How to Tackle the IG Chatbot

In today’s show, we discuss building influencers and tackling the IG chatbot. Don’t know what we’re talking about? You soon will! We aim to help you build your own community through the social media platform and help you spread the word about your business/products. 

There is a current trend where companies are using chatbots on social platforms to build animation.

If you have a professional Instagram account, you are able to use keywords in the messenger section of the site to trigger an onset of a segmented list of things a customer may need. 

The messenger on Instagram is just another way to connect with your followers or potential clients, similar to Facebook Messenger.

First, you must disclaim that the message is sent from a chatbot, not a human- A fun technique is to give the chatbot a name! There are different ways to use the chatbot:

●   Automation story replies: You can set up automation replies to every tag you receive, for example: ‘Thank you for tagging us @ We hope you had a wonderful time!’. You can set the system to reply to tagged stories and feed. The message can include questions, giving the user more options to converse with the brand, like ‘visit the website’ or any other action you may want your consumers to take.

●   Keywords– Using specific words will trigger different things to happen for the account user. For example, if you set the chatbot to ask the user to say, ‘I want to speak to a human’ and highlight that sentence or word, it will send a message through to customer service admins and direct the user to a person that they are able to speak with.

To better understand and learn more about the Instagram chatbot, go ahead and listen to the full session above.

  • TRANSCRIPT: eComm Weekly – EP19: How to Tackle The IG Chatbot


    Hey everybody. Welcome to the room. Just one second. Wow. Incredible. Everybody’s here. Perfect. We can get started Mr. Barrett. Thank you for joining us today. Absolutely. I was able to find a little quiet room here. I’m at this conference in New York right now, AMZ innovate and they have it. I think it’s like a co-working space.

    They have like this little, these quiet talk this, so it’s nice. I don’t know if you can hear the background noise, but, um, Definitely will. And you know, we’ve got a great topic today, uh, for all of you that are listening. Um, anyways, let me just do the quick, the quick housework or what is it called?

    [00:01:00] Housekeeping? Uh, my name’s norm Farrar and I am the host of this room. I’m also a podcast host for lunch with norm, uh, which is the Amazon FBA and e-commerce podcast, uh, which is every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Today, we’re going to be talking about a great topic, and this is the new Instagram automation or the chat bot.

    And Paul’s going to show you exactly how to well, what it is, how can use it, what are the best uses for it? Customer service, all sorts of different things. Anyways, let me just get something here. I misplaced the actual chatbot. So now I got it in front of me anyways. This will be recorded if you’re interested in coming up, just raise your hand and you’ll come up on stage.

    Uh, if you don’t want to be recorded, please don’t raise your hand. The other thing is we’re trying to just. Pure content here. There’s no [00:02:00] pitching. So if you do come up, don’t pitch a room, you’ll be muted. Uh, I think right. Rachel will get on that and just mute you. Uh, the other thing to keep in mind is that if you do like what you hear, please go and click the speaker, follow them, hit the notification, or ring that bell.

    And also. Personally, I want to thank, uh, startup, uh, club for allowing us this room. And if you like to hear more about entrepreneurial entrepreneurs, just click on, start up club, the green house and follow them to get notified. All right. So in today’s room, we’re going to be talking about. Is an Instagram chatbot, why it’s so important for e-comm sellers, Facebook chat bot versus the Instagram chat bot.

    What, what, if any differences, how it works and building a community? So I have invited, as you can see my very special guest Paul Barron, who I think was the very first person to come out with any form of a chatbot course, a few, [00:03:00] uh, a few years ago. Anyways, he’s an expert in this field and, uh, welcome.

    Thanks man. Yeah, you’re right. I, um, yeah, we were the first ones ever to release a course for chatbots where I’m really deep in the Amazon space. And so the, the course released, uh, at the time it was called messenger bot university with, since rebranded the chat marketing university. And, um, the reason why we did that was back in 2019.

