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Since its launch, Clubhouse has become a phenomenon with its users and entrepreneurs alike. And now we are starting to see those users ask the question…’ how can I make money on Clubhouse’. In this week’s show, we will talk to a number of entrepreneurs that can show you some of the possible ways to make money on Clubhouse.

Authentic Conversations and Connections

One important aspect of using Clubhouse is that it provides a contextual conversation. As people talk on the platform, they can give you a pretty good summary of who they are through their own words. Each time someone shares on Clubhouse, they’re sharing something about themselves, about their values, and about their life. This provides an opportunity to have a more in-depth and meaningful conversation with them. Be a collector of stories. People will discuss their wants, needs, and wishes through this platform. These insights might provide the connection that could lead to potential monetization. Document their story and make sure to weave that into the conversation in DMs with somebody because it shows that you were listening.

Each time someone shares on Clubhouse, they’re sharing something about themselves, about their values, and about their life.

But don’t pitch yourself. Have a 10 to 15-second clubhouse pitch that will intrigue listeners. Something that will have them checking out your profile and maybe contacting you because they think you might be able to help or solve a related issue.

If you would like to meet a speaker and possibly make a connection, be the first one to the room when things are just getting started. An opportunity might present itself as the speaker takes stock of the room.


Since Clubhouse is still in its’ infancy, the monetization side of the platform is just getting started. But there look to be many possible ways to make money on Clubhouse. Here are some of the suggestions from our entrepreneur guests.

  • Professional moderators As Clubhouse grows and so do audiences, professional moderators should be in good demand. Just like the panel moderator at a convention, the ability to set up, market, and moderate a panel of experts to an audience could be an important position.
  • Production Creativity Just like a radio show or convention panel, Clubhouse chats can benefit from creative expertise and assistance. Whether it’s audio engineers, producers, sound effects, logo designers, recording for your podcast, or production assistance, there are opportunities that will emerge.

And just like traditional and other social media, there are a number of possible business models that can work on Clubhouse as well. Such as Subscription models, sponsorships, membership fees, coaching, tips, grants, and direct selling when appropriate.

Listen to the full session above!


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