EP14: The Resurrection Of QR Codes

QR codes have advanced and made their way into the Ad-realm. Could QR codes and their technology compete with domain names? Perhaps you have caught one or two floating QR codes lately, and perhaps you are a fan. Tune in to the session above to learn how QR codes are challenging the domain industry today!

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    TRANSCRIPT: Monday Domains – EP10

    Welcome everybody to Monday Domains the day after the Superbowl edition.  I can’t call that super bowl is a trademark. We’ll call it ‘the day after the big game’. The day after the big game. And we’ll be talking about some of the ads that were shown on the big game yesterday.

    And then we’ll talk about Dan had an announcement of some upgrades to their portfolio manager, which I was excited to see. I’m a frequent user of Dan. But I find myself limited by their portfolio manager. So I’m hoping some of these new changes, if anyone has gotten into them, I would love to hear from you to see if they make editing easier in bulk which has been one of my main issues, which is, you know, if I have 20 names that I want to change and I know the names I want to change, you know, can I change them?

    And I have a feeling from reading the blog post that if the names I want to change. Fit nicely into some filters that I’ll be able to make my own list that way and then apply some changes. But today I carry four different Dan accounts because that’s been the only way I could bulk edit name sometimes is, is put all my names that I don’t want payments and one account and put all my own names that I do want payments and another account.

    And then if I wanted to have branding on my store which they didn’t really do a good job of like some of the other providers, then I have two different accounts. So if anyone’s gotten into Dan, I would love to let you share with me some of the new changes, but in terms of direct. I love the Dan still innovating and coming out with new things.

    Welcome everybody to Monday domains. I’ll let a few more folks join in. Let me make sure I’ve got my replays on. You can always get the replays by going to domain.club. And we also keep our replays on start-up dot club, which is the largest club on club house with over 300,000 members. And and I think you’ll see more collaboration between Domain Club and Startup Club this year.

    I think that I do a show each week in Startup Club where I talk with startups about their branding and what domain names they’re picking. And it’s really been insightful into the global startup community and what they’ve had to many cases settle for as a domain name, with the idea that, you know, they’ve got to get going.

    So really a lot of times it’s the best thing they could get at a certain time, but, but they need to get started on their business. They can’t really take a month to figure out a good domain name. They need to go, they need to get started. But I think what I’ve noticed just from a pure domain side is that many times there’s a settling for a three word, a three word was some abbreviation.

    To word in a new TLD something, a little confusing. And so sometimes I’ve been able to help people get to their something closer to their best name. And the other thing I’ve taken away from working with these startups over the last 30 weeks and in the name game on Startup Club and that’s Wednesdays at 6:00 PM is that I think a lot of people have long names and I’m starting to play around even with some of my own companies with having the long name, you know, the ultimate name and then, and then getting abbreviations, especially for email and as many of you know, it’s, it’s kind of easier now to incorporate multiple alias into one multiple alias PSI, aliases.

    But doing those, the plural of aliases, let me know multiple aliases is, is into one email client. But for instance, I worked with a company in California and it’s the founder’s name has initials and his last name and associates. So that could be a long thing to type out and they have that name. So then we shortened it just to the initials and the founder name, but then we were able to get the four letter name of the initials and then associates with an a at the end.

    And, you know, I find when I, especially if I’m texting my email address at that company where I’m the CFO that, yeah, it is easier to text or to put it into a text form or if I’m on my mobile device, as many of us are now that it’s easier to put your. A shorter name in cause you’re just typing less.

    And I think that if I look at maybe the next trends for the next 10 years, that’s one that I’m kind of picking up on. I’d say I’m really early. This is not investible. This is not, oh, Page said that everyone’s buying initials, domain names and I need to go over by and buy 5 million names. But but I think, you know, it’s something I’m thinking about.

    So that’s abbreviation. So we’re going to do Dan today. We’re going to do, I spend a lot of time with a Superbowl ads and what that tells us or what that tells me. And I, and I do want to get some input from others on that, about what’s going on. In the world, because for a long time, the super bowl was a major event globally.

    And I know it’s more us centric than than globally, but I think that there’s a lot of competition and I grew up in Los Angeles and even yesterday in Los Angeles, as big as the super bowl was, there’s a lot of other things going on in Los Angeles yesterday. And every day the sun is shining. The, the, the shops are full.

    The houses are lovely. The beach is calling and and there’s always been competition in Los Angeles, even for major sports. And I think that if you think about the world now football doesn’t everything does it, you know, isn’t as dominant as it once was, but I will say with the world’s interests being fractured among news politics, shopping, crypto, investing, greed, family jobs, working COVID Ukraine and everything that it is one of the single events that’s drawing the most people to one place in a way that even knowing about the Superbowl with the ads were becomes kind of a debugger or you need to, you need to be up to speed on it, to talk on things like a clubhouse talk.

    The next day, when we talked about the Superbowl ads. So anybody I’ll let a couple more people get seated here in Monday domains, Monday domains is part of a Domain Club. We try to provide an online community here in clubhouse, been doing it for coming up on a year. I do three shows a week. I do outbound in club and I on Tuesdays at five, I do million dollar domains on Wednesdays at one.

    And I do this show Monday domains every Monday at 10:00 AM to get the week started. And I do various pop-up rooms during the week. And we all, we are looking for Domain Club members, one to host their own talks inside of Domain Club. We can elevate your status where you can start a room and Domain Club.

    And I think, especially with clubhouses new discovery features and search features the fact that we are the largest Domain Club. And we have a lot of followers. We share a lot of followers we’re start-up club, and we share a number of announcements on our website and our social media of Startup Club about the main.club that you might get some more attendance and some more engagement in your different talks at events.

    I realize everybody wants to build their own brand. They want to do it in their room. Everybody wants to party at their house, but if it’s something you’d like to be able to do to start a room and Domain Club during the week I’m especially looking for people that could do rooms and I would come in and, and play whatever role you wanted me to, especially when it comes to taking the first steps of developing domain names.

    And I know it’s stupid and no one should do it. And we should just sit back and make 50 to one and our hand registrations. But there may come a time when. We’re going to have to turn our domain names into websites that people want to buy websites. And we know that that starts with a domain name and that’s great, but would we be doing ourselves a great benefit for multiple reasons to start turning some of our domain names into websites and the balance that everyone probably weighs?

    There is one it’s hard to, it takes effort. So your enemies there are overcoming how to build a website and overcoming having to go through the effort of building a website. And I think what’s happened in my opinion. And I do this myself. I’m guilty is that I allow some of the reasonable negatives for not building a website to take on greater importance than they should.