    Um, we starting to see that there’s a lot of movement and chatbots at the time. Um, the people that were using them for marketing was all basically messenger. And, um, this was back in 20 17, 20 18. When I, when I launched the course 2019, we started saying that there’s a lot more movement and across the board, any sort of chat type, like experience.

    So you think, you know, I message on your phone, on your, on your apple. Or, um, Android message, you know, using rich communication services, RCS, instead of SMS, we’re [00:04:00] starting to see this trend where, um, you know, providers, um, networks are really pushing to, to allow automation to be built on top of their, their chat-based communication software.

    So, um, specifically what’s available now for, for any. Is, you know, building on Facebook messenger and Instagram direct and WhatsApp is in beta currently. So to build, um, chatbots on top of, and, um, when it comes to chat marketing or chat bots, it is not, you know, a lot of people think, you know, you hear the word word, a chat bot, or, you know, that, that sort of thing people immediately will think of like a customer service type chat bot that’s embedded in your website.

    Um, you know, what we deal with and what I, what I kind of see. Help coach people through is how you can actually leverage chatbots as top of funnel, lead generation, you know, things. And so that’s, I’m excited about talking about that and specifically leveraging Instagram direct [00:05:00] because, um, up until recently, uh, you couldn’t build automation and Instagram direct.

    It was the beta opened in, I think January that I was a part of, and now it’s like fully available to anyone that is, uh, that has a professional. Instagram account. And, um, what I use is I use many chat, um, as a sophomore on top of it. And I’ll just get more into exactly what it is, but just thinking of it as like, you know, somebody messages, your, your brand or your page or something.

    And let’s say, you’re doing a promotion. You could say, you know, just message us the word discount and, uh, indirect, and then we’ll send you details. And then that keyword just triggers all the automation, which is what I.

    You want me to keep going norm? Yeah, I’ve been talking to myself for the last 30 seconds. So. Oh, my gosh. Got to get used to that mute button [00:06:00] anyways. Um, yeah, what I wanted to talk about, uh, specifically, uh, is Instagram chat bot, but how’s that any different than the Facebook chat? Uh, Facebook chat bot that’s out there right now.

    Yeah. So, um, you know, messenger has had back in 2016, Facebook messenger opened up their API so that people could build chatbots on top of messenger. So. There’s just a handful of differences and really it kind of just gets into the weeds, really what you can and can’t do. Um, But in a nutshell, they’re basically the same.

    Um, and if people have questions, if you’re really familiar with messenger, I could probably dive into the differences, but for, for the lay person, um, they’re really, it’s really not that different. And really just the main difference is the channel, right? There are people that use Instagram, love, Instagram, um, And they hate Facebook, which is funny because, you know, Instagram is a Facebook property and, uh, so they live on fate on Instagram.

    They [00:07:00] use Instagram direct, they don’t like using messenger. And so really it’s just another channel to connect with your, uh, your customers or your, or potential clients. And really the use cases are, are endless. I mean, I I’m, I’m in. And I have a service-based business as well. And so the use cases that I primarily look at, um, is with e-com, but there’s so many things that you do.

    So professional services or consulting, or, I mean, business coaches, you know, finance professionals, there’s, there’s so many ways that you can. You can leverage it. And, um, you know, a lot of this, you can just get started for free. You don’t need to hire a firm like mine, um, you know, unless you want to, but it’s the software and the tools that exist are designed so that, you know, anybody can get started and it’s like, you know, very, so you talked about the tools that exist, the main one out there as many times.

    Yeah. That’s the one that I use. Yeah. And that’s like the, they have the. Yup. Private equity. So they have a lot of great [00:08:00] development behind them. So that’s the one that, but there are many chat is not the only one that’s out there. Uh there’s there’s yeah, one thing. So many, many chests, like the Xerox, you know, of the chat bot world, but they have incredible, really incredible training don’t they may do.

    And that’s where. I spent less and less time developing my course because many chats, free courses, and quite frankly, it’s really good. Um, and so you can just go to many and, um, you know, check out they’re free, they’re free tutorials and they have a whole slew of templates too. So it’s nice because you don’t have to.

