Thinking Of Buying Metaverse Related Domains?

In the last months, we have seen increasing numbers of people buying and selling meta and metaverse related names in multiples that the domain industry has never seen before. During this episode, our host shares some tips on how to search for the best meta-related domains that are still available for purchase! Listen to the full replay above! And remember, the fewer the words, the better. 

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    TRANSCRIPT: Monday Domains- EP07

    Well, I’m not sure it’s it’s months ago for sure, because I’m in the cannabis space. Yeah. And, um, and I think when you start combining them, I think of the Ghostbusters movie never crossed the streams. You know what I mean? But you kind of combine them and, uh, and I think that when there’s something about it, that makes sense.

    So I liked it. Thank you, Paige. I appreciate the room. Uh, so, uh, I’ll be here and listen. I think it great. Hey Rachel, how are you? Are we ready to start the recording?

    If she blinks her microphone? No. It’s yes.

    All right. Well welcome everybody in a Monday domains, um, on Monday domains, we try to kind of sum up some of the news of the week and then a different times I’ll bring in different deals that I see out there, uh, new TLDs or new products and services and things like that. And then talk about what’s going on in domains and always provide room for appraisals, uh, either at the half hour mark or at the top of the hour, we’ll end after about an hour today.

    And I also want to make later on today, more of a social and kind of share some thoughts, but I do try to bring some thoughts each day to, uh, Monday domains. And my name is page how I’ve been a domain investor. As I look at it now for the past 25 years, I may have to find my anniversary. Uh, in 1996, I think it was.

    I don’t, I’m gonna have to find it out. It was a network solutions name. I got, um, the family office that I worked for as a financial advisor. We had made some investments in small companies and the one of them was this product where you, uh, washed your car. It started because the gentleman who, who invented it was washing planes.

    And they came up with these rules where you couldn’t rinse off the plane and wash all the gunk and dirt down the drains. You know what I mean, into the water supply. So we had to come up with a way for, to do a self-contained wash of a plane and the, he invented this thing called wash wax, where you would basically spray it on and wipe it off.

    And then it would clean and wax at the same time. So he tried, he patented watch. And the, the name of the company was a brandable wash Waxall. And so this was about in 96, I’m going to say this was right in the middle of AOL. I think AOL was, was really big at the time. And most people were connecting to the internet with a 2,400 baud modem where, and then you connected and all you really knew was AOL and there, and people were beginning to do things on something called a browser.

    And, um, so anyway, so we looked at the idea of having a website and of course, and still the first thing you need to do to physically have a website is have a domain name. Now that’s changed a lot in 25 years because I believe people want to have a website and they don’t care about a domain name.

    They’ll build a website on someone else’s. Wix Squarespace GoDaddy even without a domain name. And they’ll be, you know, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. But at the time it was still pretty, the idea was pretty ingrained that the first step to build a website was to get a domain name hosting that then cost a lot more.

    You’d probably pay 20 bucks a month or 29 bucks a month per name. There was no such thing as a virtual host. Well, there probably was. I just didn’t know about it, virtual hosting and things like that. So anyway, so I got watched wax all and I think I still have the, um, the network solutions receipt. You actually called network solutions.

    And you said, I’d like to get this name and they took down your information over the phone and you in essence reserved the name and then they would mail you an invoice, which was $70. Well, at first it was 105. It was $35, like a count setup fee, and then $35. I think I may be off by five or 10 for each year.

    And you had to do a two-year registration. So you would get that thing in the mail and then you would write a check and then mail it back. And that’s how you would pay for your domain name. And I know a couple investors who really maxed out just how long you could go before you had to send that check in.

    Um, but you know, obviously that’s, that’s, system’s a long way away, but even though. You know the idea of a domain name w you know, it was interesting to me. I bought some more for other companies in 97. Really didn’t start investing in domain names till 99. Um, but anyway, so I’ve been doing this for 25 years.

    I’ve bought names, I’ve sold names. I brokered names. I’ve worked for the registries, um, that sell names and I’ve applied for it, TLD dot kids back in the first round. So I try to educate a little bit and give advice and things I’ve learned from being a full time domain investors since 2003. Um, I had exited a bunch of investments, you know, lost a lot of money in the first internet bubble.

    And in 2003, I was sitting there listening to the news and the president announced that we were going to invade Iraq and they called it operation Iraqi freedom. So I scrambled around and found my ID credentials. I think I just hope that when I went to, which was another registrar that charged 35 bucks, um, that I would log in and I got, um, I got Iraqi, that TV, that us and a couple others.

    And, you know, before that, I had probably gotten up to 300,000 names for my company. And we had probably got rid of all, but 10, I think we kept seniors dot Tom, which proved to be a fantastic decision. We kept gas prices. I kept some generic names, um, that I had for my baseball card business, like the card shop, but really slimmed down to less than 40, I think.

    But anyway, so then I got it. And then the next day I get an email that says from that says you didn’t actually register Iraqi We’ll give you, you did get to the net, the org, the TV, but you didn’t get to come. Someone else got it before you. And I’m like, well, wait, how could that happen?

    You know, I, I got it. It said it was available and I registered it. So I went back and forth with him. And in doing that, I tried to find places on the internet where I could get advice on what to do. And I found DN forum. And at the time DN forum was a place where a lot of domain investors were going and I soon was seeing different names for sale each day for between 30 and $200.

    Or someone might say, here’s a list of names I have for sale. They’re $30 each for, for 25, you know, eight for 200 or something like that. And I found myself buying them. And then I said, well, I wonder where they’re getting them and they’re getting them off deletes and drops, which is when people give up their domain name, then the, the, the name, uh, goes back into a pool that’s available.

    And that one minute after one o’clock Eastern every day for the next hour, people are trying to get these names that dropped in delete. So that got me back into domaining in 2003. And that’s, that’s where my current journey has been, had some great successes and, uh, 2007, uh, sold two names for over a million dollars.

    Uh, ramped up, got a portfolio up to probably 30,000 names. Um, so I guess I’ve owned big names and then I’ve owned a large quantity of names. Um, probably got too confident to be honest about the future domain names through the financial crisis. I remember being on a plane to Australia for an internet conference, the, uh, the Downunder traffic down under, which was a great conference put on by the folks at fabulous and the other, uh, Australian domain investors.

    And when it was announced, the market was great. And when it happened, I’ll never forget. I was flying on a plane down to Australia and all of a sudden Lehmann brothers was going under. It was that day. And. People were wondering if their money market accounts were really worth a dollar. And here I was sitting there with my whole family, cause it was kinda like, Hey, let’s, let’s all go to Australia.

    And we brought two babysitters, you know, and, and we were going to have a great two weeks vacation. And then all of a sudden, everyone was wondering whether their money was worth anything. So I think that probably started, you know, an up and down eight or 10 years. That really didn’t jump up again, except for maybe the Chinese number phase and then the brandable phase until last year during the pandemic.

    So there is a quick history on me, but what’s going on now? I think right now, In the last 60 days, we’ve seen some numbers of people selling Metta and better vers and ETH related names for the type of multiples that I don’t think exists anywhere. You know, when you see people buying a name for a $39 and selling it for 30,000, see people buying a name for maybe $400 and selling it for 25,000, you know, I bought a name for $400 and sold it for 15,000.

