🇬🇧🚀 UK StartUp Fundraising Q&A #5

    Startup Fundraising Q&A: Crowdfunding | Angel | VC | Grant | Loan | for UK Startup Founders seeking clarity on your ScaleUp journey

    Optimize Your Digital Brand for Business

    THANK YOU RACHAEL!! Everyone needs a digital brand, it’s your new business card. Leverage it in your business and expand your network with strategic partnerships.

    Is your reputation growing your business?

    Do you know the reputation you have in your business community? Did you choose it? Did you create it? Maybe you don’t have a reputation at all 😳 We’re discussing […]

    🔴 EComm Weekly: Why Sellers Are Bailing From Amazon

    🔴 TODAY’S TOPIC: Why Sellers Are Bailing From Amazon The show provides Amazon & e-commerce sellers advice from the industry experts discussing how to increase sales, maximize profit and become […]

    🤓MASTERCLASS: Write a Tech Resume That Pays

    💻 Learn to write a concise, impactful resume that will help you land a tech job that pays! 📃 We’ll review Before & After resume examples LIVE & you’ll score […]

    Product-Market Fit: Running Marketing

    🎳 Identify the right potential customers 🤝 Confidently connect with them🙋🏽‍♂️ Ask the right questions to get quality feedback✴️ Act on the insights that matter 📈Validate thru marketing pre-product

    🔴 COACH YU: Best Interview Questions

    🔴 The best questions to ask when interviewing someone — whether a job interview or a podcast. Here is how to avoid a deadpan experience or running out of things […]