Dominate Your Target Audience with Facebook Ads

    Dominate Your Target Audience with Facebook Ads

    In the last session with our digital-guru Coach Yu, we were joined by the successful author, public speaker, and founder and CEO of the domain company, Jay Berkowitz. Jay’s business focuses on digital marketing law firms and Facebook Ads; In the session, Jay discusses driving success through Facebook Ads and targeting a specific audience to dominate the forum.

    Facebook has expanded, changed, and developed a lot since its creation in 2004, with new and improved social platforms and ever-evolving tech spaces. We are here today to ask the experts how to ride the algorithm and take advantage of the Facebook machine to dominate your target audience.

    Driving success through Facebook Ads

    How well your Ads do on Facebook depends on how well your Ads are curated. It is a false concept to believe that Facebook does all the work and turns every Ad into a “great Ad.” It is important to understand that it is the work of the creator, a person who understands Facebook and knows how to use the platform, or “machine” as Jay calls it, to their own advantage.

    The trick is to use and abuse the Facebook algorithm. The algorithm has gotten a lot smarter and can now detect when Ads are similar to ones that have previously been ‘successful’. The algorithm will pick up on the similarities and promote the Ad at the top of the ranking list because it knows that it will succeed in a similar sense.

    It’s not only about targeting the right AUDIENCE, it’s also about creating the right CONTENT for your audience,  the system will do all the work for you!

    “Facebook has more data from a commercial standpoint”

    Jay Berkowitz


    Focus on what your company does, where does it ‘fit’ into a category? Coach Yu said, “People mistakenly think Facebook is a consumer platform.” It is not, the most powerful thing on Facebook is B2B (Business to Business.) There are consumer-based areas of Facebook, but B2B overpowers the Facebook forum, making it a great platform for startup businesses.

    Jay recommends taking your customer audience and feeding your email lists to ride the algorithm wave. You can target people by location, by the magazines they read, and the food they enjoy. Target your audience the right way by hashtagging and advancing your SEO skills and your Ad will dominate that target market area.

    For more insights on Facebook Ads, tune in and listen to the full session above.

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