    I bought a name for $9 and sold it for 2,500. Um, and these are one-offs given the fact that people have gone on to register hundreds of thousands of names with ETH and Metta and metaverse. But I think what we’ve seen in my opinion is. These are still amazing numbers. I mean, you can say that penny stocks are great, but if you’re a founder of a startup and you get issued, founder shares at 0.02 and then eight years later, you go public.

    That’s great. You know what I mean? But that was eight years and you had to wonder and decide whether to sell or not, or, you know, have different things happen. So on one hand, what I’ve done is I’ve segmented out my existing domain business. I’m trying to manage that. I’m trying not to take my eye off the.

    I’m hoping that a lot of people are getting distracted by the new medicines and they’re not watching every auction every day. So I still want to stay involved in the regular expired name, bidding that I do names available at aftermarkets names available at options. But I am investing, you know, probably two hours a day trying to see if you can still find investible domain names in the Metta metaverse and ETH space.

    And it’s hard, but it should be hard. Um, I’ve always told people in my classes and my coaching that if the domain market were perfect, every name that you want should be taken plus another 30 or 40%, and every name that’s being offered to you, you shouldn’t want. Because someone else could have bought it, if it’s a handwritten name and they didn’t up until now.

    So then you say, well, yeah, but it options different. Cause in an auction you have a great advantage. You have a registry or a registrar, like GoDaddy who has a customer who owns a domain name and they pay an annual fee. And when they don’t pay the annual fee, the strength of the domain investor market is buying names from expired auction marketplaces.

    And what happens is the registrar takes the position that their customer didn’t pay their next fee. But the registrar did, they had to prepay the next year with Verisign the registry. So they take the position that if they simply don’t ask for a refund for the advanced fee that they paid and the customer’s rights to the name, Have a have ended when they didn’t renew it within their grace period, then they’ve kind of allowed this thing to happen, where they ended up owning the name and they can sell it and keep the money and transfer it to a new owner.

    And what’s interesting about it is it’s never really, I don’t think been challenged. I don’t think it’s ever really been challenged because there’s no new registration date that, that wasn’t still the original registrant’s domain name and they shouldn’t have some redemption rights like everyone else does.

    Now, the registrars would say, yeah, but when you click your terms and conditions, you agreed all this stuff. But anyway, that’s just the existing market, but what’s great about that for a buyer is the registrars. Aren’t looking at every name, most of the registrars, aren’t looking at every name and saying, do we want to sell it?

    Do we not want to sell it? They just say, we’re going to sell everything. And because of that, you feel like as a buyer, that the seller is not only a motivated. They just don’t care. That name is going to sell. And all you have to do is outbid other domain investors. And they used to be great for me for six or seven years, because a lot of people used to not want to shop at GoDaddy because it was kind of looked down upon.

    Um, most domain investors had it in their mind that they wanted to buy names that were registered in the 19. By companies that use network solutions and that then the companies would go out of business. And that, that registration was maybe a ten-year registration that was done in 1997. So it had an expiration date of 2007 and the company had actually been out of business for five years.

    And that those were the really good names. And those were going to be at name Jett was another company that auctions expired names. So I kind of had GoDaddy to myself with probably five or six other investors. I don’t mean literally just us, but, you know, we could tell there wasn’t a lot of bidding, but now it’s a lot different.

    I think names are going for wholesale prices that are two and three times what they were, you know, three years ago. So it’s been easier, frankly, not to buy as much. So it gets back to Metta names. How do you find. And should you find Mehta names and I’ll use the example that was brought up earlier of having to go into three word names.

    And I think that’s about where we are. Um, last week for those of you there, here on Monday domains. Last week, I put up a So M N like the two letters in Monday, M N M N D 20 I searched through about 30,000, about 35,000 names that had the word meta in a, been deleted over the past, um, five years.

    And then the prior week, there’s another list there. If you click the link on M and D 21, where I went through 40,000 dictionary word names, and by going through 40,000 dictionary word names, I searched for meta names that were available. And then I went through and picked out the best ones and I, and I put some.

    And what I ask everyone to do is if you do register a freely available name off those lists, I asked for a $10 tip and you can either pay me through club. Or through PayPal or, you know, or through Zelle or just contact me. But I used to do a newsletter called domain tip And we would send out twice a week, a list of available names.

    And what we found was, even though there’s a lot of tip sheets now that tell you what’s available on auction, we found that a lot of people wanted to get it even cheaper. They wanted a hand registration name, but if we bought it and then tried to sell it for 20 bucks, we might’ve bought it at a registrar.

    The people didn’t want, they didn’t wanna be a pork bun. They didn’t want to be a dynamite. They didn’t want to be an epic. They wanted to go to HETI. So then if we bought them at GoDaddy, people would say, well, I’d rather have them somewhere else. So what we decided was we’ll put, just put out suggestions of hand, registered names and let people go get them wherever they want with whatever coupon codes they had.

    And then we just asked for a $10 fee, we had a picture of Abe Lincoln on there. So we called it honest Abe. And, uh, that was domain tipsy. So anyway, So back to this idea of three word names. So after going through, you know, 40,000 Metta plus dictionary word names and picking them and ranking them, I think it does make sense to go back through and say at the level of unknowness or at the lower level of names where, you know, I think someone said the other day, they registered medic caterer and the medicator Medicaid stirring, you know, which is definitely a niche business.

    And whether you can apply catering to the metaverse, Hey, I hope they sell it for five or $10,000. Don’t get me wrong. But I think it does make you say, well, everyone said, don’t get, get Mehta plus one dictionary word, but I think you have to rethink it and say, wait, there are, there could be some really good two words.

    Um, like I got Mehta digital arts, Four or five months ago actually paid two or 3000 for it. Um, someone else got some app names like Metta broker app, I think, or MetaTrader. So I think going to two word names is what people have been doing in the past week. And the past month people have been going to net and

    So I think again, don’t get the first thing that’s available, but what I would encourage you to do, if you’re trying to make money on betta, even now is first get a picture of what’s taken what’s available and what’s for sale. You know what I mean? When people are getting stuff right before you, what are they putting it up for sale for them?

    And I think the places you can go are into three word, you can go into two and org. You can go into the most SoTL. There’s only about seven names left with Metta plus something. And most of them are city names or regions or things like that. Um, or you can go into dashes. So if you think, well, what would be the best metaphor?

    Maybe it’s Metta NFT. So someone’s already registered Mehta dash in F, but I still think the public, even though the domain community says we don’t like dashes and we don’t like hyphens. I feel like the public, if they went to afternoon, remember people still have the expectation that they’re the first person to ever think of Metta,

    And they think, well, I’m going to type it in and maybe it’s available. And if the GoDaddy spinner shows them that Metta DAS in Ft com is available for 2,995, I don’t know if they’re going to be able to do the arithmetic in their head. That’s. How much worse is that versus the price I’m paying. And I think we’re seeing sales and net and org and with dashes, we’re seeing sales and XYZ of some, two word names, strong two-word names.

    But I think the best thing you need to do is you need to look and see what’s available to be able to tell if something that you find in a less, um, visited auction platform is really worth getting. And so you’ve gotta be ready to invest some time. You may have to invest 30 minutes to an hour for each name that you eventually buy.