    You know, you can start with a template and modify it and just start playing around with it. And, um, I don’t know, you know, I learned through doing so I have to, you know, I always get in and they’re like, look, you know, try to figure stuff out. And then now, generally, I guess now, now that I have a brand and, you know, [00:09:00] business and all that stuff, then I, I pass it on.

    It’s like norm there is you accidentally dropped norm. That’s happened twice today. I don’t know what’s happening, but I don’t know if he’s the internet or whatever, but, uh, yeah, I dropped out a couple of times. This is probably a good thing. Uh, one of the things I w I want to talk about too, um, there’s a lot of entrepreneurs and there’s a lot of e-comm sellers, some Amazon sellers as well, but probably mostly e-comm sellers.

    What is the first thing that they can do to benefit from installing an Instagram chat bot? So the first thing that I would do, um, well, there’s, there’s a lot of low barrier to entry low-hanging fruit things. So if you have an e-commerce brand, like a great thing that you can do is you can have automated story mentioned replies.

    So that’s when, you know, say, you know, norm with your podcast, right. [00:10:00] You know, somebody tags you in the podcast that pops up. So let’s say I’m on your podcast. And then I say, you know, great to be on the show. Um, you know, tag, you know, beard nation, I tagged, you know, launch with norm. And then that goes into your direct message inbox in lunch with Norm’s inbox.

    Now you can set up automation that would, that could reply to every single message, just like, Hey, thanks so much for tagging us. You know, glad you found this helpful, very simple, or like what we’ve done is, uh, with. Uh, my brand bow and belt. Little’s not my band. I haven’t done music in years. My. Uh, BB Little’s on Instagram, we have it set so that we, we send somebody a message only the first time.

    So the very first time that people tag us generally, like I know based on experience that, you know, when people first tag us for the very first time, it’s like, they’re, they’re excited about their swim diapers. They, they, they’re going swimming with their babies and they’re like, this is awesome. They snap, snap, [00:11:00] snap, a photo, and then tag us in that photo.

    So that shows up in the BB Little’s inbox, the automation that I had set up. Yeah, so that if they, the very first time we send them this, basically this message that actually I won’t go to my Instagram inbox.

    So it says, thank you so much for tagging us. I’m not sure if you’d be interested, but we have a super awesome brand rep slash brand ambassador tribe, full of incredible humans. Just like you. We have an amazing reward system and an even better community. If you want more info, just reply to this message or tap one of the options, one of the buttons below, and then the options that I have.

    So that’s one of the cool things about. Chatbots is that you can guide people think of it as like a yes, no other type choice tree. So positive, negative, like middle, middle road. Um, in this it’s not a yes, no, I’m not asking them a yes, no question is just, if you want more info to have these options and the option is apply now through [00:12:00] DM or get more info.

    So if they tap apply now through D. Then the whole process guides and the application where we’re, we’re accepting applications to be a part of the brand, the brand rep group or the brand ambassador group directly inside Instagram direct. And so we, we ask them, you know, what their real name is because oftentimes people don’t use a real name on Instagram.

    So that’s one of the main, main differences between that and like, um, Facebook. So we’ll ask them, they’re really. We asked them, you know, for this brand, you know, how many kids they have because we’re a baby brand and, uh, you know, how old they are. Um, do they own any of our products, how they heard about us?

    Um, I could, I could go through the entire thing or, you know, one thing is, you know, you could go to BB littles and then you could check it out yourself. Um, then they get more info option. Just takes them to a website where our landing page on our website, we have a lot more information on that landing page and all of those.

    Actually on the landing page where they apply, they, [00:13:00] they direct over to messenger. And so the thing here that I’m, that is exciting is that you can build your, your list. Right? So, um, as an entrepreneur, And, uh, you know, business owner, you know, we all know that like the money is in is in our list and keeping our list active, keeping our customers happy, keeping them coming back and purchasing from us more, you know, over and over and over again.

