Master the Art of the Annual Strategic Plan for EO Forums

Shake things up, embrace change, and take your entrepreneur forum, club or association meetings to the next level. For many forum (club or association) moderators, including myself, planning an annual strategic meeting can be a daunting task.

That’s where the Annual Strategic Meeting Kick-Off Plan template comes into play. By creating a plan that incorporates the below items moderators (leaders) can eliminate stress, enhance engagement, and deliver a higher-level forum member experience. According to EventMB, “Associations that effectively plan their meetings and events experience a 25% increase in member engagement and satisfaction, leading to higher retention rates.”

And best of all, it uses tried and true practices that we use when building our businesses!

·      Develop a Chapter and Annual Theme
·      List Key Events on a calendar
·      Define ‘Winning Moves’
·      Assign Meeting Responsibilities
·      And don’t forget to incorporate SMART Action Items

Download the template below.

Prepared by Colin C. Campbell, Forbes Author: Start. Scale. Exit. Repeat. Serial Entrepreneurs’ Secrets Revealed and proudly a 25-year Entrepreneur Organization (EO) Member, and moderator of many of those years. This template it is not endorsed by EO.

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