    Meaning it, you may have to put in four hours of time to end up with four names. Now most of the time, the way domain investors solve that problem is they just register everything. You know, if I put out a list of the top 20 hand registration names, you goodbye. So it’d be like, I don’t want to look at them, just give me all 20.

    And I’ll tip page 200 bucks. And we used to have people that did that. They’d buy out our whole, you know, our whole list. And that’s been the way most people have shortened. The time that they spend is I’ll just buy everything because it’s kind of lucked. Anyway, if you sell a domain name. So as long as it’s luck, I might as well buy a bunch of stuff because it’s really luck.

    So I think that’s one way to look at it. And if you’re looking at your domain spend as entertainment, money, or just fund money, even though as a domain educator or coach, I made say, I don’t think that’s the right thing to do. This isn’t that you’re not investing. You feel like you’re spending money. I went to the amusement park today.

    I bought two the begin with Metta for 200 bucks. And you’ve got an amazing opportunity to get lucky. And if you look at that money as sunk money that may be, could turn around, at least for the next 364 days, you’re going to be right now. I’ll tell you when it comes to renewal time, it’s going to be hard to let them go because they could still sell.

    It’s going to be hard to go in there and do the hard work of knowing what to keep. Cause you may remember back to where you bought them all and you go, I didn’t really look at each one of them when I bought them. I just got them all. So now how do I decide? And then you have the fear of the ones that you drop and don’t renew are going to be the ones that sell the next day.

    So I think that there is a lot more involved with it, but if you’re truly mentally. Saying, I’m going to just take a flyer on these thing, go ahead and do it. But as long as you’re going to do that, still try to buy the best ones you can. So I would say they have to be recognizable three words. They have to be two word names in the top one to 2% of all, two word names, and they would probably have to be in net or IO, co and XYZ.

    Um, I looked like it was going to really make a play, um, for the NFTE space. And I think that for individual artists that has, but I haven’t really kept up if anyone’s kind of, I’d love to hear, uh, what they think about it. So I think what you’re left with today, November 8th, 2021 is two words.

    Cause I’m sorry. Three words. Two words and other TLDs and dashes or hyphens of two words combined. And if you go one level further, if you can get the absolute best, maybe the top 50 possible Mehta plus keywords, I think it’s still okay to buy them with a dash in another, in a net org or IO or XYZ. And the problem there is iOS and $31 XYZ or sometimes a dollar.

    So I think it’s a lot easier to buy the XYZ and the, the biggest reason I think that it’s a reasonable speculation to buy some of the, even with the dash, even in the other TLDs is I think that the law. In the spinners that show people available names as substitutes, they don’t seem to penalize dashes as much as domain investors do.

    If you were trying to get out of the name at wholesale. So I’d be interested if anyone else has a comment on that, but that’s, that’s where I’m looking. So I’m trying to say, how can I look for, um, other TLDs net org, XYZ IO, co um, how can I look for three word names that the second two words after Metta are actually kind of what I call one and a half words.

    So you want to have them be two words that go together in the crypto space. You know what I mean? Like, um, I’m trying to think, you know, if it’s anything to do with, you know, You know, mega characters, mega Anna Mae, you know, stuff like that. I think there’s other words. So that’s where I am. Is there still money to be made maybe because what we’ve seen is from the 15 years, since 2007, somehow domain registrations have gone up, but most of us would say the public’s infatuation with domain names has gone down.

    So at the same time, in my opinion, that the public has been told you don’t need a domain name because of the browser. You can do anything you want with an app, which doesn’t need a domain name, even though we know that’s not true. You can do everything with Google. You don’t get any search engine ranking benefit from the words in your domain name, it’s all based upon behavioral analytics and things like.

    Google and Facebook and Twitter and Amazon control so much that it’s hard to start up an internet business. Google has really decimated in my opinion, directory and guide businesses. People don’t use the browser anymore to navigate and all that stuff has been real for the past 15 years. And people don’t seem to need domain names that somehow we still have 150 billion domains out there.

    And I think that’s mostly because of investors, but I think the public under owns domain names even more than they did 15 years ago. And whenever they’re given, this is the most important thing I want to say today. So you can go ahead and clip it. If you want to. When the public is given a chance to come back to domain names, we’ve seen that.

    Inconsistently sporadically. And they seem to plop down and overpay compared to what we think the traditional valuation metrics are. And I think we need to look at that and say, is it more likely that that could continue in the future as people’s the public’s and factuation with digital assets grow, as people realize they need a website more than ever.

    You know, the one thing that you’ll see about these NFT projects that are launching is they’re all starting with a website. Usually now they need a Twitter handle. They need a discord community, but they realized that they need to mint, meaning they need to connect with wallets and take money off a website that they control.

    They’re not going to do that off a Facebook page or a Twitter page. They might do it off discord. But anyway, so I think. What we’ve seen is when the public comes back to domains, they seem to do it in an overwhelming manner. Hobbyist investors seem to show up first and be willing to buy tens, if not hundreds of names for prices that no self-respecting domain investor, whatever pay, and they think they’re going to make money on them.

    So you say, well, there’s kind of a discussion in the clubhouse room about, should we not encourage them to do that? Or should we sell into that community? And I don’t know the answer, you know what I mean? Is it my job to not price my domain name at a level that somebody might pay? Cause I think that maybe they’re paying too much.

    I don’t think so. You know, If someone comes to me and says, Paige, gimme some advice on domain investing. I’m thinking of buying 10,000 names with Metta and three dashes and every English word, I’m still going to say, don’t do it. You know what I mean? So I think there still are some things that I’m going to say.

    No, I don’t think that makes sense, but if not, yeah. I am buying domain names to sell into this demand, but what I wanted to get to was we don’t know where the next word’s going to come from, but when it does come, it seems like there’s a heck of a lot more people that don’t own domain names, whether they’re investors, whether they’re speculators or whether they’re in users.

    There’s a heck of a lot more people than ever that are using the internet every day. Using their mobile device every day, texting every day, using emojis every day, investing in NFTs every day. There’s so many more people doing that than there was 15 years ago. You, the ownership of domains among the public, I believe is maybe at a lower level.

    So we don’t know where the next thing is going to be. I know a lot of investors are trying to figure out if it’s going to be omniverse or some other type of verse or some other type of name. And the funny thing is you won’t know it until it’s already happening. But, um, but I think that we’ve seen that when the public comes in and new speculators come in, they’re willing to buy at higher levels than we could ever imagine.

    You know, to think that, uh, a new TLD for a city in Europe could sell with ETH dot that city for $50,000. I think most of us would think to send only a black Swan event. It’s a black gigantic dinosaur Swan. That’s been extinct for 50 years, um, events. And, um, but that’s, what’s happened in the last couple of weeks.

    And the last reason I’m positive besides the fact that it seems like we could easily underestimate the public’s demand for names. When the, when their eyes turn kind of like the eyes of Soren in Lord of the rings, they’re out there turning, looking for investment opportunities right now. And they went through the Reddit phase and they went through the short squeeze phase.

    They went through the crypto phase, they went through the baseball card phase. Now they’re on the NFT phase. You know, domains could pop up in there when they look for something, they seem to come higher and faster and harder and with more money than we can ever imagine. And I believe on Friday, With all the turmoil in the USA about a divided country and vaccine mandates and, and, you know, political things coming in and, and doing everything.