    And so by default, when people message you and they start interacting with you on Instagram, they’re subscribed to. Instagram channel, same thing happens in messenger. If they message us in, in, in messenger, um, they start talking to us, then they’re subscribed to that channel. And the awesome thing about this again, is so that application I was saying that goes through Instagram direct.

    Um, when people, when people are applying, we’re getting their email address and we’re getting their phone number. And actually, you know, part of this process because people are basically applying to be a brand rep and, you know, represent our brand. [00:14:00] The way, the vast majority of the people opt in to receive marketing communication via email and, uh, via, via SMS.

    I’m having, I’m having people take photos of me right now or talking in this little phone booth. Tim. Tim’s probably doing something and, and that’s totally okay, Paul, um, anyways, uh, yeah, that’s, uh, one of the things I want to talk about, um, with chat bot as well, you brought it up, but you should mention.

    That it’s a bot, right? You don’t want to make this sound like it’s a human, right? Yep. And that’s one thing that we do later down on the road in this, but normally like the first step is I always disclose, you know, um, so our, our bot for, for BB littles, it’s called Bo bot like super simple. So you say, Hey, my name is Bobak.

    I’m a, I’m a digital assistant. If you need to get ahold of a, of a real. Of a real life person, you know, you can say, I [00:15:00] need help. And then that, that keyword, that trigger. So that’s a keyword trigger that you set up in the backend. So I’d mentioned keywords earlier, right? So with a keyword that I mentioned earlier was discount.

    Um, and as a cool thing is that you, you have all these different keywords that are triggers that walk people through different funnels so that I need help. Keyword basically sends a message to all the admins saying, so-and-so said they need help. And then it sends us their. Okay. Hey Paul. So when you’re with these triggers, Or helping to, to create a, uh, maybe a, um, uh, different lists, a segmented list.

    Um, let’s say that somebody comes through and they buy, uh, one of your products, product X at full price. Another person comes in and takes advantage of, uh, a deep discount and then somebody else has a blue product and a green product. Are you able to with the bot take those and segment them into separate [00:16:00] list?

    Yes. And there’s several different ways that we can do that. Obviously. One is that we could ask them. Um, another is that let’s say we, we have them say, you know, if they’re doing the product registration, for example, um, we could get their order ID and then dynamically on the back end, we could look up that order ID, whether it’s, you know, Shopify or Amazon.

    And then we would determine like what it was that they purchased. Another way that you could do this is a unique. So let’s say that you have, you know, three core product lines. Um, that represent the lion’s share of your business, right? Let’s say that you only have three. What I would do is probably a unique link for each was be a dynamic link.

    So keep that in mind because it’s so dynamic is you can change where it goes. I always liked that. And I always advise that because if you know something changes and you want to make sure that you let. You know, you don’t like using chatbots and you’re like, this is, this is lame. I’d much rather use a landing page.

    You can change where that link goes. But the key thing here is that in [00:17:00] that link, you can tag people on entry point and I do this all the time. So a lot of my speeches when I’m doing, you know, conferences or something, I’ll have, uh, you know, swipe my slides, you know, for example, it would be one thing. Um, and then I tag people based in the speech, um, so that if I wanted, or if they want me to follow up with them later, Then, you know, I would know appropriately, like, okay, this person saw me here and then I could get even more in depth, you know, again, based on questions that I ask inside the bot.

    So there’s yes, you can do it. And there’s multiple ways that you can do it, like to get.

    Okay. So let’s talk about driving sales. Let’s try, uh, let’s talk about influencers. So what’s the best way. Well, first of all, why is it important? And then secondly, how do you even start building influencers? So why is working with influencers important? Yep. Okay. So that’s a kind [00:18:00] of a core of our business and this, when I talk about influencers too, I’m if you, I mean, you can go look us up on Instagram.

    It’s just at BB littles and then you go to our tagged photos. And the influencers that we work with are generally in the nano and the micro range. And the reason why I like working with our audiences, women, the reason why I like working with women that have. You know, there wouldn’t have this massive amount of following is because for one that they’re real people, generally, there are, there are customers that have purchased from us in the past.

