EP16: The Defense Vs Offense Strategies For Domain Names

The best investor is the one who learns from the past with a vision of the future. These investors are true strategists who can calculate each move but are not afraid to take risks.

In this episode of Monday Domains, we discuss how you can create strategies that help secure the domain you have had your eye on.

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    Monday Domains – EP16

    [00:00:00] Hey everybody welcome, man.

    Just going through and setting my, uh, setting my settings.

    I am going to allow room chat today. So there’ll be a chat session going on during the show.[00:01:00] 

    Hey, everybody. Welcome into Monday domains. I’m just inviting a few friends, sending out some chats, sorry for missing everybody. Last week, I couldn’t get my phone to work and of course I will blame the phone and most of us know that it was probably operator. Let’s [00:02:00] see, there we go. Mike, you are officially the first one in the chat.

    Finally, clubhouses matching what we’ve been doing on the domain show. Live room for 14 months. That’s okay. They’ll catch up. Let’s see. I’m trying to invite some folks to the room and I don’t have that option anymore. Let’s see. I don’t have the option to invite people to the room. That’s kind of an important option.

    You know what I do have you do have the option page. I do. Yes. You click on the middle, the middle one. Kicked down to the bottom invite people. What’s the middle one in the middle. You’ve got the, so you’ve got the chat button on the left and then the middle you’ve got the [00:03:00] box where the arrow pointed out.

    What’s that one? Oh, that’s the share. Okay. Oh, there we go. And then employing people at the bottom. Ah, it’s a subset of that. Look at you saying clubhouse. I thought it was the same thing as well. I was like, well, if they got rid of the invite button. Yeah. I mean it’s silly. Yeah, man. Country code, top level domains, sausage rolls.

    How to fix a tire and road clubhouse. You’ve got it all. Gotta be done. It’s a Monday. Isn’t it.

    I’ve got some Wales weather here today. We’ve got like 35 mile an hour winds and cold and rainy. So, so we’ve, I think we’ve pinched your weather. We got the sun out. Well, there you go.

    Well, thanks everybody for coming in for Monday domains. Uh, Monday domains is, is, uh, my weekly show I do here on [00:04:00] domain club. We try to cover the news of the week. What’s going on in domain name, investing, domain name ownership, and the domain name industry. So hopefully if you’re listening to this live part of the studio audience, thank you.

    I appreciate you. Um, I appreciate you coming in each Monday for the last year. If you’re listening to it on a replay, thank you for, uh, for, including us on your, on your valuable time. Or if you’re listening to the podcast, uh, where people can listen to these shows now without even, uh, joining clubhouse or having the app, uh, they can just listen to the show directly.

    And on Monday domains I talked about, um, really for three audiences, if you own a domain name, you’re trying to do the best at managing your domain name. Uh, you don’t want to lose your domain name. Uh, you might want to get some more domain names. Um, you don’t want to be able to provide a place for news and updates and even your questions.

    And then secondly, if you’re a domain [00:05:00] name investor from a hobbyist or a collector to a speculator, to someone who’s doing it full time, or even a portfolio manager, try to bring you the news and tips and tricks that I’ve learned. Buying and selling domain names over the last 22 years, actually 20, 22, 23 years.

    Excuse me. Um, and then for the domain name, community and the domain name industry, if you’re working at your company and you’re trying to do business development or make your customer experience better, I’d like to help you do that. I’d like to, uh, provide a place for you to talk to other domain owners and investors.

    Um, and we want to highlight innovative products and companies that are doing innovative things and lets you get, uh, with our audience, you can get not only their first read on something that you’re doing, some user experience, some tips or you can test out different ideas. [00:06:00] So anyway, that’s Monday domains.

    It’s the basic show we do each week. I also do an outbounding domains on Tuesdays and million dollar domains on Wednesday. Plus various pop-up rooms. So that’s my introduction. Please come upstate, come up to the stage. If you want to share or make any comments like Sam has. Um, Sam, you’ve been with us on a lot of shows.

    I woke up this morning feeling like this time of year, where crazily enough, we’re almost to the end of the first quarter. Um, we didn’t have a names con this year to kind of give everybody a jumpstart, but really this is the time to be working your plan. Um, and you know, it’s not close enough to the beginning of the year where you can say, well, I better get my act in order.

    Um, it’s not quite the summer when people go on vacation. And even though there’s a lot of turmoil, don’t you feel like this is a time where you [00:07:00] really need to be working your plan worked in your inventory. Yeah, definitely. You know, uh, I’m always constantly looking at what the mains I’ve got and, uh, and, and reviewing, um, what to buy and, and, and, and looking at other aspects of, uh, trying to bring in, in, in the revenue.

    You know, like I said to you now, I’m concentrating on traffic domains and, uh, that’s just, uh, a thing that I’ve got into, because I know it can bring in consistent money per, per day, you know?

    Sorry about that. I couldn’t get out of the chat. Okay. I gotta be careful about going into the chat. I can’t figure out how to get back. Um, well, that’s what I came up with and I think the biggest [00:08:00] challenge that I’m going to talk to domain investors now, or are people trying to, you know, live the domain space is how do you come into the day with a plan of what you want to do?

    And I kind of put my plans into two groups. One is what are the things I should be doing every day to maintain my portfolio, to optimize, um, The, the chances I have of getting, not just a sale, but a successful sale, a sale at the price that I want or near the price that I want. Um, and I think those things would be adding new names that I purchased, uh, to my database, updating that I have all the names, name, servers set to a landing page where that’s still the most likely place people are going to go.

    If they want to buy a domain name, um, it’s kind of like driving by a house. And if you see a for sale sign in the front yard, you’re, [00:09:00] you’re kinda know the houses for sale. Um, and if you don’t, then you kind of feel like, well, I could still knock on the door and ask them if they want to sell it. You know, you feel like you have a lot more chance of success if there’s a for sale page on your name, or to use the metaphor, a house in front of the outside, in front of the house.

