Selling on Walmart

    Selling on Walmart

    This week on our eComm weekly we discussed why people should sell online and why Walmart is a great platform for it! We invited Michal Chapnick, an expert in the field to join us.

    Unlike Amazon, Walmart looks for selles with e-commerce experience. They will look into any other online stores you may have, analyze your experience and activity, as well as making sure you have a registered business in the U.S., basically they want experienced sellers on their platform. 

    Experienced sellers are not necessarily the ones making seven figures, but the ones that have been out in the marketplace.

    Because of the pandemic, Walmart has invested into building an instant-fulfillment since the growth rates went up to 70%. This means that it’s probably on the top 5 for online shopping. 

    If you want to hear about the application process and what are some of the stumbling blocks, listen to the full session above!

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