Waiting For Offers or Doing One-Time Sales Now?

Selling domain names is a challenge. You can publish them online, and wait until a seller is willing to buy them, even if this might take years. Or you can list them in private or public auctions. And even so, you might not get the traction you want. Which is the best way to follow? Listen to the full replay above to learn key tactics on how and when it is best to sell your domain name!

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    TRANSCRIPT: Monday Domains: EP08

    Riding welcome everybody. The Monday domains, I’m still inviting some folks in. So we’ll get started here in three or four minutes. You had any questions you came with today. Go ahead and request to be a speaker and I’ll try to get to them right off the bat today should be more of a social show. And I am recording.

    I am, I do have replays on. And, um, and that means that, uh, that you are being recorded if you come up, potentially, if someone clicks the replay button when we’re done. Anyway, thanks for coming into Monday domains. Let me, uh, let my battery charge a little bit. And, uh, I think we’ve got some good things to talk about today.

    Biggest pain points. And then I want to go over today’s GoDaddy auction names and, uh, should be fun. Hey mark. How are you? I’m good. How about you page? I feel like, you know, I had a little bit of a weekend, which I haven’t always had, so I’m kinda got some energy, some, some Monday energy, well, this is good.

    We all need your brain power. I just want to see if you knew about, you know, all these, uh, have you seen all the snap names that have just suddenly popped in it’s like treasure trove and some of them have, you know, reserves on them, some of them don’t where did all these come from? Why these aren’t all drops.

    Where did these. So, yeah, I’m intimately aware. Um, yes. So this is a portfolio snap names has, you’ve always been able to sell your names as a third party on snap names for the last 15 years. And you’ve also been able to do it on name jet. And now that named that and snap names are essentially the same company.

    Anything that you could do on names that goes on snap names and anything that you do on snap names goes on name jet, so we’ll call it Snapchat. Um, but, um, because of that, there, there is a company who at the board level has decided to divest a large group with domain names. And as we’ve talked about here on Monday domains, there’s very few options for people.

    Um, on how to sell domain names, you know, there’s, there’s no, uh, window at the casino where you just go and you show them your chips and they catch you out. Right. Um, and we don’t have a lot of good ways to do it. Um, all we have is put them up for sale at afternoon and slowly Wade for offers over the next 15 years or some places that say, well, if you want to get more than zero, we’ll get to that.

    You know what I mean? Um, and so I think what they chose was this route with too long time, you know, vendors, snap, names, and names at, to simply put all 800 names up, uh, in a series of three day auctions. Um, and because named jet and snap names are married. To their platform, which is built to sell expired names.

    Even when a third party seller comes in, they have to cram them into the hole of something that looks like it’s an expired name like you shared. You know what I mean? Because that’s the place that people are searching for those nuggets that someone has left. There was a great name and the company went under and now it’s going up for sale.

    And if they just listed these names as, as a private auction, they may not get the traction they want. So they fed them into the expired. Stream so that everybody would put their pre bids on them. You know, how you put a pre-bid, uh, and then it starts a public auction and those public auctions, I think start ending tonight, tomorrow, or today, tomorrow, Wednesday, it was just such a big dump.

    And, uh, I mean, lots of really premium ones in there too, to kind of throw them all into the market at the same time. I almost kind of feel like it’s going to dilute things a little bit. Maybe not just so many buyers out there for ultra premium ones, especially the one words, but, um, is it, is this owned by multiple individuals or.

    No, I think it’s out there publicly. So I don’t think I’m disclosing anything. It’s a company called thought convergence and they were the actual corporate entities that used to own domain tools. Um, a lot of you use domain tools for your, who is lookups and domain tools. At one time was a holding company.

    I don’t think I’m talking out of school here. I think it was pretty publicly available that had various, um, domain. They had a parking company and I think in some other companies, I’m not sure how the shared ownership worked, but anyway, I think they’ve gotten to a point where domain tools, I think I’m just hypothesizing.

    I think that got rolled up as part of kind of a web security company. Um, so you’re, you were maybe left with a bunch of domain names without a real operating company. I’m just guessing here, you know what I mean? And then someone said, what’s the best thing to do. Should we just keep waiting for offers or let’s do a one-time sale now I am going to start guessing in my mind again, there’s no good places to do it.

    And when you do decide potentially that you want to get out of these names by the end of the year, just say that was their decision. Then you might also say, oh my gosh, we can’t do it too close to Christmas because everyone’s going to go away at Christmas. So then you go to snap names and you say, how can we get our auctions done by the second week of December?

    No, that’s too late. People already be on holiday. Okay. Let’s make sure we do them the first week of December. How do we do that? Well, you got to have them be set up for pre-building last week, you know, to have the auctions closed this week. And if I’m saying that too fast, it’s because again, they’re cramming, they’re, they’re trying to make a sales platform and an auction house out of something that was built to sell expired names, you know, which is a mindless, there is no seller.

    Um, the names come through. Domain registrar, there’s 30,000 names a month expiring. We’ll let buyers determine what they want to buy. They put in bids that starts an auction. And you know, it was built to almost crowd select from those 30,000 expired names each month, what would go to auction. And then once it went to auction, you had the top hundred domain investors in the world, or the top 300 say bidding on them.

    So if I was the seller here and you said, listen, we just want to get a market price. The fact that they’re on name’s ed and snap names, people are gonna see ’em when they look at auctions ending today or tomorrow, they’re going to see the best names. You know, nothing’s going to fly into the weight radar, so to speak.

    But for as a bitter, yes, they crammed them into three days. So you’re going to have. You’re going to have to, you know, the way I’ve encouraged everyone to do. If you’re listening to this mark, ask about the snap names, names at auctions this week, it’s a good time to examine the bidding limits on name jet, the bidding limits on snap names.

    Are you qualified to bid a certain amount on an individual auction over 5,000, over 10,000, over 25,000? Secondly, I don’t know if either one of the houses has a cumulative bid limit where you may have bid in one, something at a thousand and then 3000, then 8,000. You don’t want to find out that there’s some type of cumulative limit at the time that you’re really bidding on the name you’re really wanted.