    So I think that’s it. And at the same point, some people may not know what they’re looking for and you want to make sure that you’re using the marketplaces and the exchanges that if someone’s looking for a domain name near what you have, that yours will be shown to them. So that’s kind of what I call defense, get your name servers straight, make sure you know, what’s your own.

    Make sure you have your renewables. Make sure you’ve taken a look ahead at the next month to see what’s coming up in your renewals. And the reason this is really important right [00:10:00] now is we are coming up on the one year anniversary of the first real plunge into NFT and Metta and metaverse names. And, and, and I think a lot of us, if you peak out at your March and April, you’re going to see, um, you know, your first, at least for me, the first list where I had taken a bunch of keywords, combined them with Metta or with NFT, or actually digital, I think was maybe the biggest word back then.

    And you’re going to want to separate what this is under the topic of being a hand reds. Domainer what over the past year has gone from being a speculation to being worth money at wholesale. I think there was that movie. I think it was called swingers about a group of, of young men in LA and the line that they would always say to each other is, oh, that’s money.

    Oh man. Your money. Oh, that’s [00:11:00] money. That’s money. And I think what you want to do, if you’re a hand registration domain investor is you want to determine what did you register last year? That’s money right now, you know, you’re going to renew it. You know, it’s got some wholesale value you’re tying to get the best price.

    And I think you want to make sure that you either auto renew or make sure you know, you’re going to renew those, check your listings. Um, I would renew those names on time so that you don’t lose your listing at, after Nick. If you don’t renew your domain name and it’s expiration name, expiration date, whether you’re at GoDaddy or another registration, your listing at afternoon, that’s in, what’s called the fast transfer system.

    Meaning it’s being shown on the websites of multiple registrars. If you don’t renew it at its expiration date, that listing will drop off. You’ll think that thousands of people are seeing your name [00:12:00] every day, but they won’t be because after Nick would have said, this name reached its expiration date, it wasn’t renewed to protect their system.

    They’re going to go ahead and take the name off. So you want to make sure on the names that you know are more. And I find that a little earlier that you renew them at their expiration date, even though you’ve got some grace period and your name servers may not change for awhile. Um, so I think those are the things you want to do is peek out ahead.

    The other thing I peek out ahead over 30 days at is, is any big groups that I had done. Like I had registered about 60 names and a new TLD on a, on a $2 special last year. And I’m just going to peak and get an idea that I’ve got two months to either sell those names, do something with them, sell them in bulk or, or start thinking about what I want to do with, with those big groups.

    So anyway, that’s defense then, then the next thing is offensive. What things am I trying to do to sell more names [00:13:00] right now to market more names? Right. And for me, that’s really optimizing it to different marketplaces. And one of the things I’ve been terrible at is managing my name’s at squad help. And a lot of you have names of squad help, and DARPin was on the domain show.

    When I did my. Domain conference a year and a half ago. And, um, and I’ve got about 200 names there, but I probably get the messages that say my name was delisted. I didn’t do my name servers. And I really don’t know how many of my names are categorized. So that’s kind of something that I want to do this month.

    So I want to put in some time to do what I, again, what I call office, what can I do besides buying and spying more names? You can always buy more names to make money, right? You want to make more money in domain names by mornings your names aren’t selling by new names. Um, you get some new money, go buy new names.

    If you need money. This is the great thing about domain [00:14:00] names. People are like, man, I need to raise a thousand dollars for a project. You know what I’m going to do? I’m going to buy more names. Cause I know I can sell them and make a thousand dollars in the next month. So I’m going to skip over the.

    Everyone’s buying more names, but I think the other thing that you do to play offense is, you know, optimize what you’re doing. But now I’ll get to the point of this whole session. I really want to see what other people’s thoughts are either in the chat or back channel, the biggest competitor, you have to both keeping your portfolio updated and doing the offensive strategies to sell more names are the bright, shiny objects that you hear about that are going on out there in the domain market.

    And you’re thinking I better jump on those bright, shiny objects at the expense of my normal buying at the expense of maintaining my portfolio. At the [00:15:00] expense of doing off fence at the expense of everything, there’s a bright, shiny object, like a dog, seeing a squirrel going squirrel and chasing it. And it can take up 15 minutes an hour, a day, a week for you to dive into something with the perception that you missed out on a bunch of other stuff.

    This is going to be the thing you don’t miss out on. This was made for you. It was, it was, you know, everything you’ve done in domaining has brought you into this moment and taking advantage of this one. Um, this one great thing is going to make your year. And I think that’s the biggest. Uh, thing we have to fight against.

    I think because most of the time, I’m not saying, you know, you need to take at least a look at them, but be careful that thinking that a new shiny object is going to make up for your [00:16:00] prior work, the things, you know, you should do things that take time and effort. Cause I believe time and effort get a reward.

    Um, and, and I’ll tell you, one of them that popped up this week, uh, just over the weekend was, uh, Raymond Hackney posted on the domains. These are some amazing prices for.finance names. So someone on Twitter, Twitter called Valencias and please understand, please take this and the fact that I’m trying to share with you that yes, it’s good to look, but really, really be careful before you buy it.

    So Valencia’s reports that they sold the domain name, philadelphia.finance for 16 and a half million dollars. The highest selling non.com domain name in history. [00:17:00] So obviously everybody came in there and said, oh, this isn’t true. This isn’t true. This isn’t true. But then at the same point, someone goes out there and says, oh, I wonder if I should buy.finance names or names with, you know, in.finance.