    They’ve already used our products. They’ve already used their stuff. They already like our, our brand. And, um, when we present them with the opportunity to get rewarded for promoting us, which is something that they’re already doing. Then they just, they jump at it. And so we’re not having to go through like these marketplaces where, you know, um, you see these there’s dozens of them.

    And I have never really had a good experience just finding people on a marketplace and then paying them for an engagement. Because [00:19:00] for me, it’s everything that we do with influencers. It’s. More than one thing. It’s not just about getting brand exposure. It’s about getting brand exposure with the right person using the right user generated content.

    So, you know, I look at, you know, user generated content longterm, and then I look at, you know, do these people care? Do they want to help promote our brand? Do they, um, you know, all those sorts of things. So why is it important to work with influencers is because it’s, it’s basically word of mouth in the social media age.

    And the more people you have talking about your brands, your products, your services, um, you know, their friends and family. See it. If they’re in market. If, if those influencers are in your core demographic, then chances are their friends, their family that are following them are also in your market. And really it’s just word of mouth advertising.

    Very good. I wanted to go back to the list for a second. Uh, there’s a lot of new, probably a lot of new listeners listeners here [00:20:00] who don’t understand the power of that list of why is it so important that you grab that information, uh, from people coming in off of the bot? Um, depending on where you read, according to the Harvard business review, uh, it is between five and 25 times cheaper to sell to the same customer, then suit to an existing customer than to, than it is to acquire.

    And new customers. So that right there is, is my primary reason. Um, the way that I look at it is it’s all about longevity in my business. Um, you know, my business is built on satisfied customers and what I want to make sure is. And not only are we satisfying those customers that they’re getting what they want, but then we also capture their details so that they can be alerted if they choose to be when we’re launching new products, when we’re rolling out new, new things that they may be interested in.

    And now my. Emphasis [00:21:00] my motto on this is that you always want to treat people with respect. You always want to send them only information that they ask for that they given permission to, for you to send them. So, um, really it’s all about, you know, money long-term ultimately, um, because it’s gonna, it’s significantly less expensive to market to your people that are familiar with you than it is to generate, you know, building.

    So I work with a company called PA and I’m blown away by the, uh, emails that I receive by the constant, you know, just hitting me from this angle, from that angle. And you know, they’re always first in mind, top of mind. So when I want to buy something, you know, if it’s for my pet and if they’re bringing out a new product, it’s there.

    I don’t think people use lists enough, especially Amazon sellers, that they, they do other [00:22:00] things. They use their PPC, like they’re Amazon sponsored ads or whatever, but they overlook this. And if you have any brand, any brand whatsoever, especially if it’s an ongoing brand, like, like for me, I sell soap. If I’m bringing out a new scent, I want people to know the more people that know, and the more people that are repeat customers.

    Then you kind of can lead them over first. It’s a, it’s an increased sale, right? So average order value usually goes up. You have a repetitive customer, and now you can target them with what you’re talking about. Uh, becoming first of all, And influencer, and then you take that influencer like you do, and you turn them into a brand ambassador.

    They are preaching to everybody on their network for free, or maybe there’s a discount or something, but they, you have passionate people lined up. And just to show you the passion, I want to let everybody know. What you can [00:23:00] expect if you do it right. Paul, how many images have you received this year from brand ambassadors or people that have been influenced, um, this year?

    So between user generated. So I was looking at UDC, so videos, a mixture of videos and images. I’m about three to 4,000. I don’t know the exact numbers, cause I’m not the one running the program, but I know that over the past, Uh, four or five years, I don’t know how long it is. We’ve been running this, but we’ve got a library of 11,000 pieces of user generated content that if you were to go and do the traditional route, where again, you go to like a marketplace and you, you look for people that you’re going to pay to post.

    And now let me put a pause on this. I want everybody to hear that this is not something that we’re doing to take advantage of. And instead of paying them because we do, we do pay, um, when we pay for, um, we reward our influencers through, first of all, we reward them through commissions. [00:24:00] Um, they get a ton of free products all the time.