    And, and I don’t mean this to be political. I want to talk about the good for humanity. I believe the introduction of the COVID treatment pills from Merck and from Pfizer, and the hope that you could take something almost like Tamiflu soon after the onset of symptoms for COVID and that you could take it at home without having to go to the hospital for therapy and the Pfizer drug.

    If he listened to the CEO on CNBC on Friday, could reduce hospitalizations for 90% that I think that’s something that I believe could give people more hope than they’ve had in the last year. And now. That we could see a time when we were back to normal. And I know the rest of the world has some areas that are really being ravaged by COVID right now in, uh, in areas of Europe and areas of Africa.

    But if there’s this hint that, that from two very strong companies, Pfizer and Merck and Pfizer talked about having 2 million doses available by the end of the year and 50 million doses, which is 250 million pills available by next year. I think that to give people some optimism, and if they look around the traditional places that they used to invest, they seem to want to skip by the stock market, maybe skipped by the real estate market.

    Cause man, you got to pay a lot of money for the house. So you got to sign up for a lot of mortgage. They seem to want to go to digital assets. And hopefully domain names. We’ll get some percentage of that money. And that’s why I’m bullish on domain names. That’s why I’ve decided to do another domain show next year in January, keep doing these clubhouse talks and domain club and try to develop ways to be ready to let new domain investors or loot new people that want to buy domains, come in and share and give us what they’re looking for and what they want to do.

    And that’s what I see happening in the next three months. So thanks for being in Monday domains today. Again, I think we’re poised to have a great next three to six months, and I hope it’s because the merch and the Pfizer pills give us the optimism that we need to get back to normal life. Get back to investing without.

    And I hope that happens. So let’s see if anyone has any thoughts on what I shared. I know and respect most of you. And I would love to hear any comments that you have. We are, um, we are recorded today, but we may not re we may not do the question and answer on the podcast. So I’m going to say right now that even though you see the red dot, and even though Rachel’s here recording that, we’re not going, we’re going to cut it off here at the end of my presentation, that’ll be in the podcast.

    And then we won’t at least for today, record the question and answer. So let’s see Bruce. I’d love to see if you could share with us. What do you think about whether I’m over optimistic or whether you think that there’s more to come on these crazy multiples that people are getting from Metta names? Um, you know, is it over, did it happen?

    Did lightning strike or could it still happen again? Given how tough it is to find names? Let’s see who else? Who else can share again, even though you see the red dot I’m knocking record the Q and a, but I’d love to see Al I’d love to see. You can usually bring me back to earth out. Am I over optimistic?

    Kevin? You’re really good at bringing me back to earth. Let’s see, David, you can give me a view from Canada. So maybe if you’re still up, we talked about a lot of this stuff last week. So, let me see if we can get anyone to join us here.

    All right. So that’s what I’m doing today. I’m trying to still find hand registration names. I’m going through different word lists that I’ve used in the past five or 10 or 15 years. I’m really a junkie for list. Um, no, I won’t send you my word list. Um, I do it for coaching clients. I do it for VIP clients of the domain.

    So, but, uh, that, that’s probably where I draw the line in terms of, Hey Paige, can you help me out? But I’ll go through and I’ll find list. Um, you know, the more popular and easy to find a word list is the less valuable, I think it’s going to be in searching for domain names, whether you’re searching for one

    Whether you’re searching for one words and other TLDs or whether you’re appending the word to something like Metta to see if there’s domains, um, to buy. And the reason I say that is that if an list is easy to get, then someone else has probably found it and it’s run through their artificial intelligence.

    So they’re both checker, um, be careful on what’s available. Most lists have some false flags in them where they’ll purposely spell a name wrong. Um, I do it when I put out lists of available names. And if someone happens to register a name with the wrong spelling, my feeling is they were just copying my work and it serves them.

    Right. You know, cause they should have looked at it before they registered, you know, do your own due diligence on every name you register. But, um, but I think the other thing you have to watch out for is if it’s a British English list, you’re going to have more words. That have the syllable eyes Izze and they’re going to maybe spell it with an ISE.

    Um, it’s really hard to make a plurals list because you know, you, you don’t have a lot of lists. Won’t automatically, if you just add an S you know, change a Y to an IES, they won’t be able to take a word that ends in S and add an S and then another E in another S but a lot of people do that. Um, but I think if you can find lists that are either more.

    And new than anyone else can find. You’ve got an advantage. I mean, thinking about how many crypto and digital and NFT words have maybe popped up and, and have used to now, that’s amazingly more than it was two or three years ago. I think about a word like render, you know, where you’re doing generative art for an NFT, and you’re going to render it.

    Now, this isn’t the most famous name in the world. This isn’t a word that you know, is going to break records and be a $5 million name. But it certainly means a lot more than it did in my opinion, before 3d printing and before, you know, generative art and things like that. So if you can find a current word list, I would encourage you to do that, even though you may find words that I’m looking forward to, but that’s what I do in domain club.

    I try to give out some tips that will help you. I think if you get word lists from sources that. Off the grid. Um, some of the lists that I have come from people searching movie scripts, some of the lists that I have come from people’s searching, um, uh, commercials, you know what I mean? And things like that, where it isn’t like, does the dictionary say this words more popular, but it’s more something that might occur in slang or everyday use.

    So get, get good with your list. Um, and you may find something that’s worth registering. And the last thing I’ll say before I say hi to Todd and Aja is. Unless you really think names are disappearing. And they work like two weeks ago, I ran a list of 500 names out of the 30,000 that had deleted over the past five years.

    And from Thursday until Monday, when I did that Monday, domaining 20% of them got registered. So whether people were searching the exact same way I was, or they were just searching their own list. But in general, the reason I say this thing about time is in most cases, once you discover a name, the first time, you will never be more in love with that name than at that moment, because you feel like you found an Easter egg, you found something compared to the whole world of junk and crap.

    Especially if you’ve been looking at low quality words, anything with any pulse will look great and you’ll be tempted to buy it. But if there’s any way you can walk away for a half hour and now. And come back and ask yourself, multiply the Red’s fee times 10, make it an 80 or a hundred dollar name. Am I still excited?

    I impulsively bought that name or would I rather like being in an arcade, thinking about giving your kids money in an arcade and you give them a dollar and I’m going to date myself back when you can play pinball games for a quarter and a, and they get four games and you get your dollar, you play your four games.

    Now a lot of us have plenty of money everywhere. So we don’t run into this, but just think if you had spent your four quarters and you still wanted to play again, you’re like, man, I really didn’t even have that much fun. The second game I played, man, I wish I could have that quarterback. I think you’ll feel that way sometimes.

    What’s your name? So wait an hour, wait a half hour. Register them. If you still think they’re good. And if you think more of them after an hour than when you first found them because of research because of comparisons, then I think you’ve really got a good investment. So, Hey Todd. Hey H Hey, thanks for coming up.

    I think the pills and the, you know, crypto all time highs and people being unleashed is going to be really positive for a lot of asset classes and hopefully our business. What do you guys think? Well, thanks Paige, for having us up and having me up, I was going to say, I, I use lists a lot, like you, I mean a lot, so all.