    Because really I’m lazy and it’s difficult to do. And what I mean by that is, yes, it’s possible that you can have a domain name and trademark owner somewhere. And that trademark owner may say that when you build a website that you’re infringing even more on their trademark than when you just own the domain name.

    But unless you kinda know when you bought the name that you are buying a name that had a lot of trademark risk, most of the time, if you’ve got a purpose name or a brandable or a generic and the crypto space or the metaverse space or insurance or finance or green. No, I think we give too much importance to that argument because what we’re really scared of, what we’re really lazy about is the, the, the effort in terms of difficulty of building a website and the effort in terms of having to stop and do something slow and boring and deliberate, and having to do it over and over again, which is not why we got into domain investing.

    We got into domain investing so we could buy something and flip it for 50 to one in a week. But I just wonder as many of us have own names for a week and a month and a year and two years, three years and five years, whether we should think about some of our domain assets as something that we’re going to have for a long time.

    And as long as we’re going to have these domain assets for a long time, again, waiting for that retail customer to come and pry it out of our hands with an obscene only high offer there, wouldn’t it be great if every day and every month and every year that operating property got better, had some content on it, at least was indexed in the search engines.

    Even if your main purpose of building a website is to sell the domain name. Why not have some text on the domain name that has the keywords in your domain name and talks about that domain name being. Wouldn’t that make it more likely if someone typed in Joe domains, which is one of my names, domain names for the average Joe and someone typed in domain for a domain business, and maybe in my description of who I am at Joe domains, it says this would be a great domain for anyone in the domain business.

    And if over time, even if it was one visitor a month or two visitors a month, either from type in or traffic, and those visitors either became aware of my store, clicked on an affiliate link, joined a mailing list that as long as the way you make domain money in the domain business is to own the name’s long enough for the perfect buyer to come along.

    Why not match up something else that, that you need to own a domain name for a long time. Which is slowly build customers slowly, build content and legacy content slowly, slowly, let other people see your domain name once or twice, and want to advertise on your domain name. If you’re building a blog or a directory or a forum, why not build that blogger directory of forum and put at the top beta, put it at the top in development, put at the top, contact us for information if you’d like to purchase this blogger forum.

    So anyway, those are the things I think about. And and that’s the one place I’d like to add a show that. All right. Well, welcome to Monday domains, this the big game edition. I wanted to go over some of the commercials from yesterday’s game and hopefully I’ve got an audience that wants to hear some of that.

    Sam I’ll use you as a test. How does the Superbowl go over in Wales? Are you aware of it? Do you watch it? Does it become an event for you? Welcome Sam? Yeah. No, I, I didn’t watch it mostly. I heard a lot about it. It’s not really a, it’s not really a event event we watch in the, in the UK, but I heard it was good and I’m not too sure what time it was probably in the middle of the night it was on in the UK.

    But yeah, I ha I heard about the adverts and, and they weren’t using domain names. They were using QR. That’s all I heard. Well, that is great because whatever take away makes it, makes it out of the U S makes it across the pond quick enough, I guess, whether it’s real or not, that’s the perception. And so I really appreciate that comment.

    Other than that, you’re doing well, Sam. Yeah, just a parliament time. Stay in the UK. So just, I’m going to be cooking a file in times now in a minute. Well, there we go. Well done, sir. I I started one minute late today because I hand delivered some roses to my wife today. So I would encourage wives and husbands and significant others and kids and parents and everybody to honor their Valentine today.

    And glad to know that that’s a global holiday to. All right. So Sam shared that his takeaway. Being a couple derivatives removed was that they didn’t use domain names. They use QR codes. So he’s referencing Coinbase as ad, which in most of the summaries kind of rated in the middle, but in some, some TV shows that has been the one they talk about the most.

    And I really thought it was interesting cause I was watching the game with about 17 or 18 people. And when I first saw the. What struck me because I’m older was that it was similar to a pong game. And what there was is there was just a square that was moving around the screen and it had these, these graphics in it, and it didn’t look like a barcode.

    Like you see on products. It almost looks like a roar Schachter. I don’t even know what that word is that the test used to take for psychology that tells you to mean something and it was going there. And I’ll say this, everyone stopped. And they looked at it and my first thought was the pong game. And then I saw that it was a QR code and I bet I’ve been watching QR codes become much Use much more in the past three months.

    And I’m just going to mention it on a couple of shows, but I didn’t. But the two things that I’ve seen happen more now are I think when QR codes first started, they were going to be this revolutionary thing where you can read an ad in a magazine and you could go directly to the website. Now, for those of you, under 30 a magazine used to be a way that we got content.

    You subscribe to a magazine and you pay at a company and they delivered it through the mail, which was a mail person that came to your house each day and put stuff in a box outside of your. And and you would flip through and you would read a magazine. And I still think the magazine, the newspaper experience is underrated and, and, and old media just got lazy.

    They it’s not dead. They just got lazy. But anyway, and I think the QR codes were, were tied in my opinion, at least when they first came out, because they’ve been around for 10 or 15 years to magazine ads. And obviously as magazines died, then there was less use of QR. So now we’ve gotten to the idea of television where whether you’re watching online television streaming, television, or network television, you can have a QR code or even on a, on a billboard or a TV that’s out in a doctor’s office or a TV that’s on a bus stop or anywhere you can scan this QR code.

    So Coinbase just, they didn’t say anything. There was no, there was, there was the old music from the pond game and and that. And it was playing and then this thing was bouncing around. So no one really knew what to do. So finally, I did have one teenager in the group and I said, Hey, I think that’s a QR code.

    Can you capture it? So he had to get up and stand in front of the TV and move his phone around to capture this QR code. And then he told me that it went to Coinbase. And then at the end of the. When you used to play pong or another video game, the screen that was on the video game had this certain font and at the bottom would say like a tare or whoever the game was.

    And I really saw some elements of that in the Coinbase ad and they had coinbase.com down there. So Sam’s comment that, that the ad, you know, was getting you to do the QR code. I’d be really interested to what other people’s perceptions were when they saw that. Did it make sense to you? Did you use your phone to get it?

    I’ve never really understood. I gotta be honest with you. Okay. I’m going to be. I’m going to be a old guy, dad, whatever. I’ve never really understood what part of my phone and my camera could see a QR code and capture it. And whether I had to have a certain app, whether I had to have that company’s app or just how that works.

    So if someone can help me with whether that’s automatic or not, I kind of never, never really thought it was automatic. And if someone wants to tell me that that’s better than a domain. I’m going to tell them to pound sand, because unless I really know what that QR code is going to do to my phone. Am I accepting terms of service?