    So I took a peat, you know what I mean? Again, I’m going to, I’m going to try to stay on if not to buy names, to show. And here’s what I found. So if you, if you saw this thing and you’re thinking, oh my gosh, I’d, the finance could be, could be me. I can be making a case for it. That yes, I would say there are very few.finance now.

    That have sold. And there’s some of the best keywords in crypto, like dow.finance. Um, but in general finance names have a renewal price of $70 a year. You can get them a GoDaddy for $42 a year. So we’re not talking about a discount, a TLD, they have what’s [00:18:00] called tiered TLDs. Meaning a lot of what you like is going to cost you a thousand a year or 2000 a year or 5,000 a year.

    And I looked up the top thousand English words and.finance, and I found out that about 70% of them were available. Now, a lot of these don’t match finance like them.finance or, you know, things like that. But it’s just the idea that no, I would say in my opinion, there is not a huge groundswell of retail in users that are buying.finance names.

    But that doesn’t mean that a small group of people. Can I try to buy some and publicize it. And that doesn’t mean that domain investors can’t buy 10 to 20, to a hundred to a thousand times what may ever be purchased by end-users in.finance. So I think that was an example of the shiny object. Sam, do you ever find [00:19:00] yourself drawn to these shiny objects?

    I feel like if you’re like me, you have to take a pic peak, but boy, they can really take away from your day and what you’re trying to do.

    I think I lost Sam there. I don’t have another cohort, but I think. It’s okay. To take a look in my opinion, you already want to have your list made of the top words that you would want if a new TLD, all of a sudden, um, got some emphasis, real live emphasis, like, but I think it takes time. I think if you would’ve tried to game.io, which is one of the most successful, you know, new TLDs or not new TLDs, but non dotcoms over the last five years, there are people who you’ve seen that have sold one word dot iOS that have held them for eight to 10 years.

    I think there may have been a moment, [00:20:00] you know, in 2019, where you could have maybe been one of the few bidders on park.io for the first couple months where you could have got things for what would now look like a bargain. But I think it’s rare that these things happen overnight. I think when they do it’s because someone’s hyping it like last year when we had the.live, a guy on from donuts, and you’re going to see a big bunch of people registering dot lives, but there was never any follow-through.

    There was never any follow through publicizing use cases. There was never any follow through with any, uh, promotions. There was never any follow through with building software that could showcase your.live. And the reason I know there wasn’t this, cause I was hoping for it. I bought probably 20 dot lives and I think.

    You know, maybe donuts will decide to market something. Maybe they won’t just sit back and cash the checks from speculative, [00:21:00] registrations and trademark registrations. Maybe they’ll actually mark it, but that was wishful thinking. Um, and the reason I, you know, I’m attuned to this is it’s something I do every day with.la.

    You know, we publicize every, you know, two weeks, the companies that are using.la, we try to connect with any new websites using.la and we follow them and we highlight them on our social media. You know, we try to engage the community and ask them if there’s anything we can do. If their companies have any type of specials, we can put it on our newsfeed.

    So those are the things that we’re going to be doing this year for not. To build the community because it takes time. But then after a while, people, as they think of new ideas, they start thinking about.la more and more because they’ve been successful with it. You know? And I think that our market for.la is, is mostly local companies, restaurants, real estate developments, professional services, uh, you know, design [00:22:00] agencies and things like that because they can use.la to brand in LA, but then it works globally.

    But I don’t see that work being done in a lot of other new TLDs. And I don’t see it being done in this, this.finance thing that just popped up. Um, but I think it’s an example of the shiny object that can take your, your time away from both what you need to do when domaining the fact that you arguing buying domains every day.

    And the fact that you should have some strategies to be doing better in domaining, then take some time. Um, so anyway, that’s what I wanted to share with you about what I’m doing. And I try to do that each week. I wanted to go over some, some news of the week. Let’s see. What is our news of the week? News of the week is domain name wire.

    Let’s see. Oops, that’s the [00:23:00] wrong domain anywhere. Hold on a second, having a little technical difficulties in my agenda.

    okay. Two weeks ago, I’m going to skip the news of the week. I’ll do that at the end two weeks ago, I talked about Saidu. So one of the things for domain investors, so I’m going to speak to domain investors, collectors, anyone who owns a domain name and says, Hey, I’d like to sell it. And I think there’s a perception out there as I listened to people come into different clubhouse rooms.

    That the most important thing about selling a domain name is when you, as the owner decide that you want to sell it. And I think people feel like, you know, I’ve had this name for a while and I was only going to sell it for a million dollars, but now I’ve really decided that I want to sell it. And we don’t have a [00:24:00] perfect model.

    For that to somehow have anything to do with whether you sell your name. Um, if you just decide I’m willing to sell it, where do I go to sell it? You can go to places like after Nick and say, do the, sell your name. And you’re going to put your name in there with two to 5 million other names. Um, you know, and it may sell, but there isn’t really like a window with a casino where you just go in and cash your chips.

    Um, getting out of a name, getting out of an illiquid asset that you wanted when you bought it. But the fact that you were able to buy it meant that no one else wanted it at that time for that price. And now you’ve decided to sell, um, is hard and that’s one of the reasons we can buy these assets that truly do have value for such a big discount.

    I mean, domain name investing is an amazing business. If you have capital. [00:25:00] And if you have patience, you can buy digital assets at 30 to 99% of the value that they may sell for. And the biggest skill that I think you need to have to be a domain name, investor is money is capital and patience because you need to make sure you can buy better names and to buy better names.

    You have to outbid other people. And then you have to make sure that you can wait to either be fortunate or lucky. And I don’t think it matters. We see name cell every day for 10,000 and 5,000 and 2000 and 60,000. And we think, oh, I have names that are just as good as those names. How combine those. So there is a randomness and a luck involved in domain names.

