Entrepreneurs New to Clubhouse #1

We kicked off our first week at Clubhouse together with a few questions leading into a Brainstorm session and what a storm it was!  Here are the highlights: 

 Is Clubhouse a ‘Paradigm Shift’? 

According to a recent article in Forbes John Brandon seems to think so, calling Clubhouse’s paradigm shift in the digital realm “passive interaction”. What that means, as many of us are adjusting to long-term remote work from home, this passive interaction allows for us to interact “only when we really want to and only when we have time” and clears a path for us to network in a higher quality way. Our Michele, here in house, eloquently stated that ‘this paradigm shift [Clubhouse] is a place for the Connected to Connect’ and we couldn’t agree more! 

Starting a business is slow, it’s a grind (thank you George!) and it takes time, as we all know. How can Clubhouse help you start a businesstransform your business or make money for your business? 

10 Ways Clubhouse can help your Business

1. Start a Club – Build a community! Request a Club via FAQs and remember, you must moderate at least 3 sessions. 

2. Become an Influencer – Follow members of the audience in the rooms you drop in and plug your sessions on social media to garnish attention.

3. Host & Moderate – Become a Host and/or develop good characteristics of a moderator in sessions.  

4. Scribe Service – Offer a recap of the conversation through dictation. 

5. Company Meetings – Host company meetings in rooms. 

6. Become an Expert – Show your talent to Clubhouse audiences and in turn receive feedback and tips to sharpen your skills and build repertoire. 

7. Master Classes – As an expert, offer knowledge, tips and strategies in your industry. 

8. International Contacts – Make global connections within and cross-industry. 

9. Networking – the exchange of info or services among individuals. 

10. Collaboration – the action of working with someone to produce something.

Extra Hints, Tips, and Strategies

Let’s give a special shout-out and thanks to Andrick, Edna, Frank, and Bryan from BAM.eco for sharing invaluable insights and perspectives in this conversation. 

DO Visit different sized rooms – each has something unique to offer you. 

DO Become a moderator -it’s a great life skill and will elevate your Clubhouse experiences.

DO Reach out to members in the audience for connection.

DO Follow and Ring the Bell for speakers you’re interested in hearing again.

DO Remember, we gotta Give to Get! 

DO Take notes.

We are pioneers on a path into a new digital reality. Take care of each other out there. We’ll see you again every Friday at 2 PM Eastern on Clubhouse! 

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