    Where is it sending me? Do I know if it’s sending me to a trusted source, I’m not ready to give in the QR codes are somehow better than domain names. I know that marketing companies seem to love them and they love it. That there is a hard coded technology that they can use rather than doing a domain name.

    But I don’t know, I don’t use QR code. So I would love to hear from people that do, if they’re using a more and if they think this is a thing and, and, and if there was kind of a, an idea that they’re going to use SERP domain names, Hey Todd, you are out there in the city of angels, LA LA land. Soak it up all the energy all week.

    How was the soup? It was great. The page I’m standing on top of a cop car right now. I’m pounding on it. You can’t hear it. Okay. So, but you have the QR code. You just open up your photo, like your, your camera. You’re going to take a picture that apple do it. So yeah, I followed it around. I caught it. It was Coinbase.

    So when I saw it, now, I know when you see most ads, we’ll just put a QR code down in the bottoms, you know, stationary. So you can have time as they’re showing you the enhancement drug or whatever. So what you do is you just open up your camera and then your camera screen. That’s it. So you focus on it and usually it’ll notice, oh, you got a QR code.

    We’re pretty smart. We’re an iPhone here. So what they do is they, it automatically you, and you’ll see the QR code, obviously in your screen, it’ll get it. And a QR code will take you to a website. It can just take you the text. It can just take you to a picture. It can really, you end up giving you different information.

    And one thing I will say quickly, so really it would just open up your camera app, but a page I did go to a place and this has to do with QR codes. Before, before the party I went to on Friday night, I went to secret sesh. It was a cannabis convention downtown. I go there and they have these big pieces of artwork, you know, three by three.

    Maybe four by four foot, and then there’s a QR code next to them. What you, what I did is I opened my camera, I get the QR code and then it sends me to a web to basically to a page, to a site. And then it, then I put my camera back on the back on the piece of art and it turned the art into 3d and interactive.

    It was pretty awesome. So QR codes can do a lot of things, but basically it could just send you the text. I use them for like Canon honey on some labels. So people want to know they, they scan the QR code and they see, oh, this can, a honey was, was made here in this area with this strain and is gonna make me get this messed up.

    No, you know, something like that, but it’s just open your camera and that should do it. Got it. Well, thanks Todd. I I think the other thing that’s interesting about QR codes is for people that think that new technologies come out and take the world by storm I’m sure there’s articles from 2002, 2005, 2011, 2014, 2016, 2019 saying that QR codes were going to be the next big thing.

    Right. And sometimes they do work like QR codes obviously seem to be coming on now, but sometimes it takes awhile, right? Yeah. People have been mentioning a QR codes lately. Just like you said, they’ve been around for 15 years. They’re just starting. People are realizing they are good. And they’re good really on, like I said, on labels for products, if you’re really wanting to know more or say more detailed so you can scan it and it says, oh, here’s how to use this product.

    Or here’s a recipe for this Italian, you know, this tomato sauce, but there’s a lot of good uses for them, but they’re nothing new and they still have to be right incorporated by business people by the companies creatively and smartly. Yeah. And I’ll be interested. I may do some work this week on how safe they are in terms of, you know, there was a time when people didn’t want to type stuff in the browser because they didn’t know what it would.

    And I think that many times you know, be interesting to see, you know, what, what happens in that interaction. I will say that one of the things that got me interested in QR codes, and then I’ll go to domain spot here was when one company came out where you can make some vanity QR codes. And I was really excited when I first heard about that, if they were going to let me actually manipulate the black and white squares to say something or do something, that’s what I first thought, you know what I mean?

    That as long as it’s a random pattern, that you can somehow manipulate a specific pattern that would spell something out, maybe. But then I realized that there’s, there’s kind of a dead zone, I guess, in a QR code that’s right in the middle. And they open that up to be able to put some branding, you know, where you can put your company’s brand or your logo.

    And I thought that that was interesting. We may use it for dot. ’cause I can put the.la in the middle and give people a hint of what the QR code is that might make them feel a little more secure about going to it, you know, as opposed to just knowing that it’s any QR code.

    All right,

    domain. Hey Ryan, how you doing my technical genius consultant for all things technical, who doesn’t laugh at me out loud. QR codes. Did you watch the Superbowl? Did you stick your phone up there and get your Coinbase? No, I, I didn’t actually have my phone like right handy when it came on. So I, but I saw at the end that it was Coinbase, I just kind of looked up on their website just to see if there is anything special going on with that and saw they were doing like a little giveaway.

    But the thing with the QR codes is you, when you take that picture with your camera, your camera will say, this wants to take you to this website. Do you want to go here or not? So you can at least see the, the URL or the domain name it’s going to take you to. So there’s at least that that’s fantastic. The way I see it, there, they are useful as just a quick way to get somewhere.

    But, you know, unlike a domain name, you can’t just remember it and go do it later. So it’s, it’s, it’s gotta be used in the right way to where it’s something that you’re going to do, right. Then like, look at a menu at a restaurant or something. Oh, absolutely boy, the idea of trying to remember what a QR code looked like or ripping it out of a magazine or something.

    And I don’t even know if you’d change the picture of you can go back and, and hit that picture again, if you have to take a picture of the picture, but let’s see the ad got. So I think that it was funny how you mentioned the QR code, and then you said, and then it asked you if, if you want to go to this domain name.

    So I would say once again, we have this thing called a domain name that seems somehow very integral to the process. And, and I’m glad that that’s where I’ve got my money invested. Yeah. I mean, basically a QR code is just a shortcut to domain name and, and, and, and like Todd pointed out, you could also like embed other information into there.

    It doesn’t have to be a domain, but that’s kind of the use case that is most relevant to us. I think. Gotcha. So it sounds like for me, one of the best ways I could use a QR code is if we have an upcoming meetup or a domain conference, and I do want to do some regional meetups, had a great time with eight or nine friends down in the north Georgia mountains.

    And I think it’s time to do some smaller regional meetups. And if anyone’s doing one, let me know, I’ll travel if you’ll have me. But but the idea of a business card may come back into, into play. And and whether you had your QR code on a phone and someone could scan it, or I might put, put it on the back of my business card.

    And then that way, if someone wanted to look at my list of names or something like that, they could do it that way if they didn’t want to type in my name. So I think that was one takeaway. Ryan, are you a football fan? Did you watch the game than any other ad tech. I sort of watched it a little bit.

    I didn’t really care for either the teams that were playing, so I would didn’t get super intuitive or anything. How can you say that? That’s my boy hood team, the Los Angeles Rams, the Rams of Jack Young blood Lance McCutchin. All right. That’s okay. They left, they left and went to Anaheim. They were never my team anymore until now.