    [00:26:00] And even though I’d love to tell you that owning better names will produce better sales. And that’s what I try to do. I’m not convinced that there isn’t just a randomness to what sells, but anyway, capital and patience, you can buy names for a deep discount, but just saying that you want to sell your name.

    There’s not a place to go. Um, and I keep wanting there to be more places to go. Um, I keep wanting there to be more innovation last year from March to July on clubhouse with five auction platforms, we introduced the community here a whole new way to provide wholesale liquidity for domain. And like a spinning top.

    We spun it up with the potential of what it could be. [00:27:00] And for a lot of us, we were able to buy names. We wanted and sell some of our names for a wholesale price, which provided liquidity. And this is the most important thing it provided. I think it provided some wins, some hits, some success to make you feel like, Hey, I did this for a reason.

    If you’re only selling names at retail, you might only be selling one or two a month or one a quarter or two a year. And it’s hard to remember if it’s going to really be successful. So when we got to liquidity that came from wholesale selling to other domain investors and the extended community, that was what was really important.

    We got more volume. We got more action. We got more activity. And when that died out, we got left with the same places we’ve always had. And the reason he says aren’t ever going to [00:28:00] help domain investors sell names at wholesale prices is because any marketplace out there is only focusing on whether they’ll sell any name today.

    So their solution is to get more and more names, but the individual domain owner in a marketplace, you only care about selling urinate. You only, you want to sell your names and you want to sell them at an advantage to everybody else, but the marketplace isn’t going to help you. You know, I’m not going to be able to go to after Nick and say, Hey, can you, uh, can you, uh, can you sell my names today?

    And no one else. I mean, unless you work a back channel deal or pay him or get some leverage, you know, you’re not gonna be able to do that. So the only thing I think you can do to sell more names is to make sure you’ve got them for sale everywhere you can. And that, you know, the rules of each and every marketplace to make [00:29:00] sure all your names are sold there.

    So what I want to go over is a long introduction is I ended up re listing all my names had say two in the past two weeks. And I talked a little bit about this two weeks ago, which is say to S C D o.com is a domain marketplace. It was one of the original domain marketplaces. It was running in 2000, 2001, 2002.

    I’m not sure when it started, but for me it’s always been there and it was started. It was actually a graduate level, um, uh, paper that, uh, students in Germany had written about providing a marketplace for domain names and they turned it into a company and. It used to be. You could go there and you could search for domain names by keyword and things like that.

    And I hate it that their search functionality is literally the same as it was 20 years ago, but they also had, even before, after Nick, this idea of a MLS or the fact that they would [00:30:00] have their whole list available to certain registrars, if somebody went to a registrar to find a domain name and they type in a name that you own, it’ll say this name is for sale for $3,000.

    Or if they type in a name that’s taken, it’ll say here’s some other options. And just like most of you are familiar with afternoon. Having DLS and DLS partners say new is also has their list of names with partners. Sometimes those partners are. The same, some registrars will list all of after Nick’s inventory and all of Sadie’s inventory.

    Sometimes they’ll list one of the other and many times what I found is they’ll have different rules about one of the other. And then if you combine that with having to abide by the rules of say to an afternoon, I really think it takes effort to list your names correctly and say new really doesn’t help in my opinion, because they [00:31:00] have an automated service where you upload your names.

    But they’ve also tried to automate the verification process where you have to put a text record on your name. And most of us that have our names like a Dan, we can add text records. Now I was happy to see that Dan is saying, I think it was Dan was saying that they’re going to try to add that maybe it was Ft.

    One of the two said that they’re trying to add that. And I think it was Dan that said, they’re trying to add that if you have your name servers set to.

    Today on that, you’ll be able to add text records, but anyway, the verification process important. The easiest way to get a name at say two is to change the name servers to dot. I think it’s in this one, say, do parking.com say, do parking and then list it and it’ll get accepted. So what I’ve done over the past couple of weeks is I’ve taken all the names I have at registrars that are what’s called save new partners.

    [00:32:00] And that’s sad and name and name, silo, and name cheap, and a diner doc. And what you need to do is you need to, you know, have a list of like, this is where I did. I took all my names at. And I went in to say too, and it’s really complicated. You, um, you have to click domain and you have to click sort by group and then you have to click, create a group, and then you have to put your list of names in.

    So how does that sound for simple and intuitive anyway, they’re German, I guess. So you put your list of names in, and then you can see how many of them are accurately listed on the say-do MLS platform. And the leader show you that they’re listed there, or they’ll show you why they’re not

    sorry about that. Sometimes they’re not because you’ve got an email that [00:33:00] says go to Dinah dot and you need to click on those names and you need to do something called set afternoon. Okay. I’m sorry, set. Say do. And once you do that, you’ll see a little button on your Dyna dot account screen saying, which of your names are, um, are set up and say two.

    And so this isn’t a tutorial that I’m doing on Monday domains here. I’m just telling you what’s possible because you’re not going to want to put in the effort unless you know, something’s possible and what is going to be, what’s going to do for you. For me. I had my biggest sale last year on the say two MLS system.

    They sold the name for $30,000 for me because I had it listed there. I had it listed on the MLS and as much as I think their systems are hard to work with, I can’t knock the fact that in the last year I had my biggest sale there. And then my lifetime, I had a [00:34:00] million dollar buy it now, sale from say-do.

    So I had to sit there and say, even though it’s confusing, even though it’s frustrating, I’ve got to put my name’s on that platform because it’s worked. So anyway, so what I’ve been doing is I’ve been going registrar by registrar, clicking the names, the ones that aren’t say two MLS, you clicked set, say two MLS.

    Then they send you a message. Then you get a message from name silo, or save SAB. However you want to say it or Namecheap to approve them. And then at least every day, when you wake up and you wonder, did I sell a name last night? Or when you look back at a month and say, I needed to sell three names this month to make my goals, you know, that’s all I need to do.

