Creating a Profitable Brand on Clubhouse

    Creating a Profitable Brand on Clubhouse

    This week on the Serial Entrepreneur Club, we welcome Gary Henderson, digital marketing expert and author of (very fittingly titled) The Clubhouse Creator. The audience he has amassed is impressive, but what drives him forward is even more motivating. He is passionate about helping others and building a community and quickly found Clubhouse to be the perfect place for him to do that, and here is why.

    “It’s a really simple equation for me. It’s creators helping creators, because if I help you and you help me, then we can help a lot of people together.”

    Gary Henderson

    We all know social media has taken over the marketing world and turned it into the new digital era. But Clubhouse, in this case, is particularly beneficial for businesses trying to grow. If you think about it, social media might seem instant and fast-paced, but do you really have the opportunity to engage with people spontaneosuly and instantly?

    When you send out messages, comments, or likes, you still have to wait for a response. It could be minutes, hours, days. When you’re on Clubhouse you’re having a live conversation and there is an instant response, there is no way out! It’s like going to a conference, where you get to meet people and talk about your business. This is the platform that pushes you to be comfortable talking about what you do, your project, your startup, your ideas.

    Pro tip: Figure out what it is that you have to say, craft your message, and go out there and share it with people. Not only are people hearing about your business, you are also practicing your pitch!

    This also allows you to get instant feedback. You can talk about your products and services and get instant responses, like Gary says, it helps you see what’s landing and what’s not, what moves some energy. It’s like having focus groups in your pocket!

    “When Colin asked me a question, I immediately heard it and could answer it. That’s what Clubhouse gives us in a social audio platform. And it gives us an ability to accelerate our speed of connection, because we’re talking in real time, we’re experiencing life in real time.”

    Gary Henderson

    Gary stresses the importance of doing this not only to learn from your audience but especially to build a relationship. He mentions his strategy to seek one thousand super fans, which is not the same as followers. Super fans will follow you and buy whatever you put in their way, they believe in your brand and their loyalty has been proven. 

    How do you get there? You genuinly try to help people. Gary talks about his priority being building an audience and how he does that by focusing 80% of his energy in meeting people and trying to help. 

    “Most of us are one or two key customers away from a big tipping point. And we try to chase the customers rather than just going out to help and growing our audience so big that we attract the customers and they fall on our laps. And that’s what I use Clubhouse for.”

    Gary Henderson

    The fact that you are having live conversations with people allows you to show up as yourself. Authenticity is key in any business and industry. If you allow yourself to be authentic your audience will have a better chance to know who you are and what you stand for instead of running an ad to tell people about your company.

    If you want to know what Gary does to drive engagement, listen to the full session above!

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