    You know what I mean? So I think it’s a great time to check. Yeah, definitely check the limits. Uh, I can’t remember the last snap names I participated in, but it was, you know, upper four figures. But, um, I can’t remember the qualifications and I’m almost kind of curious, like. I guess this is just a quicker way to kind of look like you said, probably end of year liquidate a portfolio, but wouldn’t this maybe seem like better to call the guys that right at the dot and, and do a big dump there.

    They get a better, I mean, I think some of these names are better than the ones that they’ve had in some of their recent auctions or is it just the, maybe the, uh, the commission’s too heavy and snap names wants to keep it. Yeah, no, I would not say as much as I love Monte. I mean, he and I are joined at the hip with our big sale, um, that, you know, right at the dot, you know, I don’t know if Dave exactly.

    Top tick a lot of names lately. Um, so, um, uh, again, we don’t have good options. Um, you know, the, the second best option would be just to pick a broker. Um, if I think about it from a seller’s point of view, you know, see if Andrew Roessner would put the top 30 names on his newsletter one week and then say we have more names, but then as he really want to deal with the names that are going to sell for a hundred or 300 or 500 bucks, he would certainly deal with the one words.

    You know what I mean? Um, you know, and so again, mark, I think what you’re seeing is the buyer, the buyer benefits here because of the sellers. Needs and the lack of an alternative. Well, we’ll see, we’ll see what it comes down to because the big thing I’m curious about more than anything is what is this quote, unquote, low reserve.

    Some have no reserve, which that’s fine. That’s great. And there, obviously I can see why they wouldn’t have a reserve, but then some of the one word premiums, they have a reserve and it’s just going to be okay. Where did, where is that threshold? Is it really a low reserve or they just trying to protect themselves and, uh, you know, get as ultra high, a premium as they can on it.

    I don’t know. Right. Mark. So is your advisor everybody leaning close? So I’ll tell you what I really think, which is what you get here on Monday domains. Um, I think you’re going to find the reserves are very reasonable. And the reason I say that is there are people that have been trying to sell. Names on names yet through the third party auctions for years.

    And they put up the same names over and over. I did this with a group of 500 names. I put up the same names every month with my quote wishful reserves. You know what I mean? Where I would be happy if the name sold with just one bid now, a buyer doesn’t think that’s a reserve, right? A reserve is there just to say, Hey, if you have a word, like, I dunno if it’s integrate.com or infusion.com.

    There’s a couple of ones. I hate to say it. That just, I know they begin with an I and they’re dictionary words. You’re yeah. You’re not really ready to risk that on a $69, no reserve, right? I mean, you know what, if the system’s down, what if there’s something else going on in the world that day? You’re not really going to risk intimate.com with the $69 reserve.

    But I would say from the fact that they are auctioning these names. Quickly with only a week’s notice before bidders were needed to pre-bid. Cause this stuff just hit a little over a week ago, um, that I would not expect that to be paired with a wishful thinking reserve. You see what I mean, mark. If everything else they’re doing looks like it’s taught to actually get out of these names where they would like to not own any of these names by the end of the year.

    That’s my intuition. I haven’t seen that anywhere. I would not expect the reserves to be, I would be ready and I would be budgeting for. How much do you want to spend if you’re going to be able to get names, but as you say, there’s a lot of buyers out there who here’s the hard part. What if the names you really liked and you really think you want to outbid others or on the third day, what do you do on the first two days?

    Do you bid high or you’re like, well, I don’t want to bid high because I don’t know how much I’m gonna have to stretch for the names I want. If you have a budget now, if you don’t have a budget, then I think you’re in great shape. But what I would tell people that are listening on Monday domains and mark ask a question about the big group of names and snapped names or name jet.

    And I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about them this week. And the reason I spent a lot of time thinking about them is I was very happy with the name that I got in the last ride of the.auction. Um, I did get anteaters.com and I got it for under a thousand dollars. And, and the process I went through was to get the list early.

    I run my data early, look at the entire list, early, decide what I wanted and what I really wanted. Then look at the auction order and be ready to bid accordingly, knowing that the stuff I really wanted may come early or late. And what you don’t want to do is you don’t want to end up not getting what you really want and getting some just okay.

    Names. And then you look back on it and you go, I should’ve been more, you know what I mean? Right. Mark, will you say I should have been more, but there was something in my mind, in my process that made me think the right thing to do was not bid 12,000 for that name, but man, I should have. Right. So I think you have to try to figure out what those things are.

    So you don’t regret. Yeah. Agreed. That’s great. Great. Yeah. So I think what that means is don’t wait until a Dame. Um, you pre-bid along with 130 others at $69 and your greed might be telling you, maybe I can get it for a thousand. Maybe I can get it for 500 man. That would be awesome. This is going to be great.

    But what I would say is be more realistic. Ask yourself, am I in at 10,000 M I N at 20,000, am I N at 30,000 and make that decision today at a calm moment. At a balanced moment because otherwise you’re subject to when the bidding starts thinking that you’ve placed eight or nine beds, but the name’s only at 4,500, but you still think, oh, I’m going back and forth with this person.

    I’m never going to win it. And you get out. Unless I believe you go in with an idea of your maximum, I think you’re going to be potentially setting yourself up to be waiting, to see what other people are doing to decide whether you want to do. And I think the best time to decide if you want a name is now before the option started.

    And then when the bidding starts and the bidding goes up, you know, if you’re in, you know, if you’re that person at the auction who even, if you have to wait for going once going twice, you’re putting your paddle up before it’s sold every time and you know, how long you’re going to do that, you know? Um, but if you’re trying to make up your mind every time in those five minutes, well, it was 6,500.

    I don’t know if I want to go 6,800. No, I got some other ones I want to bid on. And then you don’t bid. I would rather, if it were me know that I’ve got a 40,000 our budget, no, that I’ve got a $3,000 budget. Um, and if you have a low budget, like two or 3000 ask you. What are some of the names that may not look to other people like they’re valuable, but I think I can get them for a low price and maybe concentrate on those.

    But my number one suggestion, for those of you bidding on the names this week and the snap names name jet is I do think it’s a buyer’s benefit auction. I do think because we don’t have a lot of ways to liquidate domain names for someone in this position that they’ve crammed a auction into a short period of time, which means they’re going to get the normal suspects, the normal bitters on domain names that bid every day and every week are going to be there, but they have not cast a wide net.