    I need to do about five names a month at $3,000 a name to reach my goals. So there’s 30 days in a month and I need to sell five names, which means I can go six days without selling a name. And I might still [00:35:00] be. But wouldn’t. I rather know that every day when I woke up that for the last 24 hours, at least most of my names had a chance of selling every way.

    That’s possible to sell a name. And that’s why I’ve shared with you guys so much on Monday domains about all the different marketplaces and all the different places is because I think yeah, it’s effort, but again, you may have to put in six hours of effort to get all your names listed at say two, but if that produced two sales in the next year, would you do it?

    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts in the chat or the back channel or come up on stage. So anyway, so that’s an example. Oh, something I’m doing, that’s a strategy. That’s going to take me all week. And most of the time I found I’ve got to do that work early in the morning, because once we get to 10 o’clock, we got GoDaddy auctions, we got other registrars auctions.

    We got [00:36:00] bidding. We have news. You know, I do these types of shows. Hopefully you’re getting some inquiries. Maybe you’re even picking up the phone and calling, uh, uh, calling people, you know, to, to buy your names. But I just think that I wanted to get, I wanted to at least paint a picture of what listing, it’s say two MLS can be.

    And it’s not easy, but, uh, but I think it’s worth it. I think, you know, if you have more than say 50 names or a hundred names, you should have them listed there. You should have them for sale because they have been around for awhile. And the, the, the perception used to be that in Europe, people use say to a lot, and I think that may be true.

    And, you know, people may buy domain names every five or six years, hold on a second. So it may have been five or six years since a companies bought a premium domain name, you know, 5, 10, 20, 30,000. [00:37:00] And they may remember that the last time they did it, they went to say too. So, um, I think that’s the way to do it.

    The other thing that differentiates save you from after Nick is if you have your landing pages with say two, you can earn parking revenue from them. So you can both list your name for. And earn parking revenue from one company after Nick is kind of weird, cause you’re using afternoon parking, but it’s really smart name, but it’s anyway, they just don’t care about it.

    So, um, but the second thing is, is it does give some people at Saidu. When they look at your name, they can see the stats at least of the number of visitors to the website. So if you have a name that does have a lot of traffic, there may be people looking on, say, do and sorting by traffic. Again, it’s not going to tell them if it’s good traffic, bad traffic, whatever, but at least it’s going to, it’s going to put that on there.

    But the most important difference between say to an afternoon is for [00:38:00] someone to buy a name from you, they have to make an offer or they can accept your buy it. Now they have to set up a say to account to make you an offer, but they don’t necessarily have to tell you who they are. They don’t have to send you an email that has their email address.

    They don’t have to send it from an IP where you’re going to want to get their IP information and find out if they’re a big company. And these are all tactics and tricks that people will use to try to, you know, to try to get the highest price. But sometimes, and I don’t think the buyers really know this, but it is a difference is that they have to open up a, say two account.

    They have to give, say to their information, but when you get the offer, the only thing you can find out is what country they’re from and whether they’ve been a member of Saidu since a certain year. And so there is some distance that they can create to negotiate about the name. Um, So anyway, so that’s one of the things I’m doing that is that is not [00:39:00] keeping up on my portfolio.

    It’s kind of a often strategy I’m doing, that’s going to take me a couple of weeks, but I try to do it every day. And I find myself needing to do it in the mornings every day. Um, so that I get at least some of it done by the time, the day, the day starts. Let’s see what else we have going on. Anybody have any questions or anything about what I’ve shared?

    Let me look in the chat. There we go. Thanks Mike, for your tip. Um, so there is a little thing now on the bottom left, where you can chat, which means you’re not sending me a direct message. You can say something to everybody in the room. I do want to limit, and I will turn off the chat. If it becomes a, Hey, I have this name for sale.

    Hey, I have this name for sale. Hey, I have this name for sale. So this won’t be the place to do that. I think there’s going to be a lot of room. We’re where that will become a part of what they do. And I know that DJ’s [00:40:00] running some rooms over the weekend with auctions, where he did a great job, and I think the chat feature is going to help.

    Um, it’s going to help. I, you know, I think clubhouse has gotten better in the past year and there’s less people in domain space using it. So we’ll try to play a role in bringing more people back to clubhouse, because there are some valuable tools. The fact that you can listen to replays the fact that you can use the chat, the fact that you can direct message people, the fact that you can clip different parts of shows and publicize them.

    I think that makes a big difference. Alrighty, I’ll move onto some other news of the week. Let’s see deals, deals, deals. Who doesn’t like a good deal who doesn’t like a good promo. So I got pork buns, email, uh, and they are as safe. They are save you partner too. I got my pork bun email, and it’s funny.

    They’re just [00:41:00] different in a good way. You know, uh, their tagline is an oddly satisfying experience. So now their newsletter says pork bun, unwrapped and oddly satisfying newsletter. Um, so anyway, here’s their March specials. You’ve got.art for $2 and 87 cents and.art. I don’t think it’s past the time when it became the hot.

    And I’m not going to say pumping down. Cause I think it was truly being used by NFTE people to maybe be the alternate TLD for their projects. When someone comes up with a new idea and they need a domain name, they have two choices and I have three choices. They can pay up for a.com. They can buy a longer.com for registry or they can buy a new TLD.

    And I think for a lot of people getting the exact words, [00:42:00] they want the exact words in their project in a new TLD seems to be the choice that a lot of people are making when it comes to hand registrations. I don’t know, after necessarily making that choice when it comes to buying premium names from domain investors.

    But when it comes to hand registrations, I think there’s something about the fact that people still want to be the registered. The original registrant’s of a domain name, they don’t want to buy a quote used domain name. So I think there’s a difference when I look at new TLDs of what people are doing in the primary registration market.