    You know, like I did with the Metta plus animals, let’s say we go through a 200 different animals. I don’t want them, you know, a lot of them weren’t available. I did like some of them, so I pick them up and then, then I’ll scan that list again and I’ll look, oh look, the rest of them are gone. Or there is still a few.

    If I’m liking them. I was going to say, I think the Metta names, there’s a big future for him. I don’t think that these sales were just like, she’s they like Haley’s comet. They came here and we’ll never see him again. So I’m really bullish on it. I have about over 500 Metta plus keyword type things. And I haven’t sold any yet.

    Once I start selling a few, because I’m still acquiring, I still think there’s good things out there. Once I sell a few, then I’m going to share more of my strategies. Meaning yeah, right now I’m still acquiring. So I don’t want everyone to know all the secrets, you know, all the things that I’m looking for, because there’s actually, like I said, still some things out there, but page, I think in a year, from now two years from now, The prices are going to be even much better.

    So I’m, I’m bullish on it. I don’t think this is just a, you know, something that’s a fad. Thanks, Todd. And good luck. I think you gave us a little hint. That was great. And hopefully it got people’s juices going and, and good luck. Can’t wait to talk to you and see how it goes. I’ll ask you another question if you can stick around, but I want to say, Hey, the AIJ Hey ADA.

    You’re usually good about being a word of reason to me. What do you think? Am I too over the top here?


    I see your attorney’s present with you today. Advising you to answer questions in a short manner with just one word. Yes, I’m sorry. There’s not a gun pointed at me right now, by the way, the instructions were just like your high school essay. Please explain your answer.

    I would always put isn’t it obvious. And of course I was not the valedictorian. I liked that one. I think once I even said, you’re the teacher, you should understand this, but anyway, um, so yeah. Um, no, I, I was just going to make a comment about this because I’m not good at, um, trend identification, honestly, with this stuff.

    But what I think is interesting right now is the,, only or resolving on the term metadata. And I’m just thinking about all the traffic that these people are squandering right now, too. But the is an interesting site because it looks like it’s was built in maybe 1992.

    And, um, it’s some sort of game game-related site. So, um, I’m thinking that guy might be cashing out soon. You know, I don’t know how much money his games are making, but, um, um, he might be next to sell. Cause I saw Mehta so quickly. Yeah, I’m sure he’s got a busy, uh, dance card, um, from inquires that want to aid him in, um, in meeting his personal life goals through money, um, by helping him find a buyer.

    Yeah. Do you have any clue sold for? I don’t. Yeah. You think it was over. I would say the ads are, I’d say the odds are 50, 50. Well, the Chris posted it on LinkedIn, and then it seemed like it’s sold within hours or maybe they were asking two to four. Yeah. I don’t know. So my guess is it’s sold so quickly.

    It probably was less than a million, but you know, we’ll never know probably. Gotcha. Thanks. Thanks. Hey Jay Al, I think we’re at a special time. Do you think I’m putting too much faith? Maybe it’s because I saw the merch CEO today and the Pfizer CEO Friday. And when I start hearing emergency approval, 50 million doses, five days at home.

    I know politically, and I’m just going to go there. Um, you know, some people might not be in favor of it because it may encourage people not to get vaccinated, but for anyone that even has co you know, is vaccinated and gets COVID to be able to take a regimen at home that can cut hospitalizations 90%. I think that’s the type of thing that gets people just a little more optimistic.

    And I think that’s going to come across and in Bitcoin going to all time highs and, and hopefully digital assets. What do you think now?

    I don’t see why you would be wrong. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be wrong. Um, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s media, right. It’s coverage and people do get excited. Yeah. Well, thanks Sam. I know LA put in place a lot of stuff today about indoor venues. So I won’t be going to see my mom soon. So, uh, well, hold on, hold on.

    We’re talking about the city of LA. Oh, okay. So your, I believe your mom does not live in the city of LA. She lives next door. So they, to me, and so that’s fine. Burbank’s fine. Glendale’s flying, um, you know, locking yet as a county of LA, but so if you still want to come down, we’ll still go out. I love it.

    And there is a Tommy’s in Burbank, so we’re good. There is one in Burbank. I was there about a week and a half ago. It, it, thanks out. Submit. We had a really good talk last week about these, you know, domain names and what’s happening. Um, how’s it been for you the past three days? I’m guessing you registered another couple of hundred.

    No, in fact, I haven’t got a single, a metal name after Facebook made the announcement because the way I see it, uh, anything before the announcement was. Anything after the announcement is borderline trademark infringement. And especially since they’re fighting, I don’t know. What is it, a 60 page application?

    I think it’s better to stay away from metal names, per se. There are other ways to tackle the future tech kind of stuff. But our names I think are done, at least in my opinion, I wouldn’t buy them That is valuable input. And I appreciate it. I think that. You know, it’s not going to matter if you say, well, paid said that better names were awesome to invest in.

    And I can’t believe I got the cease and desist order. That’s going to be real and you know, we’ll see how it plays out, but, uh, I appreciate you bringing up that perspective. And, um, I did know, and that’ll be on there. So I titled this domain name and the five minutes we have left. How do you sell Mehta names?

    And I know it’s been 55 minutes until we get to this point, but here’s the two choices I think people have, and I’m not sure which one to do. So first the names I’ve registered in March and April. I was selling in June and July and I priced my best ones at like fifty five hundred and seventy five hundred, but I priced a lot of them under 1200 and I was selling about two a week on that.

    And I’d like that. I liked selling domain names. You know, it’s been a long time since I sold those two a week plus another one a week, three a week on an afternoon. And then I said, okay, I’m going to bump my prices. And my volume went down. But the people that have made the eye-popping and astonishing returns have either put really high buy it now prices 50 or a hundred thousand or they put, make offer.

    And when people have made offers, they’ve done a good job of in a measured way, you know, responding with the price that they’d want in an environment that they picture. Um, people might want to pay that price. And the only way to get it is to ask for it. And for a lot of people that’s come true. So I’m speck now saying.

    I do like making money off domain names. Do I stick with buy it now? Prices either low, medium, or high, or do I make everything make offer so that when I do get an inquiry, I can either one get a hint of who they are by their email and potentially ask a ton of money. And if not end up taking two or 3000 at the end.

    And I would say most for most of us, I think it depends on what you’re in this for. If you’re in an emotionally to do as good as everybody else, I think you’ve got to take your prices off and you’ve got to wait for make offers, and you’ve got to be the one that’s in DNS journal for selling a name for a thousand times, what you bought it four or 5,000 times, what you bought it for.

    And if there is a part of domain investing for you that says I’m only in this to do something amazing and et cetera, The best thing you can do is stick to your guns. Don’t compromise, price, everything super high, or make, offer, and be consistent because the worst thing you can do is say, well, I did that for six weeks.

    I didn’t sell anything. I put everything down low. Then I sold my best for 1499. Then I got some money and I went back to make offer, and then it didn’t work. And I went down low again, but it should, if you’re there, I wanted to bring you up if you don’t mind. Cause I know, I think you’ve had some successes and I wanted to ask you, did you just go for a super high buy it now?

    Or did you make everything make, offer, or do you actually, as I know you do sometimes reach out to people in your circle to say, what could you do with this powerful name and then come to something there. And thanks for joining us. Thanks for having me.