    So in most of the names, you’re going to be competing with people who have a choice to buy. Any name and the domain name spectrum. In my opinion, you’re not going to be competing against people that may have specific knowledge of the name you’re going to that accompany spent two or three months reaching out to those people and saying this name, even though it’s been available for 10 years now, it’s available and we really want to sell it.

    So you’ve got an opportunity. Now you can be myopic and you can talk yourself into names. You know where you liked him more than everyone else. But I do think if it’s scenario, you know, well, I think you’re going to be able to outbid other domain investors potentially because again, once the name becomes not an awesome deal for them, they may move on to another name.

    But you knew that you could develop in that area, like I’m bidding on some names that are, that have a state and then luxury real estate. So like Alabama luxury real estate. I’ll just tell you my world this week. So I think that’s a name that if a domain investor who’s used to spending a hundred, 500, 1,005 thousand, 10,000 looked at it, and it was the only name on names at that day, they might bid 69.

    They might bid one 50 or some of you may not even think that it’s worth 69 bucks and that’s fine. But for me, when it’s in the middle of an auction of 800 names, It’s easy to skip over it’s long. It’s not Alabama real estate, which people would want, it’s got luxury after it. So they’re going to skip it.

    So I see that as an opportunity because I do like the name for me to be able to buy it. And it’s going to make sense that there’s no competition. Sometimes there’s no competition because the name stinks in this case. I think it’s hard to pick out out of an 800 name auction, the 500 to 600 best name when you have all these big names going on around them.

    So anyway, that’s some of the stuff I’m doing, mark. Um, Like you say, mark, you were surprised to see this many good names coming out of this process, but I do think it’s a buyer’s benefit auction and a, and you should be able to put some money to work. I would just be saying, uh, you know, be realistic about, would you pay 5, 10, 20, you know, 25 30 and thinking about that beforehand, does that.

    No, absolutely. And I mean, I’m, I’m applying the same stuff, whether I’m looking at a GoDaddy auction too, it’s just suddenly, okay. I’ve got a much bigger pile of possibilities than usual on a daily basis. Cause it’s, you know, like I said, it’s, it’s three day auction basically. Yeah. And I would say, um, especially if you’re tying to do your real job and the auction, it’s going to be difficult.

    Um, the names are going to close over a two-hour period. Again, if, if I was by my computer, I could look it up, whether it starts tomorrow. So usually the bidding deadline was Friday night for the first group. So the auction would have started Saturday. So that’d be Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. So I’ll just share with you some more details.

    I’ve been a seller on named vet for a long time. It’s really tough to submit your names to names yet, because if you, in this case, I think they did the right thing. They want their auctions to end on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, they didn’t want to do Monday. Cause a lot of people are still just getting to their real jobs on Monday at two o’clock.

    So they might not be there. They didn’t want to do Friday. Cause some people are off from vacation, especially in December. So I think they compressed it mark into one week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. And then what was unique about it is because they were using the same system as expired names you had to put in your pre bids on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

    And that’s kind of awkward, but I think that they were pretty sure that they were going to have some people who might put in a pre-bid on every name in the auction, you know? So if you have a choice as a name, Jett seller, I think you can learn something from this, which is some people might say, I want my pre-bid ads.

    I know this is really in the weeds, but if you’ve ever done auction selling on. You should be able to follow this. Some people would say, well, I want to take my pre bids in during the week when most people are domaining. Even if that means my auction ends on the weekend. Hey, maybe there’s some buyers that bid more on the weekend, but I think what they’ve done here is they’ve said we want our auctions to end on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

    But what I wanted to get to mark is what’s going to happen on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Cause I’ve been in this situation before is you’re going to start out with an auction order that has certain names ending first, second, third, fourth, and fifth. But once the extended bidding starts, you’re going to have a real.

    Combination of at three o’clock tomorrow, my time central, I’m going to have names that were ending at two 30, that are still in an extended auction. And I’m going to have names that are ending at three. O’clock be closing for the first time. And it’s really going to mess with your idea of what the order is going to be, because you’re going to have extended auction names that could be take 45 minutes.

    And if you thought, well, once this name gets over, then I’ll look at the next name and order. I think that you’re going to get thrown for a loop. So I think it’s really going to be important to focus on what you really want and keep a laser eye on that because the order is going to change, you know, as the day goes.

    If it were me bidding, I might have my snap names account open, and my name genetic count open in case you do run into a bidding limit on one of them that you’re ready on the other one. And you might find that one of them is better at keeping track of what’s closing soon. What has so many minutes to count down?

    Um, so those are my tips for bidding on the names at snap names, auctions. Great tip. Yeah, I love it. Hey David, how are you? Welcome to Monday domains. Great to see you. Uh, I’m sorry. I missed the beginning part. So the there’s like a, you’re saying 30,000 names being released that are really good on Snapchat.

    No, no, no, no. There’s about 806. That were released for pre-building the last three days, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I believe that they’ve all become public auctions. Uh, and what I mean is that normally on an expired name, you have to place the pre-bid to be in the auction. But I think these, because they’re third parties either.

    So many people, prey placed pre-bid on almost every name that they’ve all become public auctions, but, um, I need to check that when I was comparing it to 30,000 David, what I meant was normally the name jet snap names platform is built to without any human touch whatsoever have 30,000 names a month expired.

    At the snap names, registrars, and the name jet registrars, and automatically people place their pre-bid and automatically the names are auctioned and automatically the money’s collected and automatically the names are provisioned. So it’s set up to be that type of business that runs itself. And in this case, they’ve taken a spec, even though I’ve been able to sell names on names yet for the last couple of years.

    So as everybody now they’ve taken and made kind of a special auction, but they’ve crammed it into this two week period where they only gave people a look at the names last Monday morning, I think, and then the options are already ending. So I was comparing that to the fact that the system’s built to let the customers select out of the 30,000 expired what’s worth 69.

    And then let all the people who bid 69 decide how high it goes. But that’s a long way from being really good at helping someone specifically sell a portfolio. So that’s when I mentioned the 30,000. Got it. All right. I’ll take a look. See if there’s any good ones on public auction. Oh, there’s no good ones.