    All right. Well you, you, you need to sell them Ram. Stop LA. There you go. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do. I love cease and desist orders. I love SISA. This is storage. Any other commercial catch dry Ryan?

    Not really. I, I don’t know. I didn’t think there really any re any like good ones. Yeah, that seems to be the general take. Todd, I didn’t get to ask you before I get to Danny, if there was a commercial that that caught your eye, you’ve got a wide variety of interests. Anything kind of stand out to you, even with your film background to say, Hey, they did a good job there.

    I thought they made Larry, David looked pretty young and all his different things cause he’s old and that looks so good. But no, yeah, that was a pretty interesting commercial, but I’m so slow by the time it ended. I’m like, oh, I see. So he was laid on all those ideas. I mean, so I wasn’t even smart, but yeah, that one I sorta remember, but I got agree that there’s yeah, it wasn’t that memorable.

    And I didn’t I didn’t even see some of the celeb commercials, but so I look forward to hearing what the others say. Yeah. I think that Madison avenue has got to get out more. Not everyone knows who Larry David is. Like they think people do. And, and maybe I don’t much Netflix enough, but there’s a lot of people in the country that probably don’t know who that was, but maybe they got the they got the thing.

    Hey, Danny, how are you? Welcome to Monday domains. I don’t know if you were going to help us with QR codes or did you watch the game? Did you enjoy it? And we’re talking about the commercials today. Yes. Yes. Thank you page. So I did not watch. And I did not see the commercial obviously, but I am very familiar with QR codes.

    In fact, we use them for a lot of our clients in e-commerce inside of product inside of boxes for product inserts. We use it for brick and mortar businesses storefronts, billboards, you name it. So there’s a lot of things. Most of you already heard it’s a, it’s a bridge. It creates a bridge between a a medium in this case, the television commercial and your phone, right?

    So it’s a, it’s a bridge and that we can do a lot of different things with QR codes. We could in fact create that link and put some UTM parameters. So it’s trackable, it’s measurable. We can do things like understand what kind of, what kind of device you have, right? So device detection, script, you can attach to it.

    We can do things like the location. So X amount of people scan it from LA and X amount of people scan it from New York and that sort of thing. So it’s very, very useful. And as most of you said, it’s, it’s been, it’s been here for awhile. It’s just, the use is being adopted a lot more now. Well, Danny, I really appreciate that.

    I’m always amazed at the different talent that we have here in clubhouse in the room. And, and is, is there something about the fact that it’s tangible, you know, that you can print off, like you say, you know, a hundred thousand of them on inserts to go in your packages that you ship them out, you can put them on your marketing and you can put them on your box.

    And we’ve tried to talk to people about domain names for a long time, which are kind of this intangible thing that yes, you can type out, but it seems like the tangible stuff has always had a one-up on us and domain names is that part of the appeal for them is it’s physical. It’s tangible. They can see it.

    Well, I think so. And you know, for, for some brands and for some use cases, it’s very attractive because say for instance, a, a client is already putting their ad dollars in magazines, or like you said, it was, it was funny how you described the magazine. It’s I, I’m not as young as I look, so I, I remember magazines.

    So we, for instance, a clients. Spending their ad dollars in magazines. And we just, we just slap a QR code on that, on that ad. And all of a sudden we have organic traffic that you know, that we’re able to track and measure accordingly is this, is this ad working or not? How many people are reading it or, you know, actually take an action.

    That’s actually a conversion, right. That we measure. So another thing that I, I sent you via the back channel here is a, it’s a, it’s a free tool where you can go and you can create your own QR code, slap a logo on it, you know, change the colors around it doesn’t have to be the blocky, you know, those, the squares, it could be, you know, it could be different things.

    And and th they’re more, you know, make up a more attractive inviting QR code than the, you know, those older ones.

    sorry about that. I had my mute on, I was trying to pin it there, the length and and without being able to do that, it’s it’s QR code-monkey.com. Hey, look at that. Without phones, I can communicate QR code dash monkey, that town. And I appreciate that LinkedIn, that’s a free tool that I use for a lot of clients and you know, I’m able to, to step it up a notch, you know, make it, make it pretty.

    And thanks also for adding to our vocabulary today. You know, I love hearing people that are. You know, that live every day in the field. Like you do, you know, e-commerce marketing and you might use a word casually, but for me, it’s, it’s it’s I really pick up on it. And we used the word bridge thought that was really powerful.

    A really effective word, whether you’re talking about QR codes or, or even domain names or, or other things. But I really thought that was a, that was a powerful word. And I could tell you, you use it quite a bit. I think that that’s actually part of our slogan. It’s bridging the gap digitally. Oh, look at that.

    Fantastic Danny. Well, I wanted to go over as we go into this idea that QR codes are, have a use, and then they, whether you’re confirming where you’re going by looking at a domain name, I think a domain name still plays a big part to be that trusted place that you’re going. And that if that was a Twitter link or a shortner or a.org with 17 dances, you know, that a good domain name is going to add to the credibility, even of the destination that you’re taking someone to when a QR code.

    But I wanted to talk about two of the ads yesterday. Then I thought were very interesting and I’m a big fan of Webster’s. And crypto and NFTs and all that stuff. And that’s great. And I think it’s awesome, but I don’t think it’s the only awesome out there. It’s just the new awesome. And the new kid in town.

    If we all sing the Tom petty song from back in the day, the Tom petty or Jackson brown, huh? Same guy. Anyway I think maybe it was Don Henley. Oh, it’s all the same guy. Anyway, they there was two ads yesterday that talked about what I felt was kind of this idea. The hybrid or a mix of old school and new school makes a lot of sense.

    And I know I’m a minority here and everybody wants to jump on web three is going to change the way we do everything, but I wanted to talk about and, and, and I’d love to talk about any other ads if anyone’s talked about them, but what I’m talking about two ads that maybe went under the radar, and then I want to talk about the biggest winner from yesterday.

    So the biggest winner from yesterday okay. I’ll say that two ads that we’re talking about, where the booking.com ad and it was address Elba. I hope I’ve said his name correctly as an actor that many of us have seen. And it’s funny as I was reading the commentary today, They said he should be in every advertisement ever, because he is so credible and convincing.

    They said he could sell Superbowl rings to Tom Brady, who many of you know, already has six of them. So anyway, but he did an ad for booking.com and for those of us in the business, you know, we’re familiar with booking.com. We’re also familiar with the legal case for booking.com, but it was so interesting because in domain names, we’ve moved from the world of generic names into brand DIBELS.

    So everyone’s gone with Zubu Dabu and . And then recently with spending millions of dollars companies have become upgrade or. Or yellow or you know lending point or some of the name, bird.com, which we talked with Mani about a million dollar domains. And they’ve really moved to this brandable idea.

