EP07: Is Your Club a Community or a Business?

    EP07: Is Your Club a Community or a Business?

    Learn about monetizing your business on and off Clubhouse!

    (Recorded Live on Clubhouse March 26, 2021) 

    Listen in as Clubhouse creators Gary Hendersen, popular influencer coach, and Edna Bibb discuss the structure and vision for their club. They’ll share insights on building a community and business with the audience including result-driven methods. We’ll learn how Gary is utilizing time tested marketing strategies to engage and monetize on and off of Clubhouse such as promotional offers for paid classes and coaching using Rally coins while always focusing on helping others. 


    Moderators: Colin Campbell, Jeffrey Sass, Michele Van Tilborg, and Rachael Lashbrook
    Speakers: Gary Hendersen from and Edna Bibb from

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