    I mean, for me, it’s all about networking. You know, like when I started siloed this room, I was hearing tree cause I have a, quite an extensive inventory of metaverse related names. Uh, you know, prior to the Facebook announcement, we talked about digital assets and what the metaverse was. And so, you know, I bought a bunch of names like metaverse store photos, metaverse stock cash,

    I’m still sitting on them. Um, but in terms of liquid, they named me and in general, it’s like, it’s a push and pull for me. I might get an offer from after Nick. Um, or I might just have to do some outbound in, um, effortless sleep by networking. So right now there are a lot of people. You know, you can educate on the value of a domain name.

    Um, maybe not necessarily this room and they’ll see the valley note owning one of these metaphors names, especially if they have some sort of, you know, develop a background or whatever. So yeah, I plugged in a lot of the names to end users. I think that’s a hack or a strategy that’s been very successful for me.

    And you feel like you’re still getting a, oh my gosh, I can really own that. Oh my. That could change my life. Or, or, I mean, I think from the beginning is when you started a lot of the attention around clubhouse was you brought new people into this space and educated them about digital assets and what it could do.

    You know, the empowering nature of it. Does everyone know about domain names out there or do we assume that they do and they really don’t or, or how’s that going when you meet people at the different conferences and the crypto conferences and the NFT. Yeah, it’s funny domains have been here much longer than NFCS, but I think NMCs w w what’s the word always some doughnuts he’s much sexier.

    Um, Overall the old digital assets. So to me, domains are feel very valuable digital assets. Now there’s a lot of attention with NFCS and there’s a lot of liquidity with NFCS to be Frank with you. Um, so you, you sort of like are forced to take advantage of this hot streak right now with NFCS. I mean, I’m speaking from a digital asset investors perspective, but you know, longterm domains are still, um, a big, big deal.

    Um, and I think with, with the whole NFC boom, and now with the metaverse boom impending, um, income, and I think that it’s all about positioning, you know, getting the right names, um, studying the trends and just, you know, basically getting informed first. So, you know, what type of names to acquire what’s happening been to look for.

    Um, but do people get excited about domains? Yes. There’s still a learning curve with. Um, it just depends on the demographic is speaking SU um, when you talk on clubhouse, it’s a bit repetitive, but in real life and real world settings, you can still see some of the knowledge that we’ve all collectively earned and learned out here.

    And just explain to people why they need a better name or a different name or a brand new, you know, or how to select the right name for a brand they’re starting. So people always going to start businesses and there was going to meet domain names. And if you have a book of average knowledge, you can guide them and monetize that.

    Well, that’s great ish. Thanks. And I got to believe people understand the word one-on-one more than they maybe did five years ago or two years ago. And they consider one-on-one to be I’m in a group of NFTs that has five or 10,000, but mine singularly unique. So I’m a one-on-one and then we are from this idea.

    You know, like I have a name on it. I’m going to talk about here in a second. Cause I think I’m going to use your method for it, which is NFT And you know, there’s a lot of companies now trying to figure out how to game a Fise, a white list for NFTs and things like that. And the idea of a fair method is a raffle.

    Um, but you know, telling someone that they can be the only one, it won’t be like there’s 5,000 people that own a different version of NFT raffle. I mean, there’s just one and that seems like that would resonate more now than ever. Yeah, I agree. And, and like I was saying a few months ago, and I know I got smashed for it is the, the range of domains as.

    Right. So just like in the NNC space right now, you have people most NFCS on Ethereum network. And because it’s getting congested, the gas fees are ridiculous. So people are looking at all their alternative blockchains, like Salana Cardinal and that’s, what’s essentially happened with domain spires to that was, you know, not to beat a dead horse, but you know, the dark homes became very expensive.

    And, um, for me, I saw value in, in maybe not the best names out there that being dark homes, but there was a lot of opportunities to acquire in some cases, hand register names that no one wanted. I I’m Mo I cleaned up a bunch of metaverse names. I have metaverse store photos, and I think that’s a great name.

    Metaverse stock cash made a burst stuff money. So sometimes the issue with domain and is people have a lot of bias and sense of look, I just want to Cod, or maybe just Um, it’s the same with crypto. You have people that are Bitcoin maximalists. That type of mindset is not necessarily the most lucrative, because if you have that mindset in crypto, your ROI will be the same as someone who perhaps invested in NFCS.

    And if they’re initially, right. So, you know, I think keeping an open mind is very critical. Right? Well, I appreciate that. I think that, you know, being dogmatic for dogmatic sake, meaning I’m not going to invest in, you know, the 800 different other TLDs out there just because of. You know, I learned, I learned my lesson in 20 14, 20 15, 20 16.

    So it’s going, can be hard for me to break that, but the public does seem to want to look for alternatives in that direction. Like you said, horizontally, you know what I mean? Where they might buy Metta metaverse stock cash. Um, that isn’t a good example. Cause metaverse would be a great name, but maybe metaverse dot, uh

    metaverse type photos. And then you say, well, versus metaverse photos, but people have seem to, we don’t know if they’re in users or if they’re speculators, but I don’t think it matters to you. Does it is when you get paid, when it says your domains are sold, that. Well, I mean, this is the deal. Like I bought my first piece of virtual land, um, last week and I doubled down and I bought another one.

    And when I did the research, a part of Landon decentral land, like I buy the cheapest ones in the market. So I think the first one I bought for 2.4, 4, 5 50 at the time, and I came back, I bought another one for two point something a little less, but my reason was okay, what if I made this decision a year ago?

    Like what, what would be my ROI today? And I realized that I would have at its Panax now a year ago, if you were talking to someone about buying virtual and goop, you probably end up in a psych ward. It was so out there, you know what I mean? Now it’s becoming more obvious. And I think a year from now, um, it might be 10 X where we are right now.

    So it’s, everyone has a different risk tolerance. Um, but I would say that we’re going wider and more people are accessing the internet, um, in, in, for different purposes, you know, and to expect that yeah, The internet is not going to get saturated. It’s going to accommodate more people coming in. And I think that that’s what I see the opportunity.

    Where would these less design? Like you don’t succeed in life by just going after premium. There are people that make millions of dollars in the car business, no selling rolls Royces, you know, so to me, it’s about getting in where you fit in and being able to connect with an end-user that sees value in the assets that you acquired.

    So a name like manifesto photos is a perfect name for the NFC space. I can come up with a drop right now with numerous metaverse photographs or pictures or whatever, right? So it’s, when you, when you register a name to me, I’ve always had the mindset of, I’m not just limited to or Um, you know, what other options are out there and the more open-minded I was, the more I was able to discover great names.

    Well, that’s great. I love it because you’re doing what you believe in. And I would say to anyone out there listening on the podcast or on today, Have your own conviction. The worst thing you can do is invest in any strategy because some other people said it was going to work. So I just went along with them.

    Now, I think that’s different. You may say, well, Paige, we’re listening to you, you know, how’s that different? You know, just like when I do Bible study, I tell people, you know, read the scriptures, test what I’m saying daily, you know, see if it makes sense to you and then decide yourself that that’s where you’re going to put your own money.

    Um, and if it doesn’t make sense to you and if the lessons you’ve learned in life or in, domaining tell you not to do it, that I don’t want to make that mistake again. And I think it is a mistake then, you know, either keep researching until you change your mind. But yeah, don’t go against what you’re doing.