    Of buying them for the first time first was whether that’s transferring over to resales, but anyway, um, dot art had some [00:43:00] time where they had a lot of enough projects. So I think it’s both a huge industry and it’s got some trendiness anyway, $2 and 87 cents. If your name is not in a premium tier, now the registrars have gotten the registries.

    Excuse me, I’ve gotten really good. At taking all the possible names and making sure that anything that’s registered in 200 or more extensions, that’s the first name. That’s a city. That’s a, three-letter, that’s a four letter. That’s a three number. You know, they’ve done a good job of putting everything that they think would be a value in these premium tiers where you have to pay 50 a hundred, 300, 500, and maybe you have to pay that much each year.

    But if it’s not in those tiers, then you can get it. At least a part been for $2 and 87 cents. And what’s great about that is I don’t think many of these registries, um, are completely up to date on current trends and things like that. Like [00:44:00] for my work at.la, I’ve got to stay up to date. You know, last year I did not get some of the key words that I should have for the registry.

    And so other people were able to register and vast enough they knew about those trends before I did. So I think that there is a time when, if you do see a new trend, if you do see a new trend, that’s investible, if you do see a new trend, that’s investible so much that the.art would have value. Then the last thing you want to do is at least get that for the cheapest price.

    And even though at pork bun, you may not be able to be at GoDaddy, which you want to be GoDaddy. And everybody wants to be a GoDaddy. You know, pork bun is a terrific company. Uh, they have a grid interface, good bulk management. Uh, they run the company with a lot of integrity. I think they’ll offer you deals.

    So anyway, dot art, 2 87 at pork bun dot Otto’s a dollar [00:45:00] 50. That ADOS is probably one of the weakest TLDs out there. Hey, if you have a use that has to do with autos a buck, 50, um, dot clubs, they have a, a dollar 90 eight.sbs, which is part of the, um, of, uh, Kevin COPAS. His group is a dollar 10, and m.me is 2 98.

    They have XYZ for the 98 cents. That’s shocked is $2 and 4 cents. Now the renewal for DOD shop is 25 bucks a year, but first year only is two bucks. So if you want a deal, you want to speculation. Anyway, if you go to pork bun and you hit their column for deals, they’ll have all the TLDs that they have deals on.

    And I think it’s worth it. If you’re. Reaching out in a new TLD that you think will be popular sometime, or you have a keyword you want to buy, why not get it for the lowest price? And [00:46:00] pork bun is usually at least as low as anyone else think. Domain cost club is my go-to place for the lowest price, but I’m looking here@dotonesforadollarfiftythreedotfyisforfourbucksdotfitnessforfourbucks.vip for four bucks.

    Again, I’m not saying all these are valuable. There was, there was huge numbers of new TLDs. There were so many of them that, that, you know, you’re going to buy something and you’re going to think, oh my gosh, someone will buy it from me. And they probably won’t, but they might. Um, but anyway, at least you can get them for good price.

    Uh, Dinah dot came out with their specials. Let’s say, when we search here, Let’s say they do have a transfer special for calm that I think is, let me see here.

    [00:47:00] Transfer sales. Well, they don’t have it on there. Anyway, if you don’t get to the Dyna dot newsletter, I would get it. Let me look forward. Let’s see. I’ll try to get back to you with that by the end of the show. Some other news of the week and the time that we have left is, um, uh, Andrew, Allaman a domain name wire.

    He had an interesting post I can and the global public interest. So the ICANN meetings, which is the governing board of the internet is meeting this week and I’m negative on I can, cause I just think that they miss their potential and they’re going to miss their potential again this week, because they’re trying to define what does it really mean?

    To act in the global public interest. And of course this is one of their jobs they’re supposed to maintain, uh, you know, the, the, the technical standards of writing the internet and [00:48:00] then foster competition and consumer choice, um, and all these things compete for resources and attention. So somehow they’re looking to define global public interests.

    So if you want to have a say in. And what I can does. Um, you can join the public meeting this week and I can.org and you can participate and you can speak in the open public sessions, uh, and, and make your voice known whether it’s on legal matters, whether it’s on registrar matters, um, you know, on any topic it’s supposed to be an open and transparent, um, group.

    And sometimes you have to maneuver through a lot of hoops, but if you want to get your voice heard, I would go and participate. Uh, and you can participate virtually, uh, in the ICANN meeting. This is called ICANN 73. Um, Let’s see, it’s going to be held virtually seventh through the [00:49:00] 10th. And the thing that you want to, uh, look at is, again, I can.org and then look for I can 73.

    And you want to look for the times when you can contribute public opinion. Second thing you can do is you can see the different working groups and constituency meetings that I can use this. So if you can imagine, like the Congress has the whole Congress and the whole Senate, and then they have committees and then they have committee groups.

    I can has the same thing. So if you want to have help and play a part in icons governance of the internet, you can start by joining these different constituencies. Some of them, you have to be a registrar to be in the registrar constituency. You have to be a registry to be in the registry. But didn’t, they have some like the business constituency or they have the nonprofit or non-commercial constituency.

    And so I think you can start to see what this group is and [00:50:00] domainers and domain investors, and just regular domain owners have been underrepresented in ICANN. Who’s been over representative have been the legal representatives of big companies because their companies are paying them to go to ICANN meetings.

    They can pay these people to go to Kenya or Auckland, New Zealand or London, and they can pay them to go to these meetings and be there when the policies are set. So what hasn’t happened is there, haven’t been a lot of just independent domain owners who have shown up to be in these meetings because you used to have to be there live, but now hopefully they have virtual participation and it is going to become easier for regular, everyday domain owners to be in these different groups.

