It’s Time to Publish!

Would you look at the time? It’s time to get that book written!

Have you dreamt about writing a book? Is it on your bucket list? Has it always been on the back burner of the to-do list because you just don’t have the right tools or time to get it done? Well, you’re in the right place! We have Lisa Buyer and Danny Vaygor joining Coach Yu to give you the best advice and AI tools to help you get pen to paper (or fingers to keys.)

We discuss the fundamental questions on writing a book: What tools do we need? What time frames do we need to set aside? And more importantly, how, just how do we go about writing a book? 

What daunting ‘thing’ is stopping you from writing and producing your book?

What could your book be about?

Jeffrey’s book started off as a five-minute, 20 slide presentation. Five years after the presentation, he published a 150-page book of the same content. Stay alert and keep your mind open with your interests and who knows what topic you may end up writing about.

Block an hour a day

Do reminders work? We’re talking sticky post-it notes on the fridge, phone screensavers reminding you of that book you wanted to write, or alarms on your iPhone telling you to get writing. Coach Yu said, “It’s not about the reminders; it’s about you setting one hour aside each day to record a book writing session. One hour gives you enough time to get down some bullet points and write a book.”

Pro tip: Use video recording to transcribe the story you wish to tell and use the transcription as a book-writing guide. (And don’t forget to back up your video somewhere like Google Drive). 

You’re not starting from scratch.

You can use ANYTHING you have written to get you started writing your book. There are fantastic tools listed below that our hosts highly recommend in the session that will essentially do most of the work for you, well, 80% of it anyway. Check your Facebook, your Twitter posts from the last year, check your voice notes to your best friend, anything that you can use as content is purposeful in putting together your book. 

Coach Yu reiterates, “The best content starts with you!”

“You can make anything from any raw materials put together”

Not sure how to reach an audience?

Coach Yu advises not to be afraid to go old school. Market your book as a weekly physical newsletter, send it out to your market in a physical form, get your readers addicted and engaged! An eBook, course, or newsletter creates a paper trail and will show that you are keeping up with the times and have a “historical credibility trail” proving your knowledge and worth in the industry. The more work you can physically show, the more you will be admired and recognized in that field.

Use the technology!

How to use AI without cheating the system? Long-form content using is a tool that helps YOU write content without you having to type out each word. The tool does 80% of the content; the other 20% is up to you as the individual to post-edit because although AI is an incredible tool, it still needs reading over and sometimes correcting. Danny said, “We’ve never been able to write as much content as we have in the last five months [using Jasper]; it’s a huge game-changer!”

Listen to the entire session above to get more tips and guidance on writing your book. Remember, it’s time to publish!

  1. – A transcription tool
  2. – A tool that can transcribe your audio stories and turn them into a book. It will build a landing page and a page for testimonials and pretty much do all the heavy lifting for you.
  3. – A tool where you can publish your eBook for free.
  4. Descript – A content writing tool
  5.– A content writing tool

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