    But when I hear an issue is his conviction. So he’s, he’s ready to play. But if I do thank you because I might’ve closed this talk saying there’s two ways to get. Buy it now either low, medium, or high or make offer, but you give me a great segue for outbounding club tomorrow in domain club, which is at five Eastern.

    And what we’re going to talk about is can you outbound trendy names? And I think what, when you shared that is it’s like, I think you can, I think you can outbound Metta and metaverse names because people are out there trying to come up with their business plans and things are changing daily. And you may, they may have never thought of having, like in your case, metaverse stock photos and you lay that in front of them.

    And all of a sudden that becomes that’s the missing piece we needed. So you’re not having to do what most people complain about an outbounding that you’re having to sell it for 500 or a thousand or some low price, because you could tell from their response. Or from the way that they disguise their response, that they’ve got some convictions, you know what I mean?

    And you say, no, you say you don’t want to offer a price until you talk to them more. You say that you want to talk to them on the phone. You want to build a relationship. You have, you know, you’ll tell if they keep coming back, that it means something to them. So we’re going to talk about an outbound in club tomorrow is as opposed to outbounding geo names, which everyone seems to do, what can you do?

    Outbounding trendy names. And I’m going to use my NFT. Raffle is an example, and it should be easy for me to find prospects type NFT, raffle, look for business plans that have NFT raffle in them or someone doing some type of gamification. And I think I really appreciate this for you’re giving me kind of a third leg to stand on, which is enter into these communities.

    Learn what they’re talking about, learn what they think about your name and try to come up with a good deal. So you.

    Yeah, definitely. And I, I, you know, I want to answer that. I think the definition and the scope of outbounding, um, is very different from what we perceive look, outbounding now includes going into discord. And instead of picking up the phone and getting those rejections, you could just simply be you chatting with someone was an admin in the discord, right?

    So typically, you know, parts to find a community assembled prior to these new social media networks. For example, domainers, you know, domain is, have always existed, right? But you guys would have to wait for a conference, a physical conference to meet up and shake hands and hug and you know, do some business.

    But now we can do this 24 7, whether it’s a clubhouse or a discord. So to me, what that means is outbound in Israeli Shipley. Um, Effortless narrow. It should be part of the nature of just communicating with people. Hey, my name is Paige. I’m a domainer. Would you like to see my imagery so much easier to say that now then out assuming maybe 10 years ago?

    Well, super. I think that’s great. And I think there’s also a part of discord, like clubhouse at the beginning. Um, you know, and, and you were there in January where there was the part about clubhouse that I missed the most, and maybe it’s just going to be up to me to bring it back. Was the idea where you would just kind of go down the room and say, hi, it’s great to see you.

    Uh, I looked in your profile, you’re doing some interesting stuff. Tell us a little bit about yourself. You know what I mean? And you had this little chance to spend two or three minutes with 20 to 30 new people an hour, you know, and, and it seemed like that’s where some great connections were made. So I’m going to try somehow to bring that back.

    You got any hints for me on how to do something. Yeah, I wouldn’t say that disappeared. I just, I would just say put the options increased, you know, so back in January clubhouse was a one-on-one and CC used that term, but now you have other options. You know, people are more familiar with discord there’s Twitter spaces.

    Um, there’s Instagram live that allows you to go live with more than more than two people now. So this is just the way we communicate now. It’s not, it’s not a trend, it’s not a fad. It’s just a way society has progressed where we have this online digital communities. And I think the metaverse is a step further in that direction.

    So it’s not changing. It’s not going anywhere. You know, these, these, these apps are relatively still in beta. Um, so I, I expect them to improve over time. I expect them to be competitive. So, um, um, and this is just the way we communicate now. Well, appreciated this. Hey, good luck to you and all your different ventures and endeavors ring me up.

    So. Alright. Hey, Mike, I’ll, I’ll close with you. You you’ve heard me talk quite a bit. I don’t know if you were here earlier where I got them. My Pollyanna is the Merck and Pfizer pills can usher in along with the holidays and NFTs being around the Thanksgiving table and the Christmas dinner. And that’s gotta be good for domains.

    So I think we’ve got a nice run and I’m going to use that to do a domain show in January, but how you doing, Mike? You have any comments on today’s a Monday domain? Yeah. I tend to agree with that a little bit. I think that the general public is going to be paying a little bit more attention maybe to domains just because of, you know, yeah.

    Facebook kind of blows things up and, and you’re probably right about sentiment, but I did want to, I specifically wanted to comment on strategies for pricing and I, and I wanted to clarify, I mean, are you talking to. You know, all or nothing, you don’t price everything. And he asked for an offer on everything.

    Or are you talking about a bifurcated approach where some of the names are price? Because I think that the higher end ones, that’s fine. Where are you going to get somebody who knows what they’re doing? They know the value of it, but the lower end stuff. That’s, I mean, for me, 500,000, $5,000, a lot of those, I feel like you have to price them or you don’t catch the eye of the person.

    Who’s actually going to be the buyer for it. I’m not talking about super valuable names, but I think sometimes people have no idea what something is worth and you got to put something out there to, to at least have them thinking about it, to make a sale. So I think that there does have to be both of those strategies, but depending on your portfolio, if you have all single word domain names that are high dollar, sure.

    Leave them. Well, I appreciate it, Mike. I know our portfolios are similar in a lot of ways, and I decided that I couldn’t do half and half because my demons, man, the demons, the demons would tell me that every domain I sold at a buy it. Now I should have done make offer. And every domain that didn’t sell and I never got offers, I should have done buy it now.

    So, you know, I’ll have hours of therapy on the couch, but the reason I say I might go all make offer is you at 25,000. That may be a one. I said, Hey, the only way to sell this is to go 999, you know? And, and is it worth one wild, black Swan close that’ll pay for everything I could have done.

    Right. And everything else. So that keeps me away from it. That’s my FOMO. Right. But how many similar names that, that does that person have or do those group of people have that they did not sell? That’s that’s a metric that is, you know, it’s hard to pin down and, you know, you can point to, Hey, I made this really big sale and that really big sale paid for your renals for everything for the year.

    And you still, nothing else. Did you make a really big sale? Sure. You broke even. I mean, it really comes down to what your, you know, end of the year take is, right? I mean, you have to sell stuff. Well, I love it. Bye. Thank you. That’s that’s good wisdom. And I will tell people when I’ve done this in the past, like I did this with coin names back in 2014, I think should have just bought Bitcoin, but dummy me bought names ending in coin that, um, originally the reason I did price stuff under a thousand and under 2000 is I want to do at least get all my investment back in the first couple of months so that no matter what, I knew that I wasn’t gonna lose money on this theme.

    And so when I did sell names pretty quickly, you know, at, at the 6 99 and 9 99, 12 99, it still was good. Cause it, it, it, it meant that I might have regrets, but I’d have regrets with money in my pocket. And so if that’s, if you’re stretched, if you’re domaining on credit cards, if you’re domaining with rent money, if you’re, uh, You know, there’s no way renewals are a year off, but who cares because I’m going to be a millionaire by then?

