The Importance of Having the Right Partners

In last week’s episode, we discussed how to manage your external partners as an entrepreneur. We hear from others about their experiences, the highs, the lows, and the complete aspect of an entrepreneur’s life. Colin and Michael gave us their stories and experiences of external partnerships and how they can go horribly wrong or on the flip side, successfully right. 

Partnerships are important as an entrepreneur, from transactional, business relationships to family, friends, and the kids. How you treat your loved ones is a strong representative of how you treat your business, your colleagues, and partners, right or wrong? 

Why is it important to find the right partners?

Colin and Michael believe in the importance of “doing business with the people [they] enjoy doing business with.” Michael adds, “Do business with the people you enjoy being around”

External partnerships such as suppliers can be quite difficult to manage. Michael has lived by a saying his father once told him, ‘get to know the person.’ Once you get to know the person, their attitude, and their intentions, you can figure out their business mentality and from there, you’ll be riding the train to success.

“Partnerships are like a double-edged sword; in some ways we need them and some ways we can be stabbed by them”

Colin C. Campbell

Colin expands on his own experiences and says he could not have achieved his successes without his partners Michele Van Tilborg and Jeffrey Sass. Without good business partners, where would you be? There’s a sense of gratitude that comes with reflecting on how life would be without the meeting of your partner and the collaboration in business. 

We question whether the pandemic has changed our relationships with work, our partners, and colleagues. Michael said, “We are getting down to the human-to-human interactions” Are we more humanely involved with people after 18-months indoors? Tune in to the session and listen to our thoughts about 2021 partnerships and relationships.

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