    So you had him really taking on whether you want to call it the elephant in the room or whatever. And he says, we’re booking.com. And we know that we’re boring. And instead of saying boring, he said that some people complain that they’re not, they’re not lit. So he’s using kind of the trendy word for being with it or being hip being lit.

    They said, we’re not lit. They said, we’re just a travel company that helps you manage your travel really well every day. And we’re not lit. And then he said something that was interesting. He goes, he goes, now we are lit maybe in the sense that we’re literally. That were booking.com. And what we help you do is make your travel arrangements@booking.com.

    But if you think about advertising and you think about reaching the most number of people with the simple message and you think about you might not get all the publicity for being the most exciting ad. I doubt too many people are talking about the booking.com ad today. But for me it was this idea that we’re just a boring company.

    We just do well booking, booking, travel, and that’s our name booking.com. And it just. Spoke to me again about the idea of, yeah. You want to be trendy. Yeah. You want to be cool, but providing a valuable goods and service on a website name that everyone can understand is still not a bad deal. And if you’re doing billions of business worldwide.

    So I really thought that was interesting. If I had to find something that was a crossover to the domain space. And then I also noticed that there wasn’t a GoDaddy ad and for six or seven years, as many as nine years, there was a GoDaddy ad in the Superbowl. And I think we owe a lot of the growth of the domain business to those GoDaddy ads in the Superbowl GoDaddy in the domain name space.

    If you think about it, they grew from being one of many registrars to being the most dominant registrar during a time that they were doing the Superbowl advertising. Bob Parsons was the founder of that company. He was at the helm, I would say he had a strong hand in the advertising strategy. It was very male centric.

    He had a woman losing her straps of her shirt in a. Old school environment of a bunch of judges or, or Congressman and senators. It was a risk day ad. It was, I guess we would call it massage monistic today. It may have led to the domain space being largely a male space, which would be to its detriment because I think it may not have been till clubhouse that we saw the breadth and the variety and the wonderful contributions many women have made to these rooms and domaining and the creativity and everything.

    And I just wonder if, because those ads were so geared toward a male demographic of that, didn’t play a part in the domain name, space, being a male oriented. I think it also has to do with, with the different genders classes. Roles in terms of speculation and risk and things like that women may be better and more grounded domainers because they don’t see everything as going up a million times.

    And th that, that grounding may help them be better investors, but but we didn’t have a GoDaddy ad. And the only, I guess, true web company we had was, was Squarespace. And they talked about building a website and I think they had Susie sells seashores and she wasn’t getting any, any business, but then she slowly.

    And these website companies who deliver websites and solutions to customers, which has a lot of what GoDaddy does now and, and all the other registrars want to do. You know, they’ve grown to be worth billions of dollars, whether it’s Weebly or Squarespace or Wix, and they’ve been successful. But what I mean to say is all three of these companies are one of the first to do.

    What’s called direct to consumer advertising at the super bowl. And even though you can do brand development advertising, and even though you can do brand awareness advertising, and even if you want to introduce a product, or if you want to market for an upcoming movie, the idea that you would communicate straight to the customer so that they could go to your website and buy a product right.

    Then on a Sunday night while they’re watching a football game or right out. That’s where you’re starting to get tremendous bang for your buck from your advertisement, because it’s not just, well over the next year, we’re going to have a lot of people that know who we are. Our founders are going to be really excited because they can say we did a super bowl commercial, but really, if you think about it, go, daddy was advertising a product that they didn’t have a distribution channel.

    You didn’t need to go to a Ford dealer to buy, like you do a car to buy GoDaddy’s product. You didn’t need to go to a store, a retailer, you know, like a Macy’s to buy a product. And a company came in. You could go directly to go daddy.com. And so I looked at many of the companies that were advertising yesterday, and I didn’t see as many deep what I call D to C companies, as I thought I might.

    The only metaverse company I saw was. Metta had an ad that boy, you had to stay with it. It started out with these characters and a Chuck E cheese, like which in the U S here is is an arcade game where you go and you play games and you pay a huge amount of money for pizza. But Hey, my kids had fun there.

    And then these characters disappear and they get taken to the junk yard and then they, one is in a trash can and someone saves it and they put it in a museum and then someone takes a picture of it and creates a metaverse. So you really had to stay with this ad for a long time to talk about a meta and then they could show off their devices.

    So I thought it was interesting because most of us domain investors see the metaverse as a software. Issue. And it reminds me just how much Metta needs the metaverse to be a hardware, hardware, and a gear business for you to buy things. Let me say, do I have anybody else listening? I know some of you watch the Superbowl and I know some of you watch some of the commercials and I really do want to get some varied opinions about some of them.

    Let’s see,

    when we talked about it before we also talked about 20 years ago, we had the.com super. And then the.com super bowl. There was, there was one thing where I think they had 16 ads from companies and of them. I think only four still exist. But when I was looking at the ads that, that that registered in the.com Superbowl, you know, I think we remember pets.com, but you’re not going to believe this one that I don’t remember ever seeing this ad.

    And I think I watched all the Superbowls. There was an ad for a company in 2020, and the company was called epidemic.com. Think about it. epidemic.com. They had like a racketing who did have an ad yesterday. And I still think they should have stayed with their other name rebate. This Ebates, I thought Ebates was a better name for them than Rakuten, but anyway but epidemic.com.

    Had an ad 20 years ago in the dotcom Superbowl in the year 2000. And and it had different cases where somebody would be, they would be sick, they would need something. And if you referred them to a product or service, you made money. And somehow they decided to call that epidemic.com. But it struck me that that even in the first bubble, these one word domain names are being used.

    The other companies from that 2020 Superbowl, where life’s minders.com are beginning.com net pliancy.com. Let’s see, life blinders, Netflix, east stamp.com singular E 10 forty.com on money.com. And and the ones that are still there or E-Trade, which I love the fact that they brought the baby back yesterday.

    That that was probably my famous ad. Micro strategy was investing 20 years ago, oxygen.com Autotrader and last-minute travel. Anyway. Andy, how you doing? Did you watch the game? Did you watch the commercials? How are you doing welcome to Monday domains? Yes I did. And yes, I liked the commercial. I have to share my favorite one though.

    It had to be the Coinbase commercial with the QR code balancing. How simple, how perfect. Well, we, yeah, we covered that and I think that, that seemed to get a lot of attention. I thought it was, I, I identified with pong because I’m an old guy first before the QR code, but did you put your phone up to the TV?

