Ep03: Community Building Strategies That Actually Work


Hear Tips From Ed Nusbaum, Founder of the Largest Clubhouse Club Startup.Club and Michele Van Tilborg, CEO of Meowingtons.com, a community of 1.5 million+

(Recorded Live from Clubhouse on February 26, 2021)

Ed Nusbaum and Michele Van Tilborg discuss their differing approaches to building communities from the importance of social good to building a passionate team to content creation. All this and more while balancing the necessity of monetizing and continued growth to survive.

Takeaway Quotes

“Everything we do is about our motto” (Van Tilborg)

“If you are passionate, you receive the follower rewards” (Van Tilborg)

“Clubhouse gives extroverts the energy they need, but introverts don’t feel overwhelmed.” (Nusbaum)

Moderators: Colin Campbell, Jeffrey Sass, and Rachael Lashbrook
Speakers: Ed Nusbaum and Michele Van Tilborg


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