Expert Networking Tips: How to be in the right place with the right people

Coach Yu shared with us today to elaborate on the key term of proximity. Proximity incorporates being in the place where the people that you need to meet are.

As a business owner, you may be aware of how important it is to network, but also the big difference between networking and figuring out who you need to connect with. The first step is reframing the questions, What do I need to know and/or do, to Who do I need to know that will do it? Changing “what” to “who” will be your escort to change!

To be in proximity of those that could potentially steer your business in a direction towards success doesn’t solely call for the necessity to remain close to those that could be beneficial to you. It also comes from contributing or offering help without expecting anything in return, just a genuine act of service.

Have you ever asked yourself how could you improve the life of someone in your network, with no hopes of getting anything in return? It’s a game changer! As Coach Yu calls it, UMOD.


Remember: Little unexpected favors to show you care become large benefits in the future!

Those little favors are a guide to what is known as the “real option”, which becomes the building step that you may be seeking to grow in a positive acceleration. What is the “real option,” and in what other ways can you effectively network to reach it?

To find out and hear more about the key assets and benefits of networking, listen to the full session above!

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