    Did you capture it and most of the people around you, did they realize that what it was that’s what. So, so I apologize. I know I was a little late to this. I’m sure you talked about it. Cause to me like the number one and I’m a whole Superbowl, but I did pick up my phone to check it out. The individuals that are older did not understand the aspect of it, but the younger generation, like my son and his, his kids, kids, his age absolutely understood it.

    And the other thing I really liked about it was the fact that if you go back, you can see the QR code actually hits in the top corner of the, of the screen, which is actually a Tik TOK trend that people watch that VHS or there’s. There’s something that, that goes back and forth within the TV and it hits a corner.

    And if it hits a quarter, everybody goes nuts. So they brought that trend in for that generation as well. So I thought it was. Gotcha. The graphics on it at the very end reminded me. And I’ll ask AGA about this in a second. Reminded me of like, literally like Pac-Man and some of the old school video games like pong and the, the trademark and the information at the bottom.

    When you finish the game of pong and pong did have this thing where you could lock the two. So pong was like the first video game. It was just two paddles. You had a paddle on the left and a paddle on the right, and you just hit this ping pong ball for lack of a better word, but you could lock it up in the top left and you can make the game play for hours.

    So maybe that’s part of what they’re doing today. Everything old is new again or everything. New is old again. Yeah. And I just have to clarify, it was actually the DVD symbol that, you know, when you started your TV up and the DVD symbol bounced around. That was a new terms that people were dead, that the Tik TOK was trending on when it hit the actual corner, but it was really good, really well done, simple and easily tracked too.

    So I think, yep. And Andy, you’ll probably be familiar with this cause I know you’re in the financial business, I think without a dominant commercial, Sophie was the winner with naming that stadium and have it be so fire stadium so far stadium, I didn’t realize that even at the bottom screen, when people would say the score or they would say the super bowl was at Sophie stadium today.

    So far so far, I watched the CEO this morning, you know, I loved the idea and you’ve heard me say the word hybrid about domains. I love how they’re a hybrid DFI company. You know, they’re a real bank and they’re considered defy, but they’re getting the best of both worlds. But did you notice their branding and wouldn’t you think they were a big winner yet?

    Yeah, you couldn’t miss it. Right. So, I mean, that’s a, that’s a clear winner when you name it, when you name a stadium and you actually get the super bowl, I just say them, you’re going to go into as much advertising and it pays off 10 tenfold. Right. So, yeah, I couldn’t agree more. It definitely paid off there.

    Hey AIJ did you watch the game yesterday? I know you’re a football fan and also an internet fan. Was there any throwback to the.com ads or what’d you think of the ads yesterday or the game? Well I enjoyed the game. I still salty cause I was just imagining Aaron Rogers in a ripping apart. That’s a Bengals secondary because even a old beat up receivers were, were getting loose.

    So, cause I was just imagining the Packers receiving crew, tearing them apart and scoring 40 on them. But anyway yeah, several takeaways. One is the LA fantasy. If you’ve never been, or you’re sitting in some snowy cold room in Minnesota and you see the, you know, the amount at Santa Monica and you see the whole observatory and the beaches and all that stuff.

    And then, you know, the reality of LA is it’s completely different. So I always find that fascinating bullshit, no offense to your, to your town. They’re taught or your, oh, hold on. ADJ. I got, I I’m interrupting him because you know, those mountains that you saw page at the beginning when they showed Malibu.

    Yeah. I ran those yesterday morning, so no, it’s exactly like it is it’s it’s that, those pictures, those were real pictures. So I’m sorry. Go ahead. And you know, no, it’s fine. It’s just you know, if what they didn’t show you is if you fly into the airport, it takes you an hour and a half to go eight miles to a.

    To the beach, but whatever let’s not deal with reality. Best commercial was the Larry David, no doubt. But I liked him. I think he’s funny. And it’s an inside joke with that whole, you know, that whole thing he does or that, you know, it just goes classic New York dude there. I mean, that’s just what he does.

    And very funny. The queue I knew, I knew that was I didn’t point my phone at the Coinbase. I did see a little thing at the end that said Coinbase drop as if it was like a fake glitch. So I, I knew that that was Coinbase, but I just, as a habit, don’t like pointing my phone at QR codes unless I’m 99% sure what I’m going to get on the other side.

    Yeah, I thought that game was great. The Bengals coach, you know, certainly gave his old, his old boss the game there by going forward on fourth, down in the first quarter. And. Not double teaming, Aaron Donald in the second half. You know? So I don’t know if they’ve got pictures of them doing something or what, but he was like, here you go.

    Here’s your game. So the man coming in strong on the football, but Jay, I know you can take it. So I’m going to come back at you twice. One LA is fricking awesome and it looks like that in January. And that’s when LA looks the best and yeah, you got a little traffic, you got homeless on the street. You know what?

    Everyone’s still lives there because that’s just how fun it is. So, and then secondly, Aaron Rogers, Aaron Rodgers, Aaron Rodgers, barely squeaked by the Bengals 25, 22 with a field goal in overtime this year. So I don’t know about this. He would have knocked them apart. He was playing with COVID. And then COVID toe.

    You never heard of COVID toe kick a guy while he’s down. Hey, AIJ when I went back and looked@the.com 2000 Superbowl ads, I do not ever remember epidemic.com too. You even have anything in your memory bank? All I was imagining was every one of those names, like one of those halo, tilted halo, logos, you know, with the, with the little circle, you know, oblong circle logo with L E in the middle, something like that.

    And he was big. And what do you think AIJ about? GoDaddy’s commercials and really put them on the map and, and being able to have people go buy something right away. You know, I think that they were able to buy these commercials when, you know, there was a little bit of economic, not, not the recession, but I mean, it wasn’t a slam dunk.

    And I think there was a lot of value. And I think they really used it to their advantage. And the other thing that go daddy did that I don’t see a lot of companies do at all anymore was they would use the two weeks prior to, to build up and make a case that, you know, they were going to show you something unbelievable with the sensors, even allow the commercial.

    And and I really thought that they leveraged their commercials in the super bowl with a lot of extra views and clicks and everything the weeks before and the weeks after. Yeah. You know, Parsons was a little bit of, a little bit creepy little bit had the dirty old man, you know, persona anyway, but he was like, Hey, I’m a Vietnam vet.

    I don’t really give a shit, look like the kind of guy that would blow cigarette smoke in your face, you know, and argue with you on the street. So he, he definitely shook it up. I never liked that approach of making it. Provocative, but making it like so low, low IQ, provocative, like here’s a girl with her, you know, it looks like her boobs are going to fall over shirt or whatever it was, you know?