    We send them gifts all the time, like Christmas gifts and birthday gifts. And, um, when we use their images in marketing materials, print, Uh, digital ads. If they live on our website, if we use them like permanently on our website or our Amazon listings, or we use them in print material, we pay for those placements.

    Now that’s something that we’re doing because it’s the right thing to do. And you don’t have to do this. And we, we didn’t do that for you. A mentor of mine. I had told her what we were doing. And she was like, actually a little bit pissed off at me because she was like, you’re taking advantage of these women.

    You need to pay them. And so it was like, you know what, Rachel you’re right. So anyway, uh, yeah, we have about probably three to 4,000 this year. And then we’re sitting on a content library. We’ve got 11,000 pieces that represents about $1.1 million in earned media value that again, earned media would be what we would have paid.

    Had we paid, you know, that, that a hundred dollars rate going around. And those type, like the, the user generated content, the [00:25:00] lifestyle image, showing how the product stands up or a feature or benefit, you can actually kind of ask them exactly what you’re looking for and receive it. But it’s so powerful.

    Right? On Amazon for Amazon posts, lifestyle pictures are incredible on your Amazon’s a slide deck, or if you’re going out onto any social media, uh, on your e-commerce site. People like proof, not only does it show trust, it starts to build authority, authority and trust equals sales. So one way to do it.

    And the other thing about it is that if you now going back to the chatbot, you can get that chat bot. You can grab the person’s information and you don’t have to wait. You can start being that person like, um, uh, Oh, top of mind. So if somebody wants to buy really great soap, I want to let them know about really great soap and not just about soap, like how, you know, [00:26:00] how many people want to just know about soap or, or soap recipes or whatever, but facts about the different types of aroma therapy or the sense that are used.

    Throw them out a text message, but this is all based on that bot giving you the information and then you put them on a list for once a week, twice a week, three times a week, just receiving information onto your newsletter. There’s so many things that you can do. And I guarantee if you work with this type of bot and you start.

    Use the information and just, don’t let it sit on a list that you can increase your average order value significantly over time. So, uh, the other part to the bot is customer service. And this is, uh, one of my pet peeves is when I go to people’s, um, uh, automation. Right. And I can’t get ahold of anybody for customer service.

    It really sucks. So how do you get around. Well, it comes back to what you said [00:27:00] early on is that you have to think through it from a customer experience standpoint, um, and you know, customer service is included in customer experience. Um, and so you have to think through, okay, when you’re building these out, you know, again, like what we, you had asked, you know, at the start we introduce, you know, that, Hey, my name is Bo Bhatt.

    I am a digital. And that way people understand that they’re talking to a chat bot essentially, and then we present them with, if you need help from a real person at any time, you can just say, I need help. The other thing that you can, that, that you can do is, you know, put it in like, um, what are called conversation starters within, uh, Instagram direct, um, in Facebook messenger, there’s a persistent menu that people can tap that, that people can tap on and then, you know, select to get help from people.

    But really it’s all about. Thinking through the experience that people are having with your brand and making it as easy as possible for them to get from point a to wherever their point B is. And so [00:28:00] that comes down to, you know, understanding the most common questions that you have, that you get asked and that you can put into, like, we have FAQ.

    Source those FAQ’s through the chat, you know, through the chat channel. And then like you had said, you know, we can put them on drips and, you know, people, um, you know, they subscribed to our email, our newsletter, then we’re dripping to them, you know, newsletter content via email. Um, if they subscribe to us on our SMS channel, like one of our lead magnets is we have a funny poop joke of the week.

    And it’s, I mean, cause we it’s reusable swim diapers. So, uh, we, we do a lot of talking about poop and you that the entire purpose of a swim diaper is to keep poop out of the pool. And so you can look at it as a gross thing or you can just, you know, become a junior high boy like me. And just make poop jokes all the time and it’s great.

