Scaling Your Business on Clubhouse

    Scaling Your Business on Clubhouse

    Last week we brought in the Queen of FinTech, CEO Lil Roberts of Xendoo to talk about strategies to scale your business on Clubhouse. We also opened the floor to digital marketing expert Paul Barron, Top 100 Influencer Ish Milly, and Podcast Extraordinaire Norm Farrar.

    A little bit about Xendoo; it is an award-winning tech-enabled Software as a Service (SaaS) subscription platform geared for small businesses in the US and extended outward to twelve other countries. The targeted businesses are typically e-commerce, with less than 20 employees and Xendoo helps these companies with their bookkeeping, filing corporate tax returns, and helping startups understand their financials so that they can stay in business.

    What sets Xendoo apart from others on the market is that it’s tech-enabled, cloud serviced, with proprietary technology wrapped around Quickbooks, and get this, they wrap around zero and deliver the financials by the fifth day of the month! Which is pretty much unheard of in the industry. (Remember this detail!) Xendoo came about from Lil’s aspiration to empower small business owners while fixing a pain point that wasn’t being addressed in the traditional sense because tradition was still analog.

    This woman’s drive is to help businesses succeed and that’s about as wholesome as it gets. 

    Lil came to Clubhouse on this day to open up a dialogue about starting a Club on the platform, to essentially scale Xendoo. The big question is what is more appealing, Bookkeeping Club vs Accounting Club vs Tax Club? 

    First of all, I personally, just loved what was said about Tax.Club integrating into Tax Club on Clubhouse. The beauty in Tax.Club is that it’s a three-letter domain, it passes the radio test, it’s less likely to be mistyped by web users, it speaks directly to what Lil is doing at Xendoo and as a keyword search, it’s highly ranked and packs the SEO punch. As our guests engage in dialogue here, weighing Bookkeeping, Accounting, and Tax something else begins to transpire and amazing ideas are being delivered.

    Here’s the gist: 

    • Get a hot domain name and web extension that aligns your business and messaging.
    • Use engaging, on-brand titles in your Room. Considering this topic, in particular, think, “Entrepreneurial Tax Savings”, “Accuracy and Accounting”, “Ask an Accountant”, “White Hat Tax Hacks”, to rattle off a few.
    • Feature your clients in a big way! Bring them in to talk about the topic and to speak to testimony about your business. This positions you as a leader in the industry and by proxy, you become the person that people want to buy from.
    • Amplify what you’re doing outside of Clubhouse, on Clubhouse. If you’re filming a documentary, hosting a podcast, and creating content, use Clubhouse’s audience to amplify and bring in more foot traffic to your website or projects.
    • Invite Influencers into your room. There is a balance here, talk about something that interests the influencers but also aligns with what your business is doing. Bringing in those influencers will shine a spotlight on your company and help boost your following and the number of eyes physically on your business.
    • Embrace monetization on this platform!

    The conversation eventually leads into the franchise industry, affiliate marketing, and how could affiliate marketing programs be leveraged in Clubhouse. So, for example, Xendoo has an affiliate marketing program with a $250 reward for client acquisition. Now, at Clubhouse we all have a friend with a small business who is looking for somebody to handle their books, so the soil is fertile for client acquisition here. And then, for the franchises reporting their financials by the 15th day of the month, it’s difficult to find accounting platforms that can deliver so quickly —– enter Xendoo’s Tax Club. Now offering a variety of rooms about tax breaks, financials, talk to an accountant, listen to this testimony..etc., do you see where this is going? 

    Lil can take it even further with some monetization practices. Try this on for size: She could approach the host of a room that’s close to brand, in a neighboring industry, or is full of serial entrepreneurs, and has a substantial following.

    She can approach the host and say, “Hey I’ll give you a special link ‘Tax.Club/Rachael’ and if you could read this little script in your room at the top of the hour, halfway point, and before closing, for every person that goes to the link and signs up, I’ll send you $250.” And you’ve got organic advertising.

    This would inspire reaching out to a small influencer market of Clubhouse room hosts, podcast hosts and grabbing small audiences to build those big relationships that can grow a company. 

    We come to Clubhouse because of the influx of entrepreneurial minds talking about IDEAS rather than people or things. This platform is a fantastic think tank and an even greater sounding board for throwing around ideas about marketing, gaining traction with an audience, and content creation.

    And often, for us here at Startup.Club, what happens in a current Clubhouse session inspires our next session and the one following. It’s fantastic that someone’s response to one of Lil’s questions, ‘Should [Xendoo’s Tax Club] deliver content-driven educational rooms?’ or “Do we deliver tips?” What’s the content that will attract the audience Xendoo has in mind? The answer to that, my friends, is to start a community! You’ve got to have a witness, a testimony, a bird that can call out to other birds of a feather and generate a response, and eventually a song about Tax Club hosted by Xendoo. 

    If you made it this far, enjoy a small token and nod to a jazzy jingle coined by @ishmilly

    On that note, tune in again this Friday, Feb 26 @ 2:00 PM EST! We’ll be talking about Building a Community on Clubhouse with Meowingtons’ CEO Michele Van Tilborg and Clubhouse success story Ed Nusbaum who has started several clubs with exceptionally high followings. 

    Take care of each other out there! We’ll talk again soon! 

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