    And when I can says, we make our decisions based upon a bottom up consensus process, there is room there for domain owners and domain [00:51:00] investors to be in that consensus process. It’s not going to be easy. They’re not going to be waiting there, holding the door open for you and saying, come in and tell us what real people think.

    But I think if you want to do it, this is the exact time you can, which is the ICANN 73 global meeting. So the last thing I wanted to mention, if you’re going to name’s con in August or September late August, September, they did come out with a whole tent, a hotel special, so a before to stay at the Omni, which does make it pretty convenient to be at, uh, at the hotel where the different, uh, seminars are.

    Um, they came out with a special for the days of the show. And, um, you don’t have to put up all your money up front. You can put a one night deposit, but I think it’s worth it. Um, if you think you’re going to be, uh, you know, participating, um, And you don’t want to stay away from the [00:52:00] venue. Now, having said that, I stayed away from the main venue last year, and I didn’t feel that it costs me anything in terms of, uh, access or experience.

    Um, names con is gotten cheaper. Uh, over the years, they don’t have as many night events. They don’t have as many meals at all, uh, anymore. Um, so the days when you could kind of go from morning till night in one place that really doesn’t exist as much anymore. So you can be offsite and there’s a chance that you’re going to be, uh, you know, taking an Uber to the, the, the dinner, uh, invitation that you got from one of the registries or the registrars.

    And you may have breakfast with other people that are staying where you’re staying. Um, and so I think you don’t have to stay at the venue, but if you are, you might as well get a room or. Uh, and save a little money. So that came out this week. Let’s see another [00:53:00] thing. I got a renewal bill for my hands, shake my hand shake.

    I own a name in Dotsie, which is one of these alternate extensions. So I got my renewal bill for 20 bucks a year. And it’s interesting because whoever owns Dotsie, I don’t think they have to pay a renewal. That’s too high to own the entire Dotsie. But if you own a sub domain in that C um, you do have to pay your renewal.

    Now I also run that nom, so I’m hoping that people will pay me their renewals, but I just thought that was interesting. So if someone says, oh, these new TLDs are great, you don’t have to pay renewals. That’s true. If you just treat your new handshake, TLD is like.page, and you’re just going to run.page like a website.

    But if you’re going to have people sign up to, and you’re going to use the name based system to do it, then your registrant’s will have renewals, unless you can figure out a way to run it [00:54:00] for free. And let’s see, I don’t want to go and finish the show which I’ll do here in a second without mentioning, uh, so much of the domain name, family, entire world is thinking of a situation in Ukraine.

    And I think for those of you that deal with Namecheap and some of the other companies in the space, you’re connected to these real people who are going through, you know, a terrible time. And, um, and I just want to say my heart goes out to them. I do think prayers are valuable. So I do pray for the people of Ukraine.

    And there also are some fundraising. Uh, initiatives being taken. I know Richard Kurkendahl at Namecheap is supporting some, and I would say that those would be trusted ways to help, uh, people in Ukraine. Uh, there’s a dot, uh, clubs, supporter, um, Vladislav. He has something on, go send, give, send, go for Ukraine.

    And, um, [00:55:00] and if you want that link just back channel me and I’ll send it to you. Um, but they’ve raised over a hundred thousand in their first three days last week, which was March 3rd, fourth and fifth. Anyway, that is all I have for everyone today. If you have any questions, maybe I’ll do a couple of quick appraisals or a couple of what do I think about, but if not, uh, happy domaining out there today.

    I am in my buying trying to practice happy. Domaining um, Let me see, thank you for the nice messages. Uh, let’s say it’s so hard to tell if you’re sending me a message for the first time. Definitely put in a domain question, um, because it helps me differentiate you from a lot of people that just say hello.

    And I can’t tell if they’re trying to just connect with me for nefarious means [00:56:00] on, on clubhouse. Um, let me get back to the room here.

    Hey, Courtney, how you doing? Are you doing any happy domaining today? Not much. I’m out early in the morning showing homes right now. So in listening to you guys in the background, like talk radio, there you go. Well, hopefully, but I do have a question for you. You think about the name, it’s a.net. So silver rings.net.

    What would you value? Something like that? A wholesale silver rings.net. I’m hoping if I keep repeating it, something will come up, but I don’t know, like Braden Pollock would always say, I don’t know if it’s a thing, like obviously functionally, a string made out of silver is obviously something. [00:57:00] Silver rings a thing where someone say, oh man, you gotta make sure you get a silver ring or, Hey, do you have any silver rings or, Hey, you know where our silver ring shop, we specialize in silver rings.

    And I don’t know of that. So I would probably literally say like $30 wholesale. And then if retail, you know, 29 99, cause if someone was in that business and they are the world’s leader in silver rings and they contacted you, then you wouldn’t want to have a price and you’d want to get 10,000 for it. Um, and even though it’s the.net, uh, F the.com.

    Isn’t being used or is being used for some different reason. Um, then, you know, that would help you if there was already a jewelry site on silver rings, um, then I don’t know about it. And then lastly, maybe someone will come up with the crypto. You know, we used to have these things called web rings, where you had like a group of 20 or 30 sites that would be like a ring.

    You know what I [00:58:00] mean? Where you go from one site to another, to another. So you, you, maybe you could get an alternate meeting, but right now I’m probably not a big fan. Bingo. Bingo. Yeah. Thanks for the insight. Yeah. I think that nets could have their time in the sun still because if you take them down to zero and then you compare them against all the other new TLDs, I think they’ve still got a lot of value in traction.

    Um, but people that, that have been holding them for 20 years are certainly gonna usually hold them for 21. Um, I have a lot of geo dot nets and I probably sell about four a year. Um, so that’s just an area that I stay with. That’s kind of one of my bread and butters. Um, uh, and we’ll see, but, but.org probably passed.net by a factor of two, I’d say.org, probably twice.net, especially if you know, there’s something that appeals to org.

