The Power of Influencer Marketing

The term ‘Influencers’ is the hot buzzword right now in all things business and tech, and the direction and future for all industries wishing to expand. We talk about growing your business and network with the future promoters; the influencers, and why influencers are an epic source to expand your reach. 

Connecting and building relationships whether that be formal and businesslike or more of an informal and social dynamic to launch your product and business off their social network branding as collaboration is key, it’s the new “word of mouth”.

Paul calls it “traditional marketing in a digital sphere.” 

An influencer doesn’t need to be famous or a celebrity, or even particularly have an extreme following, but what they do need is “the ear of their audience,” and the confidence and trust from their listeners/reader/followers, those who engage with their platform and content. So, does that make you wince a little less at the thought of seeking out influencers to help grow your brand?

5 steps to choosing the right influencer

  1. Be strategic and intentional

Be intentional with the partnerships and collaborations you make with influencers. Make it mutually beneficial, so that both you, your business, and the influencer, receive recognition and growth out of the marketing relationship, and they will more than likely love to jump at the chance to collaborate. 

  1. Choose the right type of influencer for YOUR business

There is an influencer SCALE; from those at the very bottom with a small following, called Nano influencers, to Micro-influencers who are a step up on the scale, to all the way up the line to celebrity.

It is important to know what your goals are to know where on the scale you should seek out your influencer for your collaboration. You must pick the correct influencer for your brand and product, picking the wrong influencer can cost you money. Usually, influencers are paid upfront for their content and if the influencer doesn’t have the followers who are suited to your business, you will fail at achieving your main goals.

Pro Tip: You don’t always need a celebrity influencer. Sometimes a smaller following can go a long way. Don’t get caught up in the numbers, it’s more important to look into engagement and audience fit.

  1. Know where your audience is

Each social platform, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or TikTok has a different culture and a different type of following.

So, as well as picking the correct type of influencer on the right end of the scale, understanding whether to market your product or company on Facebook where the moms and dads tend to hang out, or on TikTok where the teens and younger Gen Z class can be found, is again crucial to effectively market your business.

“People don’t want fake, they want genuine, that’s why I love Nano influencers!”

“Consider where your customers hang out,” says Paul. Are they primarily on TikTok, or Instagram, or YouTube, or Pinterest? The first step is figuring out your demographic and where you want to grow your business.

A top tip from Paul: Figure out the TYPE of content that is best to promote your product or service and you wish your influencer to produce, is it a video, a reel, a still image? These factors will determine what social platforms to launch the content.

  1. Sign a contract

You need to have a contract! If you don’t have a contract, a simple email with instructions and conditions could also work to get started. Specify your rights, your prices, and how long you wish the influencer to work with you. 

You also need to be clear on your expectations and agree on a certain amount of posts and content per month. 

  1. Provide brand guidelines

When you work with influencers you want them to shine and be themselves, but you also need to protect your brand. Provide a quick brand guideline so they know how to communicate and promote your service or product. Sometimes you need to use specific words or even avoid certain terms. 


Influencer marketing is a minefield with many choices and clearly thought-out decisions to make, every step of the influencer way, so do your research and have the patience to work with your influencers, invest in the long term these marketing tactics take time and consistency to bring ROI.

Listen to the full session above for more tips on working with influencers.

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