    I’ve already taken care of that. And if I have lint and Marquez, so we’ll, we’ll let you know if you missed anything. All right. Ha ha ha. Um, but let’s see, let, let’s, let’s talk about some specific names. So one of the things I do in my domain showroom, for those of you that come over and join me on that is sometimes I’ll just look at what’s going on and go daddy, uh, GoDaddy auctions, GoDaddy auctions start at 10 central.

    So they started a half hour ago and I was supposed to be doing this when we started. So hopefully I haven’t missed anything that I really wanted from talking about the. The aftermarket names. So I’m going to stall here as I preload my GoDaddy and what I do the way I do go daddy options. Just to give you a little peek about how I buy names for myself, how I buy names for domain outlet is, um, is I do my searching usually 10 days in advance.

    And actually I do an eight days in advance. And the reason I do at eight days in advance is if I do it 10 days in advance, I’m going to get all the GoDaddy names. Um, but not all the partners. Um, not all the partners have their names in soon enough where if I did it every 10 days, I might, um, And then I didn’t do another search till 10 days from now.

    There might be a gap there on maybe the two cows names or the name.com names or some of the registrars. So what I found was I was missing some names when I did it every 10 days, even though I for sure was getting all the GoDaddy names that I was missing, some of the others. So what I do is I search through various ways for the GoDaddy names, about eight days in advance.

    And my sole purpose of my initial scans is to simply determined. Does it deserve a place on my watch list? And for those of you that are domain investors and you’re listening today on Monday domains by domain club, what I’m just trying to aside in my first scan is, does it deserve a spot. Watch list, not trying to decide if I would really buy it for $12 minimum bid.

    I’m not trying to decide how high I would go. I’m simply trying to separate over an eight day period. If there’s 200,000 names, what is worth, what is not junk? What has some aspect that I either want to be interested in, or I might want to research later. So all I’m doing is selecting names and adding them to my watch list.

    I go daddy. And the reason I think is so important. And the reason I bought so many names and GoDaddy over the years is because they had this watch list because on other auction platforms, I don’t always want to send a signal to anyone else that there’s at least one person interested in that name, but at the same point, I want to keep track.

    If I search on multiple days of what names I’m interested in that day. So I can wake up Monday morning and I can simply look at what I’ve researched before in a balanced, clear frame of mind to separate out and say, this is worthy of consideration. And if the only way to do that on some of the other platforms is to place a bid.

    Then I’ve combined. The fact that I want to see what I’m interested in that day with giving some indication of a bid to other people. So what I used to do is I used to keep my own watch list on a notepad. And I would have, for instance, the names at names I was interested in where the pre-bid deadline was tonight at 10:00 PM, central 8:00 PM.

    When I was on the west coast and I wouldn’t want to place the pre-bid because there’s a lot of people who might not look at the whole list of 30,000 names, they may just search for what have other people bid on. And then they’ll jump in as a second bid. And maybe they wouldn’t have known about this. If I didn’t play some early pre-bid.

    So whether it worked or not, at least in my mind, especially in the times when the market’s been weaker there haven’t been as many active participants. Um, I would wait and place my bids five to 10 minutes before the deadline, and only then indicate to others. But to do that, I had to make my own watch list on a note pad in a Google doc.

    So what, what GoDaddy’s nice is it lets me watch a name without bidding on a name. So that’s been the primary reason since 2011. I think I’ve been bidding on GoDaddy auctions and you know, obviously there’s a lot more bitters now than there used to be, but, um, but that’s why I liked it is because I can pick names, add them to my watch list and then only come in now today at 10:00 AM and look at what’s.

    What have I put on my watch list today? And now it’s when I’m deciding, do I want that name for the minimum? How much do I think I want to buy it? How many other people have pre-bid on it? Overall, if I have a rough budget for the day, is today a heavy day, a slow day? Um, it lets me look and see if there’s any auctions ending during a time that I may be doing other things like having Monday domains on clubhouse.

    So on Mondays, I’m going to especially be sensitive to anything ending between 10 and 11 central, because I know even though I’d like to think that I could do this show and watch the names at the same time, I could get carried away on a topic like I was with mark and I could easily miss it. If I just relied on myself from it.

    So unless I’ve set an alarm when I do that a lot now, um, you know, to make sure I don’t forget to bid on that name or watch and see if I, if I’d been out bid, um, then I want to get an idea on the whole day before it starts, uh, do auctions conflict or their names, and I’ve already got to 500 and a thousand dollars.

    So I know that I’m not going to be quote, stealing them. I’m going to have to really decide how high I want to go. And that’s what I haven’t been doing from nine to 10 in the morning. So I forgot to meet 10 o’clock. I would then go through and I would take a second look at my watch list and I would get rid of anything that, um, I kinda liked.

    But now that it’s the actual day of the auction, I don’t really like it. So, um, one of the words I had on my watch list, Let’s see, what’s one of ’em, uh, premiership.net. So there’s the second tier of English soccer. That’s called the premier ship. I thought, oh, that’s a pretty recognizable word, premiership.

    It could have other meanings. Maybe I put it on my watch list, but in the morning, I’m going to clean that out of my watch list because I don’t even want to have to think about it, even though I might like it for 11 bucks. What if I get out bed? I don’t want to sit there at the end of the day and know that that’s the only name I won.

    So I’m probably going to get rid of that. And about four others, um, some names like there’s a name today. Wealth.com health wealth, but it has a, a dash a hyphen in between it. So it’s health-wells.com. And I liked it. I liked it at 12, but it’s already at 5 65. And because I’m not a SEO person as David might be, I’m not going to take the extra step to go see if it has backlinks after some other reasons, besides just the look and the look of it, health, wealth.com that I should buy that day.

    Um, once it gets to 5 65, and I know I’m out, I’m just going to get rid of it and put it off the list today. There’s another name today, harbinger capital. And I was going to, I’m going to talk about that when we talked about today’s list, because it’s the type of name that. If you’d look up on a business list, there’s probably a lot of companies named harbinger capital, a harbinger of things to come.

    It shows that you’re looking out for the future. Maybe you’re a black Swan event company, and I’m guessing there’s a lot of companies with that name. So when you’re buying it, are you really Cybersquatting against maybe the biggest company called harbinger capital? Or are you saying no, there’s a lot of companies that could want this name.

    I’m a professional domain investor. I’m going to buy this name. I know there’s a lot of prospects. I’m going to wait for one of them to contact me and I’m going to try to get the best price. I think it’s a fine line between. Is that I’m not saying it’s Cybersquatting, but I’m saying your intent is to make money off simply the fact that another company wants their name.