    And he was pretty, ultimately the punchline was pretty, pretty low IQ, but yeah, they definitely built the business up and continues to this day. He cashed out, you know, he’s made himself a lot of money. I don’t know what happened to him. I’ve lost track of him, but he went and he started designing a golf clubs, but I think, you know, I think of the power of clubhouse a year ago when so many people started talking domains on clubhouse.

    And I felt like the main, the main thing that I heard was this idea of empowerment and this idea of. Yeah, maybe it was owning for speculation too much, but it was the idea that you could own and build something online to sell to the whole world. And, you know, there’s no doubt that in the long-term that would have been a better you know, a better story to have hundreds of millions of people know about domain names, then you know, it was, you know, will this woman’s top come off.

    And I think that there was no transition. And then when the new owners took over, they’ve tried to be so politically sensitive that I’m not sure they’ve, they’ve been edgy enough to kind of recapture the recapture the public to follow GoDaddy. You know what I mean, to go in didn’t they do a.ceo, a super Superbowl ad.

    They did that CEO pay for us with Joan Rivers. Yeah. Yeah. See, and I despise the dock CEO cause I felt like it was like. Almost a typo squatting on top people that had invested pretty heavily in and built their business on.com and may go daddy, very successful buying.com names. And then they came back and, you know, we’re like, oh yeah, but I met the boy.

    There’s been no more successful launch in my opinion, ever than.co. And, and the way that a registry supposed to mark it is through a registrar. And so you know, you couldn’t go to.co and buy the domain names. You know, if they, they would’ve had to do advertising and then they would have to say at the end, go to your favorite registrar to get this name.

    And so with, you know, by going to go daddy, they, they had a more direct path. And when we do this without LA as well, you know, incentivize registrars, because we don’t sell names direct. So we have, they have to make the purchase through a regular. And so by them subsidizing those ads you know, dot co came with more power I mean, no other new TLD had a Superbowl commercial, right.

    I mean, just think about all the new TLDs that launched. And they just kind of said, Hey, speculators, we’ll take your money. You know, but nobody launched with the power of.com. No, no, I agree. But I D just the principal, like I said, you know, you’ve got all this money invested in.la and then what if they came out with Lac or something like that, you know, you’d be like, well, that’s a little too close, you know, you’re up, you’re up in my, my my airspace with something like that.

    You know what I mean? That was just the thing. And to me, I don’t see a lot of.co out in the wild. I don’t see that it ever really got used that much. And I think it’s had a big resurgence last couple of years, whether it’s used, or at least in registrations and premium. And the reason I’ve invested in doc code last couple of years is I saw it.

    It was had real practice and it wasn’t promoted traction, you know, go, daddy owns Neustar right now. And they can just keep the executives from breaking the law and indicting Trump. I think that was the first thing they needed to do. But but the second thing is, you know, they don’t really don’t market.co as much anymore.

    Now that it’s under daddy’s registry, they just pretty much collect the techs. So my favorite and last comment on.co is my wife. Who’s very technical, said she saw an ad and, or a billboard and it said, dot code. She says, oh my God, that whoever did their billboard screwed up and left the em off. That’s true.

    Well, Hey, competition’s good. Well, thanks. AIJ and no more foot, no more American football till next year. I’m glad that I’ve become. And I really kind of credit domaining a little bit for this. As I’ve dealt with more people around the world over the past five or six years, I have become a fan of world football, football, soccer, whatever you want to call it.

    And and, and it’s been great. I enjoy it. It’s year round, pretty much. It’s got a club team component and a country component. And, you know, I felt like. As the Superbowl was waning a little bit, you know, you know, being able to talk about, you know, El Classico and the champions league final you know, sort of be better in the domain space than just the super bowl, which is, you know, American centric.

    And but I think that you know, being in LA it was a crypto crowd. I think the crypto ads seem to all be the same that they’re running. I don’t know if there was a new crypto ad and the last takeaway I’ll give here for me. And I was supposed to go register a bunch of domains in this area before I said this, but Hey, I appreciate everyone coming from Monday domains.

    And I think the biggest takeaway from a product. From yesterday. Let’s see if anyone can guess what product do you think had the greatest year over year change in ads in total, not just a specific brand, but a product. And yesterday, Superbowl, we have any guesses from our esteemed panel. Hey Richard, how you doing?

    Did you watch the game, the ads, and you think there was one product that seemed to have more ads than, than it has in the past. Hey, Page it’s good to have the room and I did not get to watch the super bowl. I just go to bed super early, no pun intended. Cause I get up early with clients, but it’s, it’s good to hear everybody’s perspective of what the commercials were.

    And just again, I appreciate you putting on the room. It just gives people some things to think about like the QR code. Do we trust them? Do we not trust them? What market? What market segment is it really going after? I think. A great point to talk about, well, I never had to worry about going to bed growing up in LA because for me, the Superbowl was always during the day, you know, I didn’t have to worry about it being at night, but no, I thought the product that was advertised yesterday year over year, biggest number of total minutes was electric cars electric vehicles.

    And again, I was supposed to go register a bunch of Evie names before I said this this morning. And please, if you are going to go speculate domain names you know, understand it, understand your risks domain investors can overinvest in a trend to the tune of tens of thousands of names more than we’ll ever be purchased by end-users.

    So you know, I want this to be like a, Hey Page said, Evie names are going to be hot because this is a slow moving old school, old, predictable company, trans, but to see not only electric vehicles. By the big producers, but to see home charging stations and one company not even put their product on the screen.

    And then, and then to see just different aspects of that. I thought that was the one product yesterday that I saw more ads from that I hadn’t seen the past was electric vehicles and electric cars page. Did they? We say at the end of the GM one, that by 2025, they were not going to make, there are going to be a hundred percent Evy.

    Is that what I read or was I seeing things? Yeah, it’s it’s weird the way they throw around that 20, 25. I know, I think they have to be in California by some date. It seems like a stretch, but I know they’ve said something about 20, 25, but I like you can’t believe it’s, they’re going to be all electric.

    Maybe it means that they’ll have an offering of all their cars that’s electric, but I can’t imagine they won’t be selling internal combustion engines by the,

    at AEJ. It seems like if that was going to happen, would there be a huge market for putting Evie engines into old cars or is that just really, is that really tough and just not, not possible? I think it’s very, very tough because you don’t have the, it’s not like you can do with the natural gas converter because the transmission systems completely.

    So maybe hydrogen hydrogen will have to take our old car, but I thought that the Evie, I thought the Silverado ad was weird because again, it’s such an inside story that on Madison avenue, they think that everyone in the world watched the Sopranos so that we would all know that that was the song and they were going back to Jersey and then that those were the kids.

