and recognize YOU as your brand. 

Migrate to social media – Another shameless plug to bring your social media and Clubhouse together. Here’s the hack: Post stories about yourself, your brand, your company – show yourself authentically, because people are watching, and now you’ve pixelated those viewers who follow your story, for present and future engagement. That is going to go a long way, especially in the world of word-of-mouth, Likes, Shares and Follows. 

Gary offered a sound ideation that he’s coined as ‘R3Mad’, that if you have the “right message to the right audience at the right time with the right expectation, you’ll deliver the right results.” 

At the end of the day, think about everything you’re doing, any new initiatives or goals, and consider if this is aligned with how you want to spend your days, if it is bringing you closer to where you want to be or what you want to be doing. Our day to day actions should be aligned with our philosophies, lifestyles, brands and services; this is what builds integrity, your reputation and credibility and that is what is going to get noticed and set you apart from a competitor who may not be in alignment with his branding. 

Be yourself, everyone else is taken.  We’ll see you again on Friday at 2:00. 

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