    So we’ll talk about that, but what I want to talk about it now is it’s not, it’s at 750 bucks. So for me, it’s gone outside my bounds. So I’m going to delete that name. And the reason I do that is when I’m done paring down this list, I’m going to print it off old school printer, ink paper, and I’m going to set it on my desk.

    And I’m going to be able to highlight names or put a circle or put a question, mark. If I have to research it. And I, and I need something visual to give me a read of the whole next five hours, because I. Like I did baby last year, simply watch GoDaddy options for five straight hours. Try to watch every bid, watch every name.

    Is there any name that’s going for below it should. And if it is, I need to bid on it. I need to get it. If there’s a name that’s going to buy it. Now, when you used to be able to bid $12 and then at $11, it was buy it. Now I had to be there right away to snag it at $11. But down, I’m trying to do other things.

    I’m trying to sell names. I’m trying to organize names. I’m trying to enjoy my life. Maybe. Um, I’m doing shows on clubhouse. Um, I need to look at the whole day, so I print it out. So anyway, that’s what I’m doing right now. I’ll share with you what I’m bidding on a midnight. M I D L a M is at 82 bucks. And again, I’m sorry if you’re bidding on that name and you don’t want me to mention it, but I think those days are over.

    Um, you know, there’s a lot of people out there. So we do have a lot of companies called Midland and, uh, we have Midland miniatures. We have Midland, it is a last name. Um, it’s got a family crust, um, family crest. I’m going to go to LinkedIn and I’m going to, it’s a city in Canada. It’s a famous place from like a couple hundred years ago when there was Eric was living there and living there you’re Indians.

    Oh, okay. That’s how you said bear claws. I was getting. And how they, uh, killed some priests and stuff like that with became saints. So people make pilgrims and pilgrims is every there every year there. And there’s a big trucking company called Midland. So they’d love that midland.com domain, M I D L a M.

    Oh, sorry. W L I N D. Yeah. So I just wanted, I know, I didn’t say it right, but I went into, so this is M I D L a M. So I’m going to look on LinkedIn and I’m going to see 112 people with the last name, but LinkedIn can be, um, can be tricky because if I go to the 10th page of results, I still am seeing people.

    Sometimes LinkedIn can give you search results. Of the word that you put in, if it’s in the description or the company name, it’ll show that person as a result. So if you just look at the results for the people of the word you put in, it can sometimes give you an overinflated number unless you actually looked through the pages.

    Um, and I wish I could see more than 10 people on one page. Maybe I should pay for that dumb pro thing. But anyway, um, so this is a name medlam.com. I liked it cause it’s six letters. I liked it cause it was a last name. I liked it cause there’s some company names. If it was two years ago, I probably would have got it at 11 bucks as a buy it now.

    But now it’s up to, it went from 60 to 80. I bet 102 when we started talking and now it’s at 3 35. So. You know, this is why it’s so hard in my opinion to think about, do you want a name? Because when a names at 30, do you want it? I believe is completely dependent on price. I believe. I mean, there’s no doubt that there’s good names and bad names, but I believe the key factor is, are their names at good prices or names at bad prices.

    So in this case, I think Midland’s a good name, but I don’t think it’s such a good name that I should be willing to pay any price for it. And I think right now at 335 bucks, I’m going to let it go. I think that that’s probably someone who’s probably challenged, huge domains. To an upper limit of what they’re willing to bid.

    Uh, maybe they know how to tell what huge domains proxy is. Some people say they do. Um, and they’ve been in it up to they’ve been in it like that bid, uh, they’ve bid the name up to 335. And I just wonder, I’d be interested if anyone else has any thoughts on this. You I’m a conspiracy theorist. I wonder if they are able to figure out that that is a bid where the proxy by hypothetically the biggest owner of names in our market is they’ve taken them up close to it.

    And now they’re kind of deciding in the next three minutes, if they want to go higher or did they just randomly bid three 30? They act, they got out bid by a proxy at 3 35. And, um, and that’s where it is. But for me, I’m going to take one last look, Midland.com. And again, I’m not going into some of the works that an SEO person would do.

    I’m just doing it for me, based upon, uh, the sound of the name. It is it’s only taken in three other extensions. So I don’t think it’s the type of name where you may have a Swedish company, a German company, a Canadian company, Australian company, a UK company, you know, where you could really say that you had seven or eight prospects.

    I think your prospects here are gonna come from, um, people that have mid Lum, if that’s how you say it, mid Lam. And then, um, and then another word. And I’m looking at my stats for that. And. Let’s see, number of domain names with this in it kind of forgot what the title was, but I had done as I had downloaded all the stats for these names.

    Anyway, I’m going to let it go cause I’m doing the domain show today, but if not, I may have given it some further look, but what’s most important for me is my system worked. I knew I liked it at 12. I watched it. I’d been one time. I’ve been up to the level that I would gladly pay. So I’m going to spend a second.

    Huge domains. There’s a major, major player in GoDaddy options. And I think if our tendency is to think that they’re going to bid on all the names, so we shouldn’t bid, I think that’s wrong. I think that they’ve got metrics that tell them, you know, what, they should bid on each name and we should all have those, but they do.

    And because of that, they’re going to bid on almost every name and they’re going to bid up to the maximum price that fits their algorithm. In my opinion, I don’t know this for sure. And they’re going to basically take every name that they don’t have to pay their maximum price on and treat that as a win.

    And that gives them really more money to bid on other names and go above their maximum. And if we, as competitive domain investors simply make the assumption that they’re going to eventually win a name and don’t bid. Then I think we’re, we’re giving them a gift. I think we should bid. They say, yeah, Paige, but you know what, if I start bidding and I bid to a level that I really didn’t want to bid, but I just wanted to hurt huge domains.

    You know, I would say don’t bid that, but I would say bid on a price that you would not just want to name at, because I think there’s hundreds of names each day that we want and that we pay a price for it. But I don’t know if we want to buy hundreds of names. So I would say, I try to say, what is the name that I would be absolutely happy, overjoyed to get Midland for?

