New Trends Coming Down The Pipe

    New Trends Coming Down The Pipe

    In last week’s open mic night, the floor was all yours as we talked about what is currently trending. We discussed the next “big thing” and how to get our hands on it before the big name, big chains take hold. We bring up the dreaded ‘C’ word and ask how the coronavirus opened up opportunities and the waves that have come as a result of the year behind closed doors.

    In the fast-paced, technological world we live in, there is always something new, something trending and the next “big thing” happening; we are constantly chasing what is considered cool in society, to keep up with our community’s wants and needs, making it important to “live in the future” to keep up with the evolving trends.

    “The large companies fail to see the trends”

    Colin C. Campbell

    The NFT market is exploding!

    The new digital world is creating more and more opportunities for anyone to jump into business and have a go at being a startup. The NFT is a lot more flexible than ever and it’s an exciting new world to create, develop and follow trends.

    The NFT market is the best place for startups because, usually, the big name, big chain companies fail to see the trends.

    Change in laws

    Isn’t it amazing when trends open up because of a change in the law? It’s a smart way to jump on the ship before everyone else does. “Part of that is a change in human behavior,” said Jeff. Consumers are now wanting to do more and at a faster speed. The human attention span is diminishing but this is ideal for any company chasing trends.

    The virtual world

    Covid-19 became the year of working online and the WFH lifestyle, but what did this do for startup companies and trends?

    You can be as productive from your virtual spaces! You can work from anywhere!
    Cut the commute, cut the awkward office from 9 to 5, and create a better work-life balance.

    We can communicate more efficiently; we’ve all become comfortable with Zoom and other audio and video-based apps. We are becoming more involved with AI and its advances.

    We started off with Alexa and Siri, but now, AI is finding its way into all areas of business and human life, getting better and smarter, and it’s not stopping any time soon!

    Health & AI

    There is a potential trend in AI and healthcare, a massive industry that could change the future of the health industry.

    As we’ve learnt and experienced with Covid-19, there is a need to keep up with diseases and healthcare treatments, and predicting diseases has never been more important. The topic of health will always be a huge market and a market that will always stay trending because human health is of the utmost importance and a number one priority to not only consumers but to all humankind.

    Better energy

    Solar, renewable energies, and electric cars are being pushed by government funding, it is a huge industry and a great wave to ride right now!

    Listen to the full session above to get more on trending topics & markets!

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