Strategy vs. Tactics

    Strategy vs. Tactics

    During this session, Coach Yu discussed the difference between a strategist and a tactician. 

    He starts off by explaining the basic definition of strategy, which is the building blocks of goals, content, and targeting. Strategy shouldn’t change that often, as it’s designed to be the core of your company, although it can, and it should be tweaked every now and then to maintain alignment with what is also happening out in the world. 

    Tactics, on the other hand, are all those tools that you would use to reach the goals defined in your strategy, whether it’s a channel, a campaign or a sales technique. 

    So your company’s vision, mission, values, and most likely audience (aka strategy) will stay the same, but the channels, assets, and techniques (tactics) may constantly change to work on achieving those goals. 

    So, which one are you? Are you the one setting and defining goals? Or are you the expert on the tools?

    If you want to listen more on this topic brought by Coach Yu, listen to the full session above. 

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