How Exhaustion Can Impact Your Physical and Mental Health

In last week’s session, we discussed recognizing burnout. We heard from Jeffrey Sass, Michael Gilmour, Michele Van Tilborg, and Colin Campbell who gave their insight and shared experiences of burnout whether that be physical or mental. We also welcomed listeners to the stage to hear about their stories on the tips and tricks to avoid burnout.

Burnout is a term used to describe the lack of energy from overworking; the exhaustion that comes with relentlessly working nonstop, around the clock, seven days a week. And that doesn’t mean just physically working, if your brain is constantly thinking about work, this can trigger burnout. 

Does physical burnout have an impact on mental burnout and vice versa? Does one trigger the other?

If you’ve found yourself unwell whilst working from home and wondered how you’d caught a bug if you hadn’t left the house, you may be experiencing physical burnout!

Michael shared he has experienced physical burnout on more than one occasion, where working too much found him unwell, sick, and bed-bound fighting flu-like symptoms. It’s not because he’d caught a viral infection from another person, it was his body’s way of telling him enough is enough, and to slow down, rest, and have some downtime. 

Mental burnout is the most common form of burnout. A mental block, a ‘fog’, and a level of exhaustion that leaves you struggling to get anything done. A mental burnout can leave you going round in circles, in a spin, a sheer panic, and riddled with anxiety because your to-do list is growing, yet you’re struggling to tick tasks off. A mental burnout can keep you awake at night and leave you waking up tired.

Both forms of burnout will prevent you from getting the job done to a great standard, so it is important to stay on top of your health and be mindful of your working hours.

Here are some tips that were shared during the session:

  • Delegate

Hire people who can take care of some aspects of the business. Delegate jobs to people, and don’t be afraid to lighten your load! Those who are not afraid to delegate tasks are those who swerve burnouts and continue to achieve.

  • Be aware of your body

Know and understand your own body, understand how your mind works. Understand your limits and keep up a natural and healthy routine. Whether that is staying within a working structure or practicing fasting, there are many ways to remain mindful of your body’s needs. What works for you?

Learn more about managing your schedule and being mindful by listening to the full session above!

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