Content Marketing Strategies


During the session, we jumped into all things content marketing with Shane Ogle, an expert in mentoring and tutoring people on content marketing strategies and all things marketing-related.

What is content marketing? Who should use it and how? How do we build our network with the content we’re posting out into the world? We hear the tips and tricks to expanding our social presence and how this can impact the way we scale up the Google homepage.

So, what is content marketing? 

It is a strategy that guides you on how to put out quality content to spread your message. It is important to understand the difference between the different ways and different channels there are to spread that message. 

  • Channels

Social media is one of the biggest channels nowadays. Before, it used to be media, meaning television, newspapers, or even radio (way back then!). 

  • Assets and tactics

The different assets that we have available today to put our message out there include photos, videos, articles, reels, podcasts, etc. These are different types of content that people would read, listen to, watch, share, and engage with. 

How do you start building your marketing network?

The first step is to define what your main type of communication will be. This is your content hub. Is it a blog? Is it a video channel? Is it the media? Because every other piece of content will come from that main hub into different channels and assets.

Let’s say you decide to write a blog article as your content hub. From that main piece of content, you will be able to create social media assets that could work as teasers, or reminders, or even polls and challenges. This will allow you to bring people into your hub and start building that marketing network using the channels that best suit your audience. 

“You don’t have to do it all at once! Focus on what is important to you and what you’re good at.”

One of the biggest mistakes around this topic is that people think they have to do it all, when all they should be doing, at least to get started, is focusing on that one main piece of content that will work as their content hub. Everything else will flow naturally, expanding your content strategy.

We were able to dive deeper into this topic. Listen to the full session above to learn more about different channels and assets you can include in your content strategy.


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