Back to Basics: What Does it Take to Become an eComm Amazon Seller?

We put the shiny new ways to improve an eComm business to the side, and go back to the basics in this week’s show with our guest Brent Zahradnik: How do you become an eComm seller, more specifically, on Amazon?

It is easy to get caught up in the new features constantly being launched by Amazon, but don’t forget to rewind and go back to the basics every now and then. Stay on top of the basics, no matter where in your eComm stage you are!

Brent Zahradnik started a service called, A M Z Pathfinder that educates and supports brands scale with Amazon advertising. Brent’s company has since scaled to ‘around 30’ advertising experts around the world and continues to grow.

There is a big difference between selling on Amazon now compared to a year ago. The process has massively changed due to the frequent updates, so it is important to stay in the know and go back to learning the new, current ‘basics’ as well. 

The fundamentals to becoming an eComm seller

The basics for being a successful Amazon business owner are probably: finances and cash flow, sourcing and supplying, managing your team, managing your three PL, and managing Amazon.

Brent Zahradnik
  1. Work on your domain name! Your domain is the first glance a customer gets to understand your company and/or product. It’s the first step to catching the eye of a potential customer, and it’s the best way to increase traffic to your site. A domain name has the potential to make or break a company.
  1. Understand your budget and the core fundamentals of advertising. Get to know how to bid, and research the best bidding strategy for your company. Ensure that the bidding strategy you choose, allows you to make a profit, or break even. 

The budget you have, and the bidding strategies you can use is what’s going to dictate your strategy overall.

Brent Zahradnik
  1. Trust your data and predict your cost per click in order to better design your advertising strategy. 

Based on your sale price and your conversion rate, you can figure out ‘how many clicks you are going to get before you break-even, and what kind of bid level you can support.

Brent Zahradnik
  1. Don’t get fixated on an eComm top tip you’ve read or heard. You can always change your methods around how you sell Just because you heard or read about a great way of selling on Amazon, doesn’t mean you should necessarily do it, or stick to it, isn’t that the beauty of digital marketing?
  1. Become confident with keyword research, so that you can dive right into optimizing your reach. Make sure you have adequate keywords for sponsored products. 

For more great advice on going back to the basics, or getting started with your Amazon eComm journey, tune in to the session above!

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