    You know? But if, if you know, one of the best ways to think about domain sometimes in terms of shouldn’t you buy it is multiply the price by two, five or 10 and ask yourself if you’d buy it. But if you’re stretching, I mean, if you’re investing, you know, the last money that you have or someone else’s money or you’re, you’re borrowing it all, then do sell something.

    I would say, don’t go through this Metta ETH NFT craze, without trying to at least get one or two sales where you can put some money away, bring some money back into the household budget, and I’ve done that. And that’s why that’s the only reason I feel like I can try to make a decision right now for the next phase to go make the offer or buy it.

    Now, I think it would be much harder to do if I hadn’t already made money. So here’s my last advice. Well, thanks ish. And Mike and AIJ and summit, and, uh, Todd and Al and, um, that is Monday domains next week on Monday domains. I’ll try to get back to some news of the week, but I’m also gonna revisit, uh, something I blogged about in February, which is not only were domains, the original NFTs domains I’m going to go with.

    The domain name system is the raining original and still heavyweight champion of tomorrow. Metaverse and that the domain name system was the first metaverse that question was asked last week in a room. And that’s how I answered it. And I think it’s still the best metaverse and that’s something that’s going to be a key for the domain show conference in January.

    Um, and so I’ll introduce some of those topics next Monday. So thanks everyone for joining me today. Appreciate it. Can I make one comment? Sure. Todd, well, Mike said a mouthful that wasn’t my comment, but he’s he’s right on about it’s the full picture. You could have a big sale, but it’s about the full financial picture of your domain investing.

    And, and I’m going to dig into that sometime with trying to get Jeff to do it, to talk in domains. But I want it to say the Metta domain issue today. I see it bringing up tomorrow and domain name. Joining me and David Michaels is going to be Zach Musca Vich and he’s going to be ICA general counsel, but we’re going to talk specifically about the Metta trademark or buy through Facebook and the other ones as well.

    We’re going to talk about how that would affect meta domain names. So it’s going to be right on point where you’re just going to talk about it. Like we’re going to bathe in it. We can’t wait, but I was going to say one is really, I guess, just a question. Cause I had asked summit if, if they trademarked the color, you know, blue, blue is our new name.

    We own and we, uh, are now going by blue. Would you not register in any more names with blue in it?

    I think you can Azek. This would be an interesting on, so I’m just telling you my perspective, right? I am not, uh, it’s not a cure of everybody has a different circumstance. Everybody has a different perspective, but yeah, I’m not a lawyer and I don’t even play one on TV. We’ve just got to see what others think.

    Some it, I just wanted to talk to you basically. Okay. Thanks Paige. I appreciate it. So yeah, it is interesting and we all are investing a lot in it. And I would certainly say if you’re a business and you’re going to start today in your name and you plan on adding meta to the beginning and then you are, you know, messing with the classes that they have already, you know, filed for.

    Yes. That’s something, but yeah, we’re going to talk about it tomorrow, but thanks for a great room today. Well, Todd, I’m glad you mentioned it. I was going to ask about if anyone had in the other rooms and, and I’ll, I’ll say it right now. I think the work you guys have been doing on Tuesdays on domain names, I can’t think of a better community to bring this up realistically, because I think your speakers and the people in the room have shared so much history from the talks you’ve been doing all year, that you can kind of point to those references.

    You know what I mean? I don’t think you’re going to have to start everything from. You know, what is the trademark or something like that, you know, and I do think you’re going to be able to get right to it. So hopefully it’s a special two hour double show. Um, and I would say to most people, if you’ve never invited someone to a clubhouse talk, you know, I think tomorrow’s, uh, domain law room.

    We’ll make sure we’re at an outbounding club with plenty of time for people to get over because I really think it’s going to be, uh, you know, I can’t think of a more topical topic, I guess. So that’s great time.

    Alrighty. Does anyone else have any, uh, talks this week on clubhouse, uh, about, uh, domains or digital assets even I’ll grow it further. I know that we’ll be doing, I’ll be doing outbounding club tomorrow and I’ll be doing million dollar domains on Wednesday at one Eastern. And we’re going to talk about a new marketplace that just popped up today.

    And, um, let me get Jeff. Let’s see, um, I think I got Jeff up here and so that’s what we have going in domain club. And then also I do a talk in startup club called the name game, and a lot of you have listened to us on Wednesdays at six. And startup club is I believe the largest club on clubhouse and we do a thing for companies and it’s been a great chance to interact with people about, um, what the name of their company is and what their domain name is.

    And Jeff sass started this as he was doing the marketing to kind of share with people, an independent view from other people. There’s three of us each week. And we say, this is what we think your company is. And then they kind of have a reveal of what their company really is. And then we talk about some of their naming strategies.

    And the one thing that I’ve got out of that is I think people are stretching too far to come up with. Names that are really far out from what they really want, because the perception is they can’t get anything close to what they want. So a lot of times I’ll be able to share with them strategies for getting something in the one to 3000 range.

    So that’s the name game, but Jeff, you’ve had a couple great weeks. I don’t even know if your show ended last week, but yeah, I think it was 1245 in the morning when it finally ended. And what that there, I definitely don’t plan on doing that, uh, again, although it was a great, great time metaverse was in the title.

    I believe that was a great extension of reaching a little bit more of the public. Uh, it wasn’t that whatnot because people are excited about, um, this thing called metaverse in matter and whatnot, but it was a great, great time. Last Thursday spent with everyone. I enjoyed everyone to show it up. I thank you for everyone that did show up.

    I think we will reel it in a little bit and get back on the topic of, um, domains and, uh, this, this way in which, um, we could probably be better domainers and, uh, and, and maybe not spending all this money on the Metta names right now, I think. We may reach the crook, uh, across in the road with it a little bit.

    I think there’s still a lot of good names out there, but I think we could, um, you know, go back into some other domaining talks and whatnot there. And that’s what we plan on doing this coming Thursday. But thank you for happy page. Uh, and I look forward to your room tomorrow, um, outbounding, um, continuing continuously, uh, trying to learn outbounding and doing a little bit of it each day and each week, um, page.

    So I need those tips and those gyms from you, uh, and whatnot there. Uh, but in. In conclusion talking domains is what we do on Thursday hill club houses, four o’clock Eastern standard time taught Ryan stuff above. And my other friend Rico Jones. Uh, we do talk in domains on Thursday. We’ve been doing this since may.

    It’s been a great fun, um, time spent here on club house with my many friends that came and support come and support the rum. We hope that you can take a join us this coming Thursday and get the experience of talking domains with us Thursday, four o’clock Eastern standard time. Thank you page. You got to Jeff and I want you to know that I’m going to join the club of, we get a dollar every time you say I’m going to do something.

    Yeah. I love that. I love that. Hey page, the one thing that you did say that I did like, and I might have to take a little bit, and I may have to steal a little bit of that from you. You were saying about going around the room and beaten people profiles. That was something that we were doing back in, uh, January, February.

    You was doing that. Yep. I may, I may talk to you about it cause we may, we may pick a time to do that because I think that your show on Thursday is doing so well, but we’d like to have you maybe help us with a domain club show for new investors. And so I’ll, I’ll, I’ll reach out to you about that this week.

    Okay. Cool. Sounds great. Thank you page. All right. Well, I’ll segue to brandable domains just by saying.

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