Scaling Up With Verne Harnish

    Scaling Up With Verne Harnish

    This week we welcomed Verne Harnish to the stage to talk about your business, scaling it up, and how to make it. 

    From what I’ve gathered, just by listening to Verne speak and also from my observations here in the office with my team and CEO implementing Verne’s methodology, this man is next level pro. He’s kept it simple, made smart maneuvers, and probably most important for anyone and any business, he has kept it consistent. In my opinion, consistency is what makes or breaks most endeavors. 

    If you have not yet experienced a presentation, video, or talk with Verne, then hopefully you glean from the recording that he is a seasoned and talented speaker. He is truly lovely to listen to and talk with, bringing a level of camaraderie, humanity, and relatability to his podium. I can’t help but to just nod enthusiastically in agreement as he offers incredible insight, pro-maneuvers, and hot tips along with just good ol’ practical and sage advice. Let’s dive in!

    Listen to the full session above!


    1. Acquire or buy a company rather than build from scratch 

    2. Balance feminine + masculine approach to business, especially in terminology and implementation

    3. Own the word

    4. Get influencers on board

    5. Core Values – create a level playing field so that your team can make decisions and defend that decision against the core values. 

    And so much more! We’re getting back in there next week with an OpenMic to talk with YOU our readers and listeners, about how you implement Scaling Up in your enterprise or how Verne’s methodologies have helped you along the way. 

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