    And that, that SMS lead magnet works really, really great. Um, and then even in that, in that drip, so we’re sending out the, the joke of the week, but then we also sent out coupons, I think once every three or [00:29:00] four weeks.

    Yeah, Paul, I heard you’re the life of the party with the poop jokes, but, uh, anyway, uh, what about mistakes? What are the major mistakes people are making when they first put out there a chat bot? I think the biggest one is not understanding the rules of when and how. You can contact people and that’s, that’s where you really do need to look into, like, again, many cats training, my, or my chorus, you know, even, you know, you can find me on Facebook and in one of my groups and then just like, I mean, norm your group.

    Um, I think it’s really just people not understanding what is against the terms of service is, is the biggest thing where, uh, People don’t understand, you know, for example, like if Facebook has a rule on all of its platforms, um, that you’re not allowed to proactively message people more than 24 hours after they last interacted with you.

    And that’s a great rule because I [00:30:00] use messenger with my friends. I use it for business. I use Instagram with my friends and with business and on a personal level, like nobody likes spam. Nobody wants to be spammed. You don’t want to be that guy. That’s spamming people. And, um, so there are ways to message people outside of that 24 hour window, um, that require a certain message tag.

    And quite oftentimes, I’ll see people misusing those tags and then their account gets suspended. And then all that work that they’ve done building that audience on messenger or Instagram, you know, went to nothing because maybe they were knowingly breaking the rules, or maybe they were unknowingly breaking the rules, but suffice to say they broke the rules.

    And then you. Okay, boring question. But if people want to keep up with the terms of service or any of these things that you’re talking about, they’re constantly changing. Where can they find the right? You can just go to do a Google search and do, um, what I, what I was doing, actually, I do this all the [00:31:00] time because they don’t have a bookmarked.

    I, I think I did bookmark it recently, but it’s, I look up Facebook developer, um, messenger terms of service. Messenger change log. And, and then you could also add an Instagram change log, but there’s a whole, and you can subscribe to these updates, um, because they’ve put them out to the Facebook developer community.

    Now obviously like when you’re using many chat, you know, as their platform, you’re not the developer many chats to developer and so many chat knows, but you’re the end user. So you need to know. And also many chats, their blog is a really good job updating on terms of. All right. Just, uh, a quick, uh, shout out.

    Does anybody have any questions, uh, about Instagram chat bot or Facebook chat bots? Uh, Paul is an incredible, uh, wealth of knowledge. If there is somebody that has any questions about this, please put up your hand and we’ll bring you up. So, uh, Paul, [00:32:00] anything else that you can add to, uh, to the discussion?

    Um, the thing that I would, that I would just add is that if you’re interested in this again, like it’s funny, I’ve I don’t work for many chats. I don’t get paid by many chat. They really should pay me. Cause I talk about them all the time. Um, but really just go to many chat and then just check it out. And, you know, um, like I said, I learned, I learned the most through, through doing and experimenting.

    If you’d rather just hire, you know, an agency or run an agency, you can hire us to, um, but again, I hate pitching. Um, this is a no pitch room. And so I don’t like doing that, but it’s, those are all. All right. Hey Sam, welcome to the stage. Do you have a question? Hi. Uh, thanks for the chat. I was just listening and I was wondering what the chat was, but I just heard it’s called many chat.

    Thank you. Of course. Okay. All right, everybody. So if you’re interested in learning [00:33:00] more, uh, more about what Paul does, check them out. If you want to follow him, he is like I said, a wealth of knowledge. Whenever he comes on to clubhouse, I always listened to the rooms that he’s in. So, if you like what you heard today, Click on the speakers and follow them.

     If you want more information about Startup Club, it’s a fantastic club. It’s all about entrepreneurs. They have all sorts of different rooms. I want to thank a startup on every week and we’re back every Thursday at one o’clock and our next guest, by the way, is Trey Johnson. He’s going to be talking about automation to or seamless automation for your e-comm store.

    Okay. Everybody have a great day and we’ll see you next week. Thanks again, Paul.

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