I used Clubhouse for the first time and enjoyed it way more than I thought I would — it’s easy to see why the app is expected to be valued at $4 billion

BY Katie Canales 

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by Katie Canales 

Clubhouse is one of those things I’ve kept at arm’s length for months — until now.

The invite-only social media app has attracted millions of users since its inception just a year ago, cementing itself as a Silicon Valley favorite. It’s also reportedly in talks for a funding round that values the company at $4 billion

When I finally decided to give it a try, I was surprised to find that it was strangely comforting to be peripherally part of a community while I was working and going about my day — and absent of a physical office with actual coworkers.

If you’re unfamiliar with the app like I was, here’s a basic rundown of what it’s like.

This is what your main “timeline” looks like in the Clubhouse app

clubhouse app walk through
The Clubhouse main timeline. 

It’s populated by rooms, or conversations, associated with the the people and clubs that you follow. Some of the topics I followed to inform the app of the kind of rooms I’d like were: television, storytelling, movies, current events, photography, wellness, meditation, AI, and startups.

I made sure to join one of the largest clubs on the app, Startup Club, with almost 450,000 members and followers. 

clubhouse app
The explore tab in the app. 

There were rooms about NFTs, bitcoin, news, meditation, founder advice, coding, Reiki healings, startups, wellness, history, and more than I would think possible. There’s also a button at the bottom of the screen to start …

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