    And if I think I’d be happy to get it for 102 bucks, I’ve got a bid that 102. As a, as a participant in the market to make sure that someone else gets it for hire again, I’m not saying drive auctions up. I’m saying, if you don’t at least bid the price that you would be totally happy to get the name at, I think you’re hurting the entire market and you’re stopping yourself from getting some sweet wins where it isn’t just, I got that name and it’s going to go with the inventory, but you’re like, no, I’m really happy to get that name.

    And I think we need some of those for the times that we do chase names. So I would just encourage everyone that if you want to know how we can beat feuds domains, we have to move their algorithm. And the only way to move their algorithm is to make him pay as much. At least more than another domainer would pay for every name.

    And if we get out of auctions and don’t even participate because we think we’re not going to win, I would tell you at least bid, which you’d happily once a name for. And so that’s what I’ve been trying to do. So I look at a name like shared solution. That’s the next name I kept coming up in 15 minutes.

    And I’d be interested if you guys want to start joining me on stage here. I want to go through about five or 10 names and see some other thoughts on them. Uh, again, if someone’s bidding on this name and you didn’t want to mention, there’s not much I can do. I’m sorry. Um, but I think that between all the pitch letters and all the tips seats that are out there, I’ve only pulled names from the list of GoDaddy appraisals over 2000.

    And I think that I don’t want to. Compete with those people who do look deep at the list. Um, and I think most of Alvin and domain smoke and domain Shane, any name that has a value over a certain amount, they’re going to put on their list because they want to get the affiliate clicks and the affiliate links.

    So I don’t think anything above a $2,000 GoDaddy, appraisal is ever going to fly under the radar. So I am limiting it to that. I’m not going to usually deep, um, to compete against those of you that do look really deep on the list. Um, so anyway, I wanted to just say that if you’re, if you’re concerned about that.

    So now I’m thinking about shared solution. It’s a two word English name shared solution, and it’s got a little alliteration with the two S’s and it is positive. And that. I want to come up with one that benefits everybody. So I’m trying to decide the lead, whether to bid on shared solution.com at 12 bucks, or if no one bids on it, I could do a buy it.

    Now it’s 50. If I act real quick, what do you think about shared solution? singular.com? I don’t like it. I wouldn’t buy it. Gotcha. Just not attractive enough. It doesn’t look pretty in the window. I’ve got S solutions, domain name, and I got the plural version and I get a lot of, uh, traffic from the singular version, including email traffic.

    It’s just the quarrel is what people expect for the worst solutions. I think that’s a great point. That’s probably why it has a $2,300 GoDaddy appraisal. Because obviously it doesn’t know about plurals and singulars. It’s just sees two English words that are both F go daddy’s computer looks at all the words with shared and all the words with solution, including those with solutions.

    It’s saying that those are two good words. So the combination would be good. And so it makes sense that it’s kind of high valuation, but it may not be a winner. Thanks, David.

    I’ve only got 66,000 results in Google for the name and quotes. And, uh, that’s not a, that’s not a ton that doesn’t make it a phrase that, um, Like if I could find that this was a phrase that the climate change community has been using for 10 years, you know what I mean? What we need to fix climate change is a shared solution.

    And that that word would have caught on. I would be more likely to, uh, to take a run at it. So I, in this case, I’d go to open corporates.com and type in the corporate name, open shared solution and see how many matches you get. And if you get more than one, there’s an opportunity there. How about Midland?

    Do you mind looking that one up? M I M I D L a M

    M I D L a M. Yup.

    There are a few. Kevin Midland Inc. And San Diego, Midland agencies, deli, Midland builders, and North Carolina, inactive, inactive, um, Midland molar enterprises in Ohio, Midland builders group and North Carolina. So there’s a few, um, 13 companies total, but half of them are inactive.

    Well, someone’s, someone’s, uh, knocking it up $5 every five minutes, which to me means they’re probably doing the same thing I’m doing, which is looking at more detailed work to try to come up with a reason to buy or a reason to leave. And it looks like this bitter two’s proxy is still in. It’s still in there.

    You know what I mean? Um, and, uh, and so now we’re at three minutes left. Let’s see, let me go to huge domains and let me search for they’ve hid their advanced search. Okay. Here we go is with solution. Huge domains ends with solution. They own 2,741 names that end with the word solution.com. I hope that gives you guys some indication of the magnitude of just how many names are owned by huge domains.

    And they’re like this level that, that exists in the domain aftermarket that, you know, you have to be above them or below them. I think it’s really tough to be at their same level. Um, it looks like they’ve registered a huge number of two letter combinations, FP solution B Y solution LV solution or D solution FAA solution, TZ solution, ally solution.

    Um, and again, it’s an algorithm and they’re getting these and sometimes they’re getting them at 12 and sometimes they’re having to bid their proxy. But, um, I know I’m talking to things here. I’m talking to Midland and then shared solution someone, uh, maybe someone listening on the show has decided to take a run at shared solution.

    So it now has one bid. Oh, now it’s got four bids at 30 bucks. That’s not my intent, just so you know, I kind of don’t like it, I’m not bidding on it. Uh, this could be natural bitters or it could be people listening. But, um, anyway, that was on my watch list. Now that it is above my target, I’m going to take it off my watch list and get rid of it.

    So you won’t hear me talk about it? Uh, let’s see. The other thing about names that have bids is the GoDaddy itself on their tutorials. They recommend people to go to their options page, to click on the auction list, to click on the column that says sort by auctions ending soon and to choose names that way.

    So they get the benefit of everyone else’s searching for names, everyone else having to bid with at least five minutes to go. Otherwise, if you bid with three minutes to go. It makes your bed five minutes, you know, extends the option so that your bed is five minutes and there used to be a benefit to not bidding.

    And that if you bid, if you didn’t bid 12, it would go to buy it. Now at 11. Now they’ve changed the system to where, if you don’t bid 12, the buy it now is at 50. So if you look at how they’ve done it, they’ve funneled people toward searching for auctions all day at any time of day, by going to most active options.

    And they do only include, I believe, auctions with two beds. So there, they only include auctions that are at least $17. And I’m going to go check that right now, because I still believe that I can place one bid and not have it show up on this list of most active auctions. Now that doesn’t mean that someone can’t do an advanced search of names ending in the next hour that have at least one bid.

