Sales Hacks Redux

    Sales Hacks Redux

    We are continuing with our devotion to the topic of sales this month as many are preparing to go back to school or work. We had another open mic session where members of the panel and audience contributed helpful sales hacks.

    Some hacks that were shared include the following…

    • Understand the personality profile of your potential customer. Different people have different methods of consuming information and making decisions.
    • With one-on-one pitches, match the speaking speed of the customer. 
    • Focus on a “culture of caring,” and have a genuine concern for your potential customers and your business, not solely a concern for the sale. Keep in mind that people want to engulf themselves in a business where they feel that they’re consistently being helped and cared for.
    • Understand that it’s okay to say no! Value the concept of “saying yes to the right business.”
    • Silos affect sales. Many companies place different departments in separate silos and ignore that these departments (sales, marketing, and product developments) are all points on the same triangle and that it’s essential that they work together. 
    • When it comes to sales pitches, rejection is a business’ #1 fear. However, understand that rejection is an opinion, not fact, and if anything you should view rejection as a new opportunity for growth and development.

    These are just some of the various hacks that were brought to the stage. To hear even more enlightening hacks, listen to this full session above!

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