    Thanks. Great. Well, I appreciate that. [00:59:00] Good luck. Good luck in the real world where people spend a million and a half dollars. Like it’s nothing because it’s only 30,000 down and 2100 a month for the next 30 years. Boom million and a half. It is crazy. This is a crazy time. I got more buyers than, uh, you know, then there’s houses on the market for, for what they’re looking for.

    You know what I mean? It’s, it’s, it’s a weird time. It’s very strange. Yeah. I’m a buyer right now. And so I’m trying to buy in our little small town and we’ve seen our prices double and. You know, I even started doing these offers that are called top every offer. You know, my offer was top every offer up to this price, you know, and I still didn’t get it.

    So, um, they got me and I’ll just borrow Courtney’s expertise. They got me the were looking for an offer that doesn’t require us to do an inspection. Yep. Appraisal, I mean, uh, inspection waiver and, and, uh, and then you hate it because it means, oh my gosh, there’s something wrong with the house. [01:00:00] Not all the time though, but I mean, and that doesn’t mean you can’t get a home inspection, you know, it just means that you can’t go back and ask them for shit.

    Well, maybe one day domains will be like that. We’ll have, you know, you’ll put a name up. And you’ll get a bunch of offers and then you’ll send them all back something it says last and final offers from my name, silver rings.net due by Friday 5:00 PM. Um, you know what could happen? There’s, there’s, there’s a lot of people in the world and there’s very few good domains.

    So, um, anyway, thanks. Hey, thank you. So the reason I wanted to bring up the word happy domaining and I’ll close with this is for me, if you’re you got big renewals sales, haven’t been what they thought you wondering, whether you should have gotten into this business in the first place. So I’m talking more to investors right now, but also collectors happy domaining for me is only pay a price that I’d be happy [01:01:00] for.

    Now when you’re scaling up in domain. And you’re committing new money. You know, you’ve got a new credit card with a $15,000 limit, man, just by baby buy. You know what I mean? You’re like, oh, I can make money on that. I can make money on that. I’m not going to lose on that for sure. I can sell that for what I bought it for.

    And I think that’s one, you know, that’s a place that we have a lot of bitters on GoDaddy auctions at right now where they’re scaling up there. They’re actually thinking that it’s scarce to get our expired domain name for a good price and they’re scaling up. But when you’re kind of in the middle of paying renewals, seeing your realistic sales, maybe not be what you thought.

    I kind of go back to happy domain. And what that basically says is I’ll be in a price for a name that if I get it, I’m not just going to be like, okay, good. I got something I’m going to be happy. So maybe before I would have bid $69 to get a name on a drop, and now I’m just going to bid 20 at dock. And if I get it, I’ll get it for 20 and I’ll be happy.

    [01:02:00] And if I don’t. Yeah, I lost a chance to make money with that name, but I didn’t lose any money. And so the only thing I’m going to buy this week, or when I’m really happy, you know, put out low ball offers. Um, Have your last bid price that you want to bid be one and done. Just put it in there. You know, if I can get that name for 150 bucks, I’ll take it, put it in your $150 bid.

    If you get out of bed. No problem. And if you get it, make sure it’s a price where you’re not just going to be like, okay, I got that one, but you’re going to be like, yeah, I got that one. I bought it for, you know, below what I wanted to. So when I do get to where I’m working on my portfolio, I’m doing a lot of things.

    I kind of take a step back and I do what I call happy domaining, which is I cut the price almost in half of what I’m paying for things. And if I still get something I won’t be getting, like if you put in 20 names on the drop today that you’ll pay 25 bucks for [01:03:00] chances are you’re going to get the three weakest names out of your group are the names that may.

    For better or for worse you saw value in and no one else did now that still could be good for you. But a lot of times that name isn’t going to have a lot of wholesale value because no one else wanted it when it dropped. So I would say, wait, let the drop happen. Go after those 20 names at wrench fee after the drop happens, because if you get one or two of them again, you’re going to be happy.

    So good luck out there this week. Unhappy domaining uh, I’ll see everyone tomorrow. If you’ve got a room going on on clubhouse this week, and you want to tell everybody about it, hop up on stage. If you have a new product or service, do you want to tell everybody about, uh, let me know or let me know early for next week and I’ll have you a pop up.

    Let’s see. I [01:04:00] can’t give everybody a chance to pop up.

    Respond to an email here, but anyway, thank you everybody. You can hit domain club to watch replays of our other shows during the week. Um, I also do a show on Wednesday afternoons or Wednesday evening, six o’clock Eastern called the name game on start-up club, where it’s really been fun to hear companies.

    They come up on stage and they tell us the name of their company and their domain name. And then we tell them, uh, you know, just some constructive help about their brand, whether we liked it. But first we try to guess what their company does based upon their domain name. And I really learned a lot about the decisions that startup founders are making when getting their domain names.

    And what I’ve learned is that I think they’re stretching to get a hand registration name for registration fee. [01:05:00] They’re stretch. Really far away from their ultimate names, having dashes and three words and misspelling or brandable spellings, or changing letters or having things in the reverse order because they think that’s the best they can get.

    And so if you’re out there talking to people about domain names, I think one of the things as an industry that we can do a lot better job of telling people is that if people will just move from $8 to 500 or $8 to a thousand dollars, they could increase the quality of the name that they get by a factor of 10 or a hundred.

    And I know most people are going to be like, give me the best I can get for eight, but I’m or nine now. But, um, but I think that’s one thing that we could all benefit from getting more and more people to know. So thanks everybody for being at Monday domaining and I’ll see out there in clubhouse this week.

    Thanks [01:06:00] Sam. Thanks for.

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