    So I’m always subject to those people, seeing my bid, if I placed it with five minutes to go, and I know I’m getting in the weeds here, but we’ve traveled a lot of ground together this year. And I think you guys can follow it. But if you are a beginner and you have a question about something I’ve covered, I do want to leave some room for those questions.

    But right now, if I go to extended auctions, um, the lowest bid that I’m seeing on the most active list is $15. So that makes sense. You can still bid 12 one bid and not show up on most active. Um, if I was doing this way of bidding, I would see the following names ending in the next minute. New ambassadors.com.

    It’s got an estimated value of 1800. It’s at 112. Juicy city, which I looked at J U I C I T Y. So like, uh, a port man to have juice city juice city, um, got a really high estimated value of 2,700 bucks. And I think that’s, what’s driving the price at 330. Um, now I’m looking at the most active in the, in the next minute mystery also mystery, M Y S T E R I O S O.

    And I don’t know if that’s the exact spelling of mysterious and Spanish. Uh, let’s say mystery also. It says it’s an English word, having a mysterious quality. Oh, there you go. A dictionary word. Um, 220 bucks right there. This is so funny. I see a word like this Hackman Chester, and I wonder that’s the name of my little city and I know what’s the name of a big UK town, but hacked manchester.com.

    It’s got a $359 bid. I don’t know. It must be, must be a SEO. I just, I just ranked those up to you, David. That it must be an SEO name. Um, Voya’s yeah. Yep. V O I Y a. So those of you in the U S you probably see Voya’s commercials V O Y a and a voice V O I Y a actually has a trademark on it. And, uh, I guess that’s just saying, so anyway, there’s a lot of names ending every day at go daddy.

    And I wanted to share just some of the process. I go through. One of the reasons I also deleted name, like I was talking about Midland earlier, M I D L a M. Is that still going at 365 bucks? And for me, because I really felt strongly, I did want to bid on it. You might say, well, I’ll just leave it on there so I can keep an eye on what it goes for.

    But for me, it’s more likely to distract me from a name that I’m bidding on it in the next 15 or 20 minutes. So I like deleting names, um, that I know that they’re gonna, they’re going to close, they’re going to sell. And, uh, and I’m just going to get them out of there. If the name hasn’t got a bed, I may keep it on my watch list because if it doesn’t get a bid at $12, I do want to look at it each day.

    If it has a buy it now at 15. And a buy it now at 40, at a buy it. Now it’s 30 and then 11 and then five. And in some ways you say to yourself, well, if it goes five more days and no one wanted it as a closeout, why do I want it? But I still feel like by buying it at the five or the 11, or even the 30, I avoid having to wait till the drop to maybe buy the name then where it may get further competition.

    There may be people that watch the drop that don’t watch the expired name, auctions. If I just didn’t want to make a decision on a $5 name, like there’s a name ending in an hour that I just don’t know if I want it. What I’ll do is I’ll copy the name and I’ll add it to my watch list at Dyna dot. And the reason I do that, yeah.

    Dinah.you can add any name to their watch list and they’ll notify you if it’s upcoming to drop. So, especially if, if I felt like the name wasn’t going to show up in the searches that I do to find the drop seats day, that at least I’m going to get a reminder email that says, um, this name is dropping soon and it’ll remind me to put it on my list to keep an eye out for it.

    So those were some of the ways I used my watch list. Let’s see, I’ll just spend a second here and then I want to let anyone, who’s got a clubhouse for him this week. Share about it. Um, kind of opened myself up for any, ask me anything on domain name investing or any comments on the GoDaddy auction review that we did today.

    Um, hope you guys were successful bidding and GoDaddy auctions. I think. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen I’ve maybe seen one other time when it was as competitive to buy names that go daddy auctions. Um, meaning that I don’t think you’re ever stealing a name. There is less it’s in a micro niche that only you understand, like, if I was really good at medical names, and I knew that there was an increasing medicine called virtue medicine.

    Now just say that that exist. Of course it sounds like it exists, but say it really existed. Like people were getting degrees in it or something. And you saw names regarding virtue medicine. Yes. I think you should still be able to get some of those names for $12 or 35 or something. Maybe huge domains.

    Doesn’t see him. Maybe no other investors see him, but in general, I’m not buying as many names on GoDaddy because I feel like that inventory is going to be tougher to turn it’s. I’m going to be tempted to. Try to sell for lower prices in the future to get some of the increased money that I’ve spent at GoDaddy auctions, which is the exact opposite from what I should be doing, which is holding those names near and dear.

    And before we go, and again, if you have a room you want to talk about, or if you have a question pop up, if not, you can click replay to hear the whole, uh, this whole room again, which was mostly me talking. Mark had a great question early on about the, uh, snap names named debt options this week. And I’ll tell you what I’ve learned about playing those from, from being in seminar auctions for the last 12 years.

    And then about halfway through, I started talking about GoDaddy auctions, my plan of the day, and some specific things. So you can hit replay and listen to the whole show today. I hope you would follow domain club. Um, And, uh, so again, I’m just kind of stalling to give anyone else who has a real this week, a chance to talk about it.

    And, uh, and then I’ll give you my tip of the day. So Jeff, before I introduce you, I know you’re here. So you always appreciate my tips. So I’ll give you something I’ve been thinking about, and then the heat. If you did have a question or wanted to say something, I want to get back to you. So here’s something I’m thinking about lately.

    Would I rather invest a one-year renewal, $9 in a new speculative name or adding a year to a name that I’m already. Now. So for those of you with unlimited budgets, this doesn’t matter because you’d say I’ll do both, you know, let me, I got, I got plenty of money, but if you were allocating a fixed amount of money and I’m gonna talk about this more next week, I’m starting to think that I would rather, whenever I buy a new name, now ask myself, is it worth buying two years renewal?

    And what that’s gonna mean is if I’m really committed to that name, I’m not going to be tempted next year, based upon the market to maybe let the name drop, because I’m deciding to cut my renewals in half that year or in a quarter, or I don’t have the money. Um, and so I’m starting to think about what I rather have more time with the same amount of money on existing names that I have, or reach for new names.

    And I’ll tell you next week, how I came to my decision and what I decided. But anyway, Jeff, hold on one second, but he, did you have a question from earlier? How are you doing? I just wanted to say thank you for all the information I was listening and taking notes. I appreciate you spending the time. Thanks for here to appreciate you and keep an eye out.

