Live Session with Vladislav Nikolaichuk – Startup Club Stands With Ukraine

    Live Session with Vladislav Nikolaichuk – Startup Club Stands With Ukraine

    Today on a special session of the Serial Entrepreneur Club, we welcomed our friend Vladislav Nikolaichuk to share with us how we can help the Ukrainian people in this time of crisis. Russian and Ukrainian by blood, Vlad knew that he couldn’t sit back and watch the horrors accompanying Russia’s invasion into Ukraine. He works for GeeksForLess, a company of almost 1,000 employees, many of whom are in the Ukrainian city Mykolaiv. The country is in dire need of food, medical supplies, and other humanitarian aid as the violence continues and forces millions to leave their homeland. He’s started a GiveSendGo Campaign, with resources on the ground in Ukraine directly benefitting civilians and local hospitals. The fundraiser surpassed $100K CAD in three days and is still raising money to alleviate the devastation of war. His team is working tirelessly to get people to safety, with no slowing down as the amount of victims and displaced people climbs. Now is the time for action!

    GeeksForLess is not new to charitable ventures; the company has donated over $1 million USD worth of supplies to the local hospital over the last 8 years since the Crimean annexation by Russia. Their pre-existing infrastructure is being leveraged to its full extent to support the acquisition and distribution of aid in Mykolaiv, Ukraine, making them uniquely positioned to step in and quickly help. So far, they have provided basic necessities and are working closely with a local hospital treating military members and civilians. 100% of the funds raised are being deployed directly for humanitarian purposes– to donate please go to

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