    But I thought that was kind of an inside story that I don’t know if it played well, when a lot of people don’t remember the show or maybe too young, what do you think? I didn’t ever watch that show. So I was completely lost on it and I drive Toyotas. Yeah. So I don’t really care what I think it’d be tough to maneuver a Silverado around some of the streets of New Jersey.

    Be tough to find a place to park, but I don’t know. Maybe I’m disparaging New Jersey, which I think is legal. I wanted to make a couple comments before you kicked me out because I think you will, after I say this, no, I was going to say, yeah, no one watched some people watched the Sopranos. I didn’t watch it.

    So that commercial was lost on me. Gangster stuff. I like lone ranger. Okay. So I wanted to mention the self-drive there should’ve been more self-driving advertisements. I love the Evie stuff, but we need to educate and for people to be able to adopt self-driving. And when Y was going down, when I went downtown to LA on Friday and and you know, where I live up in thousand Oaks area, so it’s fun.

    And then I went to Mid-Wilshire after that, I was like, if every it’s so data, if everything was self-driving and soon we’re going to merge it, I can sit in the back and enjoy life. And you know what I mean, by enjoy life. And then I could get, do work, get there. It that’s what needs to happen. So the ed vehicles that’s, that’s great, but everybody is going to need to know that we’re going to have to adopt these self-driving.

    But I wanted to mention about a couple of things. One ADJ. I always remember when Aja said, he said a year ago about his wife, seeing that sign in a confusing, did they leave the M off the.co. I always use that because it is true people. It is confusing. I would like to seem.com su.co in, in federal court to say, that’s too confusing.

    And they just make a case they might’ve lost, but still say, you guys are stupid. We spent billions of dollars and you guys think you’re just going to take off an M and now you’re going to do it. I would. But anyway, the people didn’t, the companies didn’t collectively know what to do. There is no one that owns.com Verisign hasn’t spent a dime marketing. It, it was given out as part of our worldwide network infrastructure to be used by companies who voluntarily buy it. Okay. Smart lawyers would have said well, but now that we’re Disney we’re dot com. And we got all these out because we don’t know who started what or where it came from organically still.

    It’s too confusing. And everybody with the big money has the judges on their side. So I don’t know how. Then stop that anyway, because it was just, it was just a waste from the oh.co thing. When people say that example. Well, of course it’s a bad example. If it was oh, dot XYZ, they would have had a lot less bleed, but AIG was right.

    I’m almost done there. AIG was right about Bob Parsons. He said it just right. Tough guy smoke probably would blow smoke in your face. And then riding harvest. I was gonna say just for the record in the snake pit, when I was 18, 17, I’m a small little guy was beaten up fucking motorcycles, fucking back there.

    And I always thought you guys, what are you? You think you’re fooling me by this leather tack and stuff of these motorcycles? Are you fucking kidding me? It’s real. It’s real shit. You have to look and tough. That was the old as the guy with the big fucking car, but that’s your Dick. Excuse my language page.

    Okay. So now that I’m crazy here, it very, it is important that you write. Well, first of all, Jackson brown, wasn’t like Don Henley and Tom petty because Jackson brown, from what I understand, well, I’m going to play you a portion of a song. Listen to this.

    okay. He said, I’m gonna walk up to her. I’m going to talk to him tonight. The original lyric was I’m gonna walk up to her. I’m going to cold Cocker tonight. He used to hit they’re all Hanna, from what I remember. Okay. So now I’ve gone off the rails, but crypto crypto center has gone off the road. In fact, I didn’t even know there was.

    Okay, I’m done. I guess I was going to say last thing page. I want you to do check out my Instagram. There’s some photos. There’s one little clip of my wife and I at the party Friday night, adult people partied, but theirs, it was a crypto weekend in LA. So this was big crypto it, you said it. And I can’t believe he did it.

    His crypto had a big space here and all the parties I even went to the weed party. There was, you know, it had to do with the NFTs and then down at the party I went to, but it was wild, but it’s almost like a, an, an awesome natural transition. And and it’s definitely all ages I’m done. Well, it got me even more motivated.

    We just came out with a new plan for.la. And one of the reasons has been, you know, one of the reasons we talked to big companies about.la is. If you’re home Depot and most of the country is buying snowblowers and, you know waiting for the big storm or the polar vortex. And you’re trying to communicate to someone in LA, you’re going to miss them because LA is, looks great in January.

    If it’s nice and January in LA, it’s beautiful. It’s the Santa Ana’s blow the wind, blow the clouds away, the smog away, you see the mountains and whether it’s the price of housing, luxury wellness, LA is incredibly multicultural. It’s become a fashion trending place. It’s definitely got a crypto community.

    It’s definitely got a cannabis community, you know, and, and it is its own place. And so that’s why we’ve had such success. You know, we’re up to almost 2000 LA domains with real sites on our Pinterest page. And, and it just made me, you know, get motivated to, to work on our.la even more because it is a special place and it’s not like a lot of other places, so for good or for bad.

    Anyway, that’s what struck me was that it’s yeah, whether it’s crypto or anything that LA had a good week. I’m going to say publicly that I’m going to somehow, cause you’re going to have to do it with me cause we need to talk about some other things, but the.la team, no matter I’m I have to be part of it and I have to help you.

    And in one year from now less, really before the end of the year, we’ll see impact is there is something there you’ve put in all the time. And now there’s a guy like me. That’s like, Hey, I think what you’re doing is cool. Yeah, it’s a little late, but anyway, I want to be part of the DOD LA team and I’m saying it to the room.

    So you heard me by your end. Ryan Richard AIJ Sam. Thanks everyone. Listening down below. Thanks for this coming to the special Monday domains edition after the big game. We’ll talk about a couple more of the commercials next week. I’m going to start having some data that I share every Monday on Monday domains and and that’ll start next week and I’ll have a little you can sign up if you sign up at domain dot club this week, I’ll send you this week’s data point that I was going to share.

    And if you sign it, but domain.club, you’ll just be on our newsletter list. We won’t spam you. We’re not going to sell the list to anyone else, but we are going to communicate what we’re doing at Domain Club this year. So if you sign up@domain.club it says, enter your email. You probably have to approve it was constant contact.

    And and what I’ll do is probably tomorrow morning. So give everyone a chance to get it at the same time. I’ll send you some data I’ve put together and it’s data that I want to share every week on Monday domains live. So even though a lot of our viewers or listeners listen to it on the podcast, listened to it on the recording, that they’ll still be some information that you get live on Monday domains.

    So I want to appreciate everyone who comes in every week. So thanks everybody. I’m going to shut this one down happy Valentine’s day to all you lovers out there and have a great week at domaining. We’ll see you all next week. Thanks everybody.

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