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Get in on the action at CES live right from Startup Club on Clubhouse! We’ll bring you the best of P&G’s Venture Studio Challenge where four finalists compete live for coveted prizes and recognition as ground-breaking inventors. PLUS, you’ll also be able to listen in on hard-hitting conversations with top VCs, Inventors, and Startups to learn what it takes to succeed in today’s business environment.

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Get Funding for Personal or Taboo Products

Today’s session was certainly an interesting one, as we discussed ways to get funding for personal or taboo products...

Startup Lessons From The Edge: From Desperation to Success

What defines an esteemed entrepreneur, setting them apart from their peers? Is it the fact that they’ve managed to...

Top Inventors Share What it Takes to Succeed

What a great conversation we had on Clubhouse, hearing advice from groundbreaking inventors in the fields of skincare and...

P&G Ventures Innovation Challenge Final Pitch at CES 2022

We had the pleasure of speaking with CEO and Co-Founder of Clubhouse, Paul Davison today as he welcomed the...

Paths to Funding Your Growth

We’re kicking off a series of events in collaboration with P&G Ventures’ Studio, and today we welcomed Guy Persaud,...


Guy Persaud

President, P&G New Business

Guy Persaud has 21 years of experience working with Procter and Gamble, and is responsible for leading global operations of P&G’s newest innovations, brands, categories, technologies, and business models.

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Bill Birgen

CTO, SavrPak

Winner of the 2021 P&G Ventures Challenge and Best Sustainable Packaging in the 2021 World Food Innovation Awards, SavrPak is fronted by Bill Birgen. Bill has changed the way food is preserved and essentially put his green footprint on the map.

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Kimba Williams

Co-Founder & CEO, Kushae

Kimba established an all-natural ob/gyn formulated feminine care solution company, Kushae, the first and only all-natural skin care company for lady parts. Kushae products have been recognized by Essence, Beauty Independent, Vogue, NBC, and Black Enterprise.

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Sarah Anderson

Founder, Vault Fund

Sarah Anderson has been investing in early-stage ventures for more than eight years and has since launched Vault Fund in March 2021. ​​Prior to that, Sarah was the Fund Manager at The Cintrifuse Syndicate Fund.

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Moody Soliman

Founder, Ryp Labs

Winner of the World Food Innovation Awards 2019 and 2018 winner of the Rice Bowl Startup Awards, Moody Soliman has evolved the shelf-life of the food we store in our fridge, and revolutionized food waste and disappointing sell-by dates.

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Jeff Bennett

Founder, Morari Medical

Jeff devised a solution to a common problem faced by 30% of the male population – premature ejaculation. The Morari Medical patch was created to increase the stamina of a male in need. His product has been featured in CES, Cnet, Forbes, Fast Company, and Engadget.

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Sarah Hill

Founder CEO, Healium

Sarah Hill founded the first self-help, VR AR immersive app that is powered by the body’s own electricity. The award-winning company has put a new spin on health and well being since their launch in 2016.

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Dr Nicole Scott PHD

Founder & CEO, Cybele

Dr. Nicole is an expert in the microbiome and metagenome field, her skin care company puts the consumer at the forefront of the product. Cybele is the first of its kind to launch an individual consultation, person-to-person approach in the industry.

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Colin Campbell

Managing Director,

CEO & Founder: .Club Domains, Hostopia, Tucows. Chairman and Co-owner - Entrepreneurs Organization for 15+ Years. Serial entrepreneur, startup investor & mentor. Passionate about tech, cruises, entrepreneurship, and King Charles spaniels.

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Richard Hanbury

Founder, Sana Health Inc

Richard has a multitude of experience in both business and tech following the success of Sana Health in 1995. The Sana device focuses on deep relaxation through audiovisual stimulation by creating balance in the brain.

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Cindy Santa Cruz

Founder, ParaPatch Inc

Cindy invented a solution to a common issue: bladder leak. ParaPatch Inc is a drug-free feminine product in the form of a patch that stops bladder leaks and the frequent urge to urinate — essentially improving the quality of life for women.

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Michele Van Tilborg

Managing Director,

Entrepreneur and lover of e-commerce, startups, digital marketing, new technology and domains. CEO of and Meow.Club, lover of animals! President @.Club Domains - the #1 New Domain Extension as an alt to .com, .net ,and .org.

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