    But he’d because I do want to put together, I’ve given RF one more week to see if I hear back from him. So if anyone here does, but if not, I want to put together a domain club, the domain show, uh, domain, social holiday, Christmas party. Um, and, and so I don’t want to do something that Mike Seiger or ARF would do, because I think that, you know, Mike was the inventor of the domain, social and RF took it over and did such a great job last.

    And if you remember, I had a charity auction that raised a huge amount of money for charity, but, um, but I do think it would be fun to get together, uh, and, and celebrate the year with everybody. So those thoughts are in my mind. Uh, and, and, uh, and hopefully I’ll hear back from RF. Hey, Jeff, how you doing?

    What do you think Jeff, would you rather spend nine bucks on a new name or buying an extra year for a name you already own right now, just to know that you’re going to own it longer and you don’t have to pay for it. Uh, I think I’ll take the latter, like you said, the two years, uh, and, and not worry about it for tomorrow.

    If it’s a two year, three year play, uh, we was talking about this, uh, I think if it wasn’t last week, two weeks ago, um, about, uh, about some of these domain names, as it relates to the inherited for untimely death, and I was sharing, uh, my thoughts. About, um, maybe maybe 50 to a hundred names that are own that I’m thinking contemplating, you know, uh, extending the time on those two, maybe three years.

    Uh, not to say that I’m part to die. Anything. I mean, of course, I don’t know when that may happen, but that’s how I’ve been thinking about some of the gyms in my portfolio of that. I don’t want my family to be worrying about and buy them time to be able to minister in a way that won’t be such a rush with those names dropping or things like that there.

    So with what you just said, yeah, I kind of liked the two-year play or maybe those good names page. I kind of, maybe in Europe. Oh, cool. I’ll have more about it next week. Now, Jeff, you do have a successful show. If I kind of feel like I do talk to investors and talk to the people that have been here and have been investing in domains for a while.

    But you’ve always had kind of a passion to reach a different audience, even though you get a good group of everybody. But how has your show on Thursday? And just remind everybody when that is. Hey, thank you page. Hey, my show on Thursday has been going good talking domains. It’s been going good. We started the first week of may.

    It’s been going great. We continue to take and grow our community. We continue to grow, um, teaching our community here on club house, the domain community that you so love as well as myself. And I’m quite sure David would agree as well. Uh, being here, uh, since January the eighth of this year, it’s been a love for me to, um, spend time in these domaining rooms, continue to learn, um, to be a better domain and you a great teacher, um, page I come into your room, uh, to learn and I always have a notepad, a ready, which I wrote some notes today.

    But it’s the love that I had page being able to help us be a better domainer. And that includes myself as well, because I have not reached any marks of excellencies just yet with selling domain names, as you have, and many others have, but I work daily every day on, um, you know, educating myself and being a better domainer.

    So talking domain to, to Thursdays four o’clock Eastern standard time is a great time. Um, but we come together and talk these things that we love called domains. Uh, there is no set hours after it starts at four o’clock. Uh, but from the very beginning, it used to go to seven o’clock and now it’s extended all the way to nine o’clock in the evening.

    So drop in, drop out, share your voice, share your teaching. So you, your learnings of what you are, have had success in, in domains and help all of us become better. Domainers. Hey, thank you. That’s great. And David, thanks for sharing. Uh, some of the work today on looking up, uh, in the corporate name sites, um, for some of these sites, you know, it’s good.

    If you have a lot of companies that have a name, um, you know, that you’re bidding on, but sometimes you can get too close to the rail and legal issues come up. And I think you and Todd talk about those each week. If you want to just spend a second on how that room’s going. Very good. We had a really great audience last week, actually.

    Um, uh, Zack, uh, musculature joined us alone and other panelists from, um, ADR forum. And we had a really great discussion about a bunch of domain names. I’m going to publish our recap of that on. Probably this weekend, but, um, join us tomorrow night at six o’clock. So Tuesday, six o’clock Eastern or a three o’clock Pacific.

    And you know, there’s always some gems that come up and, you know, sometimes subtle, but like, we don’t have a replay on those rooms, but I can try to do it. Going forward. Yeah, I think that’s great, David, and I would encourage those of you that, you know, we are, uh, investors and if you’re buying 10 names and you think each one of those is worth a thousand to 5,000, you know, your, uh, your company has a net worth of 50 to 100,000.

    Um, and I think any company. Is in that range or above, you know, some of us, even if you think you only own 400 Dames or 600 Dames or a thousand names, you really got a million dollars of assets, potential value. And I think you should pay attention to the legal aspects. And especially if you’ve never wanted to ask, I’ll speak for David and Todd, if there’s a lot of questions that you never wanted to ask, but you would sure love to hear the answer to that’s what I get out of David and Todd’s room is one of their guests, or they may say something in passing and you’re like, I always wondered that.

    And so that’s the benefit I get out of the room. Uh, David. So, uh, thanks for sharing your very well. All right, everybody. Thanks for coming in the Monday domains. Good luck this week. If you’re bidding in the auctions on snap names and name yet, I talked a little bit about it at the beginning of the show.

    If you want to hit the replay, when the show’s over, I do think it’s a buyer friendly auction. That doesn’t mean that you’re going to get a great one word domain name for nothing. You are going to still be up against the biggest and most sophisticated investors in our space, but at the same time, because of the timing, the large number of names in a short period of time, the fact that it is the end of the year, and some people may have closed the books.

    Some people may be crypto sensitive on investing money. Right now. They may have been distracted by crypto the whole year. There may be a chance for a name that, you know, you can especially develop or, or buy for resale, uh, especially in the mid range, um, that I think it is a buyer’s benefit and, uh, keep an eye on domain club for news about a Christmas or holiday party.

    And, uh, thanks everybody for coming in to Monday domains. I really do enjoy the show. Uh, I do enjoy doing it. I’m going to keep going and doing these shows for 2022. And I may have some news about the domain show next week, too. So I can decide if I’m building, building hype for it or procrastinating, but, uh, anyway, thanks everybody who comes in here on Mondays for Monday domains.

    Thanks, Paige. Appreciate it. All right, everybody. I’m going to end the room. I’ll see out there and clubhouse later today in five in four in two in one.

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